NB. Now before anyone gets up a head of steam, the title is an ACRONYM it stands for Crazy. Uneducated. Nasty. Tramps. That’s much better, isn’t it?

There is a class of persons – in most western States – single mothers by choice, those females whose career of choice, the one that generates an income for them, is having babies that the State then steps in to support.

In Ireland we call them “scangers” in the UK I believe the term is “Chav’s” in the US it is “Trailer Trash” – I believe. I’m not sure what the vernacular is in Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

What is worth noting is, the fact that there is a generally recognised vernacular word to describe this class of persons suggests that the phenomenon is prevalent enough, visible enough, and a recognised part of the culture to acquire a descriptive vernacular word.

Had you asked me, or anyone I know 30 – 40 years ago what a “scanger” or a “chav” or  “trailer trash” was, neither they or I would have had a clue as to what you were talking about.

But now? Being a single mother is a badge of honour, an achievement, in fact ALL single mothers are heroic and brave and invariably victims of some external circumstances over which they had or have no control.  At all.

My mother was widowed at a relatively young age,  but had a simple philosophy – you want something? Work for it. There’s something you wish you had? Earn it.

What has all this to do with C.U.N.T’s?  Everything.

Now, apparently the act of giving birth to a child means you DESERVE all sorts of goodies, by right, you don’t have to work for anything, you don’t have to earn anything, you simply have to get yourself pregnant by any random guy who happens to be handy, give birth and viola – you are “special” and therefore the world OWES you.

No need to go to school, no need to ever get a job, no need to learn any manners – yes I know – an old-fashioned concept – no need to even consider for one solitary second the responsibility, the duty, that having that child imposes upon you – nope – none of that.  That’s for saps, for idiots, for fools.

I want a house, I want money coming in every month from the state fairy godmother, I want, I want, I want……..if I have a problem – someone else better solve it for me, or else.  My kid(s) has/have a problem? NOT my fault, someone else better take care of it for me, or else.  My kid (s) want to see their Daddy (s)? THAT bastard! No way – anyways – I’m not sure who that is.

What do you mean – I’m supposed to teach my kid (s) about responsibility, about how they should behave, treat other people?  Fuck off – that’s not my job – it’s the school, the social worker, it’s anybody else’s job, BUT mine.

So what if they don’t go school, big deal, school is for saps, for idiots, anyway, I never went to school – and I turned out alright. Didn’t I?

When the Unmarried Mothers Allowance (now called Lone Parent Payment) was introduced in Ireland in the late 1970’s early 1980’a, an Irish politician by the name of Alice Glenn caused uproar when she said something to the effect that a lot of girls will just get themselves pregnant to get a free house.

I recall the storm of protest this caused, though for the life of me I cannot find a reference source for it. To be clear, I wouldn’t be in agreement with a lot of Alice Glenn’s views, but on this, yeah she nailed it.

What my mother said was “it’ll end in tears – children’s and fathers tears”  how right she was.  Our current Minister for Social Protection has embarked on a programme of cutting back on payments to “Lone Parents” on tightening up the regulations, and rolling back the trajectory of the State goodie train – and it has been met with outrage, and sorrowful hand-wringing, – there’s a lot of talk about “making sure the most vulnerable in our society are not penalised by the current economic crisis”

The 1 million unemployed men are NOT the most vulnerable, the thousands of homeless men are NOT the most vulnerable, neither are the thousands of fathers who have been excised from their children’s lives, from their homes – oh yes, even  if you were married, but then kicked Daddy out of the house to go God knows where – you automatically become a “Lone parent” ergo – vulnerable.

Kieran McKeown wrote a paper, Families and Single Fathers in Ireland* in 2000, which focused on how vulnerable unmarried fathers are and were in Ireland, though, it must said, on reading this paper one will find the constant repetition that single/lone mothers are just as vulnerable gets a bit grating after a while.

“In making the case for single fathers, I wish to declare my intention at the outset to avoid any divisiveness or any suggestion that single mothers are receiving too much support or that any improvement in the lot of single fathers should be at the expense of single mothers.

There is nothing to be gained from creating competition between the needs of parents; if there is any hint of this it is certainly not my intention.

I wish only to create a space where the needs of single fathers can be seen in a similarly compassionate light to the needs of single mothers so that appropriate responses can be developed to meet the family needs of both and of their children.”

* This paper was delivered at a conference organised by Cherish: An Association of Single Parent Families, on the theme of The Changing Family in the New Millennium and held in the Conrad Hotel, Dublin on 4 May 2000. My thanks to John Sweeney and Peadar Kirby for helpful comments.

While this is a laudable effort on the part of Kieran McKeown to highlight the injustices perpetrated against single fathers, in fact a huge numbers of fathers in Ireland, I have to say this – my compassion for single mothers is………..practically non existent.  Harsh, perhaps even uncharitable but I don’t see any single mothers campaigning for the Rights of the fathers of their children. Do you? Anybody?

What I see in reaction to any attempt to cut back on State support for all these vulnerable single mothers is all the social justice warriors, waving their “studies”, and climbing up on their soapboxes and lamenting, and declare sorrowfully, that the MOST vulnerable in our society, are –  the C.U.N.T’S.

Do I really need to say who wrote these studies? Who put together these “statistics”?

The feminist “revolution” began to take root in Ireland around the 1970’s, and as with all feminists, they claimed to speak on behalf of ALL women, in fact a lot of women in Ireland opposed this new feminist takeover of the public discourse – but we all know that this has never deterred feminists – from taking over that is.

“The Galway Advertiser article was accompanied by the sub-title ‘be prepared to cringe’.  Certainly, the restrictions listed are unthinkable in 2013, and women are suitably appalled.  But it is a misconception to think that women were equally outraged in the 1970s.  Rather, there was a strong conservatism in Irish society, and this extended beyond moral values. 

There are enough letters in newspapers of the time from women opposing equal pay to indicate that, as a collective gender, women were not appalled.  Furthermore, it is important to consider the restrictions in the context of the 1970s.  The National Coalition may have baulked at the idea of introducing equal pay, but this attitude was largely influenced by the strained economic climate

After all, that same government introduced unmarried mothers allowance (as it was called at the time) and reversed the policy of withdrawing deserted wives allowance if the husband secured a divorce abroad.”

 What should be noted is that when feminism reached our shores in the 1970’s it swept all before it, feminists never actually ASK other women what they want. Never actually consider for one solitary second that anyone would NOT agree with their “interpretation” of anything – ergo – what feminism wants, feminism gets – and now we are all paying the price for not standing up against these harpies – to be fair, feminists were always very clever at hijacking legitimate civil rights movements and distorting them to serve the aims of feminism.

The legacy of this is a West awash with C.U.N.T’s, and broken hearted children and fathers.


© Anja Eriud 2014

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  1. robertcrayle
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 17:51:08

    In Australia the term “bogan” might help.


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 19, 2014 @ 19:34:36

      That reminds me of the rather ugly monster in Harry Potter – a boggle? is that what it was called – you’d think I’d know – my kids were obsessed with Harry Potter – could actually speak the words in sync with the films. Sigh 🙂


  2. Phill Ferreira
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 18:09:01

    Reblogged this on The Story of my Twin Boys.


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  4. independentshock
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 19:11:56

    Huh! You inspired me enough to write my own post (http://independentshock.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/single-mothers/ I’ll be famous tomorrow – yippie!!!!).

    Basically, what I have to add there, in addition to a nice recent AEJ paper, is that I so agree with your sentiment that somehow “I’m single a mother” is equal to “I’m a hero”. It is your choice and your kids will get screwed because their father did does not satisfy your emotional needs or whatever is the rationalization you come up with.

    But even more shocking thing is that they don’t realize it despite being aware of all these studies. How many comments are out there saying “I’m a single mother and my kids are doing just fine/even better”. Where all those single mothers whose kids are not doing fine? When are they going to start saying “Yeah, I screwed up, I was selfish and it is the kids who will pay the price”


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 21, 2014 @ 19:39:11

      Hi Indy

      You have a blog? And when were you going to tell me this??? 🙂

      Going to go check you out now ya rascal!


  5. independentshock
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 20:09:06

    I started it like a week ago or so. Your kind of deserve some credit here, so to say :), I just cannot produce a post almost every day like you, so I still have only three entries.


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 21, 2014 @ 20:36:23

      Hi Indy

      Its a good solid well researched post – wee insight into the whole “post every day” you have the option to set posts to be posted at any time in the future.

      Before I started this blog, I wrote a lot – on almost every subject to do with Men’s Human Rights and Feminism – these would be my “Thinking out Loud” pieces. Now to be honest – a lot of it is a tad – ranty – and would need “cleaning up” before posting – 🙂

      Obviously posts that address articles in the various media are done on the spot.

      Anyhoo – well done you, great start 🙂


  6. wtfwtf13
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:11:45

    The legacy of this is a West awash with C.U.N.T’s, and broken hearted children and fathers.

    The extent of denial of the cause for all this mess is astounding.

    “I’m a single mother and my kids are doing just fine/even better”.

    Yep ! when it suits your purpose anectodal evidence becomes solid proof !
    The point here is that it’s no one’s case that ALL single mothers are bad.


  7. Phill Ferreira
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:27:30

    Hi Anja,

    Hope you are well, just want to apologize as I re blogged this article as it was of interest to my custody battle , but it seems to have provoked a response from a lady called Emma whom I do not know that is taking on the role to me my blog child psycologist

    Hope you don’t mind , did not mean to get you into trouble

    Kind regards

    Phill Ferreira


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 22, 2014 @ 12:24:38

      Hi Phill and welcome.

      First, thank you for reblogging my article. Secondly, do please send “Emma” over here, if she has a problem with MY article, she can either have the guts to come over here and say so to my face (virtual) or excuse the crudity, she can fuck off.

      With regard to her taking on the role of your “psychologist” there are always going to be sanctimonious, know it all arseholes, taking it upon themselves to dictate to other people what they should or shouldn’t do, how they should or shouldn’t BE, generally they are FULL OF SHIT.

      I’ve read a lot of your blog, it is a wonderful legacy for your adorable twin boys to hopefully read one day. Your love, your unswerving love for these “little men” as you so poignantly call them shines through in every single post. As does the pain and loss of “oouma” and oumpa”

      Keep doing what you are doing Phill, just keep loving those “little men” my very best wishes and prayers are with you, with Oliver and Oscar, with oouma and ooumpa.



      • Phill Ferreira
        Jan 22, 2014 @ 14:28:20

        Hi Anja ,

        Thank you so much for your very kind words , means the world to us as we feel like the only sane people in this battle

        Love your work also……

        Speak Soon


  8. wtfwtf13
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:28:36

    “I’m single a mother” is equal to “I’m a hero”

    It’s that frikkin self esteem movement to blame!
    These days you don’t need to do anything noteworthy to be a hero/heroine.
    You have just got be you !
    Are you fat/overweight? No problems ! Fat is beautiful and people will be sensitized enough to compliment you ! You can be rest assured that no one is going to hurt your feelings.
    I am not sure that all this pretending is harmless and that it won’t have any repercussions on humanity’s survival.
    If you make a habit of being an escapist you are ill equipped in situations where you have no where to run!


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