Feminists say the “funniest” things…Introduction.


I used to just skip over the comments sections in articles, especially if there were tons of comments.  Then I realised, if there are that many comments something sparked off the rush. Something in the article either resonated with, or grated with a lot of people.

Lately I’ve noticed that when an article appears by an avowed feminist, parroting some previously accepted bullshit, the comments show that people are not prepared to just shrug and let it pass unchallenged anymore. Nosireebob. Best part? The negative comments, the downvotes for feminist bullshit is growing, stuff that 10 even 5 years ago wouldn’t have raised a whisper of protest now gets challenged and challenged vigorously.

My own personal belief is that this is being caused by a combination of factors.

The spreading disenchantment with feminism overall, it’s like after 60 years of whining and bitching and complaining about “how bad women have it” compared with men in spite of the evidence in front of peoples own eyes, that this just simply isn’t true people are now reaching that “will you just SHUT UP!” point.

 It is now as simple as the click of a mouse to go check to see if what some feminist has said is true, 9 times out of 10 it isn’t, yet feminists keep saying this stupid provably WRONG stuff!  Almost like they think people are stupid, people will swallow any old rubbish, because…………duh! “I say so”

The hate, the bile, the bitterness, it just never stops, all directed at men being bastards and women being delicate fragile innocent snowflakes all the time. There are two things about this attitude that just pisses people off.  First, women who read this stuff are thinking, that’s my father, my brother, my son, my friend that bitch is dissing, and it’s (whatever crap the feminist is spouting) bullshit. Men are thinking – what complete and utter bollox.

Secondly, both men and women have eyes, have ears and again, not stupid, they can see the way some women behave, they can hear the crap that some women spout, and they can figure out for themselves that whatever it is – its UNNACCEPTABLE, its nasty, it’s horrible, women behaving like sluts, like skanky ho’s, women whining about stupid crap, women being total bitches and making life hell for the estranged fathers of their children?

 Then there are the feminists themselves, the ones who pontificate and blather on about “how bad life is for women” funny thing is, this lot are usually middle class, middle aged, white women who have never suffered (except in their own minds) one single day, one single minute of deprivation.  They take meaningless pathetic examples of “oppression” and – talk about making mountains out of molehills, making a song and dance about petty shit, about taking some minor thing and magnifying it out of all proportion.  Yep, that’s feminists for ya.

Now, some of them are copping on to this, the pettiness, the hysteria, and casting their beady eyes further afield, to see how they can extend the range of their influence as the oppression queens of humanity – to women in Africa, women in muslim countries, anywhere there are women who have real life problems that they can hi-jack and use as fodder for the feminist agenda. 

The fact that they didn’t gave a rats arse about these before is just……..details. the fact that the biggest item on the feminist agenda was……….I dunno, forcing people to say womyn instead of women, not important, the fact that at no time do they give a rats arse about the suffering of men and boys in these places – simply not relevant. The fact that they believe they have the right to speak from their ivory towers, for and behalf of these women – well duh, feminists are the spokepersons for all of humanity.  Did you not get the memo?

Anyhoo – this section is dedicated to those commentators on various articles etc who have said something in reaction to some feminist spouting claptrap and called – BULLSHIT!

Those people, you know, the ones that feminists condescend to, patronise and dismiss. Sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes both.  The people that feminists assume THEY speak for, they represent. Those feminists who sit in their ivory towers and issue edicts, make pronouncements for and on behalf of everyone, who dictate how other people should live their lives!

Some Recent Examples.

Edit: I temporarily took this post off because I realised I hadn’t actually put any “examples” duh!

But, am now reinstating it because I’d like to invite anyone who wants to, to post the dumbest things you’ve seen a “feminist” post, ever!


Anja Eriud.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Russell
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 02:04:57

    “Women have no idea just how much men hate them”

    Germain Greer, The Female Eunuch


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 16, 2013 @ 02:23:17

      Hi Russell and welcome.

      Ah – never a truer worder spoken in jest – though I think we all know she wasnt joking! 🙂


  2. wtfwtf13
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 07:14:11

    “Women have no idea just how much men hate them”

    This is what ingratitude looks like. But to be fair not every woman thinks like this super bitch so there’s no need to be hysterical.
    Oh! btw the legion of manginas with their overt unconditional love debunks her BS right off the bat.


  3. K.
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 21:02:22

    “Women have no idea just how much men hate them”

    Another outstanding example of the kind of projection that permeates feminist ideology to the core.
    Sometimes the feminists reminds me of a bunch of juveniles, playing a ‘let’s-do-it-to-them-before-they-do-it-to-us’ game, never fully realizing that it has succesfully made them into the kind of monsters, they’re warning the rest of society against.


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