“But some animals are more equal than others……”


“…..Before the other animals have a chance to react to the change, the sheep begin to chant, as if on cue: “Four legs good, two legs better!” Clover, whose eyes are failing in her old age, asks Benjamin to read the writing on the barn wall where the Seven Commandments were originally inscribed. Only the last commandment remains: “all animals are equal.” However, it now carries an addition: “but some animals are more equal than others……

From George Orwell’s Animal Farm – taken from here.

According to the latest lame attempts to rehabilitate feminism – garnered from various different comments on two articles, and from a twat of an Irish “journalist” and journalist is in scare quotes deliberately because apparently journalism is now about making shit up, and whining about tabloid hacks being mean to rich girls – if you believe in “Equality” or “Equal Rights” then YOU are, you MUST be a feminist. Subsequent to this of course, in order to be a REAL Human Being one must also believe in “equality” or “equal rights” anyhoo – let us remind ourselves of Una Mullally’s reaction to someone disinclined to publically declare themselves to be a feminist.

“I was on the current affairs programme, Midweek, on TV3 recently discussing the gender pay gap. A male panellist was asked if he was a feminist. He replied, with a bit of a grin, “No comment.” How outrageous. Feminism is about equality.”

And nope – YOU don’t get a say – one’s superiors, one’s betters decide what you are or aren’t – Freedom of Belief, Thought, Conscience or Speech? Don’t be daft!  You will be TOLD what you believe, what you think, and of course what YOU are allowed to be – by feminists. Or, if you unfortunate enough to encounter Una Mullally in a television studio, the next time she is on “the telly” she will vilify you afterwards for being so “outrageous” as to NOT immediately declare oneself to be whatever SHE demands you be. Or else.

Another classic example of this Borg feminism was displayed in all its “you WILL be assimilated – hive mind” mentality was when UK journalist Angela Epstein declared on yet another TV show – the BBC’s Newsnight programme in answer to the question “was she a feminist?”, she replied in the negative. but it was her article about what happened after this public declaration that is of interest here. she states.

“…But since I was a guest on the BBC’s flagship news programme, I decided to park the sarcasm and simply say that I am not: that today’s feminism is utterly irrelevant to me…”

Needless to say, feminists were “outraged” and went hell for leather vilifying Ms. Epstein on twitter, according to Ms. Epstein: –

“I was accused of espousing views which are ‘poisonous to society’, and called ‘sad‘, ‘ignorant‘ and ‘stupid‘.

You gotta admire those freedom of speech, thought and belief loving sweet natured feminists!

But,  but, but, the mantra that feminism is “all about equality” was espoused by those few feminists who took the plunge in a sea of comments also rejecting feminism – because the vast majority of commentators on this article did REJECT feminism – so, obviously these people, both male and female, are also equally “poisonous to society” and equally “sad, ignorant and stupid” because you see, in order to be part of the Human Race, one simply must BE a feminist.

Well then – phew – I don’t “believe in equality” or “equal rights” for that matter – yes – you read that correctly.


So, woo hoo – I will be allowed to – NOT BE A FEMINIST.


 ******************* Interlude *****************************


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons 🙂


Left a bit of a space there, so any feminists, or social justice warriors, can have a few moments to build up a head of steam, crank up their outrage meters and allow their vitriol to reach boiling point before they spew it out.  De dum de dum de dum de dum.

 And we’re back – shall we continue?

In believe in Human Rights, I believe that regardless of what type of Human Being you happen to be that A LAW – applies to you – be it, A LAW that says – “the unlawful killing of another HUMAN BEING is a crime punishable by……..” fill in whatever penalty applies in your jurisdiction.

I believe that when A Law (singular) says “You have the right to FREEDOM FROM persecution on the basis of………………………” that this is a right extended to ALL Human Beings, regardless of what type of Human Being they happen to be.

Feminism posits that there are two sets of laws, two sets of “Rights” with one set of “Rights” taking  precedence over the other set of “Rights” and that the driving force behind feminism is to bring these two sets of “Rights” into balance – to make them “Equal”


What feminism and to some extent social justice warriors really want are SPECIAL exclusive “Laws” SPECIAL exclusive ”Rights” added to the canon of Human Rights  (that apply to ALL Human Beings)  that elevate SOME Human Beings above other Human Beings – because you see, being a Human Being isn’t enough to be endowed with Human Rights apparently.  Being a Human Being is only the starting point for “Rights” because added onto the accepted standard basic fundamental Human Rights that ALL civilised Human Beings agree on, as being the essential protections for Human Beings, there are some SPECIAL Human Beings that deserve EXTRA “Rights”.

First and foremost amongst these SPECIAL Human Beings are.

Women – Female Human Beings. 

Followed closely by smaller groups of Human Beings who believe themselves to be equally (yes, I know, there’s that word – and we’ll get to it in a minute) SPECIAL, therefore demand and deserve SPECIAL extra rights.

So, what do these SPECIAL Human Beings really mean when they talk about “Equal Rights” when they talk about “Equality”? 

Ah, glad you asked, and it pertains to the previous paragraph, where I said that there are “groups of Human Beings who believe themselves to be equally SPECIAL” what they really mean boys and girls, is a battle between SPECIAL groups of Human Beings to be considered the MOST SPECIAL.

There is one group of Human Beings that don’t make the cut for being considered SPECIAL – that have nothing unique, nothing that sets them apart from other more SPECIAL Human Beings – in fact, a group of Human Beings, regardless of what type of Human Being they are – that are considered so NOT special, that even the most basic fundamental Human Rights are withheld, are trampled upon, are disregarded and abused – because they just are NOT SPECIAL enough.

MEN – Male Huma Beings.

Now, to be fair, there is a small exclusive group of men that from time to time are allowed to be counted amongst the SPECIAL groups of Human Beings all vying with one another for more special “Rights” to be more “equal” than other SPECIAL groups – gay men – but there is a caveat – isn’t there always – when it comes where you lie in the hierarchy of SPECIAL Human Beings, you take your place behind – and I mean far far behind, the most SPECIAL of all Human Beings.


What you may have noticed that almost the entire cohort of Human Beings NOT considered SPECIAL, in fact considered less than SPECIAL, all belong to one half of humanity.

Rich or poor, able or disabled, black or white, religious or not, in fact regardless of their circumstances or condition.

From homeless men on the streets to boy soldiers raped as a means of subjugating them, from disabled veterans to unemployed men struggling to just survive, from young men falsely accused of rape and incarcerated on the word of a vindictive and malicious slut, from fathers committing suicide in despair to young boys committing suicide in despair.

Because you see – MEN ARE NOT SPEICAL – in fact men and boys are so NOT special, that never mind having “Rights” equal to the SPECIAL groups of Human Beings, they are not even SPECIAL enough to be considered Human Beings.

You may be wondering something – I consider myself to be a Men’s Human Rights Activist – because it is the basic fundamental Human Rights of Men and Boys that are under attack – as a result of the malign, vicious and corrosive campaign of feminism and gynocentrism that justifies the ongoing abuses of the Human Rights of Men and Boys by promulgating a vile ideology that dehumanises one half of humanity and elevates the other half – on the premise that SOME Human Beings are SPECIAL – and therefore more “human” or as George Orwell through the voice of Benjamin and to the background chanting of sheep that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” I’ll let you decide who the sheep are.

In closing, do I believe in “Equal Rights”?  to be blunt – Fuck off.  Do I believe in “Equality”? Kiss my arse.


Guess that makes me – NOT A FEMINIST.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donzaloog
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 04:57:40

    Great article. I agree completely. It should be painfully obvious to anybody with any kind of objectivity that women are the world special class. They are exempt from most things that men are forced into. One of the most common and glaring lies is the concept of the patriarchy.

    If there was a patriarchy and men could do whatever the hell they want without repercussion, why were women given rights in the first place? Why weren’t they immediately and definitively shut down and flat out denied? Women got their voting rights with relatively no fuss, no violence against them, unlike black people. Why don’t we force women to go out and do the back-breaking work?

    It’s because the patriarchy is a lie. It’s the boogeyman feminists created to blame all their troubles on. Women have always been sheltered and held up as more important than men. The patriarchy is the tool by which privileged white women could fool other women into thinking they were all always oppressed by men. And women bought into it hook, line and sinker.

    How narcissistic do you have to be to believe that women are the real victims of war and not the men who suffered, were tortured and forced to kill other people? To think that only you could be the victim of violence in the home? o think that only your gender can be the victims of sexual assault. To think that only your gender should have any say so in the reproductive process? This kind of narcissism comes naturally to most women.

    Men need to wake up and see the true face of these kinds of women.


  2. Greg Allan
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 08:18:20

    “It’s because the patriarchy is a lie.”

    Nearly. It is a perfect description of how things would be – sexes reversed of course – were women running the show. It’s worth knowing about as a cautionary tale if nothing else.

    example…Over the past fifty years many womens’ and/or feminist groups have been given control of service provision in a range of areas. Domestic violence and sexual assault related services are examples. They are invariably run exclusively for women. Truth be told the result of the application of any class ideology to government, to institutions or to any sort of systems will always be exclusion. It is inevitable.


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