White Knights and Acolytes


 Been meaning to do this for a while, and now the time is I believe, right. The Men’s Human Rights Movement [MHRM] is a spectrum, with feminists on one end – the nasty end – and Men’s Human Rights Activists on the other end – the good end. It is an eclectic mix of sites, blogs and youtube channels gradually coalescing around one single idea.


The reason I include feminism at the shitty end and include a shitty end, is because the MHRM is the answer to feminism, is the positive, and on the side of the angels Human Rights Movement, to feminisms negative and most definitely on the side of evil and hatred.

In between these two points is a mixed bag of first pseudo feminists also known as useful idiots, pawns of feminism, who spout meaningless “women’s rights” rubbish and “I only believe in equality” crap, aligned alongside them are the “White Knights” men who champion women, and not just demonstrably good women, but ALL women, because you see, ALL women are special, simply for being women.

These white knights have other names, mangina’s, male feminists, traditional men, but I prefer a simpler more descriptive word – fools.

There are some other types in this mixed bag that comprises the middle of this spectrum that bear closer scrutiny.  These are for example, the chameleons, the shapeshifters, the “whichever way the wind blows” types, one minute they’re for men’s rights, the next they’re talking about how women are actually “a bit discriminated against”  don’t ya know?

They pay lip service to Men’s Rights but really don’t want to get too mean about women.  Because after all they can PROVE that NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) because these are usually married men, or those in a long-term relationship  who have a “good woman” and while they might have experienced a quick blast of truly toxic femininity in their lives, it passed, and they dusted themselves off and viola, everything came up roses for them.

What they don’t actually get, or even comprehend is that their constant smug affirmation of how “happily married” or “happily coupled up” THEY are, is an insult, is a self absorption of such massive proportions, that it blinds them to two things.

The CORE mission of the MHRM, and the majority of experiences of MOST men and boys. It is a slap in the face, a calculated and blithely unaware insult to that core mission, and to the men and boys for whom the MHRM exists to support, to fight for, and to stand up for.

They are either incapable or unwilling to see beyond the end of their own experience, to step outside their own LIMITED perspective and SEE THE BIG PICTURE. All issues must be filtered through the rose coloured spectacles of their personal lives.

Oh yes, they’re “sympathetic” and have a superficial grasp of the issues. But the fact that it never occurs to them to shut the fuck up about what a great life/wife/girlfriend they have, and to continue to wave their smug little world in the faces of deeply hurt, devastated and angry men illustrates how clueless they are about what the MHRM is about.

These are the acolytes, if it’s got a vagina then they’re hooked, if it plays the “woman card” then you may kiss men’s rights goodbye, if it says “I’m just a girl” then it’s “gosh darn it and shucks, let’s just make a nice comfy place for this little gal to sit herself down” and of course “guys watch your tone, there’s laaaaaaaaaaaadies present – watch that mouth buster!”

Which leads me on to the next group in this mixed bag are perhaps the most devious, the most underhanded of all, the “I’m not a feminist but….” types, these are women who see the wind changing, who recognise that feminism is dying and realise that if feminism dies, if Men’s Rights become a viable and potent force in the cultural, social and political frame of reference then the “women are special” myth dies as well. 

This is EXACTLY what is starting to happen, feminism is dying, women are losing the shield of “perpetual victim and perpetually special” that has served them so well, to absolve them of accountability and personal responsibility for THEMSELVES.

So, they come, they come sniffing around men’s rights sites and blogs with a very specific agenda, to tame men’s rights activism, to give it a female twist, to bend it into a woman centred shape, that they can approve of.  After all, men don’t GET to have rights movements, men couldn’t possible know what the important issues are, nope, men need a certain type of female to come along and knock them back into shape.

They write articles about how “everybody just misunderstands feminism” and “women are still not equaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall” and “men are still being meeeeeeeean to women”, and on and on and on.

But, as with all things, women know that in order to get men to readjust their attitude, they need OTHER men to act as “enforcers” to prevail upon their “brothers in arms” to “see things from the woman’s perspective”. AGAIN. 

We are witnessing the birth of feminism 4.0, the man friendly feminism, the “here’s a few crumbs now shut up and let US take care of this whole men’s rights hoo ha”.  This is the feminism that is now evolving to take into account the growing voices of men, those voices that must NOT be allowed to get out of control, they must NOT be allowed to drown out women’s voices (as if that was even possible) therefore, some small concessions must be made, a few crumbs thrown men’s way, but the goal?

Feminism gets to remain in charge, feminism still gets to control the discourse, and that discourse will be, and always is from a WOMANS perspective.

But, of all these idiots’ worst of all are the fools, the ones who write articles about how big of a fool they are, who proudly announce their stupidity by declaring themselves to BE feminists, how they support “women’s rights” and how all you guys need to get back on your knees and start worshipping the golden vagina again.

Let me explain something for those of the hard of understanding mindset, feminism entrenches and translates gynocentrism into POLITICAL power, that  informs public policy, legislation and economic policy.  But it is WOMEN, feminists or not – it is irrelevant – who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of MEN into everyday life.

WOMEN who perpetuate, validate and insinuate the anti-male bias that exists into and at, every level of our cultures and societies. WOMEN who drive the engine of feminism, who feed this toxic vile ideology with the corrosive and putrid fuel it needs to keep going.

I’m female, and there is NOT one single Human Right that I do NOT have, and then some, there is absolutely no law, no piece of legislation in existence that violates ANY one of my universally recognised Human Rights. NOT ONE.

In order for me to obtain, or be endowed with any other rights I would have to become a feminist and find some pathetic meaningless pointless “issue” to have a whine about.

And HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before I would become a feminist, in fact, before I would give two flying fucks about “women’s rights”. Anyone, female or male who thinks or believes for one microsecond that “women’s rights” is a valid issue is a moron, is a snivelling weasel who wouldn’t know a Human Rights abuse if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

So, could all you fools, white knights, manginas and acolytes playing at being Men’s Rights activists kiss MY female Irish arse and grow a brain.  Thanks.





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  1. wtfwtf13
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 06:46:56

    Standing ovation !

    Steven Weinberg’s quote on religion with a slight modification describes feminism perfectly:
    Feminism is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good women doing good things and evil women doing evil things. But for good women to do evil things, that takes feminism.

    This vile ideology has to to be buried once and for all.

    Let me explain something for those of the hard of understanding mindset, feminism entrenches and translates gynocentrism into POLITICAL power, that informs public policy, legislation and economic policy. But it is WOMEN, feminists or not – it is irrelevant – who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of MEN into everyday life.

    The bare,naked truth which people simply refuse to accept.
    This is the toxic willful ignorance that has caused so much anguish of late.


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 13, 2013 @ 16:30:06

      Hi wtfwtf13

      Thank you. The bare naked truth is and always has been uncomfortable for some people to bear. There is reluctance, perhaps a fear, who knows? within some people to really LOOK, to really take a deep breath, gird their metaphorical loins and just open their damned eyes.

      Wishing for rainbows, wishing for things to be as you personally feel comfortable with is great, for children, but pretending that “all is well” in the world, just because your little corner of the world is fine and dandy, is dishonest.

      I suppose I could “be nice” I could sugar coat it, I could even go along with the “let’s pretend” but……………it would be a lie.


  2. wtfwtf13
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 06:59:01

    High quality heady stuff, Anja ! I will keep coming back to this post for a refill when I get depressed banging my head against the wall when debating these self proclaimed know-alls.


  3. DaPoet
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 09:50:22

    Sooner or later all movements become negative – their good intentions morph into negative consequences that affect others and the society as a whole: the civil rights movement comes to mind. The MHRM is no exception and just like many Christians in name only far too many MGTOW say one thing while doing the opposite – namely living with a female and/or sleeping around with several different girlfriends. And with the growing hatred of the institution of marriage far too many in the MHRM sound just like the feminists when they began their own war against marriage while promoting free love and fluid sexual relationships. Once upon a time MRA’s fully understood that the best environment to raise children was in a two parent family composed of a man and a woman – NOT ANY MORE! And until the MHRM begins the fight to restore marriage as a viable option instead of seeking to destroy it the MHRM will be a movement that I will not be able to support with a clear conscience.


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 13, 2013 @ 13:15:40

      You misunderstand DaPoet, I am talking about the broader wider cultural, political, LEGAL, and societal framework within which modern marriage and/or relationships have no option but to be conducted in.

      On an individual couple by couple basis there are good and there are bad, because after all individuals choose how they will behave within relationships. But right now, in the here and now, relationships between individuals are no longer PRIVATE affairs, they are no longer contingent on the “good intentions” of the individual parties, nor is there ANY cultural, legal or political expectation imposed on WOMEN to behave as DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. There is absolutely no check, no prohibition on ANY woman for any negative, abusive, amoral or even criminal behaviour or actions.

      THAT is what I am talking about, it is all very well to pine for a time when marriage was taken seriously, when both men AND women acknowledged and fulfilled their individual responsibilities within marriage. THAT time has passed, that is no longer the case, nor do I believe it will ever be the dafault case again.

      I do agree with you, that children thrive the best in the context of a two parent family, many studies bear this out, not particularly from a religious perspective, but from a proven sociological and psychological basis, but families exist in the context of the wider culture, the wider society, and the wider culture, this wider society IS toxic.

      That toxicity has been instigated, perpetuated, engineered and promulgated BY feminism, and those who ensure that this toxic environment remains the default paradigm?


      Your point that the MHRM is and should be about the “restoration of marriage” ignores the wider broader issues, and those issues are about the basic fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS of men and boys, in ALL areas of life, not just simply about one aspect on human interaction.

      Education, criminal justice, employment, “innocent till PROVEN guilty” to name but a few. How about male homelessness, male health, male suicide and the growing epidemic of male teen suicide, sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children by WOMEN swept under the carpet?

      It isn’t JUST about marriage.


  4. wtfwtf13
    Dec 18, 2013 @ 20:12:48

    Anja, this needs to be pinned up @ AVFM and be designated a ” MHRM classic”


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  6. fortytwo6x7
    Dec 27, 2013 @ 23:48:36

    Thank you so much for writing this. It is concise and accurate, articulate, and perfect for todays world. I will enjoy following your blog 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me leaving a link to my spoken word as a my views on mens human rights, it is the most effective way for me to articulate this. Feel free to remove the link or contact me and i will reply without the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7rzR34Ha0w

    Thanks again.

    Kind Regards

    Forty Two


    • Anja Eriud
      Dec 28, 2013 @ 18:41:48

      Hi fortytwo6x7 and welcome.

      I took a look at your blog, and hope that you keep your New Year’s resolution to “blog more” in 2014 🙂


  7. fortytwo6x7
    Dec 28, 2013 @ 19:51:45

    Thank you Anja, yes, I definitely will. Slowly organisation is coming into my life, and with that a writing schedule, I am going for at least two posts in the form of serious issues, I may throw some poems into the gaps in time around that schedule. I will also make time to read and comment, so expect unexpected visits ha ha. I am looking forward to 2014, it sounds like a good year. Thanks again 🙂


  8. Anja Eriud
    Dec 28, 2013 @ 19:58:14


    Apart from the obvious lack of “smarts” with feminists – definitely from the shallow end of the gene pool, there is also the matter of the mandatory sense of humour bypass they all get as part of their “Gender Studies” classes – 🙂


  9. wtfwtf13
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 07:54:51

    White Knight

    Perceptions askew igniting passions aflame
    Galloping to the rescue with a maniacal zeal
    The serious business of rescuing a dame
    Has seductive appeal
    Thy mission would have been honourable
    Had your ardour not made you blind
    About the evil things a dame is capable
    Like the rest of mankind !


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