The World of Eve’s Daughters – No Place for Adam and his Sons: Part I


 Yesterday, while doing a bit of research I came across this blog, called Holy Hormones Journal so I’m guessing you all know, or at least have some inkling of what the ethos of this little gem of a woman’s journal is about?

But to save you the bother of going and looking, and encouraging this demented perspective here is their About – brace yourselves.

“This blog is dedicated to all the women who have ever experienced a hormone fluctuation– from puberty to menopause; to the generations of women who have died because we have forgotten the source of our being… and to our daughters who will survive because we will have finally remembered.”

So how on earth did I end up here, and what mad term did I type into google to get there? Actually it was “iconic women”. Women are obsessed with BEING women and all things female and over the course of history the constantly changing and evolving social and cultural zeitgeist has had one recurring theme – a theme that has anchored and embedded itself into the very fabric of cultural consciousness that unless one stops and actively thinks about it, is almost invisible.

Because it is everywhere. Women. Being a woman. The trials and tribulations of womanhood, the essence of being female, in fact as I researched and went from one site to another, one article to another article, it became blindingly obvious. Women are without doubt the most self-obsessed creatures on this planet.

But perhaps the most ironic thing of all, is that within this avalanche of women on women, women on about being women, women, women, women, there is another recurring theme.

The one encapsulated in the quote about, from these nutcases’s blog – a perpetual and never-ending whine about how women never get to speak out, to talk about, to articulate and express themselves AS women! It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so ludicrous, so completely and utterly delusional and pathetic.

I actually got a bit of a migraine last night, from trawling through the thousands upon thousands of these blogs, articles and sites, the only antidote was to soothe myself with reading various random articles about the exploits, adventures and doings of MEN, after having a bit of a lie down.

Because therein lies the difference, men DO things, MEN create, build, invent, think and ponder, not about themselves, not about being men, but about principles, the great questions, the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

With regard to what I was researching, another theme emerged, or rather, another obsession of women, what I have seen over and over again being referred to as the source of women’s power – their reproductive process’s – apparently women are putative Goddesses because they menstruate, they have vaginas and they gestate babies and give birth. Unlike every other mammal on this planet, that is.


“This Journal is for women of all ages; so that we can become empowered by who we are, and not victimized by lack of menstrual health education or medical misinformation so common in our media driven culture. It is amazing to realize just how long some of these women’s health issues have been surfacing, and resurfacing, and resurfacing, without apparent resolution; but usually with another layer of confusion, that sometimes leads to more unfounded fear.”

To give you a flavor of how these….alright…..fruitcakes approach the whole menstruation “issue” here is the introduction to their section called:


“Female Mystique – The 3 Phases of Eve

 Whether you are a hormonal teen, menstruating woman, or menopausal wise woman, you will pass through each, and every phase, once a month, throughout your life; an integral aspect of the natural cycles, that govern all of life, on this planet. Our cycles are the rhythm of the universal dance. The menstrual cycle you’ve been encouraged to ignore, dismiss, dread, conceal, or suppress, is the foundation of your being. It helps to define who you are, your connection to self, other women, your partners, children, and every other aspect of your life.”


Naturally enough, the snippet from their About irritated me, aggravated me, then I got over it. After I read the introduction to Female Mystique – The 3 Phases of Eve, can you see why I ended up lying on the sofa with the lights out and wondering if I had just entered a parallel universe? Or that women en masse were completely OFF their trollies!

Think I’m kidding? From Understanding the Moon, Your Mood and Your Health posted on July 26, 2013 by Leslie Carol Botha.


“When people start living with this rhythm they will find that there health returns.. their vitality energy, insights.  This is the missing link.  And because women were aware of their  menstrual connection to the lunar rhythm they became powerful leaders in their communities. Coupled with the fact that they all cycled together – which gave them greater powerIs this the power that men are so afraid of?  Do women hold the key to the Holy Grail? What do you think?”


Oh, men are afraid alright, afraid because women fail to exercise any bloody self-control during their periods and use it as an excuse to turn into homicidal maniacs and completely irrational psychos.

For a brief overview of what this site is all about from, Female Mystique: The Three Phases of Eve© posted on April 23, 2013 by Leslie Carol Botha.


“Somewhere in your mind…is still a seed of remembering the power that was associated with women’s roles and lunar cycles; our Female Mystique. Since the beginning of time, the moon has been symbolized as a universal cycle representing life and nature.  Plants, animals and humans all are affected by the changing moon phases following patterns that are based on the cyclic nature of life.

 As women, we possess an innate intuitive understanding of the phases of the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle.  From the onset of puberty – and all the way to menopause, we are affected by the force and the pull of the moon.  Every month we are swayed by the rhythmic ebb and flow, waxing and waning cycles of fullness and emptiness.  Our monthly cycles reflect the archetypal moon phases of rebirth, life and death.”


I bet you’re thinking that Leslie was probably some health professional who got caught up in all this new-agey crap, and is actually qualified in some, any way, to talk about health issues? In her own words.


“The above is the body of my work and research over the past 30 years. Although I intuited it – many years ago, the same as been intuited by other women around the world.  The science of circadian rhythms – living in balance with our natural cycle is beginning to catch up. LB”


Apparently – NOT – she “intuited” it, her and “other women around the world!

 Ok, two nurofen and a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down and fully recovered, I went looking for the growing mountain of evidence that clearly and unequivocally shows that rather than being sidelined, and reduced to pleadings and piteous cries of “wont someone think of the poor poor silenced women” I came across this gem of an exchange.

It is lengthy, but well worth reading it through, it is has some useful data, references and statistics. There is a bit more to be said about the source of this discussion, which will be posted as a separate essay as The World of Eve’s Daughters – No Place for Adam and his Sons: Part III

The Essay on the email exchange is The World of Eve’s Daughters – No Place for Adam and his Sons: Part II


© Anja Eriud 2014


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alcockell
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 16:35:55

    Oh for fuck’s sake! To the originators of the treatise…


    • Anja Eriud
      Feb 19, 2014 @ 20:18:06

      Hello and Welcome Alcockell

      Now don’t be daft, did you not get the memo? Everything is about women and their……..emmmmmm…plumbing!




  2. chefyc
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 17:19:30


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