To Boldly go………Absolutely NOWHERE good!


According to this next generation of baby feminists – you know the one’s I’m talking about –  the ones who write asinine little pieces and articles in online publications and blogs – the ones who took “women’s/gender studies classes in college and came out clutching their parchments in one sweaty hand while striding forward to take their place as the leaders and shakers of the world. During the last 10 to 15 years, they are the new fourth wave of 21st century feminism

Those baby feminists, those social justice warriors, those social and cultural “commentators” are here to take up the banner of feminism and achieve what previous “waves” of feminism have apparently failed to do, after over nearly 100 years or so of activity – equality. For women. (that’s some effective campaign you got going on there, if you haven’t achieved your goal after 100 years!)

Yep – according to them, feminism is about achieving equality – for WOMEN. That’s it, equality per se is never actually defined, a cogent analysis of where, what and how supposed “inequality” manifests itself is never offered – it just happens – so there! Not talking about bullshit “issues” like the “male gaze” or being “objectified” or a mythical “rape culture” which is simply a product of the fevered and over active imaginations of over sexualised sluts, and a device to keep feminists in lucrative jobs.

I have a few insights for them – first one being – they’re not really feminists – seriously – you’re not – oh you’ve got the jargon down pat, you may even have read a few tedious examples of feminist “literature” and some feminist “studies” but in general, you went into college with one huge disadvantage, and came out with a useless piece of paper and an attitude. A particularly nasty, unlikeable, and rather immature attitude. What you didn’t come out as was – educated.

What? I’m admitting that girls go into and come out of college with a disadvantage? Yep, I am, but before all my fellow MHRA’s get ready to take me to task – let me explain.

BOTH boys and girls leave school with an enormous disadvantage, which manifests itself differently in boys than it does in girls.

The problem for both boys and girls is the very nature of both primary/elementary and secondary school/high school – boys get discouraged from learning because how they like to learn is deemed to be “wrong” and girls get over encouraged, because how THEY like to learn is deemed “right”.

Neither approach achieves the things that school is meant to achieve – develop the ability or desire to continue learning, or to give students the learning tools they need to progress to next level – self-directed learning. –

The other problem of course is what and how girls are “taught” – girls are praised for being mediocre, for showing up, for producing sub-standard “work” for merely parroting what they are indoctrinated with. In effect, girls come out of secondary school with the intellectual and emotional maturity of 12 year olds, spoilt, obnoxious, shallow 12 year olds, and as tantrum throwing brats and total pains in the arse.

Over the last 20 years or so, colleges and universities have not just recognised, encouraged and facilitated this, but have tailored their “courses” the ones that the vast majority of girls take, to accommodate this lack of cognitive ability, lack of critical thinking ability and complete lack of ability to form either a coherent thought or express it in anything other than the most immature, superficial and to be blunt dumbest way.

While boys are more seriously disadvantaged by this less than adequate primary and secondary educational “experience” they have one singular advantage over girls – generally boys chose different areas of interest, they have different capabilities which are not dependant on their “feelings” and boys are capable to a greater extent than girls of self-directed learning, not just from an early age, but inherently.

Girls need to be coddled, encouraged, constantly praised for every little thing they do, girls want ongoing approval and gold stars – boys?  Boys will take apart a computer, a toaster, a car – just to see how it works – and more importantly WHY it works.

I realise I am making some rather grand sweeping assumptions here, and that there are exceptions, but this is not a academic essay outlining empirical conclusions – just a general overview of the phenomenon of the complete dumbing down of education, primary, secondary and college education – and a hypothesis that posits – the dumbing down starts on the first day of school. Boys can and do overcome it, girls chose not to.

Back to my original assertion – that our current crop of baby feminists are not really feminists. They couldn’t possibly be, for one simple reason, they are completely incapable of evaluating, comprehending or analysing anything but the most basic concepts. They come to college educated on a diet of soundbites, of superficial feelings based “opinions” and with an egocentric worldview that filters everything through the prism of HOW it makes them feel. The onus being on, if something makes them feel bad, it is bad. They are feminists in name only.

Now, while most of the “writings” of those pioneers of second and third wave feminism (the ones that find themselves onto college reading lists) are turgid incomprehensible academic gobbledygook, even this shoite is beyond the comprehension ability of our latest generation of baby feminists, oh yes they’ve probably “read” it, maybe even written assignments citing it, but in possession of an ability to critically assess or analysis it? Nope. Bit like eating corn, it goes in and comes out the other end looking more or less the same. (Sorry – gross image, but effective?)

Nothing makes an intellectual pygmy feel more “bad” than feeling like an intellectual pygmy. Struggling to understand concepts, being confused and unable to process complex or convoluted “philosophical” ideas – all this makes someone who has been indoctrinated to believe she is super special, super smart and super brilliant feel really REALLY bad, ergo – it is bad – and if it is bad – it is wrong. End of discussion. Unless it is feminist “thinking” then even though they haven’t really got a clue what the hell the “author” is on about – its feminism, its about WOMEN – ergo – it MUST be good! Duh!

Shall I pause while all those baby feminists finish spluttering in rage, get all that “how dare you tell me I’m not a feminist” ranting out of the way? Guuuuuuurls, here’s how it works, you don’t get to tell ANYONE what feminism is or isn’t – it’s an idea, a set of opinions, a mish mash of “concepts” put out there into the public domain – ergo – it is whatever those who evaluate it say it is. Get over it.

 Moving on.

Historically,  “women’s rights” advocates, and unlike feminists, and I DO draw a clear distinction between advocates for “women’s rights” and feminists – regardless of feminists efforts to not just rewrite history, but to assimilate into feminism some of those who would have been horrified to be associated with “feminism”  – anyway, they wrote some stuff – quite intellectual “stuff” the kind of “stuff” that would go completely over the heads of these baby feminists – and when I say “women’s rights” advocates, I don’t mean female suffragettes/ists either.

I’m using the word “stuff” so as not to scare all the baby feminists, or make them feel bad about themselves – also, I’m not talking about frustrated housewives (Betty Friedan) sociopaths (Valerie Solanas), self-promoting attention seeking hippies (Germaine Greer) seriously disturbed man-hating lesbians (Andrea Dworkin/Shulamith Firestone/Kate Millet) or even more seriously disturbed bitter and twisted legal experts (Catherine MacKinnon)

Nope – hard though this may be to believe – the world of intellectual, philosophical thinking DIDN’T begin on the 1st January 1959.  Perhaps even harder for you all to believe, women contributed very little to the canon of philosophical thinking and literature – which is probably why you’ve never actually been exposed to these great thinkers – the emphasis being on the word “thinkers”

What all you baby feminists are is Gynocentrists – you are all simply whining and wailing for a world where being female means being endowed with special privileges, with unearned adoration for being born, with an unlimited and ever expanding freedom to be as obnoxious, as vicious, as criminal, as abusive, as nasty, as vile, as inhumane, as toxic, as stupid, as murderous, as avaricious, as greedy, as unethical, as egotistical and narcissistic as you like – and to be allowed to get away with it.

You could give a rat’s arse about “rights” – Human Rights – what you care about is maintaining and expanding female privilege.

Misguided, deluded and disturbed as most of those second and third wave pioneer feminists I mentioned above are and were, they did superficially “care” about “women’s rights” – granted they were completely wrong, and indulged themselves in major histrionic meltdowns about MINOR issues that were and would have been resolved in a reasonable and intelligent way – but – to be fair – now and again – they made some MINOR valid points, about societal attitudes prevalent at that time – but one does not and cannot legislate for “attitudes” for cultural mores – nor does one campaign for “rights” that can only be achieved by depriving others (men and boys) of theirs.

So, they launched a campaign of whining, of political nagging, of tantrum throwing, of petty vicious and nasty social, cultural and legal aggression. They bullied, coerced, blackmailed and LIED.

Feminism was and is a campaign for INEQUALITY if it is anything. From a legislative perspective, there are no rights that men have that women DON’T HAVE – in fact the reverse is true – it is Men’s Human Rights that have been systematically stripped from them over the last 50 or so years.

So, to all you baby feminists, not only are you not feminists but Gynocentrists, you are all, without exception as dumb as a bag of hammers. Read a goddamn book now and again – would you? Take a look in a mirror at yourselves, try to imagine for one instant when you’re being YOU what other people see.

In fact, rather than dismissing what the MHRM says about females like you – consider this – it isn’t them – it IS you – you are everything and more we say you are – even on your best day – most of you are barely tolerable human beings. You are enveloped in an invisible cloud of nastiness, vanity, shallowness, egotism and narcissism that completely blinds you to what you really are. Not super special, NOT super smart, NOT super brilliant, and with the intellectual depth of a puddle, but more than this, you are invariably:

Exceptionally nasty human beings.


© Anja Eriud 2014


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ayam Sirias
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 17:37:15

    Excellent piece sir. Excellent piece.


    • Anja Eriud
      Feb 02, 2014 @ 17:47:15

      Hello and welcome Ayam

      Thank you for your kind comment, but I should point out, I’m not a “sir” though calling me “madam” would make feel really really old. 🙂



  2. FullyAwake
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 21:58:49

    Boys, as they grow into men, will realize the falsehoods inherent in feminism, marriage and family and will create artificial wombs and sex bots. Look at your iPod, computer screen, keyboard, and computer. Look toward the buildings and bridges and the many ships that circumnavigate the globe. Look toward the launch craft that have fought through the gravity of the earth and traveled to the moon. Where did those things come from? Did the invention of electricity, the wheel, fire and modern plumbing come from the minds of women?

    Scared yet? If not, you should be. Feminism has in the past collapsed many a society. The same will hold today. Women – if you want to dominate men, then at least do it in a way that benefits all of humanity. If you can do that, I’m behind you.


  3. alcockell
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 22:21:54

    Reblogged this on Food diary and notes.


  4. FullyAwake
    Feb 02, 2014 @ 22:37:43

    One day, your forebears will be discussing your generation. In 100 years, they’ll ask questions about the morality and consequences of your decisions. Of course, you’ll be dead, so whatever they say won’t correlate to you directly. It is only then that the wisdom of gender feminism will be exposed. Those that are left won’t live in a world of patriarchal provided privilege. They’ll have already exhausted those resources. These matriarchal societies will be overtaken by foreign invaders and will be under the power of stronger, more male-respected, patriarchal societies.

    I don’t care if you believe what I’ve written above. Why? Read the stats. Most Westernized women either abort or chose not to procreate. If you can’t extrapolate the meaning in that, then you have no right to voice your opinion. If you can’t do the simple math, then you’ve doomed yourself.

    Except through words, men will not oppose you. Think about that.

    Men are your way forward, ladies. Forsake them and you forsake all of humanity.


  5. Greg Allan
    Feb 03, 2014 @ 04:33:09

    Anja said…
    “the world of intellectual, philosophical thinking DIDN’T begin on the 1st January 1959.

    True. It actually began when I was born, nine days later.

    Anja said…
    The problem for both boys and girls is the very nature of both primary/elementary and secondary school/high school – boys get discouraged from learning because how they like to learn is deemed to be “wrong” and girls get over encouraged, because how THEY like to learn is deemed “right”.”

    It was during the early nineties that curriculum and it’s methods of delivery were altered to better suit girls’ preferred learning styles. I was running funding systems for Australian schools in that time frame. By the mid nineties there were special programs for girls in every school in my state but nothing for boys anywhere. Myself and others were warning of a grim future for boys. We were not ignored. We were roundly condemned as misogynists.

    One of the consequences is stuff life this…

    The president of the Board of Studies, Tom Alegounarias, said it was ”a substantial exaggeration” to suggest HSC physics was more of a history than a science. But he conceded there was ”more language in it and less scientific and mathematical analysis”.

    While he was not certain why the changes to the subject were made, he said that ”I can imagine it was about communication being just as important as the maths”.

    They have turned physics into something many maths inclined boys will have trouble with AND that universities consider to be junk but are still unwilling to admit to it’s cause.


  6. Russell
    Feb 03, 2014 @ 23:51:16

    In Australia, a female government education official was asked to comment on boy’s educational problems at high school. She replied that they would look at the data and consider it very, very slowly.

    This from a woman who considers the world’s greatest problem is misogyny. The delusional hatred is astounding.


  7. donzaloog
    Feb 04, 2014 @ 21:55:12

    Excellent article as always, Anja. I do agree that so many of the women who call themselves feminists are really disgusting people. They are intent on creating a society where women can do whatever the hell they want and nobody should dare tell them they’re wrong, lest they become a pariah.

    And they’re well on their way to achieving it. Thankfully, men have started to wake up to the realities of this situation. It’s time to FTSU.


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