Real Victims


If there is one phrase you are guaranteed to hear from a feminist in response to an assertion that men are victims of [insert verifiable cause of male suffering here] it is this one:

“But women are the REAL victims of [insert made up superficial cause of female suffering here]”

You know what that reminds me of? Children, children who say things like “I won’t be your friend if you are friends with Megan” the inference being that as human beings there are caps on our abilities to care for, have affection for, or to feel sympathy or empathy for a limited number of people or causes.

So, if you care for animals for example and are passionate about this, then there is no room in your heart to care about homeless men, because you can ONLY be an animal rights activist.  If you care about the environment then there is no room in your heart to care about boys failing in schools, are you getting the picture.

Apparently it is a requirement that you “pick your cause” and stick to it, well it is if you’re a feminist, the problem with feminism, let me rephrase that, one of the many problems with feminism is that they “picked their cause” labelled it as a fight for “equal rights” but left out half of humanity, deliberately.

Because their cause encompasses everything to do with women, and I mean everything, from the bizarre to the absurd.

Not only that, when it came to assigning victim “status” women, all women, even privileged women became the premier victims par excellence on any scale, any measure, any chart you care to mention. No other victim compares.

Put a disabled, mentally ill homeless male veteran next to a middle class, well fed, well dressed, financially secure woman, any woman and SHE is, and always will be the victim. Without any irony, without any sense of shame or embarrassment feminists will deride, diminish and dismiss the disabled, mentally ill, homeless male veteran with contempt, and point to our pampered princess as the REAL victim because, shock, horror, some other man whistled at her in the street, or she had to like, ya know, show up for work, and work before her boss would give her a promotion straight onto the board!

There is a callousness, a vindictiveness, a cold-heartedness to some women that appals me personally.  A lack of human empathy and compassion. A deficit of basic humanity that I find contemptible.

This demarcation into REAL victims and…………….men, which reveals the innate shallowness and emptiness of the soul that allows someone to look upon their fellow humans beings in pain, in anguish and dismiss them.

In a way women who chant the mantra “women are the real victims” are actually right.

They are the victims of their own inhumanity, to be so bereft of compassion, of empathy, of basic human decency is tragic.  It is a flaw of such tremendous proportions. It marks them out as defective human beings, as shallow vicious creatures without the positive life-enhancing qualities that makes us human beings. 

There really should be, I don’t know, a support group for women suffering from this malfunction?

Oh……..wait…………….there is……………they call it………..feminism.




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