What’s in a Name?

We like to give things names, labels that we assign to objects, ideas, ways of thinking so that we have a handy reference word that allows us to recognise some “thing” without having to go into huge detail. Like a game of charades, where the object is to bring to the mind of the players a certain “thing” without naming that “thing” if you have ever played charades, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Because giving a “thing” a name vests multiple layers of meaning, complex and interconnected shades of meaning to that “named thing”

If I said the word “Tree” for example, the innumerable mental pictures this would conjure up is due to the complexity of meanings that this word implies. I might immediately think of a mighty oak, standing tall and immovable over centuries, it might then evoke images of ancient battles fought under its shade, or perhaps the signing of The Magna Carta.  Another might think “cherry blossom in a Japanese Garden”, this might evoke visions of perhaps the movie The Last Samurai, and yet another might think “Christmas” and the memories of childhood excitement and anticipation.  Words don’t just describe, they trigger, they evoke, the take us on an inner journey down many paths.

There is a word that has been carefully crafted, assiduously imbued with certain meanings, meanings that vest this word with positive socially and culturally accepted meanings to such an extent that very few go beyond or beneath this carefully cultivated meaning and explore under this shiny surface.

That word is feminism.

Just like I don’t have to search my mind for a word to describe such diverse “things” as Christmas tree, cherry blossom or mighty oak, for many phrases such as,  “women’s rights” “equality” “male oppression” “rape” and “male privilege”  will evoke one word – feminism.

The question though is this, the label “feminism” has gathered to itself all sorts of meanings, all kinds of complex and multilayered connotations, and has done so deliberately, carefully, and with feverish intent to invest “feminism” with qualities it does not possess, and never has. These carefully cultivated ancillary meanings have been coupled with this word to mask its true meaning, its true purpose.  For beneath these complex issues made simple, made part of the underlying well of meanings that lie beneath the word “feminism” is a cold calculated and malign purpose.

To make hatred of men “normal” to immediately evoke a negative and disapproving feeling, state of mind, stance, or attitude of distrust, wariness, contempt or disdain towards all men, in varying degrees.

Because words in and of themselves provoke not just meanings, but an emotional, intellectual and psychological response, we take our cue from the emotional, intellectual and psychological triggers that a word evokes in us. In other words (no pun intended) how we conduct our conversations, how we position ourselves along a spectrum of possible stances, and how we respond either consciously or unconsciously to “opinions” or “points of view” is determined by the meaning we vest in certain words. But, also we react and respond not just to the individual “word” the label attached to name something, but to all the “words” all the other “labels” all the other multi layered “meanings” that this “word” implies.

Over some 50 years or so, feminism has consumed, has subsumed, has like a giant verbal and linguistic vacuum drawn into itself many many words, with many many meanings, has commandeered and claimed as its own, the right to assign meanings to words, to “things” has positioned itself as the arbiter and court of final appeal on all conversations, all discussions, all exchanges between, about, or on, men and women.

Because of all the words to describe some “thing” these two words; MEN and WOMEN are the jewels in the crown of feminism’s campaign to own the language, to own the meanings, to own the words we use.

Without thinking too hard about it, if I said “MEN” what would spring to your mind?

Would it be, great painters, scientific genius’s, loving fathers, rambunctious and happy go lucky boys, honour, loyalty, sacrifice, love, kindness, fun, civilisation?

Would these be some of the words that immediately leapt to YOUR mind, or would other darker, nastier, cruel words tumble into your consciousness.

Words like, rape, violence, oppression, dominance, war, death, pain?

Now, ask yourselves. Do THESE words spring to your mind when you think of your fathers, brothers, sons, nephews and friends?

What if I said the word WOMEN.

Let me guess, you might have thought, victim, poor, discrimination, battered, helpless, rights, abuse, divorce, poverty.

Do THESE words really apply to you, to ALL the women you know, your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and co-workers.  ALL these words? To ALL the women you know?

It is indeed true that in this world there are many cruel and awful people, that we are a world in turmoil, millions are in poverty, millions are abused, are hurt, and are in pain.  Many people lack even the barest shred of humanity.  What is equally true is that some of those people are male and some of those people are female.

Cruelty, callousness, lack of compassion, lack of humanity is NOT “gendered” is NOT a manifestation of one’s biological sex, all these things know no “gender” boundaries. There have ever been examples throughout history, and at this present time of those who have abandoned all semblance of humanity.

But, feminism, in its dishonesty, its foetid campaign of hatred, lies and deception has sought to mask the cruelty, the inhumanity that some female human beings have displayed, and magnify out of all proportion the cruelties and inhumanities of some male human beings, to such an extent, and with such success that even those who do not take upon themselves the label “feminist” believe that ALL cruelty, ALL inhumanity IN THIS WORLD emanates from and only from MEN.

It is a lie.

It is a lie built on a foundation of lies, and fed upon a diet of lies. The word “lie” in the context I am using it here has ONLY one essential meaning. NOT true.







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