Mommy Dearest


There is a mythology surrounding motherhood, it is deeply embedded into our cultural psyche, it affects every aspect of our society from law to politics to entertainment and it anchors nearly all conversations, both public and private regarding women and women’s rights, because almost automatically, particularly in public discourse about women it is always “women and children” as two inseparable and interwoven entities, almost one entity.

And this dual entity is spoken of with reverence, with indulgence, with almost religious zeal.  Strangely feminists have a conflicted history with motherhood, they claim to be the voice of women and for women, yet motherhood is an intrinsic part of being female, they claim to be for a woman’s right “to choose” anything,  yet have vilified and sought to dismantle both marriage and family as the building blocks of stable societies. They idealise single mothers as brave heroines overcoming all obstacles to emerge as the epitome of “good parenting” in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Underpinning all this overt and covert social engineering to remake society into the image of a feminist utopia lies a raging virulent hatred of all things male. The radical feminist founders of modern feminism were determined to wipe men off the face of the planet, if not totally then in sufficient numbers to allow these hapless remaining male souls to service this feminist utopia.

Which brings me to this:

Arizona couple ‘held three daughters captive’ in home; 28 November 2013.

Police in Arizona say three sisters were held captive in filthy conditions for up to two years by their mother and stepfather in the city of Tucson.

Investigators say two of the girls, aged 12 and 13, escaped and alerted a neighbour after their stepfather tried to attack them with a knife.

Officers then found a 17-year-old locked in her bedroom.

The girls were malnourished and dirty and told the police they had not taken a bath in up to six months.

“They were kept in filthy living conditions separately and told patrol officers that they had not seen each other in almost two years,” Tucson police captain Mike Gilooly told reporters.

This is becoming depressingly commonplace, reports of children being abused, neglected and in some cases murdered by their mothers, sometimes in conjunction with live-in boyfriends and sometimes with the fathers of their children.  What all these cases of child abuse and neglect tend to have in common is a single mother.

From: The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children; Author(s): Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, U.S. Children’s Bureau Rosenberg, Jeffrey., Wilcox, W. Bradford. Year Published: 2006

 “Federal data derived from CPS reports in 2003 indicate that in 18.8 percent of the substantiated cases, fathers were the sole perpetrators of maltreatment; in 16.9 percent of the cases, the fathers and the mothers were perpetrators; and in 1.1 percent of the cases, the father acted with someone else to abuse or neglect his child. Mothers were the sole perpetrators in 40.8 percent of the cases and acted with someone besides the father in 6.3 percent of the cases.31 This means that fathers were involved in 36.8 percent of child maltreatment cases and that mothers were involved in 64 percent of child maltreatment cases….

Mothers are almost twice as likely to be directly involved in child maltreatment as fathers. Mothers are more likely to abuse or neglect their children than fathers because they bear a larger share of parenting responsibilities in two-parent families and because a large percentage of families today are headed by mothers. In some communities, they are the majority.33 Perpetrator patterns differ, however, by type of maltreatment. Mothers are not more likely to be the perpetrator when it comes to sexual abuse; fathers are more likely to be reported for this crime.34”

I left out a part between these two paragraphs, because it illustrates something pertinent, the almost kneejerk reaction to excuse, explain or justify the maltreatment of children by their mothers, here it is now:

Additionally, more than one-half of the male perpetrators were biological fathers, and, although recidivism rates were low, biological fathers were more likely to be perpetrators of maltreatment again than were most other male perpetrators. This may be due in part to the lack of permanence between a mother and her boyfriend or that the perpetrator may be excluded from the household before recidivism can occur.32

Mothers are almost twice as likely to be directly involved in child maltreatment as fathers. Mothers are more likely to abuse or neglect their children than fathers because they bear a larger share of parenting responsibilities in two-parent families and because a large percentage of families today are headed by mothers. In some communities, they are the majority.33 Perpetrator patterns differ, however, by type of maltreatment.

I find it slightly nauseating to see the words “parental responsibility” and “more likely to abuse or neglect their children” in the same sentence. In fact it is this attitude, this unwillingness to call a spade a spade and say in black and white – single mothers make lousy parents.

Single mothers make lousy choices in “boyfriends” single mothers are the single greatest danger to the welfare of children bar none. The fact that they ARE single mothers is invariably down to their own CHOICES.

Alright, before all sorts of wailing and self righteous indignation starts coming my way, are ALL single mothers lousy parents? Not necessarily, are ALL single mothers the greatest danger to the welfare of their children, again, not necessarily. But, statistically the overwhelming majority of those women who “choose” to bear and parent children alone are selfish, self-serving social parasites.

The feminist utopia that those original nutjobs of feminism 20th century style dreamed of? The mission to destroy marriage, destroy families and impose this feminist ideal upon the world has come to pass. Except for one little detail.  This utopia is a society in chaos, a society in disarray, a society that has seen the rise of suicide in young men, the rise of children being abused and neglected, the rise of dysfunctional “families” headed by dysfunctional single mothers.

The question I asked myself some time ago was why? Why would these bitter twisted harpies have set in motion the events that led to this chaos?  The answer rather strangely came from an unusual source, not one I would have normally given much credence to.

One path which leads to Radical Feminism begins with the grandmother. The grandmother of a radical feminist is frequently married to a man who is an inadequate father. The grandmother may have had a positive relationship with her father and tolerate a certain level of misbehavior from her husband. She fails, however, to see the effect her example has on her daughter…….

……This daughter of a damaged daughter has been betrayed by both parents. Her father, who might — had he had a strong wife who had been able to motivate him and draw out his potential virtue — been an adequate father, betrays the daughter through abuse, but the mother also betrays the daughter by not protecting her and by fueling her resentment toward her father.

As the daughter of a damaged daughter grows up, at some point she rejects her mother as a model and mother’s passive/aggressive behavior, and decides to become aggressive, but she holds on to the deep seated bitterness and resentment. Voila! We have a Radical Feminist.

 From: Radical feminism as a psychological disorder…by Dale O’Leary

 Now I did check out Dale O’Leary and she is decidedly odd, a fervent catholic and most definitely with some strange views, but has some interesting things to say about feminism.

Her contention that radical feminists are the products of dysfunctional families resonates, when one considers the histories of some of the leading radical voices that shaped and informed the direction of modern feminism.

Take Robin Morgan for example, the product of an affair between her mother and a married man, who when she finally learns the truth and seeks him out, rejects her.  Or Shulamith Firestone, another product of a family headed by an overbearing father, Kate Millet, Betty Friedan, Mary Daly, Adrienne Rich and so many more, all have something in common. They are products of some dysfunctional families, but more importantly had hostile and perhaps adversarial relationships with their fathers and in some cases their mothers.

All of them are bound together by one overriding theme, hatred of and for men, even when it appears they had some positive experiences with men. Regardless of whatever political and cultural issues they allegedly sought to address, their actions were all fuelled by barely disguised hatred.  No other “political” movement(s) other than nazism, communism and fascism has as a core belief, a hatred of “the other” in the case of feminism “the other” is men. All men.

  What these women did was harness their rage, fine tune their own personal issues and reframe them into a poisonous ideology that they disseminated and presented as insights into the human condition. They gave a platform for other dysfunctional wretches to hijack the cultural and sociological narrative and impose their vindictive worldview into the zeitgeist.  Petty spiteful resentments became “issues” traditional family values became “oppressive” unintentional but well meaning protective behaviours became “patriarchy” and feminism 20th century was born, or rather was created from the fevered and over active imaginations of some seriously disturbed and dysfunctional harpies.

We now have reached the point where like a grain of sand in an oyster acquiring layers and layers of covering, feminism has acquired layers and layers of pseudo scholarship, academic gobbledegook and a positive forest of “writings” “studies” and feminist “research” designed to obscure the original poisonous seed planted into the consciousness of the western world like a grain of sand invades an oyster.  But unlike an oyster, the end result is not a pearl, not a precious and valuable jewel, it is a carbuncle, a festering boil comprised of hatred, vindictiveness, spite, lies, calumny and poison. It needs to be lanced.

What has all this to do with motherhood? Everything and nothing, the news story I linked to is but one example of the product of 50 years of feminist poison, the goal of feminism has been to infect women with this poison, and women are the ones who not only give birth to the next generation but invariably act as the major primary influence on young children. The counterbalancing of fathers, the steadying and valuable influence of fathers in the lives of their children has been rejected, has been deliberately removed over the last 50 years by the toxic influence of feminism on governments, in education, in every area of our culture.

Because rather than getting some bloody therapy for their “issues” those original founding harpies of modern feminism decided to spew their poison out into the world. The saddest and most heartbreaking aspect of all this? The world listened, men listened, women listened, politicians listened to this crap, and now here we are.  Look around you, look at the legacy of feminism.  It stinks.

I will leave you with an article written by the daughter of an “iconic” feminist Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple. Her daughter Rebecca Walker had this to say:

Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women into childlessness. It is devastating.

But far from taking responsibility for any of this, the leaders of the women’s movement close ranks against anyone who dares to question them – as I have learned to my cost. I don’t want to hurt my mother, but I cannot stay silent. I believe feminism is an experiment, and all experiments need to be assessed on their results. Then, when you see huge mistakes have been paid, you need to make alterations.

I hope that my mother and I will be reconciled one day. Tenzin deserves to have a grandmother. But I am just so relieved that my viewpoint is no longer so utterly coloured by my mother’s.

I am my own woman and I have discovered what really matters – a happy family.

From: How my mother’s fanatical views tore us apart By Rebecca Walker.

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