Got the Whole World in my Hands…..


Of the oft and interminably repeated complaints from feminists, two stand out, the first being that women are and have been denied access to positions of power and influence both at the present time and in the past.  In fact the constant whine from feminists is that women have NO POWER, because men are hogging it all? On a Global scale.  Hmmmm.

The second is that no-one cares about women, never did, never have and presumably never will. Not only that, but now it seems feminism has finally turned its attention to women in faraway places and decried the lack of “resources” for these women.  Not only that, apparently women from these faraway places are even more “oppressed” than women in the West, if that’s even possible!

So, this is a Global issue is it? Women are being kept out of positions that wield global influence and no-one is listening to women?

Shall we take a look at some heavy hitting Global Organisations and see the patriarchy in action.  Let’s start with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) because, well because this organisation wields enormous power and influence on governments, on states, in fact the IMF could make or break a nation.

The current head of the IMF – is Christine Legarde (France) – Managing Director

Now Ms. Legarde was apparently a bit naughty in May of this year, with lots and lots of other people’s money, but managed to dodge that bullet and retain her position of enormous power and enormous influence.

 Another female Ms. Nemat Shafik a native of Egypt is a Deputy Managing Director, of the IMF, Egypt being one of those faraway places feminists like to point to as hotbeds of female oppression. Ms. Shafik obviously forgot to be oppressed.

Then we have Ms. Antoinette Monsio Sayeh  from the tiny African country of Liberia who is the Director, African Department, of the IMF, Liberia is a tiny African country, with tiny African countries being high on the feminist list of places where women are oppressed. By the way, the current “President and head of government in Liberia is President Ellen JOHNSON SIRLEAF (since 16 January 2006); Vice President Joseph BOAKAI (since 16 January 2006) note – the president is both the chief of state and head of government.”

 President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is female and has been head of government in Liberia for 6 years.

But of course, according to feminism the world turns its back on the suffering of women, the health of women, and demands that women be given a voice, an end to the silencing of women’s voices.

 How about that Global Organisation which is the voice of World Health “issues”? Just who is “in charge” at the WHO – World Health Organisation? Why look it is;

 Dr Margaret Chan – Director General

Dr Margaret Chan is the Director-General of WHO, appointed by the World Health Assembly on 9 November 2006. The Assembly appointed Dr Chan for a second five-year term at its sixty-fifth session in May 2012. Dr Chan’s new term will begin on 1 July 2012 and continue until 30 June 2017.”

 Appointed to a second five year term in 2012, having already been “in charge” of World Health “issues” since 2006.

Dr. Chan’s complete Bio is  here. What are worth noting are the dates, she started her career in 1978 and was appointed as Director of Health in Hong Kong in 1994, obviously the Government of Hong Kong didn’t get the patriarchy memo about “not allowing women into positions of influence and power”

 It’s an anomaly, I hear all you feminists scream in frustration, eemmm, nope it isn’t, out of seven Assistant Director Generals at the WHO two are female.

 Flavia Bustreo – Assistant Director-General – Family, Women’s and Children’s Health

Marie-Paule Kieny – Assistant Director-General – Health Systems and Innovation

 Not only that, there are six Regional Directors; two of whom are also female:

 Dr Carissa Etienne – WHO Regional Director for the Americas, the Americas being a ginormous place to be “in charge of”

 Ms Zsuzsanna Jakab – WHO Regional Director for Europe, again, EUROPE! All of Europe. No power or influence there!

Not looking really good is it for the feminists, all these women in positions of power and influence, maybe we’ll have better luck finding some oppression at the UN ?(United Nations)

 Let’s take a look at:

 United Nations – General Assembly of The United Nations: The Team.

 The President of this “Team” is Ambassador John W. Ashe and his second in command, directly under him is Ambassador Paulette BethelChef de Cabinet.  Ok then, the head honcho IS MALE.

What about the rest of the “Team”?

 Well there are 24 members and of those fourteen of them are female:

  1. Ambassador Janine Coye-Felson – Special Advisor – Legal Matters
  2. Ms. Tala Dowlatshahi – Director of Communications
  3. Ms. Afaf Konja – Spokesperson
  4. Ms. Abigail SommaSpeechwriter
  5. Ms. Frances Fuller – Special Assistant to the President
  6. Ms. Aqeelah AkbarAdviser – Third Committee
  7. Ms. Allison BookerAdviser – Third Committee
  8. Ms. Marie-Elena John – Adviser – Gender Issues
  9. Ms. Alina Padeanu – Adviser – Rule of Law / Human Rights and Civil Society Engagement
  10. Ms. Dornella SethAdviser – ICPD+20
  11. Ms. Maia Shanidze – Adviser – Fifth Committee
  12. Ms. Anya Thomas – Adviser – Sustainable Development Matters
  13. Ms. Fanny Langella – Deputy Speechwriter / Deputy Spokesperson
  14. Ms. Alice Farhat – Administrative Assistant to the President

There are six “Main Committees” of the UN with several other committees and subsidiary bodies.

The Third Committee that Ms. Akbar and Ms. Booker are advisors to, concerns itself with: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural issues:

“The General Assembly allocates to its Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee, commonly referred to as the “Third Committee”, agenda items relating to a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world……

“…..The Committee also discusses the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, and the right to self- determination. The Committee also addresses important social development questions such as issues related to youth, family, ageing, persons with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and international drug control…..”

Please note, there is NO Committee that even bothers discussing the “advancement of men” in fact there are NO committees at all about men.

 What about the  Fifth Committee  that Ms. Shanidze is advisor to?  That is the Administrative and Budgetary Committee of the UN and is currently in its 68th session. Fifth Committee Resolutions & Decisions of the 67th session can be found here.

Hmmm, Ms. Shandze is the advisor to the committee that basically decides where the MONEY goes? Zero power or influence there!  Really?

You might have looked down the list and found yourself wondering, What the heck is ICPD + 20?

 Well, it is INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT one of the first of which was held in Cairo, Egypt 5-13 September 1994.  See here. Though there were two previous ones.

“World Population Conference in Bucharest in 1974 and the International Conference on Population at Mexico City in 1984.” 

The Cairo one was notable for this:

“The 1994 Conference was explicitly given a broader mandate on development issues than previous population conferences, reflecting the growing awareness that population, poverty, patterns of production and consumption and other threats to the environment are so closely interconnected that none of them can be considered in isolation.”

And this:

“The Conference outcomes will be closely related to those of the upcoming World Summit for Social Development, the Fourth World Conference on Women and the Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, as well as the elaboration of the UN’s Agenda for Development and the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.”

And finally this:

“The Programme of Action recommends important population and development objectives, including a set of mutually supportive qualitative and quantitative goals. Among these objectives and goals are: sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development; education, especially for girls; gender equity and equality; infant, child and maternal mortality reduction; and the provision of universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning.”

 So, it would seem that not only are and have women been holders of enormous power and influence in and of Global Issues, but are most definitely NOT voiceless, never have been, and I very much doubt WILL ever be “voiceless” (chance would be a fine thing)

 As for women and “women’s issues” not being on the world agenda, women and “women’s issues” ARE the worlds agendas. Always have been. There has never been a time when women, have not had a platform. NEVER.

 But, I’ll tell you hasn’t had a platform, who haven’t even made the shortlist of “Global Issues worth talking about”?



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  1. wtfwtf13
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 19:19:15

    I am reminded of that old song by Harry Belafonte—Man smart,Woman smarter….
    The woman is smarter than the man in every way ! [ Not always above board,mind you!]


  2. wtfwtf13
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 10:15:17

    They are even thinking of making anti-feminist speech a crime ! No wonder!

    Women of her ilk created feminism —– privileged and STUPIDLY ARROGANT


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