Oppression? Where?


You know as oppressive regimes go, the patriarchy is doing a pretty shit job of being……….well, oppressive.  In fact on a worldwide scale of oppressive regimes, the patriarchy is a big fat failure.

This failure is actually a two way street, both by the putative oppressors, and the putative oppressed, those in the western hemisphere that is, are just not really getting with the oppression programme, and DOING THEIR JOBS!

Let me explain, then maybe all you lads and lassies can start being oppressed and oppressing………properly. You know, put some effort into it.

Taking oppression to mean living in a place, a country, a state or territory where basic fundamental Human Rights, that we all generally agree on as being basic fundamental Human Rights, are suppressed, violated, suspended, ignored or simply don’t exist.  Where your life is literally NOT your own, and the fact of your existence is to be a disposable entity for the use of your oppressors.

For the sake of argument let’s just take these as two of the most important absolute basic fundamental Human Rights.

The Right to Freedom of Expression, Thought, Speech, Belief and Conscience.

I put this first because of all the basic fundamental Human Rights, being able to speak out, to think whatever you like, to believe exactly the opposite of what those in power do, and to know that you will be allowed to keep breathing is, in my opinion, true freedom. The suppression and silencing of those who would criticise, question and reject the prevailing ethos of an oppressive regime guarantees that the oppressed will live in constant fear and compliance.  To know that a stray thought, a random off the cuff remark, a mild query or question could lead to their death or worse torture, is the mark of a functioning and effective oppressive regime.

True despots such as Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Ayatollah Khomeni, and so many more knew and  exercised  and in fact  continue  to exercise this tool of oppression to great effect in some parts of the world. Just not in the west.

So, how does the west stack up, how does the patriarchy, this ever present, all encompassing oppressive mechanism under which ALL women in the west apparently live, measure up?

Hmmm, not very well, if one is to judge by the thousands of blogs, sites, articles, books, talks, speeches, TV shows, films and random conversations going on all over the west, every minute of every day.

I have yet to hear of any woman, in the west, being hauled off in the dead of night with a hood over her head for exercising her right to “Free Speech” In fact to be blunt, the problem isn’t that women are being denied the right to speak, to express their “opinions” to hold some strange and outright bizarre views, nope, the problem is the reverse – getting them to SHUT UP!

The utilising of  the “Freedom of Speech” is being suppressed banner, by feminism and empty-headed vacuous women is an insult, an affront to all those who have, and are continuing to have their Freedom of Speech suppressed, sometimes violently.

The Right to an Education, at the very least primary education.

All Human Rights Instruments and Conventions, recognise that children are entitled to at the very least a primary/elementary education, and most states also extend this right to encompass secondary/high school education.

It has ever been the tool of oppressive regimes to deny their enslaved peoples an education, an ignorant and illiterate populace is a docile one. In regimes where “education” is offered, it is strictly controlled and regimented to reflect the ethos and ideology of the oppressive regimes tenets. There are many words that have been used to describe this kind of “education” this kind of societal “reprogramming”

In the Peoples Republic of China it was called “THE THREE REPRESENTS CAMPAIGN”, in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge it was called “The Four Year Plan” in the USSR it was a campaign to “promote a sense of Soviet identity

But one word covers all these methods of suppressing the kinds of Human Rights we are talking about here perfectly – Indoctrination.

So, what about the west? Well let’s see, not only are ALL children expected to go school, it is a legal requirement on the part of parents to SEND their children to school. Not only that, most states BUILD schools and PAY teachers from state resources (tax’s) to work in these schools.  In fact if one has enough money and a desire to do so, anybody can start a school. Anybody.

Ah but, it’s what is being taught in these schools that perpetuates this nasty oppressive regime of patriarchy, training young girls to be subservient and docile, and young boys to be dominant, brutal and……..emmm…..oppressive and patriarchal!

Really?  Is that so?

There has been one major influence that has surpassed all other influences bar none in the education systems of the west for nigh on fifty years now, it is called feminism, and feminism is and has always claimed to be, the voice of and for – WOMEN!

The impact of feminist inspired policies on education was felt almost immediately, and did start to raise concerns, in fact some feminists even went so far to conduct their own “studies” all the while being careful to make sure to keep in focus that feminism per se must NOT be blamed. It was subtle, but it was there.

As for what is taught in these academies of patriarchy? That girls are brilliant, multitalented, and utterly fantastic and destined to be the future leaders of the free world, and that boys are shit, boys are horrible, mean, nasty and stupid. In fact this programme of indoctrination is so successful, that both boys and girls leave these places BELIEVING this shit.

Because you see, what happens next is proof positive that girls leave these indoctrination camps in vast numbers to go onto the next stage of training to be the “leaders of the free world” and boys? Well, boys are left floundering, that is even if some of them manage to “get a place” in these so called “places of higher learning” they encounter the last and final stage of the “oppressive” system of education in the west. A system that is, and has been designed to hammer the final nail into the coffin of a boy’s life chances.

Gender Studies.

It is in these erroneously named “places of higher learning” that boys are “finished off” in the sense that they learn they are potential rapists, abusers, violent thugs, despicable human beings, if it is even acknowledged that they ARE human beings. It is in these places that boys learn once and for all that they are unwanted.

This is also the place where girls get to emerge from their chrysalis as fully fledged “empowered women” sweeping all before them, as they take their rightful places at the head of the queue for………………..EVERYTHING!

Ahem – one moment please. Are we not all forgetting something? First, girls going to university and college in higher and higher numbers, secondly, the numbers of boys going is falling?  But you see according to feminism this is ALL men’s own fault, yep, even though there is a definite crisis in boy’s education, it has nothing to do with the toxic influence of feminism. Boys are just not handling girls success to well.

Girls! This is not good enough, stop all this empowered business this instant and get back to being “oppressed” all these “slut walks” “take back the night” all this “learning” “blogging” voicing of your never ending opinions of everything and anything, all this “my body, my choice” crap. Get back into your homes and under the rule of your oppressive fathers.

Sorry what? Your mother kicked your father out of the house when you were just a child, and had hysterics if you even mentioned you wanted to see your Dad? Well then, under the rule of your brother then.

Pardon me?  What did you say?  Your brother took his own life after perhaps years of abuse from your mother? Perhaps after being the target for your mothers rage. Ah, ok.

Well then boys, step up to the patriarchy plate and get oppressing.  I’m sorry what did you say? You don’t know how? You’ve been told you’re a piece of shit since you were a small boy and now you believe it. No-one has ever shown you ”the ropes” so to speak, the patriarchy ropes, because your Dad was kicked out of the house as well. You don’t have the energy to be oppressive, because you’ve been on this medication for so long, since you were a small boy, that you don’t know who you are anymore.

Actually, you know, you are right, there is an oppressive regime in place in the west, it is pervasive, it is all enveloping, and it is toxic.

It is called feminism.




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