What about the Womeeeeeeeeeeeen……?


We it appears, and by “we” I mean the vast majority of people living in the western hemisphere, have become so imbued with the “women and children first” mindset that even those “nice” women who suddenly find themselves aware that MEN and BOYS might, just might mind, have “a few problems” that they simply cannot have a conversation or discussion or even request information about Men’s Human Rights without positioning themselves AS women with all the mythology that this entails.

From that position, AS A WOMAN, they believe themselves to be “sincere” and “interested” and “want to learn more”. Hmmm, you what that sounds like? – A new hobby, a suddenly “popular cause” a cool charideeee to become a patron of, or donor too.

Like with starving children in Africa they feel sympathy and concern, they donate, they organise “fundraisers” and all from the comfort of their “nice” homes.  Because you see, they’re “good women” and so it is with the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

Except for one little detail, these “victims” are not in faraway place, not some vague ill-defined but worthy cause that one can “write a cheque for” secure in the knowledge that you’ve “done your bit”.

One can tut tut about the faraway “dictators” and “bad people” who allow such terrible tragedies to happen, and then feel good about themselves. Especially if they even go as far as to “write a strong letter of protest” to their political representative, and stop buying products from such a nasty place, and urge their friends “nicely” to do likewise.

Ah yes, it feeeeeeeeeeeells good to be good, doesn’t it?  Even better to be able to think of oneself as a “good woman”.

So, to the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Believing oneself to be a “good woman” and suddenly becoming aware of “men’s issues” as another “cause” another “charideeeee”  feels good to get behind, to support, to “be interested in”.  And of course like all good causes, it has its victims.

So, who are these victims, these vague men and boys that “need help”? Are they some vague amorphous group of faraway tragic figures that you can sympathise with from afar?

NO. They are not. They are your sons, your fathers, your brothers, nephews and friends, they are the sons, fathers, brothers, nephews of YOUR friends and in some cases, they are YOUR husbands, YOUR boyfriends.

Oh my goodness, that’s just awful I hear you say, who would BE so mean and horrible, so uncaring, so selfish?


You and your friends, the women you chat to at the school gates, your neighbours, your sisters, your daughters, your mothers, and those of YOUR friends.

But, but, but, “I’m a good woman” my friends and all those other women you mentioned are “good women”

Oh, I’m sure you are right, in fact, you probably are, but of course this all depends on what standard you are using to define what a “good woman” is, doesn’t it?

Being a “good woman” starts and ends with one single criteria – BEING A WOMAN, and being a woman is “special” being a woman has a host of positive and self regarding connotations to it. Being a woman means first and foremost being DEFINED by your biology, NOT your humanity.

“Being a woman” means being blind to the humanity in men and boys, means seeing EVERYTHING through the lens of femaleness, means evaluating, assessing and quantifying ALL experiences, all problems, all issues through that unique filter of femaleness.

Being a woman and a “good woman” means feeling solidarity with, a connection to ALL other women, in a unique and special way, and THIS is what informs YOUR thinking, your inability to process the core issues of the MEN’S Human Rights Movement – MEN are NOT women.

Because Men only exist in relation TO women, men are defined BY their relationships WITH women.

But of all the blind spots, all the refusals to see, to open your eyes fully, good woman or not, it is the refusal to admit, to allow, to acknowledge that the vast majority of the Human Rights Abuses inflicted upon men are caused by.


You will note that I haven’t mentioned feminism once, well apart from just now that is. Because this is another misconception that woman use to soothe their ego’s with, the “Oh, I’m not a feminist” not one of THOSE – a screechy, haranguing unattractive harridan, oh no, THAT’S  not me – pause – of course I believe in “women’s rights” but I’M NOT A FEMINIST.

I believe you, you’re not a feminist, and the latest polls and surveys will bear that out, depending on which one you use, only between 20% and 28% of women actually self-indentify AS feminists.

Well phew, I hear you say – see – I told you, NOT a feminist. I don’t hate men, I loooooooooove men, men are great. Is that so? Then you are making perhaps the greatest error, the biggest mistake in judgement regarding “being a woman”

Have you ever asked yourself, WHY? Why do women believe and think there is something inherently special about “being a woman”? Where did this little myth come from? Who decided that women had “special” qualities inherent in “being a woman”?

REAL feminists don’t actually give a shit if you are a feminist, if you tick the feminist box on polls and surveys, being a woman who supports “women’s rights” is just fine and dandy, being a woman who swallows the carefully and assiduously crafted myth of womanhood is more than enough. Feeling part of the vast global network of “sisterhood” that binds ALL women together in some bizarre made up “spiritual” connection will do just fine, because you see, the point is not for you personally to “be a feminist”. As long as you buy the lies, the false statistics, the scary sound bites you are a useful idiot. 

Doing this assures the REAL feminists that when it comes to MENS RIGHTS, you will almost automatically think, feel and even better raise in lament, in all sincerity, because YOU are a “good woman” this cry.

What about the womeeeeeeeennn?




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wtfwtf13
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:32:46

    Have you ever asked yourself, WHY? Why do women believe and think there is something inherently special about “being a woman”? Where did this little myth come from? Who decided that women had “special” qualities inherent in “being a woman”?

    When people,not only women,ponder over this will we able to see the guiding light at the end pf a very dark tunnel created primarily by our twisted perceptions.
    It’s hypocritical for a class/group that’s supposedly yearning for this magical thing called equality to claim that it’s inherently ,speshul


  2. Anja Eriud
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 13:06:28

    Couldn’t agree more wtfwtf13, I love that phrase “twisted perceptions” I’m stealing it by the way 🙂

    I have reached the point where I’m tired of hearing about all these “good women” who want jam on both sides of their bread, ie, I’ll pay lipservice to “men’s rights” but I’m hanging onto to this handy “image”.

    Excuse the bluntness and crudity – but shit or get off the pot 🙂


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