A Gathering Darkness.



There are forces at work in the world today, dark malign forces that are gaining strength and converging on, what we call “the West”.

Sounds rather Lord of the Rings doesn’t it?  So, with my apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien it is an apt analogy.

Some time ago, the precise date is irrelevant an ancient evil was awakened into full consciousness, and feeding off the fears, the guilt, and the goodness it must be said, of the race of men in the West it grew stronger, more malign, more vicious, spewing out its toxic breath till the very atmosphere was poisoned. Till the very fabric of our culture, our society was saturated with this poison.  It drove the peoples of the West mad, it made the irrational rational, the unacceptable acceptable, the bizarre normal, lies became truth, love became hate, cruelty became the currency of social and cultural intercourse.

Now, there are dark tales told of shadowy and hidden manipulators, who awakened this sleeping malignancy, and for what purpose. Dark tales of conspiracy, of nefarious plans to enslave and control the race of men, to harness the blood sweat and tears of men to fuel the engines of progress, of profit, of power, hidden machinations that saw the potential for utilising this dark malignancy for their own evil ends.

Whatever the origins that gave this malignancy its shape, its form, its power to corrupt, to poison, is now no longer relevant, because it became a force in its own right, it became an insatiable beast, a dark bottomless yaw that must ever be fed with the blood, sweat and tears of the race of men, otherwise the fragile bonds, the ephemeral ties that bind and keep it in check will snap and consume those who would strive to control it.

Already, it has become bloated, a voracious monster with an insatiable appetite. Because you see, those who awakened this vile malignancy made a gross error, a miscalculation, a mistake of epic proportions that resulted in the inevitable. The power to control this monster lay not in the hands of those who awakened it, but in the children, the heirs and the progeny of this malign pestilence. They failed to exert the same power over these, they failed to see that this monster would replicate itself, would reproduce itself, would spread its malign influence far from the control they would exert upon it, that there was a ready and willing supply of carriers for this malignancy.

The race of women. Many of whom carried the dormant seeds of this malignancy within them, waiting for the touch of a powerful force to ignite those seeds into life.

In harnessing the blood, sweat and tears of the race of men in the West to fuel the engines of power, profit and social control, and to feed this monster, they unleashed and set free the very heart of darkness that this malignancy is formed from. This malignancy has a name, it is called gynocentrism, in its unformed, incohesive and unstructured state it is merely an annoyance, a malady that is easily ignored, easily swept away, up to a point. Outbreaks of the potent force of this malignancy have been recorded throughout history.

But, there was a counter balance, a means of opposing this malignancy, it was called taboo, social approbation. Yes, there were concessions that had to made, yes there were mistakes and missteps, misunderstandings and conflicts, but overall society moved forward, re imagined itself, progressed with a single purpose,  that all, both the race of men and the race of women were in agreement on.  The good of all, the good of both the race of men and the race of women, because you see, they thought of themselves as ONE RACE, the human race.

And so it was that they gave a name to this malignancy. Though it had had many names before, names that were designed to mask its true purpose, names to confuse, to hide its true nature behind, to shield the evil nature of this monster from  the gaze of those who would oppose it.

They called it feminism.

And so, the die was cast, the human race as an entity was fractured, the common purpose of men and women sundered, the intricate, interwoven bonds that formed this race of humans severed, we became two races, the powerful, controlling and superior race, the race of women, and the powerless, enslaved and inferior race, the race of men.

Alas, this apogee of the malignancy now called feminism raged and swept aside all the good, all the positive before it, it destroyed and corrupted all the delicate ties, connections and strands that the one race had interwoven between themselves, that formed the fabric against which this one race lived and loved, worked and played. Not content with just this, it insinuated itself into the very heart of the structures that hold a culture, a society together, into the laws, into the schools, into the places where the race of men gave their blood, sweat and tears.

It  made this world we call the West into a prison, a cage, a gulag, and hope left the West, joy became despair, love became hate, work became slavery, learning became indoctrination, laws became tools of coercion and control, and the progeny of this malignancy? Became truly a race apart, cold, callous, heartless and vicious. They revelled in the destruction, they demanded more and more destruction, they created more and more ways to subjugate, to oppress, to punish the race of men for being men.

Was there no hope, was it over, had the race of men come to an end, had the race of men been reduced to mindless automatons, existing only to serve the progeny of this malignancy? Had the human race finally become a race of two, a superior and a inferior subhuman caste?

Was there ANY hope?

YES. Because even though that fatal error was made in unleashing this malignancy to spread its poison, its vile stench and influence all across this place we call the West, a deeper, more grievous error was made, because older than gynocentrism, stronger than the destructive nature embedded in the race of women was a purer force, a force that has never been conquered, a force that supersedes and surpasses the power of gynocentrism. Because gynocentrism can only exist, can only survive if this force lies dormant, if this force remains unexercised, unleashed.

What is this force? What power can stand in the face of this malignancy?

The power of the race of men to create civilisations, to maintain those civilisations with their blood sweat and tears, the power of the race of men to say…………….NO!

It is the inherent power of men to refuse to feed this malignancy, to refuse to acquiesce in their enslavement, the power of men to refuse to collude in their imprisonment in this cage of gynocentrism that is and will be the undoing of this monster.

Because you see, gynocentrism is an illusion, it is a false power, it is a poor and shabby substitute for the power to create rather than destroy, the power to uplift rather than tear down, the power to overcome rather than overwhelm, to love rather than to hate, and the power to stand firm, stand strong, stand immovable in the face of encroaching evil.

Will this battle be easy? No, it will not. Will the monster fight back? It already is. Will the human race survive, as one race again? Ah, therein lies the unanswerable question.

I hope, and yes, I do pray that the answer will be yes. I do sense a change, a dissipating of the overwhelming stench of this malign force, I see pockets of light appearing, but I feel also a need to be cautious, a need to not underestimate the enemy.  This enemy in a short time has gained much power, and is not averse to using it.

But the gathering darkness has been halted, we are now at a static point, the question now for all of us is this, do we allow the darkness to resume its inexorable  spread, or do we fight back?

I choose to fight back. What do you choose?


© Anja Eriud 2013



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  1. DaPoet
    Nov 28, 2013 @ 19:15:36

    I am Immensely Enjoying Reading Your Blog!


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