Peddling rape culture in Ireland: Must’ve Been Out of Snake Oil


Laura McInerney in an article  called, “Accept it – ‘rape culture’ exists” in the online magazine   is trying to sell “rape culture” in Ireland, you read that right – she’s peddling this “concept” and as a bit of a sideline is peddling feminism as THE be all and end all of all perspectives/doctrines/ideologies. This is long, so make a cup of tea, grab a couple of Hob nobs and get comfy.

There are three problems with McInerneys technique, first she obviously knows sod all about feminism, other than what she might have picked up from a few Gender Studies classes and/or Cosmo.

Second, she opens her sales pitch with that most respected of empirical types of evidence – an ANECDOTE – but even better – a third party anecdote.

Lastly, she places the third party anecdotal “evidence” in a period of time, which from her perspective is a long, long, long time ago – 30ish years. The late 1970’s, in a biology class in Ireland.

“A FAMILY MEMBER told me a particularly dark anecdote recently. A teenager in the late 1970s, he recalls a sex education lesson in biology class, where female classmates were told by the male teacher that if they were ever raped, the best damage limitation would be to just lie back and try to enjoy it.”

Lets deal with this “anecdote” first – and I’ll start by making a couple of assertions, McInerney and/or her “family member” are either full of shit or liars.

Here’s why, I did my Leaving Cert in 1979 in Ireland, and I did Leaving Cert biology, and the reason why I know she could only be alluding to a Leaving Cert class, is because you could only do biology in Leaving Cert, before that you did “Science” for Inter Cert.

Now, unless McInerneys “family member” school followed a different curriculum from my school back in “late 1970’s” there were NO SEX EDUCATION classes in biology or in any other class at that time.

In fact, the first tentative “sex education” classes to be part of the school curriculum were in the early 1990’s and it was called SPHE, further it caused blue bloody murder.


Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) was first introduced to the Primary Curriculum in the Republic of Ireland in 1999. Prior to 1999, Health Education had formed part of the Physical Education curriculum. However, a more formal approach to social and personal education, incorporating relationship and sexuality education (RSE), intercultural education and child protection was new. Many programmes, developed to deal with specific issues during the 1990s, such as the Walk Tall programme to address substance misuse, Stay Safe to address child protection issues, and RSE to address sexuality and relationships education were incorporated into the SPHE curriculum.”

So, to suggest that this teacher would have discussed THIS issue, in that manner, in a biology class, in Ireland in the late 1970’s is stretching credulity to its absolute limits.

As someone born in 1961, who was educated in Ireland through the late 1960’s, and 1970’s I think I can reiterate, that either McInerney and/or her story telling “family member” who must be the same generation as me, are either full of shit and/or liars.

Even with the benefit of the doubt, that this “anecdote” is true, what does it prove? NOTHING. Except perhaps that somewhere, in a school in Ireland, in the late 1970’s there was a teacher who was an arsehole – big fat deal.

Moving on, McInerney continues in the vein she started this patently ridiculous article, with anecdotes, with vague unsupported references to equally unsupported contentions and assertions.

 It’s all very chummy and gosh darn it – how can you not accept that what I’m bullshitting you about is true? Because after all. I say it is.

She then moves on to selling her other toxic product, feminism. Naturally enough she assumes the “how can you not be a feminist, how can you be so mean about feminism” thing – then tells us what she has decided feminism is.

Rather predictably she ties feminism into being the champion of “sexual issues” because after all, feminism owns sex, and sexuality, and rather neatly juxtaposes misogyny alongside feminism – imputing that if one is not a feminist, one is automatically a misogynist.

“I am genuinely puzzled by the anti-feminist backlash I’ve seen in recent debates on prevalent sexual issues, two recent examples being the UniLad website’s rape jokes and Prime Time’s exposé of the sex industry in Ireland. Discussion of both subjects is to be encouraged, and in general, those opposed to the violent misogyny of UniLad and the normalisation of prostitution in Ireland seemed happy to engage with people offering different viewpoints, or people who wanted to know more about either. All well and good, and exactly how it should be. But there were still far too many comments from people who wanted neither to engage with, or be challenged by, anti-exploitation advocates. People who seemed genuinely appalled that anyone could be offended by rape jokes, or challenge the validity of prostitution as a career choice.”

But of course piffling little matters like actually throwing in a link to either of her “examples” so people could check for themselves – is just not the feminist way.

The next couple of paragraphs are just garbage, total and utter garbage about “lesbian killjoys”, women being told to “get back in the kitchen”. This article is probably the most pathetic attempt I’ve seen in a long long time to portray feminists and feminism as the victims of a terrible misunderstanding, of just plain old mean and nasty people misrepresenting saintly, caring and altruistic cuddly feminists.

Having done that, McInerney decides to answer herself, regarding her “puzzlement” at how mean people are being about feminists and feminism. Her “puzzlement” that anyone would think that feminism is way past its sell by date, way past the point where anyone with a half a brain, access to the internet or a semblance of sentience, has already made their own minds up – without any help from McInerney about what feminism is. Naturally enough, McInerney trots it out. The tired, laughable and definitely comical “definition” of feminism by………a feminist. Sigh.

“The more I think about it, the more I wonder whether it’s simply a case of misdirection and misinformation that has created this – let’s face it – fear of feminism. Don’t people know what a feminist is? A feminist is simply someone who believes that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. She is not someone who hates men, or who thinks that all sex is rape. She’s not necessarily even a She. All of the strong, intelligent, charismatic men I know are feminists; they believe in gender equality. That’s all feminism is… how could anyone proudly, publicly disagree with that?”

OK –  now stoppit – I can almost hear you all laughing – this is the “definition de jour” of feminism by feminists – yes I know, I know – it’s pathetic, it’s a joke, and this genius obviously believes it – well it’s that or she is a moron.

Personally, I’m torn – let’s be generous and assume she believes it – in that case – we’re back to she learnt her feminism from Cosmo.

I’m very tempted to suggest a reading list for Mizz McInerney, but am thinking her head might explode if she reads what some of the pioneers of her beloved feminism have ACTUALLY written – obviously Solanas springs to mind, most of the garbage by Dworkin, Millet and MacKinnon, though if I was really tempted to melt her brain I’d suggest popping over to the Counter Feminist and starting from post #1, alternating with The Unknown History of MISANDRY – between them Fidelbogan and Robert St Estephe would “re-educate” her nicely.

But, where she really needs to visit to get the full panoramic historical low down on women is here Gynocentrism and its Cultural Origins.

I just love her next little paragraph, it’s a rather lame attempt to lay a guilt trip on women – women who decline to identify as a feminist.

“Sometimes you’ll hear women stating, “I’m not a feminist, but I believe in equality”. Believing in equality is exactly what a feminist does. Why should a woman be ashamed of calling herself a feminist? Because people will automatically presume she’s a radical misanthrope who’ll spray breast milk everywhere and beat men around the head with her jackboots if one so much as smiles in her direction?”

I’m NOT a feminist Laura, and I DON’T believe in “equality” it is one bullshit toxic theory propping up another toxic bullshit theory.  Shall I repeat that in case you missed it the first time, or have fallen to the floor in a puzzled swoon?

I’m female, NOT a feminist, and DON’T believe in “equaliddy” and just to hammer a final nail in the coffin you are now building for me –  or “Equal Rights”

I believe in Human Rights – applied to Human Beings – with it being irrelevant what kind of Human Being you happen to be.

Women SHOULD be ashamed to be feminists, to call themselves feminists, and to subscribe to ANY tenet of feminism – because it is a vile toxic twisted doctrine of bigotry, hatred, lies and prejudice. Only a deluded fool, an unbelievably naive, fool who has very obviously not taken the time to really investigate feminism to any degree would parrot that most pathetic of all pathetic excuses as to why feminism is a good thing.

The last thing feminism is about is “equality” the last thing feminists give a shit about are “rights” anybodies rights, never mind “women’s rights” feminists feed off the deluded, the patently stupid and the downright ignorant.

On to McInernery’s next ridiculous paragraph barely worth even critiquing.

“Some people dislike the notion of feminism because they believe that women already have equal rights in our society, and certainly, in a legislative sense, we’re coming along nicely. We’re not there yet, but I can see how people who don’t have direct knowledge of such topics as pay equality or abortion would think that we are. But as a society, we’re a long way yet from treating each other with equal respect, regardless of gender. This is where “rape culture” sticks its ugly head back in.”

The sheer level of blind arrogance and stupidity that underpins this nonsensical paragraph is epic – people “dislike the notion of feminism because they believe that women already have equal rights” WRONG – women don’t have “equal rights” women have enhanced, superior, extra rights, that men specifically don’t have – as a direct result of the lies, false data, faked statistics and insane “theories” peddled by feminism and feminists.

As for her assertion that “people” are so misguided as to “dislike the notion of feminism” because they “don’t have direct knowledge of such topics as pay equality or abortion” – really Laura? Let me guess, only feminists and hacks like you are allowed to read books, access the internet and find a veritable treasure trove of actual empirical evidence, only feminists and hacks like you are capable of evaluating, examining and reaching their own conclusions about anything? Without some barely literate, with the intellectual ability of an amoeba, feminist, to handhold them through the hard bits, people are just…………..lost?  ppppft.

“Rape culture” is a fairly new term to the popular lexicon, and again, I think that those offended by its use don’t quite understand what it refers to. If I say that we currently have a “rape culture”, many people will assume I mean that rape is socially acceptable, or that all men are rapists, or that simply being female is inherently dangerous because we live in a world of violently hormonal men. Such hyperbolic definitions mean that anyone using the term “rape culture” can be immediately dismissed as being a radical malcontent in a world full of happily smiling normals, but it doesn’t take much more digging to find the truth in the theory.”

Rape culture is a PR stunt by feminists, to whip up hysteria, to get their grubby hands on more and more government funding, even as the evidence piles up that every single thing feminists ever said about rape – IS A LIE. It is a smash and grab attempt to raise the hysteria volume up so loud, in an attempt to drown out the truth.

“There’s no denying that Ireland has a rape culture“Rape culture” actually refers to the set of societal norms that equates violence with passion, pigeonholes male sexuality, and excuses or downplays sexual violence. There’s no denying that Ireland has a rape culture. Am I being deliberately provocative by stating that? God, no. But it certainly suits many people to assume so, so they storm away, frothing at the mouth and wildly asking how I could be so terribly offensive about healthy, straight sexuality.”

No, Ireland doesn’t have a “rape culture” what Ireland has is a coven of panicking feminists who see that the con, the poisonous toxic social engineering con of feminism has been exposed, has been shown to be a lie, and this is their last ditch attempt to keep the lie alive. what you are doing is peddling a rape myth culture.

The next couple of paragraphs are more “anecdotes” which of course McInerney, in her delusional feminist mindset thinks means something, other than being another bullshit anecdote, that is.

“Rape culture definitely exists. Why not accept that, and work together to get rid of the damn thing?What would the abandonment of rape culture mean, anyway? It’d hardly be a great loss. If women were no longer afraid to walk alone at night, in case their mere feminine presence invited violent assault. If men didn’t feel that they had to conform to a very narrow definition of male sexuality, and didn’t feel emasculated if their chosen target demurred. If victims of sexual abuse weren’t afraid to speak out, weren’t bound by shame to blame themselves. If men and women who believed in equality and mutual respect weren’t demonised for using the word “feminist”.

Becaue you say so? Is that it Laura? – the paragraph above is so ridiculous that it is hard to know where to begin. Men are emasculated apparently if a woman “demurred” really? How many men did you ask Laura? She throws in the feminism = equality thing again – which I’ve already addressed.  But for the hard of thinking – like Laura and at the risk of pointing out the obvious, “getting rid of rape culture” means – getting rid of feminism and feminists.

Feminism = hatred, bigotry, lies, false data, manipulate and manufactured statistic and BULLSHIT.

“That sounds like a nice kind of way to do things, really. I don’t know how any reasonable person could object to that.

Only a fool would equate feminism with “niceness” only someone with absolutely no concept of what “reason” or logic for that matter means, could write such an infantile, deluded sentence.

“Let’s keep the debate going, because the more I think about it, the more I believe that it’s definitely just a case of misdirection and misinformation that has created this fear of feminism. I mean, the only alternative is to assume that significant sections of the population are terrified of women, and that we’re living amongst some extremely militant misogynists. And that can’t be right… can it?”

Oh Laura, no-one needs your permission to “keep the debate going” except you seem to have missed the boat on where this debate IS going.

Fear of feminism? Please. Contempt, disdain, anger, derision, ridicule, scorn, these are the words you should be using, and the only “misdirection and misinformation” is coming from feminists, and from nitwits like you.

As for “significant sections of the population are terrified of women” wrong again Laura, the same words as I used above are the ones you should be using, contempt, disdain, anger, derision, ridicule and scorn – THAT’S what men are feeling, and what significant numbers are beginning to feel towards women. Like you.

Militant misogynists? Of all the stupid things written in this article, this is the stupidest – it is the last weapon in the armoury of the inept, the inarticulate, the intellectually challenged – the last sad pathetic attempt of someone who has nothing of any substance to offer to explain why more and more people are rejecting feminism, why more and more people are waking up to the toxic, corrupt nature of feminism – the “it’s not me, it’s you” lame argument – the “you disagree with me, therefore you hate me” the “if you challenge me on my bullshit and prove, and CAN prove me wrong, I’m going to call you the nastiest name I can think of, and throw in an insinuation of violence” so there!

The phrase flogging a dead horse, springs to mind, feminism is OVER, feminism is on life support, a decaying putrid corpse kept alive by the efforts of the terminally stupid and the viciously corrupt.

But, because I’m feeling generous, I’m going to throw you a bone Laura, I’m going to start your REAL EDUCATION – read this and this and this – and when you’re done, then you’ll know what “rape culture” really is, and what really lies at the heart of your cuddly fluffy feminism.

©Anja Eriud 2014

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  1. alanbowker
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 11:57:47

    Thank you, Anja. Another blinder.
    (I’m still reading through the references – but I’m getting there).


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