I Hate Brussels Sprouts.


Does that mean  I am a vegesoginyst?  That I hate ALL vegetables?  Perhaps even worse I just hate green vegetables? Which would make me a greenist as well.

There are about 7 billion people on this planet, give or take a few million, statistically females roughly outnumber males by about 53% – 47%.  So we’re talking about say 420 million (ish) more females than males. On to Misogyny so.

Now, when feminists talk about misogyny, which they hurl as the ultimate put down – of a man – they are saying he HATES ALL WOMEN.

All women? Everywhere? That’s 4 billion females you’ve got to hate. That’s a lot of hating going on.

The other thing to remember is this – hate is a powerful emotion – when I say I hate Brussels sprouts, this means I will NOT eat one. Ever. But, I don’t hunt them down, nor am I engaged in a campaign to have all Brussels sprouts destroyed, to put a stop to the growing of, and selling of Brussels Sprouts to anyone else. Nor do I have a hissy fit if I happen to be in the company of someone enjoying one of these awful vegetables.

How about misogyny? To be a real misogynist, one who really really hates women, all women, wouldn’t that mean you’d spend your entire life avoiding ANY contact, at all, WITH WOMEN – all women, bearing in mind your hatred of all things female.

So, when it comes to feminists and/or women in general, hurling this insult at men, it is an odd thing to say, because allied with the “you just hate women” you’re a misogynist thing – is usually and inevitably, the “you just can’t get laid”  insult.

Excuse me? If someone hates women, why on earth would he ever want to have sex with one? In fact why would this MISOGYIST want to have anything to do with females – AT ALL.

Now before you all start with the whole “but men who hate women rape them, ‘cos hatred, power, dominance….. get a grip – if all the men that all you screechy ranty feminists claim are misogynists AND rapists – which the rantiest, screechiest ones among you do claim– and were raping women right left and centre – wouldn’t it make sense that the world would be divided up into female places, males places, wouldn’t there be an ongoing constantly monitoring system in place preventing all this random raping and hating going on? In effect a society that kept men and women APART.

For an interesting and thought provoking analysis of this, go take a look at emma the emo’s blog post Why do rapists rape? For power or sex? Let’s ask a rapist! Posted on December 20, 2012, on this topic here.

Then when you’ve read that, pop over to AVfM and take a read of this powerful article How some feminist shaming tactics discredit feminist theory, January 20, 2014, By Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

Anyway, moving on, and the “every man on the planet is both a misogynist and a creep who can’t get laid”, thing.

Look around you, in places of work, stores, coffee shops, cinemas, bowling alleys, schools, parks, zoo’s, everywhere you look, men and women, just going about their own business, interacting, talking to one another, laughing together, eating and working together. One would think that none of this would be happening, and in fact, men and women generally just get on with it. Yes, tense situations arise, aggravation happens and unpleasant atmospheres get created, in all sort of situations.

But, the simple fact is, the only people who create any tension, any aggravation, any unpleasant atmosphere, any drama, in most places – the kinds that make most normal people uncomfortable, of the “I wish she would just shut the fuck up” kind, are WOMEN.

It is not an exaggeration to say, that a female entering any space, be it an elevator, or sitting in front of a couple of guys at a conference, immediately raises the social tension level to….”we have just passed uncomfortable, and are now entering the on tenterhooks” phase. Which, if you think about it, is very strange.

Women are obsessed with men, I’m not kidding, women ARE obsessed with men. Take a look at the millions of books, films and TV programmes, at the millions of women’s magazines, blogs and articles – there is one topic that exercises the minds of the vast majority of women. MEN.

Now, I’ve heard all the crap about how women are forced to dress in certain ways, apply make up, diet themselves into starvation, spend thousands of Dollars and Euros and whatever other currency you like, on shoes, as some kind of punishment inflicted upon them BY men.

So, let me see, in lonely one bed apartments and flats, in the privacy of their own homes, women everywhere all over this planet wake up every morning to a man – holding in one hand, the outfit HE demands SHE wear that day, and in the other the shoes SHE MUST  wear, that day – or else.

You are forced into the bathroom, pushed down onto a stool and commanded to slap all sorts of chemicals onto your face, into your hair and then weighed to make sure you have not gone over your allocated weight?

With regard to all this – shops and malls must either be bereft of women, or one only see’s women accompanied by a man who is pointing dictatorially at the items he wishes you to purchase? Hair salons and nail salons are teeming with men, standing over women instructing the hairdresser or nail person which way HE wishes HIS woman’s hair and nails to look?

Even without going and finding and linking to shed loads of references, citations and what not, you all know, in your heart and souls – that this –  “men force women what to wear, what weight to be, how to do their hair and exactly which pair of ridiculous ankle breaking torture devices known as shoes they MUST put on their feet, EVERY DAY”

Is without any qualification, the biggest crock of shit – EVER.

I was in hospital last year, went in as a kind of emergency – I’m grand – so was more or less admitted in the clothes I stood up in – or rather was laying down in.

I needed “stuff” so I asked a male friend to go get me some “stuff” to whit – knickers and pyjamas – he went white, at the thought of having to go into “that part” of the shop – would get me anything else – shampoo, a towel, socks, a good book, but anything with even the slightest girly element to it? Nope. To be fair to him, what he said was “I wouldn’t have a clue what to get, and I would be a bit embarrassed going up to pay for knickers – “women’s knickers” some bloody patriarchal sod he is, you’d think he would KNOW, seeing as how, MEN are the ones who dictate to WOMEN all of the stuff I outlined above?

My female friend, who arrived later on that day, had it all sorted – I had texted – “I need some “stuff” she texted back “no problem. End of text conversation.

Anyways – in relation to misogyny and men hating women – for being women – or alternatively men dictating TO women, how they MUST be, how they must present themselves to the world – I have a theory.

It’s to do with shoes. In my misspent youth, I admit I did wear the kinds of shoes that in no way shape or form were ever designed for actual WALKING. Over a relatively short period of time, I came to the conclusion – sod this – my feet are killing me – I’m bloody crippled – and walking a short distance from there to there is torture – so – I wear shoes that by anybody’s (women’s) standards are boring and unfashionable, and you’ll never guess what?

Never once, in about 25 – 30 years has any member of the patriarchy police hauled me into a cold and scary room, shone a single glaring light in my eyes and interrogated me as to why I am NOT obeying the rules of men, and wearing the “right kind of shoes”?

I haven’t stepped inside a hair salon, in about the same period of time, possibly longer – with one exception – for some reason, about 10 years ago, I decided to get my hair dyed a sort of reddish brown – needless to say it was a disaster. Same as above – no midnight banging on the door, no being hauled in by the patriarchy police.

Ok – this is just between me and thee – the last time I “got my hair done” was in the 1970’s, it was a “perm” – everybody had a “perm” – it WAS the ‘70’s – as my sods of brothers said – and when I say, “said” – I mean in between falling around the place laughing – “you look like one of the Hair Bear Bunch” it WAS the ‘70’s!

So anyways, I’m shocked I have to say – where are ALL these bad men?

The ones who feminists and women bewail and write endlessly, and it must be said boringly about? how society – meaning men – FORCE women to dress in certain ways, look certain ways? Where are they?

My theory? Only WOMEN who think shoes disguised as torture devices, hair crap, and farting about with different “styles” and obsessing about weight, can be called misogynists – because you must really hate women if you can spend so much time, energy and money promoting, gushing about, wittering on about, and dictating to OTHER women that they MUST, positively MUST have the latest, whatever.

You’re all also environmental shits, because by my estimation, it takes the equivalent of a small forest every day to produce all the crap, that women write, about all the crap, that women MUST have.

PS. Sigh – if you are female and you either like or want to dress in the equivalent of a hankie in minus 10 degree weather, wear shoes that are ridiculous, dye your hair in colours that defy genetics, whatever, FINE, do that, but for fucks sake, shut up about it.

NB. Adapted from a really REALLY long rant, (was up to about 6,000 words) about shoes, Brussels Sprouts, women magazines, hairdressers, the ‘70’s, brothers, feminists, Rom Com’s, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City, Fifty Shades of bullshit, was looooooooooooog.

© Anja Eriud 2014

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John mws
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 14:33:03

    The only women I hate are the ones that decide to stop and talk in shop doorways. Why? There are nice large pavements, shop car parks, massive supermarket and malls to stand it, but they always want to stand right in the middle of the entrances to shops. I can only assume It is a throwback to talking to the neighbours on the door step, only the women do not own the shop…or subconscously they think they do, a new home from home, consumerism a welcome friend.

    As for all the shoes, makeup, clothes, hair, body shape etc. I have never told a woman what she should wear. That is not the same as giving advice when asked. If my sister wants to know what I think of a choice outfit I will always tell her the effect it will have on its intended audience. I have always done a bit of shopping advice for female friends. They never once said my advice was not spot on. 😉

    Never understood the need for women to be “taller” then men in ridiculous high heels. If it is for men then it does not nothing for me. It is often a shock how short some women really are.

    All the makeup makes it a lottery what the woman really looks like and hides all her skin colour changes and other facial clues to read her emotions. Its like trying to read a wax work. Hence men make errors of judgement on how a woman is thinking.

    Do any women have natural hair colour anymore? As a man we have two colours of hair dye, brown or black, that are men only products. Does not sound like we are to blame here.

    Clothes can have two objectives, apart from practical situations, to out do her female friends or attract attention. These can clash but any woman with a brain knows the more skin tight or revealing the outfit, the more attention all men will show. If that is not the intention then they should be gracious in turning down unwanted approaches just like men are expected to be. They are broadcasting to all not just random hotties they may notice.

    As for body shape, from a man’s point of view, someone in natural proportion is about right and not grossly fat i.e. a definte feminine outline. Everything else is subjective to the man. Size nothing women have size nothing appeal, apart for fashion designers. Today on the BBC they have an article on the size of shop mannequins.


    It is mostly about the change in women’s mannequins shapes. The most recent shape is going to be increased to dress size 16. Now that I believe is quite a generous size. Dr Sarah Riley who is quoted in the piece is working for the “Equalities office” to boost (fat) womens body confidence. Having shop dummies their size and told that is beautiful. To feel better about themselves. Why should the Government need to to get involved in women’s body confidence is beyond me especially under the Equalities Office. That must be for women versus women then. No mention of men’s body confidence here. We still have a dummy of a tall unnaturally super buff body devoid of fat. So women can be “bigger” but men must be all muscle. Lots of woman hating their then. Great for my body confidence too, if I cared that much about shop dummies.LOL


  2. Anja Eriud
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 19:54:17

    Buggies – and for my US friends, baby strollers – ye Gods – ever been rammed in the ankle with one of those things?

    Umbrellas – weapons of mass aggravation – Its rain – you ain’t gonna die from getting wet – and in my case – we’re in Ireland – we get that soft misty rain – all the bloody time – buy a hat!

    Handbags – especially huge ones – what in the name of all thats holy is so important you have to haul it around with you ALL day for? I have……….POCKETS, car keys, phone, wallet – done!

    Women in shops spraying perfume on you, randomly popping out from behind counters and going ppppiiiiiiiiist – last time someone did that me and asked “its the fragrance from some pop star – what do you think?”

    Answer – smells like 4 day old cat piss that another cat pissed in 6 days ago 🙂

    Ok – stopping now, or I’ll be going on for another 6,000 words – sigh


  3. Russell
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 22:39:47

    The feminist claim of hating the opposite sex is projection.

    BTW, there are around 420 million more women than men, not 4 billion. Feel free to delete comment after correction.


  4. chefyc
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 04:06:33

    Reblogueó esto en Los españoles se merecen saberlo, por la Paz y la verdadera Igualdad en España!y comentado:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)


  5. Healing Men
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 10:55:29

    Well said .. So much of what is said about men is what women actually do .. and then project it onto men to avoid taking responsibility for one’s self .. i.e. “oppression” (clothes, bringing up children, dominating intimate relationships), “rape” (sexual obsession, fantasies, Clit Lit, sexual power politics) and so on … in my considered but humble male opinion … Yes – “projection” says it all. A brilliant witty and pithy article. Thank you bringing this to the world.


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 22:10:36

      H,i and welcome Healingman

      Thank you for your comment. Sometimes listening to women, I eavesdrop, a lot, I actually have to supress the urge to laugh out loud – the incredible shoite they come out with – AND – tell one another – I could tell you stories……. 🙂


      • AstroKid Nj
        Feb 02, 2014 @ 21:01:11

        I wonder if you have seen this nonsense from Taslima Nasreen.
        This woman was embraced and applauded by the Atheist community, esp for her ‘Oh.. I am an Atheist and I was persecuted in Bangladesh and India’ story during the Global Atheist Conference in Australia, where she turns on the waterworks and the White Knights go berserk.
        After listing all the things women do coz “men would hate them otherwise”, the last paragraph is the cherry on top

        We tell men that we like them for who they are. They do not destroy their natural body to make us feel happy. They do not implant or reduce anything to please us. There are evolutionary reasons for men to get attracted to women and for women to get attracted to men. But patriarchy, a system artificially imposed on society, causes all the injustices and inequalities against women. Patriarchy is a system in which men dominate, oppress, suppress and exploit women. This system prevents women from being who they really are.

  6. donzaloog
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 07:22:10

    It absolutely is projection the kind of shit women blame men for. They’d blame us for the weather if they could. These women need to start taking responsibility for their actions and their consequences.

    It’s happened to me many times in my years on the internet. Anytime I point out that women do bad shit too, I’m invariably called a misogynist. I consider it a badge of honour.


  7. Grumpy Old Man
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 09:40:27

    Funny, my wife and I walked through our little town this afternoon and I noticed a new hair salon. I made the comment that we have 6 female targeted salons for hair, nails, tanning, wax and one barber shop. Our little town is land locked by a military installation and water and you need to drive 15-20 minutes to get tho the next two towns . So having this many businesses can only reasonably target the local demographic of 8000 residents which means there is a good demand or their business model is bad.

    On another note my wife like you (51yo) has never been to a Salon to have her hair cut or died, she either trims her bangs herself or I do them and the back for her. She only uses clear nail polish on short nails so they don’t chip and her makeup kits usually needs to be replaced before she uses all of it. I think she’s beautiful.

    I’m glad you wrote this because i feel like I live omen make on women, it does not reflect those I know. I guess I am sane after all.


    • Anja Eriud
      Jan 24, 2014 @ 12:10:23

      Hi GOM

      I am constantly amazed, nay gobsmacked, that some women will spend not just hours in either a hair salon or nail salon, but hundreds of Euro’s on same!

      Either I am remarkably unobservant or these women are getting ripped off – but – they don’t actually look that much different when they come out. What makes me laugh? Invariably, it starts pissing rain the minute they step outside – oooooppps

      Naw, you’re sane – the rest of the world is nuts – the female part anyways. 🙂


  8. Grumpy Old Man
    Jan 24, 2014 @ 09:43:33

    *I’m glad you wrote this because i feel like I live on the moon when I read about the alleged demands men make on women, it does not reflect my experience. I guess I am sane after all.


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