Not A Feminist.

Please note the full stop at the end of that statement. It’s important.

Recent surveys have started to show an increasingly rapid decline in numbers of women willing to self-indentify AS feminists. Great, fantastic, on the surface it seems as if feminism is dying, and in my book this is a GOOD thing. [1]

Feminism is a vile doctrine of hate, it was incubated in hatred, it was born in hatred and it has nourished itself and grown bloated and monolithic on the products of hatred since the late 1960’s early 1970’s. [2]

What feminism is, and what it feeds on is fear with a dash of jealousy, its “grand dames” ignited the embers of fear, have cultivated that fear, have nourished and fanned the flames of that fear, by adding more and more incendiary fuel to the bonfire of feminism, consuming reason, logic, truth and humanity in the form of false statistics, dangerous and unfounded “theories” and bitter and twisted pseudo science/psychology. [3]

But, fear of what?  Try this on for size, fear of not actually being as good as men at [insert irrational fear here].  Fear that men won’t be enchanted by them, won’t fall madly in love them, fear that no matter what they do, they won’t ever quite be as innovative, as creative, as simply genius as men.  Jealousy? Well if you take the time to go research the movers and shakers of modern feminism two things stand out, the number of lesbians, and the number of nutcases. These are women with some serious issues, women who either reject men or fear being rejected by men. Yeah I know, a bit simplistic but, if you look at them and read what they’ve said, its hard to come to any other conclusion.  In relation to the jealousy thaing and lesbians I recommend you read angryharry’s article on this topic. [4]

But perhaps feminism’s greatest “achievement” is to dig a chasm between men and women, boys and girls, a chasm filled with all that bitterness, hatred and lies.  Now? We have a world where one half not just thinks but believes that they are inherently superior human beings because they happen to born on the female side of this chasm. On the other side? The lesser humans, the humans who have not quite reached the level of evolutionary perfection of females – MEN.

While feminism may now be a toxic brand, one that no-one really wants to be associated with, the noxious vapours emanating from that toxic bonfire have and to a great extent continue to leave their mark, have addled the brains and altered the perceptions of a lot of women to such an extent that they still pay lip service to feminism in deed if not in word.

Hence the growing phenomenon of “I’m not a feminist………..but”

Feminism isn’t a religion it is an ideology, a poisonous one to be sure, but an ideology all the same. Like nazism was and is, like fascism was and is, like every other totalitarian belief system. [5]

So, tell me something, knowing that, do you think that if we substituted feminism for either of those ideological stances and reframed our position as?

“I’m not a nazi……………but” or “I’m not a fascist…………but” as if somehow this semantic jiggery pokery makes these reprehensible doctrines…………..more “acceptable”?

I don’t think so, do you?

When I say I’m Not A Feminist. That’s it.  There is no qualifying “but” there is no “just going to keep one foot in the camp” there is no part, no aspect, no flavour of feminism I accept, give credence to, or will acknowledge as “not tooooooooo bad”.  It’s ALL bad, it all stinks.

Any doctrine that depends for its existence on creating and feeding on fear, by creating and demonising “others” is a false doctrine. [6] Feminism has taken humanity, and assigned “other” status to one half. Men and boys.

Sure, hanging in there with the “I’m not a feminist……..but” stance will superficially allow you to justify maintaining and subscribing to the “othering” of men and boys will give you the illusion that you are really a good person, and in the extreme, hand you some handy excuses for, to put it bluntly, being a bitch. Great. The ultimate “get out of jail free card” except for one thing.

Those guys standing on other side of that chasm? They may be isolated over there, they may even not realise that there are on the shitty side of this chasm of hatred, of lies and deception. But, they’re NOT blind, they’re NOT deaf, and no, just because feminism says that they’re over there because they are dumb, are not as smart as those on the “good” side, doesn’t make it true. Because feminists are liars.

You see, there are bridges; there is traffic between one side and the other, in fact, all the goodies that those on the good side depend on to survive, to continue justifying their place on that good side?

Built, maintained, kept running and supplied by those bad men. Taxes that fund “women only” stuff? Children to satisfy your yearning to reproduce? Gestures of “chivalry” to massage your ego? And on and on and on – ALL depend on MEN. [7]

You know that expression “don’t burn your bridges behind you” – that’s where we’re at now as a species, thing is, it is MEN who are setting fire to those bridges and WALKING AWAY. [8]

You ladies who are doing the “I’m not a feminist ………but” you’re flitting between the good side and the bad side, thinking that YOU get to decide when and how, YOU get to issue visa’s to men to come over to your side and “service your needs” WRONG. Keep it up and you’ll find yourself a refugee of your half-assed, lukewarm ideology, a double agent trusted by neither side, a person of dubious allegiance no-one wants in “their camp”

Because men and women who see the truth are relocating, moving on, and burning those bridges, we’re going to a new place, it called HUMANITY.

You are either FOR or AGAINST Human Rights for ALL Human Beings.  Pick a side.


Some things you might want to take a closer look at.

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*Embedded in this article is a video from GWW (GirlWritesWhat) Karen Straughan – you should watch it.

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© Anja Eriud 2013


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