Won’t Someone Have Pity on the Poor Poor little Rich Girls…..


Well, Una Mullally is at it again in the Irish times,  only this time she appears to have swallowed whole some rather large chunks of Bertie Wooster novels – her latest risible attempt at social commentary is replete with such words as “preposterous” and “for shame” and “outrageous” but this one is my favourite, her attempt at an impression of Penelope Keith a la The Good Life 

“……one simply does not have the time to fashion one’s own brie and cranberry tartlets in filo pastry because one has a bloody life.”

So, what is this latest offering from Mullally about? The title should give you a clue.

“Men need to step up to their role in Feminism 4.0”

Ah! It seems after decades of declaring feminism a penis free zone, all of a sudden the laydee’s NEED men, because the laydees apparently can’t do this “equality” stuff all by their little ole selves.  Hmmmmm, I have only one thing to say about this new demand.

Boo bloody hoo!


Mullally goes on about Nigella Lawson, some shoite about making gingerbread houses and a rancid tabloid, The Sun is being mean and horrible about the allegedly coke snorting cook who can’t actually cook.

“Of all the preposterous coverage of Nigella Lawson we have had to put up with, the Sun really took the poppyseed biscuit before Christmas with its revelations that the cook, an astoundingly busy career woman, had paid other people to do some stuff for her. Things that rich, busy people need to get done, such as catering and decorating a Christmas tree. For shame!”

 Crikey! Imagine that, Mullally getting her knickers in a knot about a tabloid being mean to a rich privileged twat, but in her quest for making this an “issue” worthy of ………well getting your knickers in a knot about, probably doesn’t want to be bothered thinking about all the families who barely survived on a few tins of beans and some Tesco burgers over Christmas – naw – sod ‘em – a rich privileged woman is being made fun of in the Sun – let’s start a campaign – let’s bore the pants off everybody by equating “equality” with the trials and tribulations of the rich, the privileged, the never had to struggle to survive a day in their lives.

Like Mullally’s other “victim” of “inequality” and “discrimination” one Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of facebook, but we’ll get to this “victim” shortly.

Mullally has a few more swipes to take at those mean tabloid hacks, picking on poor poor Nigella:

“By inventing a celebrity parent’s shortcomings, the Sun has condemned everyone who ever thought “Screw it” and finally got a cleaner in to do the bits they don’t have time to do, or anyone who drops their kid off in a creche on their way to work, or anyone who opted for Marks and Spencer three-for-two party food because one simply does not have the time to fashion one’s own brie and cranberry tartlets in filo pastry because one has a bloody life.”

See, Mullally knows the important issues to get on her high horse about, like getting snippy at people who have a problem with poor stressed rich folks who “finally got a cleaner in to do the bits they don’t have time to do,” or heavens to betsy the nerve, the absolute nerve of being snotty about “anyone who opted for Marks and Spencer three-for-two party food because one simply does not have the time to fashion one’s own brie and cranberry tartlets in filo pastry because one has a bloody life.”

This must all be so comforting and edifying for all those families, all those people, mostly men who have been laid off, made redundant and are now struggling to feed THEIR families, that Una Mullally is on the case, tackling the burning issues of “equality for rich people”

Ah yes, I can see why Mullally is a bit snippy about men not being exactly impressed with, or even interested in hearing about the “outrageous” calumnies perpetrated against rich people. Do these fools not realise? Can they not see?

Getting your knickers in a knot about rich privileged women is a cause that ALL men need to “man up” and get behind – stop that snivelling about your kids going to school with threadbare clothes – how dare you make a fuss about struggling to keep the heat going or the mortgage paid!  Really, don’t you know what the really really important issues are?

Feminism is just soooooooooooooooooo cool isn’t it? Ah but there’s more – you see even though both Lawson and Sandburg can literally command the media to report every inane thing they say or do, just by saying or doing it, apparently this is not enough and they are suffering, oh yes suffering, “due to the marginalisation of “serious” women’s voices”

“Of course there are endless perspectives on how to get on with one’s life as a woman, and Sandberg’s was just one of them. The reason this amplification of a singular  to perspective occurs is due to the marginalisation of “serious” women’s voices. So when one comes along, everyone simultaneously jumps on it and elevates it.”

Mullally really pushes the boat out on bleating about:

“Blokes don’t have to do that, because they talk about and to each other all the time, in their films and TV shows and parliaments and financial institutions and advertising agencies. Presumably once everything rights itself, in a few decades’ time, we’ll look at tomes such as Sandberg’s with the same amused curiosity with which we survey Victorian manuals on etiquette.”

Because you see, men talking to or about anything is a big fat no no, it’s a conspiracy you see, to silence women’s voices, if only there was a way to get this conspiracy to shut Mullally up, and rich twats like Nigella Lawson and Sheryl Sandberg and even Kim Khardasian who gets a mention from Mullally, because obviously none of these actually talk – they mime.  No one pays any attention to them, photographs them, quotes them, gives them publishing deals and television shows. Nope. Shoved into the background they are. Because:

But women, even Sandberg and Lawson, still get the crumbs from the table in terms of verbal and visual representation that isn’t about giggling and tits. So when a decent slice comes along, such as Lean In, we loaf it.

I have tears welling up at how oppressed, and marginalised and how discriminated against poor poor Sheryl and Nigella and Kim are.  It’s just so unfair isn’t it?

But never fear – Una Mullally is here, with her platform on the paper of record in Ireland, the Irish Times, to wave an admonishing finger, from her obviously silenced and marginalised and oppressed position of course, at you beastly men.

“If 2013 was about women leaning in, perhaps 2014 should be about men leaning out. Gender equality cannot happen solely by women leaning in. What are we leaning against? And why won’t these invisible boulders give way? Who is pushing from the other side? Everything would be much easier if men got on board.”

All you homeless men shivering in doorways, stop that coughing and groaning and “get on board”  all you unemployed men, struggling to feed your families and pay your mortgages, stop being so selfish and oppressive to rich women and “get on board”

Mullally preened a bit, she was on the telly, and a male panellist said something totally “outrageous”

“I was on the current affairs programme, Midweek, on TV3 recently discussing the gender pay gap. A male panellist was asked if he was a feminist. He replied, with a bit of a grin, “No comment.” How outrageous. Feminism is about equality. Would a person on television be so happy to reply “No comment” if they were asked whether racism was okay, or whether people should be persecuted for their religious beliefs? Why won’t men embrace feminism when it benefits all of us?”

It is unfathomable isn’t it, when feminism has lied, falsified data and statistics regarding domestic abuse of men, encouraged and applauded false rape allegation, parental alienation, the excision of fathers from their children’s lives, and demanded more and more and more public money so that fat arsed, useless feminist twats can demand higher and higher salaries for doing absolutely sod all of any worth.

So, Una in answer to your question.

“Why won’t men embrace feminism when it benefits all of us?”

Because feminism is a vile hate spewing ideology that seeks to benefit ONLY shrill useless spiteful vindictive and ignorant twats like YOU.

From one Non feminist WOMAN to a……………[fill in appropriate word here]




7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donzaloog
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 05:35:57

    There’s always some useless woman whining about how hard women have it in the world. No matter how many things women accomplish, it will never be enough because some women are never satisfied.

    If a woman becomes a CEO the only thing they focus on is why aren’t there more female CEOs, you know because women should be CEOs because vagina. The world is literally geared towards women. They have governments tripping over themselves to appease them but it will never be enough.


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 01, 2014 @ 13:24:41

      I have a theory about that – I think that all feminism has achieved is to make women miserable with BEING women. Not only has feminism campaigned to dehumanise men, but as a direct result has dehumanised women and turned them into malcontented, peevish and malicious parodies of themselves.

      Which is not to say that feminists and gynocentrists don’t revel in being vindictive, spiteful and malicious wretches – because they do – it is the fuel that keeps their rancid little engines running.


      • donzaloog
        Jan 01, 2014 @ 14:04:44

        Exactly right. The entire point of this nasty construction called feminism, was to tell women that who they are is not good enough. What their bodies were made to do (bear children) is not good enough. Whatever a woman wants in life it’s never enough. she must want more, she deserves more, she’s entitled to more.

        It was never meant to make women equal to men, there’s no benefit in that as a matter of fact it’s a detriment. Men are disposable in society’s eyes. It’s meant to use men, who are always trying to please women, to put female supremacy into place.

        They re-written history (the ridiculously named herstory) to say that men have always oppressed women. That relegating women to the house was a means of oppression. If these fems could pull their heads out of their vaginas for a minute, they’d realize that keeping women where they were for so long was absolutely necessary to the survival of our species.

        In the old world, with constant wars, disease, the dangerous living conditions and so many other factors, sending your women out into the wild you be astoundingly stupid.

        But trust me, if worst comes to worst and we lose all the modern conveniences that we’ve become so accustomed to. All the medicine, technology, ease of access to food, well built houses with indoor plumbing and electricity. If all of these things disappeared. You’d see how quickly these same radfems would fall right back into their oh so oppressive traditional gender roles.

        The illusion of security provided by our modern lifestyles is what allows these women to sit in their houses built by men, use the technology created by men to complain that men have always oppressed women. I’ve gone on for too long. Sorry.

      • Anja Eriud
        Jan 01, 2014 @ 14:31:57

        What a well articulated and deadly accurate comment – totally agree with your premise, as for:

        “I’ve gone on for too long. Sorry.”

        Not at all, go on as much as you like, no need to apologise for a comment of such quality 🙂

  2. donzaloog
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 17:30:29

    Thank you. I’m impressed with how feminism was able to convince women that being a housewife was a bad thing. Ironically, feminism says that women can do whatever they want, but admonishes women who choose to be housewives.

    The family unit is all but gone because feminism has convinced women that you don’t need a man to raise a child. Like Chris Rock said: “You can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good fucking idea.” We have two or three generations of children, the majority of which didn’t grow up with a father in the house. And it shows.

    The family courts are in the business of destroying families. Accepting the woman’s word above evidence allows them to get rid of fathers easily. False accusations are their bread and butter. The criminal courts are no better. If a woman finds herself charged with any crime, she can go to court, put a few tears in her eyes and get off with a reduced sentence if not scot free.

    Even for crimes as grievous as murder (which is worse than rape btw). All she’s got to do is claim he beat her, or forced her to do some sexual things she wasn’t comfortable with (but consented to) and the delicate murderous flower will be released. It’s there get out of jail free card. Just point to the closest man and shift the blame to him.

    Now onto their favourite topic: rape. Rape is everywhere. According to them, rape is normalized. It’s commonplace. What they really mean when they say that is that a man having sex with a woman is rape. On Planet Vagina the act of inserting a penis into a vagina is a cardinal sin because all men are inherently rapists.. You see, a man’s sexuality is evil and since men enjoy sex, sex with men must be evil. We can’t have men enjoying things on Planet Vagina.

    The hysteria around rape well crafted. It’s meant to shut down all discussion so that only the woman’s voice is heard.The police must never question a supposed rape victim. Just go arrest the man immediately. Fuck due process. Fuck the right to face your accuser. Just put the man in jail. As we can see from the rise in false rape accusations women don’t have any problem accusing a man of rape because they know the police and law system is set up in their favour and even if it’s found out that they lied, there will be no punishment. I say a false rape accuser should face the same punishment the accused would’ve faced if found guilty.

    Feminists have dominated the discourse on this subject for so long that they’ve convinced the public that a man can’t be raped. Can’t be taken advantage of sexually. That’s why when you hear of all these female teachers having sex with their under aged male students, nobody in the media reports on it, no feminists talk about nothing. But if the roles were reversed and it was a male teacher with an under aged female student. they would have a shit fit of epic proportions. They’d be calling for the male teacher to be crucified. He’d be getting death threats. All of a sudden we’d hear this situation is epidemic and must be stopped.

    With all of this, they still have the balls to look you dead in the eye and say women are equal to men. They are not and they don’t want to be. They want all the benefits of being equal but none of the responsibility/accountability. If they were equal, we wouldn’t have to lower standards for them, they’d also be treated as badly as men are. And if you were a strong woman in a situation where standards had to be lowered for you, you should demand that you be held to the same standard as your male counterparts. But that doesn’t happen. They don’t want to be equal, they want to be special. They want to be superior.

    They’re always going on about “you should never hit a woman” you never hear them tell women not to hit men. You never hear them tell women they should respect men. Feminism stopped being about equality a long time ago.


  3. Greg Allan
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 21:49:07

    “a man can’t be raped. Can’t be taken advantage of sexually. That’s why when you hear of all these female teachers having sex with their under aged male students, nobody in the media reports on it”

    Actually the media does report it. However the female perpetrator will almost always be presented as a victim. The frequency with which the word “vulnerable” is used to describe female rapists is one of the few things which will enrage me.

    In any instance of sexual impropriety ANY woman involved is a default victim even where they are the perpetrator.


    • donzaloog
      Jan 01, 2014 @ 23:03:10

      If the media does report it, it’s usually a local news station. Not one of the big ones like CNN or FOX News. And even when they do the coverage is negligible compared to when a male teacher has sex with a female student. The feminized media in America is not going to focus on or put as much effort into it.

      It’s true they will always portray her as the victim. There was one who molested a boy and was spared prison time. Her lawyers argument was that she was too hot to go to jail. WTF? I think her name was Deborah LaFave.


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