Form a Posse Men…….There’s Wimmin Needing rescuing…..Giddy up!


 Paul Elam of A Voice for Men published an article sounding a warning bell at something emerging within the WordPress “Community” that warning bell was in relation to this article.

 Written by someone called Sarah Gooding it calls for “Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the WordPress Community

I’ve read Gooding’s article and first impressions – sanctimonious, self-righteous, passive aggressive busybody, she has decided that the “standards” SHE see’s in the “WordPress Community”, do not meet with her approval.  At all. The other thing to note about Gooding’s opinion is that because she is female, a woman, everyone needs to sit up straight and TAKE NOTICE.

A WOMAN is “uncomfortable” a WOMAN is “not happy” other people are behaving in ways “at parties” that a WOMAN does NOT approve of.

The only way to describe Gooding’s whiney little screed is to say – she is talking out of her gynocentric arsehole.

Gooding is a perfect example of what women have been doing, expect to continue to be allowed to do, and assume they have the right to do.

Dictate to all and sundry, how they must speak, how they must act, and how they must interact – because WOMEN are the historical etiquette police of the human race, women are the arbiters of what is “good and proper” and more importantly what isn’t – we could be sitting in a Victorian parlour listening to some pursed lipped, snooty spinster hold forth on the deplorable manners of the lower classes. 

How uncouth, how unrefined, how beastly they are.

Our putative spinster busybody is so overcome at the uncivilised behaviour of these lower classes, that when she encounters them she almost swoons with the assault on her delicate sensibilities.

THAT’S what Gooding is – a snooty, self righteous sanctimonious Victorian spinster looking down her pointy nose at the lower classes.

Well fuck you Mizz Gooding.

One of the themes of Gooding’s article is a demand that people treat one another with respect – mainly her of course – well I have a question for Sarah Gooding.

What exactly have you done to EARN MY RESPECT?

Yes, you read that right, EARN. MY. RESPECT. Because right now, with your whiney female snivelling, all I hear and read is, I have a vagina, I have ovaries, I am FEMALE – ergo – you OWE me respect – basically because I exist. Yet again I have one thing to say to that.

Fuck you Mizz Gooding.

Paul Elam in his article lays out the modus operandi of whiney “you hurt my feelings” victims everywhere.

.”“They are even approaching this with the same M.O.. First, set up the victim narrative; create a crisis for women that literally does not exist. This is done by a small number of very vocal ideological women who claim to be victims, and who need “special” enforcement of even more “special” rules, in order to make them feel safe and welcome (because we all know that women are not welcome anywhere, especially by men, right?). Then, of course, the idea is to punish anyone who disagrees with them with demonization and ostracizing

This is exactly what Gooding does, she starts off by setting up what Typhonblue (Alison Tieman) calls the Threat Narrative – i.e. create a false “threat”

“The WordPress project is going through some growing pains. After 10 years there are millions of people around the world using this software and interacting with one another on a daily basis. The vast majority of these interactions are positive and respectful and for a long time we haven’t needed any kind of official code of conduct, but this is changing.

“Women in WordPress” is currently a hot button topic and has been for years, with many discussions cantered around how to make women feel more welcome.”

Suggesting that something needs to be done “to make women feel more welcome” is femspeak for saying, people are being mean and nasty and just horrible to women, but because women are soooooooooooooo nice, and don’t want to just come straight out and say this, they use euphemisms like making women FEEL more welcome.

Oh she pops in a few more little hints at this “threat” to women, but more importantly she introduces the underlying agenda.

“A few incidents of harassment have popped up in our community and other open source communities, prompting a movement to create a Code of Conduct

Now what Gooding is doing here is appealing to chivalry, appealing to an age old code created and sustained by women throughout the ages that states, women must not be inconvenienced, upset, discommoded, annoyed, irritated or plain ole pissed off in any way shape or form. It is the responsibility of men to shield women, to protect women, and to never put a woman in a position where she has to act like a bloody grown up, take responsibility for HERSELF, and not expect the entire world to tippy toe around her sensitive and fragile feelings.  Hence the “Code of Conduct” it is Chivalry 101.

In essence – MEN die and women swoon.

The next little quote contains a nugget worth noting – when women “suggest” things, especially when it benefits ONLY women, and has the effect of imposing sanctions on men.  

“Stephanie Leary posted on the Women of WordPress site concerning harassment at WordCamps after speaking with a couple of people who experienced minor harassments at events but hadn’t reported it. She suggests that WordPress create its own harassment policy and that WordCamp organizers designate a safety officer:”

Such a sweet innocuous little statement, isn’t it? So self effacing, so concerned?  Naw, this is bullshit, female bullshit, it is a turd wrapped  up in pretty paper, tied up in ribbons and coyly offered as a “suggestion” when in actual fact THIS is the agenda, THIS is gynocentrism in all its putrid, underhanded, devious glory.

Translation from Femspeak to plain english.

Right now I’m being as sweet as pie, and playing the poor widdle damsel in distress, but, if you don’t comply, and do what I want, then I will cause such a shitstorm of female disapproval, tears and tantrums, and make such nasty, underhanded, mostly untrue, and definitely misrepresented statements, that your name (s) will be mudd.

 Gooding goes on, with some anecdotal “evidence” with her in the starring role as the sweet, delicate and naive damsel who doesn’t want to make a fuss or “cause a scene” it’s all bullshit, and she shirts very close to basically libelling some anonymous and innocent man, but plays that other female card, insinuation, she insinuates, she suggests, she leaves little clues and hints, and waits for everyone else to fill in the blanks.  For the requisite :

oh my God, you poor poor thing, that’s just awful, you’re sooooooooo brave”

With the piece de résistance being

“Men are such pigs – something NEEDS to be done about this” tad dah! Score!”

This whole article is an exercise in propaganda and femspeak, with one agenda and one agenda only – to “feminize” WordPress – to make it in the image of something that women can be “comfortable” with.  That only means one thing – Free Speech? Forget it – what if your opinion or your style of communication hurts some widdle sensitive and fragile woman? What if you say mean things about something a woman has said? What if some woman has posted God-awful tripe and you say that? Forsooth! What if she then………………………….cries?!

This last quote is the cherry on top of this toxic little pie – talk about threat narrative, talk about putting a silent unspoken “or else” at the end of something

“Community can make or break a project. A set of community expectations is the first step in laying a foundation for respectful behavior. I wish we didn’t need them, but we do.”

Cue big sad sigh, complete with trembling lip.

What Gooding is really saying here is – I will harness the power of the vagina, the golden uterus, and if I don’t get what I want – I scweam and scweam and scweam till I’m sick, till you give in and……………..WordPress exists to serve the needs, wants, whims and petty agendas of pathetic, snivelling, spineless, manipulative toxic little wretches like Sarah Gooding and her gal pals.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. donzaloog
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 23:37:14

    It’s the same thing no matter where you go. From the atheist community to the video game community, a prosperous community and everyone gets along just fine. They debate but nothing gets out of hand. Then slowly but surely, a certain type of woman enters the community. The “I’m always offended and everything must be made to suit me even though I didn’t create it myself and have only a passing interest in the subject at hand”.

    They start off innocently enough. They appear smart and friendly. They put in some good work and get their name out there, gaining fans and white knights. They align themselves with the most powerful members of that community, gaining as much power as they can in the process. They meet no resistance. Then, they start complaining about things that nobody but them can see, maybe somebody insulted them, spoke to them in a harsh tone, or god forbid, made sexual advances towards them.

    Suddenly, they declare the community is overrun with misogyny, sexism and all around creepiness. They don’t feel safe, which is of paramount importance. Some changes have to be made to make it easier for more of their kind to come into this community if you want it to truly grow. They pick a few of the more seedy members of the community and hold them up as an example of how the entire community is. “He tried to come on to me and I don’t find him attractive so he must be a rapist.” “This guy over here hurt my feelings by disagreeing with me won’t someone help poor little me”

    The white knight alarm is sounded. They emerge over the horizon to save the poor little damsels. Formerly reasonable men, turn on each other. One side wants to defend the women at all cost no matter how wrong they are to give the impression that the community is inclusive. The other believes the women shouldn’t be given any special treatment and be allowed to stand on their own two feet and they should get back to discussing the issue around which the community was built. While these two sides fight the damsel assumes more power, sits back and watches these two sides tear their own community apart. When the smoke clears the community is broken and the women move on to their next target.

    That happened to the Atheism + community with Rebecca Twatson etc, Sarkessian tried it in the video game industry. She didn’t get far. Tech nerds are surprisingly resistant to this kind of thing. She’s still made out like a bandit though.


  2. Russell
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 00:32:02

    Bravo Anja. The sexes aren’t so different. They both share one thing in common. So many women and men desire to privilege and preference women and throw men under the bus.


  3. Anja Eriud
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 18:46:54

    I’d just like to thank, publically, whoever it was who popped in here from;

    For a little looksee – was that you Stephanie? Is my invite to “Women of WordPress” winging its way to me as I type this?

    I am tingling with excitement 🙂


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