Jacky Jones – On her High Horse………again!


Jacky Jones is on her high horse in the Irish Times – again – about “Equality” and in particular about the “gender imbalance” on a newly created “working group on citizen engagement.”

 I’ll let her set the tone for her latest whine about “equality”

Equality for women is associated with better health for everyone. Despite this, equal participation of women in decision-making forums remains abysmally low.”

 There are two things to note about this opening statement, neither of which, in a whine about “equality” mentions men. In a nutshell, as long as women are happy and healthy, then by association, EVERYBODY is happy and healthy.  Because, you see the thing we all have to get into our thick heads is this – WOMEN are the standard by which all things in the universe are measured, ALL things.

 With regard to her second whine, that “women in decision-making forums remains abysmally low” Jacky is misrepresenting things just a bit, ok a lot, because the purpose of this working group is to:

“make recommendations on more extensive and diverse input by citizens into the decision-making process”.

 Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it, but Jacky prefers to ignore this and use it as an opportunity to have a rant on “equality” and in particular “women in decision-making forums remains abysmally low” and is so “incensed” as she says, that she took it upon herself to complain, and one presumes that because it was Jacky complaining the chairperson of this working group should have immediately hopped to and complied. Except they didn’t, nope, she got an answer that did NOT please Jacky one little bit.

 She moaned about their being “six men and two women” and when the work of this group is complete “is expected to report back to Mr Hogan in December.” Mr, Hogan being the ELECTED Minister at The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, and the one with the actual “decision making power” given him by the ELECTORATE to make decisions on their behalf.

 Oh no, Jacky has decided that regardless of whether or not an individual is competent, on any “decision making forum” there has to be a 50/50 “balance” skill, talent, competence, experience or expertise is irrelevant. Don’t believe me, this is the answer that Jacky got in response to her whiney complaint:

“The members were chosen for their experience and expertise in community engagement with the State’s machinery and are not on the group to represent any particular section of society.”

 See that? Chosen for their “experience and expertise”

 Did this make Jacky happy?  Don’t be daft, of course it didn’t, so she complained AGAIN, and demanded further “answers” and when she didn’t get the response SHE demanded then she went on a big ole irrelevant rant about “volunteers” about “carers”

“two-thirds of all volunteers in Ireland are women who spend their lives dealing with the machinery of the State.”

And this:

“Almost two-thirds of carers are women who spend their lives dealing with the machinery of the State.”

 By “dealing with machinery of the State” I’m guessing filling in forms and being able to communicate with officials from the various State departments on an individual basis is more than enough “experience and expertise” to participate in a government sponsored working groups? Well THAT, and being female of course.

 But the piece de résistance of Jacky’s big ole moan was this:

“Every decision made by local authorities affects women more than men. Think pushchairs, shopping, school runs.”

There you have it, the big issues that impact on women that DESERVE the 100% attention of the entire machinery of the State are “pushchairs, shopping, school runs” male homelessness, suicide and lack of resources or facilities for male victims of Domestic Abuse are piffling concerns when it comes to shopping, and pushing babies about!

 But what really got Jacky’s goat was being dismissed, what really ticked Jacky off big time is that she was NOT listened too, she had demanded and expected an explanation, in her arrogance she obviously assumed that SHE had some valuable input and ergo MUST have HER recommendations complied with.

“With such a dismissive attitude, how can Ireland ever hope to achieve gender equality? Ireland ranks 24th out of 27 EU member states in relation to numbers of female elected representatives”

 What on earth could be this “dismissive attitude” that so “incensed” Jacky? Well it was the second response:

“When I again protested about the gender imbalance, the press office replied: “Thanks for your comments, I have high hopes that they [the members] will feed into the consultative process.”

 Cue another big irrelevant rant on more irrelevant “issues” as a smokescreen to hide Jacky’s disbelief at being dismissed, at being brushed off, at not getting the answers SHE demanded.

 Because you see, Jacky doesn’t give a shit about the purpose of this working group, she also could care less about the actual bona fides of the members of this working group as SHE dismisses THEM peremptorily and contemptuously on the basis of THEIR “gender”

“The group is chaired by Fr Seán Healy from Social Justice Ireland and has representatives from Pobal, The Wheel, South Tipperary County Council, an environment group (unclear which one), and the Community Platform. 

These may be very able people but how were they selected?”

 Because you see for Jacky “equality” means one thing and one thing only – what about the wooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?

 I just love her final little smug statement, bearing in mind the utter tripe she just went on a moan about.

“Equal societies have healthier men, women and children, less obesity, less drug use, better mental health and healthier older people. What are we waiting for?”

 Is that so Jacky?  Well you of course being the expert on “equality” should have no problem with people being chosen for working groups on the basis of “experience and expertise” rather than just on whatever genitalia they happen to be in possession of? No? 

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  1. Grumpy Old Man
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 18:17:48

    “For a start, two-thirds of all volunteers in Ireland are women, who have to deal with public sector agencies such as the HSE and various government departments every day.

    Almost two-thirds of carers are women who spend their lives dealing with the machinery of the State.

    Every decision made by local authorities affects women more than men. Think pushchairs, shopping, school runs.”

    I’m assuming HSE is health and welfare. Sounds like the Irish government falls over themselves servicing the “Privileged gender”.


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 13, 2013 @ 19:25:14

      HSE is the Health Service Executive and was the brainchild of one Mary Harney, possibly one of the most reviled politicians in Ireland, and a former Minister for Health, female and grossly obese for what it’s worth.

      Mary Harney did great harm to Irish health by Sara Burke.

      Welfare is the prerogative of the rather quaintly named Department of Social Protection; the current Minister for Social Protection, one of the largest governments departments is Joan Burton, and yes a female.

      In her diatribe Jacky, a former employee of the HSE yet another State agency with a spectacularly bad record of “caring for children” in Ireland, makes sweeping statements about volunteers and carers, but provides absolutely NO evidence to support those statements. But then, if Jacky Jones told me the sky was blue, I would have to go outside and check for myself.



  2. Daniel
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 19:08:39

    Jacky makes a classic omission here, one necessary to make her “point”.

    To give the breakdown as she has done without giving a breakdown of the amount of people of each gender who applied males you point absolutely pointless.
    She says “The group has six men and two women”.This by itself gives absolutely no indication of any prejudice against women or bias towards men.

    To illustrate that and how it could show bias towards women think about this. There were 8 positions. Now if 20 men applied and 2 women applied. This breakdown would show 100% discrimination towards women.

    This also shows the typical view of women having no agency in their own situations and their representation having to be brought about by other. The standard hypocrisy of feminism saying women are capable of all men are, but then spouting rubbish that states the opposite. That women are incapable of achieving anything by themselves.

    Her message should be directed at women, if anyone. Saying get out there and get involved. The rest of her article seems to show areas where women are dominating, but this gives her no sense that they can do it, but that they are being “held back.


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 13, 2013 @ 19:52:20

      This is the press release that Jacky Jones got her knickers in a knot about, and of course failed to mention AT ALL what the purpose of this working group was, in favour of having a whine about woooooooooooooooooomen being excluded from “decision making forums”


      “Minister Hogan stated:

      Putting People First – the Action Programme for Effective Local Government’ identifies the need for Local Government to build strong relationships with and gain the interest of local people and to provide for better engagement with citizens. The commitments set out in Putting People First on citizen engagement, and the overall scope of the reforms, are deep and wide. They encompass ideas such as participatory budgeting, petition-related rights, plebiscites, and regular town/area meetings. Given this, it would be important that citizen engagement is addressed not just as an ‘add-on’ to a new community-focussed role for local government, but also addresses core areas such as promoting higher voter turnout at elections, issues around local services, budgeting, local charges and should operate in a way that increases understanding on the part of the public generally of local government, how it operates and what it does.”

      Gosh it sounds so………………….sinister! Duh!


      • Daniel
        Dec 13, 2013 @ 21:52:59

        How can you put people first id gender quotas dominate your mind. It is a logical fallacy. Feminism can be taken apart solely based on logic, you don’t even need to go into gender bias, gender roles, bigotry etc. it just makes no sense … and is allowed to make no sense and be regarded as a legitimate ideology.

  3. K.
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 21:11:01

    Meanwhile, Chile has just elected Michelle Bachelet as their first female president and Germany’s Angela Merkel is looking at yet another extended period in power, obtained through bribery of the mangina polticians of her country.
    Jacky Jones is an uninformed idiot, spewing a rhetoric that was outdated in the late 70’es.


    • Daniel
      Dec 16, 2013 @ 23:57:38

      more women in pwer and we would have social justice, just look at madame Thatcher, arm to east timor… she’s pushing! if a man did it he would be “pro active”….. we should really do a scientific study of male and female leaders…. in regards to avoidable workplace deaths, war and poverty.


      • Anja Eriud
        Dec 17, 2013 @ 00:35:04

        August 25, 2008, Men or Women: Who’s the Better Leader? A Paradox in Public Attitudes

        Gender differences in Leadership, Barbara Moran.

      • K.
        Dec 17, 2013 @ 08:10:29

        Another thing the feminists choose to disregard completely is the one fact that female CEO’s and politicians have in common above all else:
        Women simply refuse to vote for them or work beneath them, if they can get a man in place instead.

        Female politicians have a knack for placing the responsibility of their decisions on the group, as do female CEO’s, by including the people beneath them in the hierarchy in the decision making. You just can’t run a company or business that way consistently. There has to be someone who makes the final decisions, and carry the responsibilities of failures or bad choices. A leader is not a person who can’t sit with the workers in a circle going kum-ba-ya, or takes a personal interest in who’s saying what to whom in the workplace, when you have union representatives who are supposed to deal with those kinds of internal issues. A leader is supposed to lead, not stir up more problems for everyone employed.

        From personal experience, I have also witnessed countless times how women in position of power in the workplace tend to misuse that power, by taking credit for work the didn’t do.

        I think most women are quite aware of these things, which probably explains their general lack of support for other women.

        -And don’t even get me started on what happens to the value of the shares on the stock market, whenever a company decides to hire a female CEO.

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