Tammy’s Talk: Part II.


An Exercise in Delusion and Arrogance.

Apparently this is a course, and the talk is obviously an introductory talk to this course, the Course Description, at the beginning of this transcript is illuminating.

Course Description

 We hear it all the time: “America is patriarchal!”, “American women are oppressed!”. Well, a lifelong feminist and former National Organization for Women member, Tammy Bruce, is tired of hearing it–and she has a solution laid out in our newest video: Feminism 2.0. One that tells women that they should be proud to act feminine. One that tells them that simply copying men and masculine traits is actually demeaning to women. One that honors all responsible choices, including becoming a wife and mother.”

When she says “we hear it all the time” what she fails to mention is that it was feminists like her, and like her former sista’s in NOW who propagated this myth, this lie of patriarchy. What she also fails to mention is that it is men and non feminist women (like me) who are “tired of hearing it” and that all she is doing is finally copping on that the audience for this pile of crap is now limited to screechy ranty hysterical feminists and vacuous empty-headed  HuffPo baby feminists who can barely write a cogent sentence.

Tammy is doing the kid with jam all over its face, declaring in all sincerity that “nope, wasn’t me who ate all that jam” thing.

Having dodged that bullet, Tammy moves swiftly on with her plan, with her shiny improved and apparently much needed “new feminism for the 21st century”

“I want to talk to you about a new feminism for the 21st century.

 There are three pillars to this new feminism:


 The word “no.” And men.

 That’s right, men.”

Oh look, after 50 years or so of vilifying men, of declaring men to be the enemy, the oppressors of women, and the source of all evil in the world, feminism is now inviting men to participate in a movement that has STILL as its focus – the needs of women – the clue is in the name – FEMINism.

So, no change there, Tammy obviously forgets, that it was only with the acquiescence of MEN right from the get go, that feminism in any form or flavour ever survived, she seems to think that after 50 or so years, acknowledging that now, will serve to reel back in, all those men who are now no longer prepared to subscribe to a movement that has deliberately, calculatedly and with complete contempt FOR men, stripped them of every Human Right imaginable.

With absolutely no irony she admits to being an integral part of this toxic movement, but now because the stick with which feminism has always used to beat men down with, is now practically ineffective she wants to implement a new method of beating men down.

“But before I expound on these three ideas, you need to know something about me. I was very involved in the feminist movement, including being on the board of directors of the National Organization for Women. For this I feel much pride and some guilt. Pride because feminism has pushed forward some very important and needed changes; and guilt because it also has done a lot of damage. My work now is to reverse that damage.”

What you will notice is that while she mentions “damage” she does not go into any detail about said “damage” as she continues, it will become clear that it is damage to women she means, no mention at all of the damage to the lives of generations of men and boys – nope – women are now being damaged because of feminism, and we can’t have that, can we?

Hence the invitation to men, though that invitation is that of an upper class female directing a person of lesser status to the tradesman’s entrance – and that lesser person or persons? Why men of course.

She then goes on a bit about what women should be able to do, what freedoms they should have, including the freedom to be wives and mothers, and she tut tuts at the feminists who went nuts when a Princeton Grad suggested women should look for husbands while in college – of the right calibre of course.

“In fact any time someone has the temerity to suggest that a woman might want to look for a husband while in college, as a very successful Princeton grad recently did in a letter to the school’s newspaper, feminists go nuts.

 A new feminism will value and respect all responsible choices.”

Still hasn’t mentioned valuing and respecting the choices of men and boys – has she? Men get their first real mention in the next paragraph,

 “And while we’re talking about dignity, I can’t think of anything less dignified for women than the feminist belief that in the sexual arena, women are like, and therefore ought to act like, men. Is this what the truly liberated woman wants? To have casual sex and think nothing of it like men do? That’s what feminism aspires to? Sad to say the answer has too often been yes. So, let’s add this up: Feminism has downplayed the desire for women to have a family while at the same time hyping the rewards of career and casual sex.”

There you go, men as an entire class are characterised as sexual automatons, ever ready to jump into bed with any random female who shows willing. Wonder how she feels about all those slutwalking students, proudly displaying their wares on the public street, and celebrating their sluttishness? Funny, she doesn’t mention that.

She then moves onto her next pillar as she calls it.

 “The second pillar of a new feminism is the word “no.” It’s very much tied in with the first pillar.”

What she is advocating here is that women need to regain the upper hand in sexual relationships, that in effect, they have been literally giving away, free gratis and for nothing – the ONLY thing of value that a woman possesses, as a human being. In one paragraph, with the complete stupidity of the truly delusional she has reduced women to what she previously reduced men to – a set of genitals that happen to be attached to a person, but that this person has no other value or worth as a Human Being than AS that set of genitals.

 “Throughout history women made great use of the word “no.” Of course many times women said “yes” when they should have said no, and that’s the basis of more than a few classic stories and novels. But this was the exception, not the rule. There is great power in that word “no.” And women, for the most part, knew how to wield that power. But in the last few decades they’ve lost it. And the consequences have been catastrophic.”

You know, on one level she is right, it has been catastrophic for women, not in the way she imagines though, it has been catastrophic because it has shattered any illusions about women, it has revealed women to be just as likely to hop from one sexual partner to the next as any man, if he was so inclined.  What Tammy here is missing, is that while she can purse her lips and tut tut at bed-hopping men, that old adage “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” applies. 

In this instance it is men doing the metaphorical tut tutting and rendering judgement on these “empowered” women.  The ones that Tammy and her ilk actively encouraged and practically browbeat into becoming the sluts, the whores, the skanks that they HAVE become. She then goes on to once more do her “kid with jam all over its face” thing.

 “Women, who fought not to be treated as sex objects, have become more objectified than ever. You see it everywhere: in music videos, on billboards, in the hookup culture on campuses. When Madonna becomes the symbol of a generation you know you have a problem. And now we have the tawdry spectacle of teenage girls sexually pursuing teenage boys the way boys pursued girls. How did this happen?”

How did this happen Tammy? Well you should know – you and your fellow feminists applauded and cheered on, the likes of Madonna, the answer my dear Tammy lies in YOUR mirror.

The next paragraph is probably my favourite, the faux innocence, the shifting of the blame onto men, the washing of her hands of the consequences of the actions SHE and her fellow feminists set in motion.

“Because feminism began to advocate that women should behave like men. Whatever men did and however they did it, that’s what women should do. Feminists were angry at men – but they wanted to be like them at the same time. No wonder our society is so confused.”

Oh no Tammy, feminism didn’t advocate that women “behave like men” feminism and feminists – LIKE YOU – advocated that women unleash their true natures, that women “empower” themselves and become “who they really are” and did they ever – they became exactly the kinds of people that they REALLY are. As for your wonderment at societies confusion? 

Society isn’t confused at all, men are NOT confused, men are waking up, and women are realising that men ARE waking up – that men are starting to look at women with their eyes wide open. So, no Tammy, society isn’t confused, women and feminists like you are just panicking.

Tammy then moves onto how she see’s men, she throws men a few bones, acknowledges the “contribution” to the creation of modern civilisation of men

 “This is a good segue to my third pillar of a new feminism – men. It is easy for feminists to forget this, but it was men who gave up their monopoly on political power and gave women the right to vote, men who invented birth control, the refrigerator, the washing machine, and so many other devices that liberated women.”

But, lest any man starts to preen a bit, or bask in the glow of Tammy’s admiration, she throws a spanner into those works – because while men might have created all the devices of modern civilisation “that liberated women” they themselves would have been unable to do any of this without the civilising influence of women – without women apparently, men would be uncouth barbarians and we would still be living in caves or grass huts.

 “And men are different from women. Academics like to speculate that men and women are basically the same, that they’re only socialized differently, but as George Orwell famously noted: that’s an idea that only an intellectual would be foolish enough to believe. Moreover, the sexes need each other. For example, women civilize men. It’s what we are supposed to do. When we accomplish this and help make civilized men, society becomes good and noble.”

This next sentence is very telling, what Tammy is insinuating is that unless men get back into line and once more submit themselves to the civilising influence of women, society will “descend into chaos and the law of the jungle

“And when we fail to do this, we gradually descend into chaos and the law of the jungle. But in order to accomplish this critical task,

 We must preserve our dignity,

 Not be afraid to use the word no,

 And, see men as partners, not as competitors, let alone oppressors.”

 How odd, Tammy has obviously been asleep for the last 50 years, during which time, society has become an entity run by, and for the benefit of women, marriage has been declining steadily for decades, children are invariably being brought by SINGLE mothers, and fathers have been deliberately and callously excised from the lives of their children.  It would seem, that the rising levels of teen violence, of teen pregnancies and of all the myriad social problems that are currently besetting society can be laid firmly at the door of WOMEN.

In fact, it would appear that without the civilising influence of MEN, women are incapable of maintaining a cohesive, functioning and healthy society – at all.

Society is not on its way to chaos and the law of the jungle, society is already there Tammy – thanks to YOU, your sistas’s in NOW, and all your fellow feminists.

“That’s the way to a new feminism. And the way to a better world for both sexes.”

No Tammy, the last thing society needs is more feminism, whether tarted up and gone all fluffy and man friendly or not – it is and was feminism that has brought us to the very brink of chaos. It is a poison, a toxic corrosive social poison that eats away at the very foundations of a healthy and civilised society.

What we need to do is to purge feminism and feminists from every institution, every level and every corner of society, we need to sweep away every last vestige of toxic feminist doctrine from every law, every policy, and every edict, attitude and lie that feminism has perpetuated.

THAT is what will save our cultures and societies.  So, kindly piss off and peddle your toxic poison to those deluded women and unfortunately some men who still want to believe this crap


© Anja Eriud 2014


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Phill Ferreira
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 17:07:46

    Reblogged this on The Story of my Twin Boys.


  2. wtfwtf13
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 17:44:37

    ..the last thing society needs is more feminism, whether tarted up and gone all fluffy and man friendly or not – it is and was feminism that has brought us to the very brink of chaos. It is a poison, a toxic corrosive social poison that eats away at the very foundations of a healthy and civilised society.

    What we need to do is to purge feminism and feminists from every institution, every level and every corner of society, we need to sweep away every last vestige of toxic feminist doctrine from every law, every policy, and every edict, attitude and lie that feminism has perpetuated.

    THAT is what will save our cultures and societies. So, kindly piss off and peddle your toxic poison to those deluded women and unfortunately some men who still want to believe this crap

    AMEN !!!
    Thanks for all the ‘wordgasms’ 😆


  3. Anja Eriud
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 21:14:35

    On the basis that what they say is the cornerstone or one of the cornerstones of their “gender theory” is diametrically opposed to what it actually IS. In reality. Bearing in mind that feminists tend to live in a parallel universe to the real universe, which operates outside the normal laws of physics, common sense or even………..sanity.

    It is amazing to me that men will literally suspend reality, enter this bizarre parallel universe of illogic and insanity in order to appease clearly insane, clearly dysfunctional and definitely a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic creatures known and despised the world over as……feminists.

    There are times when I feel like actually shouting in the faces of normally sensible men – “for the love of God, why are you even listening to these nutcases?”

    I mean – really? Harriet Harman used what, to get men to do HER BIDDING? Her sex appeal????? Her natural charm?

    Incompetent twat in – profits DOWN! It ain’t rocket science – sigh.


  4. Russell
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 22:41:02

    The feminist concept of ‘essentialism’ is use to have your cake and eat it too with regard to:

    1) the blank slate fiction that women and men are born identical

    2) women are superior to men.

    Essentialism maintains that it is women experience of being female (childbirth etc) that provides for their superior ‘natures’ over men.

    Anja and Mike are both right in their comments above. Feminism has just created another fiction to reconcile the other two seemingly opposed fictions.


    • Anja Eriud
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 12:29:08

      Hi Russell

      Actually I believe it is a series of interlocking and interdependant “fictions” or illusions that has sustained the doctrine of feminism, which in my own personal opinion is just gynocentrism with course credits – the problem for feminists, women and feminism is general is that without men accepting the script that feminists wrote, rewrote and are now in the process of rewriting again, this house of ideological cards will come crashing down.

      Building a doctrine/ideology on hatred for one half of humanity requires that this hated half feels they DESERVE this toxic emotion directed at them.

      Feminism depends on male guilt to feed it, to finance it, to endorse it – so you are right – with regard to the “have your cake and eat it” concept.

      As the growing chorus of voices that respond to this “message” this vile message of hatred becomes – SO?

      The more feminists and women will panic. Problem is – feminism is a one trick pony – and people, especially men are just sick to death of the same pathetic performance.



  5. alanbowker
    Feb 15, 2014 @ 23:06:58

    Always leaving the best to the end. Bravo.

    ” What we need to do is to purge feminism and feminists from every institution, every level and every corner of society, we need to sweep away every last vestige of toxic feminist doctrine from every law, every policy, and every edict, attitude and lie that feminism has perpetuated.

    THAT is what will save our cultures and societies. So, kindly piss off and peddle your toxic poison to those deluded women and unfortunately some men who still want to believe this crap”.

    Can we start with the Domestic Violence Duluth horror and the non-fault divorce tragedy, please?


  6. Rick Bradford
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 08:57:26

    Another piece that hits the spot. Keep up the good work, Anja.


  7. Rick Bradford
    Feb 16, 2014 @ 09:14:53

    Anja – Picking up your point above – The White Knight phenomenon is indeed very puzzling. Can you explain it? The best I can do is that it seems deeply atavistic – “the evolutionary prime directive is to protect the women and children” – which morphs into “what the women want, the women get”. So the White Knights are those men whose lizard brains are stronger than their rational brains. But I feel there’s something missing from that theory. Also, there’s the simpler explanation that men are just scaredy cats.


    • Anja Eriud
      Feb 16, 2014 @ 11:46:02

      First, I concur that as you rather eloquently put it “the evolutionary prime directive is to protect the women and children” on a very basic level – this makes sense – and DID make sense when survival of the human species AS a species was paramount. Without regeneration and viable productive females we were doomed.

      Having said that – we played to our strengths, women reproduced and nurtured the young, men took on the task, the more dangerous task of hunting and protecting – feminists make much of the development of the move towards agriculture and the establishment of primitive communities – but even within that context, there was still hunting and protecting to be done.

      Fast forward a couple of millennia and men actually became so good at protecting, providing and making life easier for their “mates” that they literally took on the burden of most of the really arduous tasks of survival.

      My own personal belief is that, as we developed and as societies became more complex, the burden of survival tasks began to be skewed – till in essence – any dangers, any of the more onerous life-threatening tasks were lifted from women. I’ m not even going to mention the supposed “burden” of childbirth ( a discussion for another time)

      In many ways, the natural urge of the male of the human species to protect and provide became the raison d’être for many men. While in pre-industrial society’s women did work and work hard, it was the accumulation of wealth, the upward flow of the benefits gleaned from the hardworking efforts of the vast majority of people that led to the emergence of a whiney, entitled, and bored female elite.

      It is no coincidence that feminism emerged from these women, feminists laud women like Mary Wollenstonecroft as a pioneer of women’s rights, what they always fail to acknowledge is that she was an upper class female of her time – and had very little interest in extending “rights” to the “lower classes”.

      As society developed and as more and more people were extended the benefits of education, and of course as the industrial revolution literally changed the very structure of society, and finally with the emergence of a middle and merchant class – so came an expansion in the numbers of whiney, entitled, bored women.

      The rest, as they say….is history.

      Men are not scaredy cats, or not many that I personally know, men, like women have a deeply embedded, almost primeval urge to protect and provide, as society developed and as they got really really good at it, the reciprocity, the counter balance of women nurturing and caring, of literally giving men something to come home to shrunk, till we are now at the point, that women under the influence of the toxic doctrine of feminism absolutely believe that they owe men NOTHING. In fact, most women seem to believe that in addition to protecting and providing that men must literally enslave themselves to women and pander to every whim, every passing fancy.

      Women have become parasites, bloated, atavistic parasites, who produce or provide very little of any worth, very little that contributes, that benefits anybody but themselves.

      The hardest message for most men to accept, to believe is that no matter what you do FOR a woman, she will NEVER reciprocate – never feel gratitude – never acknowledge your effort or act. Never.

      The only solution really is for men to stop. Literally just. STOP. What is there to protect women from anymore? We have actually reached the point that it is children who need to be protected FROM women.

      Make the wretches get off their own fat arses and provide for themselves, and stop bloody paying these wretches for having babies. Babies are a means to an end for a huge majority of women – government subsidies for single mothers is White Knighting writ large – is institutional protect and provide for women and children gone mad – out of control.

      When I read Tammy’s little screed, and I read it a couple of times before I stopped having the urge to excoriate her in a less than polite email – I realised that what she, and those who will now jump on this new bandwagon will do is appeal to that very urge in men – they will in effect attempt to play mind games with men – because most women KNOW that most MEN are at heart, decent kind and generous human beings.

      What most men need to realise is that most women are calculating, manipulative and completely egotistical wretches – who have one over-riding motive – to make life as easy, as comfortable for themselves as they can, without having to expend any real effort on their parts.



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