Launch of Men’s Rights Ireland


Time to get serious about Men’s Rights in Ireland, I’ve been blogging for about 8 months, maybe a bit longer – though it seems like a lifetime, I started out as a complete novice, am still learning – slowly – but one thing I already knew before I started this journey into the world of online Men’s Rights activism, was that the core message of the Men’s Human Rights Movement was simple – yet profoundly urgent and necessary.

That Men’s rights are Human Rights, and that the concept of Human Rights as the absolute foundation of any civilised society has become tarnished, had become sullied and stained by decades of attacks and assaults upon it by feminism, and by feminists, who wouldn’t know a Human right if it jumped up and bit them on their arses.

Feminism has divided and conquered, has created a gulf of almost unimaginable distance between men and women, the two complimentary halves of humanity, so much so that I do sometimes despair that this gaping wound can be, or ever will be healed.

Into this gulf they have poured their poison, their vitriol, their spite and malice, and used these toxic miasmic outpourings to dismantle and destroy every last vestige of honour, of integrity and of basic humanity from both civil and political society.

In pursuit of what?

In pursuit of achieving but one gaol – to strip men and boys of their humanity, to reduce men and boys to a lesser sub -class of human beings, if even they acknowledge that men and boys are human beings.

They have done this by one mechanism – redefining humanity – elevating women and girls to some celestial class of human beings and men and boys to that lesser class of sub-human beings – and sub-human beings don’t need human rights – do they?


Men and boys are human beings – and Men’s Rights ARE Human Rights. It is time to take the battle to the feminists, time to take this battle to the streets, into the universities, right into the corridors of power.

That’s where I’m going – want to come?


About Men’s Rights Ireland (‘MRI’)

 In Ireland, the human rights of men and boys are being systematically and relentlessly assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, as they are across much of the developed world. I have decided to launch a new campaigning group, ‘Men’s Rights Ireland’, with the objective of ending those assaults.

I’ve never been a feminist, feminism is an ideology that, like all toxic ideologies rests on a foundation of “othering” an entire class of persons, the core of all feminism(s) is radical feminism, and it is radical feminism that informs all feminisms, and exerts its malign influence on law and public policy. I’ve seen the disadvantaging of Irish men and boys becoming steadily worse since the late 1970’s, as successive governments have danced to the radical feminists’ tunes.

Radical feminism is a female supremacy ideology driven by misandry (the hatred of men). Radical feminists are parasites intent on destroying their host, civilised Irish society. MRI will raise public awareness of the damage being wrought by radical and gender feminists in Ireland, and from the outset we’ll advocate on four platforms:


Fathers’ Rights – the current system tolerates the perpetuation of Parental Alienation of fathers from their children, and ensures fathers are denied reasonable access to their children after relationship breakdowns, when malicious mothers deny them access, which is nothing less than emotional abuse of fathers and their children.

Domestic Violence Against Men – which happen almost on a par with domestic violence against women, but has been ignored, and where a narrative has been manufactured to paint all men as inherently violent – which is simply not true – as has been empirically proven over and over again

Criminal Justice – an ongoing campaign to have the core pillar of Human Justice dismantled – Innocent until Proven Guilty, for one category of crime – Rape and Sexual Assault. The propagandising of a non-existent “rape culture” in Ireland, and across much of the developed world.

Health and Social Funding – for male health and social issues – specifically male health issues (e.g. prostate cancer) which are on a par with specifically female health issues (e.g. breast cancer) the disparity in funding, attention and research is outrageous. Funding and housing support for homeless men and boys, funding for mental health services for men and boys.


On the 3rd May 2014 Men’s Rights Ireland is hosting a Public Event in The Iontas Theatre, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare with two guest speakers from the UK – tickets for this event go on sale on Wednesday 2nd April 2014, and are only available through the website:

 or by contacting:

Details about this event are on a separate page entitled “Hear The Truth in Maynooth

And me – who am I?

My name is Anne Marie Dempsey, I am a 52 year old mature student of Law and Politics at The National University of Ireland Maynooth, Co. Kildare – and I loathe feminism.


I’ll be waiting at www.

I’m still putting the finishing touches to the place, talk about your extra curvy learning curve – tech wise – but you’re more than welcome to drop by and say hello.


On a personal note, there is one person to whom I owe an enormous debt of gratitude, for answering my innumerable questions, for being the behind the scenes support of  this venture, and for his unflappable and calm serene demeanour, in the face of my many “queries” that generally start with “what the fuck………”

Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) – the man is a saint 🙂

I will of course be supplying the Guinness in Maynooth on the 3rd May 2014.


Who Owns Ya?


It’s a particularly Irish expression – and it relates to children. Usually said if a child has been caught “up to no good” and sure what child hasn’t been?

But, when an adult did, or in some case still does, catch one of these little rascals  in the act – the first thing they want to know is “who owns ya” generally followed by “ya lttle skelp”” because parents are ultimately responsible for what their children get up too.

Now, the concept of “ownership” in relation to children in this instance isn’t the same as ownership of inanimate property, or wasn’t, but as I said above, a concept whereby parents were responsible for what their children got up too, when out and about, or out of sight of their parents beady eyes.

All that has changed – because of feminism – in the 21st century women OWN their children – exclusively, with men in some instances being reduced to being merely unwitting sperm donors.  Though of course, the cost of maintaining this “property” rests solely on the shoulders of these unfortunate, and as I said, possibly deceived men – on the shoulders exclusively of Fathers. And The State.

Because now, the word Father, rather being something that evokes honourable men, working to support, parent and care for their children out of love for them – has, through the machinations of feminists become a dirty word, a word spoken with contempt and derision, a word that evokes only one thought – “how much can I make him pay?

Through the malign influence of feminism, women whether feminists or not, have manufactured the most ridiculous myths and fables, created and spewed the most exaggerated and hyperbolic rhetoric about “the miracle of childbirth” and the “Myth of Motherhood

Have made an normal and natural biological event that almost every single mammal on this planet does, into some kind of iconic action invested with magical properties, has made being the female parent of a human child, some kind of mystical and cosmically significant activity, all the while reducing the male parent of a human child to an insignificant donor of some “genetic material”

All so that women could do the exact opposite of what they usually claim are their motives for their sometimes vicious campaigns of Parental Alienation against the Father (s) of these children.

“I’m doing it for the children” or “it’s for their own good” or “he doesn’t deserve MY children”

See, here, here, here and here  and go here.

Really? Is that so? Actually to all you women who use any of the above, or any variation of the above, BULLSHIT – you’re doing what you are doing because you are a 24 carat, Grade A Bitch, a malicious, nasty, disgusting and miserable example of a human being.

You are being a total and utter C**T!

Anyone who reads this and knows some female like this, or who is doing this, you are enabling, endorsing and giving your approval to a total and utter C**T – and no – I don’t care if she’s your sister, your friend, your aunt or any female that you include in your family or social circle.

She is a C**T and you are collaborating with this C**T

Further, if you know the father of these children and in your opinion he’s a bit of arsehole – SO WHAT? What does YOUR opinion matter? NOT ONE LITTLE BIT – because I’ll tell whose opinion matters here.

HIS CHILDREN’S – not yours, not hers, not your families, not your friends – nobodies but those children’s.

And no, not what SHE says the children “really feel” – because she has manipulated, intimidated, pressured and emotionally blackmailed those children into rejecting their Father’s – because she is a C**T.

End of.

You know what this is about? Not about mothers rights or to some extent Fathers Rights – but a child’s RIGHT – as an autonomous little human being to the care, companionship and love of BOTH his/her PARENTS – not as a concession granted by one reluctant parent to another, NOT access, NOT contact, NOT as a battle to be fought in a Family Court infested and infected with the slimy and fraudulent evil whisperings and lies of feminists.

Any woman who deprives the child or children she created WITH the man, or in some cases men, of that child or children’s RIGHT to be parented by BOTH his/her parents EQUALLY


May you rot in hell you evil, nasty, vicious bitches, may you not know a single day of real happiness or contentment, and may those children you abused – yes abused – learn of what you did – and hate your guts – leave you to fester in malignant old age, alone and muttering to yourself:

“I did it for the children”

For those who KNOW this is going on – who KNOW one of these C**T’s and again I repeat, so what if she is your sister, your friend – whatever – YOU are collaborating with a C**T  who is abusing those children.

Endorsing, giving approval to, giving the nod to, turning a blind to, and pretending you don’t see – children being abused!



To all those women smugly making the lives of the father (s) a living hell on earth – no matter how young that child or children is or are, they will remember, they are recording and storing in their memories, everything you did, every lie you told, every vicious act you perpetrated, they might not be able to process it yet, they might not even understand what is going on – but they WILL – one day – and they WILL judge you – and there is no harsher judge of a parent than a child who learns the truth about that parent.

Even if they don’t, even if you manage to totally brainwash them, you are and always will be nothing but a total and utter C**T.

Till the day you die.


© Anja Eriud 2014

Get Off the Internet: Real Life is………..OUT THERE >>>>>>>>


And yes, I mean this obscure little blog as well!

Over the course of my life I have learnt several things – and the most important thing of all is that PEOPLE matter – flesh and blood people – not bells and whistles – not how snazzy or high tech your toys are, or as Mama would say how high-falutin your plamais (bullshit) is  – and in her less kind moments –how you are nothing but one of  the “fur coat and no knickers brigade”.

Basically you can wrap a turd up in pretty paper and ribbons – organise a marching band and a travelling midget circus to accompany its presentation – but – it is still a turd – wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons.

I recently became aware of a series of videos, which consists of various females holding up hand written signs proclaiming why they “don’t need feminism”

Really? Is that so? So fucking what? The Men’s Human Rights Movement is NOT – I repeat not supposed to be about what YOU need – or about YOU – and by you, I mean over privileged, pampered young women who wouldn’t know injustice, pain, fear or real suffering if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

There is also another “trend” that seems to be developing – within the MHRM itself – the message is getting lost in the medium – the message is now secondary to the snazziness of the medium through which it is being disseminated.

Yep – I hold my hand up – I am a tech moron – totally – I could care less about twitter shit – facebook frolics or any other mindless activity – and to my mind – I could be wrong – most of it IS mindless that happens – on the internet. Not all – just most of it.

But it has become a God – the technology has replaced religion – as the Deity De Jour of human interactions – or rather has become a contest between competing parties for the title of tech king or queen of the MHRM.

All this bollox – all this “I’m putting in or I’ve got the latest super duper hi tech this and that” on my blog or site or facebook page or whatever– crap – in what way does this progress or advance the cause of Men’s Human Rights? – in what way does this change one single law – repeal one single policy – help one single man or boy – sitting alone in a room – with everything stripped from him – including his dignity and worth as a human being?

In what way does this improve the message?


I don’t give a flying rats arse about video’s, about twitter, about facebook or about having the latest high tech gizmo – I care that no-one cares about that man or boy – that no-one gives a shit if he lives or dies – I CARE – and I would trample all your hi tech crap into the ground if I thought for one minute that doing so would save that man or boys life.

And if you really give a shit – then all you who are having your hi tech pissing contests would do the same.

Jesus Christos – GET OFF YOUR BLOODY ARSES – get off the bloody internet – go talk to real people – put REAL people in your poxy video’s – put real boys and men’s voices on the fucking internet – shut the fuck up – with your smart alec diatribes, your clever little vignettes – yeah yeah yeah – we already know you’re as smart as a whip, and a clever clogs – how many bloody videos and articles does it take for you to say or show that? 10? 20? A 100?

How many snotty smug little twats prancing about in their bedrooms holding up signs and breathlessly exclaiming why they “don’t need feminism” does it take before you realise this?

So fucking what? Who gives a shit?

Sell your bloody webcam and donate the money to a homeless shelter for men and boys – use the money you spent on the new clothes and other crap you bought so you could “look your best” for your 15 minutes of fame on the bloody internet to ANY fathers rights organisation.

You want a round of applause for being a twat? For simpering and smirking your way through 15 mins of internet fame? Bite me!

That homeless man you stepped over on your way to buy your crap surely appreciates the “effort” you made to make HIS life absolutely no better by your actions.

The father who reeled out of the courthouse you passed by on your back with your shiny new webcam is overcome with gratitude that you “don’t need feminism

This is NOT about you – or what you feel – or what you think, or what you want the world to know about YOU.

THIS IS ABOUT WHAT ARE you going to do about THAT homeless man – THAT devastated father – TODAY?

Like I said – a tech moron – and you know what – I make absolutely no apology for that – so what if I don’t “make videos” that are such, like, high tech super cool, with super fabulous production values? So what if I don’t have all the latest bells and whistles and gizmos that apparently one simply cannot communicate with other human beings without?

I’m communicating now – all anyone needs to do to read what I’m communicating is to type anjaeriud or mensrightsarehumanrights or as recently someone did “mgtow selfish” to get here.

Is what I’m saying any less clear, any less unequivocal because I know fuck all about embedding videos or “media” into this post?

Is it?

Does any man or boy suffering right now as I type this on my shitty laptop, with my crappy broadband connection give one single flying fuck whether or not I “put a video up” on “the internet” with me holding a handwritten sign saying “I don’t need feminism because………..blah, blah blah”

No! He bloody doesn’t – and why the hell should he?

The message of thee of Men’s Human Rights Movement is simple:


If you can read that – that’s all you need to know – NOW – what are you going to do in real life that makes that message the one that informs laws, public policy, changes  hearts and minds – makes the life of one single man or boy a little less shit – TODAY?

You could start by going to your local church hall or community centre and start a men’s  support group – imagine that – a place for men to go to meet other human beings,  a cup of tea and a chat and be acknowledged AS a human being!

Doesn’t even have to be about men’s rights – talk about football, vegtable growing, just TALK – interact – as human beings. I don’t know, call it ManChat – call it whatever you like – just do it!

And by the way ladies, if one of you decides to do this – make the tea, make the sandwiches then piss off – leave them alone – resist the urge to “manage” these guys – fight the inclination to “organise” these guys – just piss off and leave them alone – ok?

Who are you going to vote for? Which MENS charities are you going to support, donate to?  Are you going say stop the next time you hear some whiny rancid trollop gloating about how she “took him to the cleaners” in court?

Who are you going to Vote for?

Well here’s a suggestion as who to vote for if you live in the UK – Mike Buchanan – Party leader of J4MB – Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) and as many of their candidates as they run in the 2015 General Election.

Read this:

Support this:

“National conference on father’s rights – London, November 2014

We’re planning to be the first British political party to host a national conference on fathers’ rights. It’s expected that it will be held in November, in central London, and we’ll have more to say in due course. Of course it’s not only fathers whose human rights are assaulted by legislation and the family courts system. So too are the rights of children, grandparents, and a small number of mothers. The conference will cover their rights too.”


Don’t just sneak into the ballot box with your head down hoping see’s you – walk in with your head held high – and for the love of God – tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, the lady you chatted to at the bus stop to do the same.


Are you going to step up and say – THIS IS WRONG – TODAY – in real life – to whoever will listen

© Anja Eriud 2014


Call to Arms: Honey Badgers and Non Feminist Females….Step UP!


Not literally “to arms” but to touch base, connect and collaborate with one another, in order to oppose our common “enemy” in fact the common enemy of all decent, right-minded human beings who are sick to death of the lies, the bullying, the vicious hate campaigns of feminists and their enablers, against anyone who dares to challenge them, criticise them or my favourite – take the piss out of them – and you all know that there is a veritable goldmine of material to work with there.

First – let me just explain what inspired this. Two things.

First there is a blog called   that I follow – and this blogger just posted an article entitled “Some thoughts on feminists shutting down those who dare to disagree”

Take your time and have a read – take in the full impact of the content of this blog post – in particular how feminists like that wretch Caroline Criado – Perez like to roll – or as I prefer to characterise what they do – slime their way across the internet and social media.

I understand and fully appreciate why this blogger is scared – and she’s right to be – these are nasty people – nasty, corrupt, vicious and completely without conscience people.

Direct message to Caroline Criado – Perez.

First – you don’t scare me – you are nothing but a bully.  A nasty, underhanded, and dishonourable bully of the first order. Bite me.

In my opinion.

See those highlighted words – in my opinion – I stand by every single one – I claim the Right – to hold and express MY opinions of YOU. I will not retract, remove or modify one single letter, one word.

Feminists like Perez, like those of her ilk – Stephanie Guthrie, Jessica Valenti and the rancid covens of them over at jezebel and feministing, all rely on bullying tactics, on hysterics, on lies and on manufactured “threats” to coerce others to do their bidding.

In effect, they throw tantrums, they hurl themselves to the floor like spoilt obnoxious brats and scream and scream till they are sick – they kick and they work themselves up into paroxysms of rage.

Infantile, hysterical, ridiculous rage – well, do you know what sensible, mature grownups do when confronted with a tantrum throwing brat?

They ignore them, they walk away, they give them and their hysterical petulant demands absolutely no attention – AT ALL.

Then there is this.

Bullies are never satisfied, are they? For an example that perfectly illustrates the sheer nastiness of feminists, just take a look at this wretch – calling herself Miss Anne Dree, who started contributing to a twitter “thing” entitled #killmostmen – yep a true humanitarian. Apparently in honour of International Wretches Day – nope – NOT a typo.

Mike Buchanan of J4MB has helpfully supplied information on who this nasty bitch is associated with:

“I recommend you click on #killmostmen to see who Miss Anne Dree is associating with and supporting. This is what feminists look like. I imagine they’ll be interested in our public challenges of prominent feminists (and their male collaborators). They include Julie Bindel, Kat Banyard, Caroline Criado-Perez, Vince Cable MP…”

(emphasis added)

As long as people are prepared to give in to them, to be intimidated by them, to just give them what they demand, they will keep demanding more and more.

The originator of this, goes by the name Bet Lunch – and in the insane world that feminists inhabit gives us her “reason” why this is a “good thing”

“Bet Lunch@ArchedEyebrowBRNov 7

I’ve just coined a hashtag that I think will please everyone: #killmostmen “

“Please everyone”??? – Like sociopaths, psychopaths, nutjobs and feminists you mean, NOT decent human beings.

You know who this vile creature is talking about?  Your sons, your fathers, your brothers, your nephews, your uncles – in fact every single male person you know  or are related to and LOVE, care about – and would be devastated if this piece of barely human effluent had her way.

As long as WOMEN – think this is “funny” or “acceptable” or “not worth bothering about” – it will continue – they will preen, they will smugly and viciously claim to speak on behalf of ALL women – on behalf of YOU!

They are nasty, vicious, obnoxious and venal creatures, with no conscience’s, no integrity, no moral or ethical code – look at them – read the garbage they write – look at the underhanded and vile campaigns they launch against people who criticise them, who disagree with them. The lies, the falsehoods, the smears and innuendoes – the manufactured drama’s they create.

Are these not the most ridiculous creatures you have ever seen?

Do you think or believe for one minute that these vile creatures give one single solitary shit or rats arse about YOU – you as an individual, you as an individual woman?  As a human being? Don’t make me laugh – all this bullshit, all this vicious and hysterical tantrum throwing is for one purpose, and one purpose only – to line their own pockets – to keep them in the “positions of power” they believe they have.

The power to throw the wool over your eyes – to make you believe lies – to feed you a diet of bullshit, cant, drivel, and the spewing of their own dysfunctional and twisted perspectives.

But perhaps the greatest crime of all is to convince you that you are nothing but a perpetual victim, that you cannot do anything on your own, that, you are pathetic, weak-willed, spineless and useless!

Why else would they be constantly beating on the drum for more “special” allowances to be made for women, for “supports”, for standards in almost every area of endeavour to be lowered so that YOU can “do the same job as a man”

What these feminists are telling YOU is this.

You cannot do anything on your own – you’re weak, pathetic and useless. The only way to get anything you want is to whine for it, to throw a tantrum and coerce people into giving it to you – to shut you up – to lie and cheat and behave in the most underhanded way imaginable in order to obtain something under false pretences.

THAT is the message of feminism to WOMEN.

Now, I know that most women have a strong desire for men to “like them” to “appreciate them” most women want to “have a man in their lives” you know it and I know it – so let’s not kid ourselves.

Ladies, WAKE UP – open your eyes, open your ears and LISTEN – listen and read what men are saying about you – listen and hear the contempt, the derision and scorn that more and more men are beginning to hold YOU in.  Yes – YOU, and you, and you, and you.

Oh sure, and forgive the crudeness – they’ll fuck you – in a heartbeat – because basically you’ve been putting it out there for nigh on 50 years.

But, they DON’T like you, they DON’T think you are a goddess, they DON’T think that you are a vision of loveliness and perfection – you’re just a quick screw.

And YOU all heard these messages from feminists – and fell for this bullshit – hook, line and sinker – don’t believe me? Then go look at what MHRA’s write and say about you – what they think of you – what MEN think of you.

Feminists scream and rant about “misogyny” they have hysterics about men who hate women – has it never occurred to you – YOU don’t get to choose what other people think of you – YOU don’t get to demand that MEN love you, or adore you, or “respect” you, simply because you happen to born female.

You have to earn these things, YOU have to be worthy of these things, YOU have to be “Worth it” and to be blunt.

You’re NOT!

But, you could be.

So, I issue an invitation to all women who genuinely want to be Human Beings – first and foremost – who believe that ALL Human Beings have worth, that what you have between your legs is secondary to what you have in your heart, in your conscience, in your minds – that being a Human Being transcends ALL other considerations – to say hello, to get in touch – to connect.

I know you’re out there – I know that you are as fed up with feminism as both the blogger at and myself, and so many more women are.

Lass – I salute you – well done.

I want to hear your voices – I will do a follow up post with your messages (with your permission of course – so if you do get in touch – make that clear otherwise I’ll just assume I have your permission)

Just so it’s clear – any feminists who “get in touch” and spew out their usual bile and drivel – I WILL put your “messages” up there as well – after all – fair is fair 🙂

And yep – I know you pop in here from time to time – duh!

So, you already know I’m not as nice as the lassie over at, probably to do with my zero tolerance of bullshit, drivel, and feminist whining – I loathe feminism – and have never met a feminist I would piss on if she was on fire. Consider that your one and only warning, if you decide to crawl out from under your rocks.



Say hello at:   🙂


© Anja Eriud 2014


NB – A Honeybadger is a non or anti feminist female. Google it, or pop over to J4MB  – Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) where you will find a video that will literally make you pee your knickers laughing. Use this link:

Without knowing it – you might just BE a Honeybadger.

The SWOTMA’S – Reaching the Summit of…………Stupid Deserves an Award!


Yesterday I inaugurated an award called the SWOTMAStupid Woman Of The Month Award – for individual stupidity that goes above and beyond the requirements for being just plain ole dumb.

The blushing and obviously overcome first recipient was Emily, who posted a comment that could be a primer for “how to write the stupidest comment on a post bar none”

Now there is another category – for a team effort – for a group of women who have gotten their heads together and come up with an idea that truly epitomises the almost, exclusive to women, skill of being stupid in charge of………………………well……..almost anything.

What is it that a group of women could have been in charge of that would elicit the mother lode of stupid that lies within every feminist?

Why, it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow – and the Inaugural SWOTMA, for a team effort goes to:

***********Drum Roll Please*******

The National Women’s Council of Ireland


Because in order to mark this auspicious occasion the NWCI has planned for tomorrow a “pop-up soapbox” to be placed in Dublin city so that any women who wants to have a whine – oops – I meant a bit of a moan – darn – wants to share their thoughts on being women can just hop right up there and have at it!

“We would like if you could join us and speak from the especially designed Soapbox talking about what women want, from your perspective, for three to five minutes. Others will be online talking on #NWCISoapBox. Please join with us by standing in solidarity with women from all over the country who are prepared to stand up for what truly matters to women. By midnight on International Women’s Day, thousands of Irish women from all walks of life will have had their voice heard.

The Soapbox, which will be situated in a Marque and fully managed, will be outside/opposite the GPO – an iconic Irish landmark in Ireland’s history, from 12.00 to 4.00 on Saturday, March the 8th – International Women’s Day.”

Ironically, the NWCI is celebrating 40 years of existence, 40 years folks of, as they say on their site:

“Our mission is to lead and to be a catalyst for change in the achievement of equality between women and men. We articulate the views and experiences of our members and make sure their voices are heard wherever decisions are made which affect the lives of women.

Our vision is of an Ireland, and of a world, where there is full equality between women and men.”

Newsflash ladies – you got your wish – quite some time ago – there is enough “Equality” legislation and special provisions written into almost every single law and policy in this country to fell several hundred acres of Amazonian rainforest.

There is absolutely NOTHING stopping any woman from doing or achieving anything she wants – if she has the talent or ability or drive to do so.

Oh wait – I forgot – actually getting off your backside and achieving something on your own merits, by dint of your own hard work is just not the “feminist way” is it?

Nosireebob – women need “special” help, and “supports” and “quotas” so that even if they are completely useless at something, they STILL get the job – in case their feelings are hurt – or they feel “marginalised” or excluded” or God forbid – discriminated against – because there are so few services for women – such a lack of platforms and forums where women can “get their voices heard!

Hmmmmm – actually nope – that would be MEN – Irish men, Irish boys – within just this one organisation – specifically created, funded and supported FOR women – there are a total of 160 organisations sheltering under its cosy umbrella – with a tranche of other organisations contained within those.

“We represent our membership which includes 160 member groups as well as a wide range of individual members from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and locations.”

Why don’t you click on the link and scroll down the list of the number of organisations, groups and services specifically set up and funded for WOMEN.

Imagine that? All these services for women, all these groups dedicated to  the needs of women.

All sheltering under the umbrella of just one organisation – just one of many many similar organisations dedicated to WOMEN.

If I posted a link to a list of all the groups and organisations specifically dedicated to the needs of women in Ireland you would be looking at pages and pages and pages of names. Would take you hours to just go through all the names, all the organisations, all the groups. Literally HOURS!

If I posted a similar list dedicated to the needs of Irish Men – you would be looking at ONE PAGE!

So, this Inaugural SWOTMA goes to the National Women’s Council of Ireland for displaying Stupidity above and beyond the requirements to be deemed truly moronic, for giving a platform, and in this case a soapbox for the professionally stupid, to do what they do every day, have a whine and a moan about how hard it is to “be a woman” in Ireland

Along with your Certificate, which you can access below, and of course print out, and I know will give pride of place in the new building I see you are hoping to acquire, you also get a prize – A pig in a poke – just as soon as I figure out what a “poke” is, and catch the little piggy to put into said poke – slippery little feckers aren’t they – by the way it’s a girl pig – her name is Germaine 🙂


InauguralSWOTMA – NWCI


© Anja Eriud 2014

Schools Out – Forever!


Whenever I need a bit of a lift – I turn to music – and nope – not some wishy washy ballady type music written for women to assure themselves that the greatest love of all is to love yourself! No doubt while chanting “I loooooooooooove me, what’s your hobby?”

Please! Get a grip.

Nope, what gets my blood moving again, what gets me up and dancing around the kitchen in my wellies (yes wellies) is Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town, and Alice Coopers – Schools Out.

Today and yesterday was no different – except in one way – it hit me, this morning – ladies, Schools Out – not just for the summer – but forever because The Boys ARE back in town.

Don’t believe me – hmmmm – you should maybe take a trip to Detroit this summer on June 27th and 28th, when the first International Men’s Rights Conference, of this century, is due to take place hosted by A Voice for Men.

The theme of this conference is simple, it is clear, and it is unequivocal, and it is the message of the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM)


The line up of speakers will address issues that impact on the lives, the worth, the value of men and boys – and they will speak the truth.

I can’t recall which one of you said those asinine words “the personal is political” but, I will give you all fair warning – YOU made it personal – now the growing international Men’s Human Rights Movement, WILL make it political.

For any feminists intending to attend, to protest, to launch a counter offensive in an effort to silence these voices, these truths – a concept I know that feminists have not even a passing acquaintance with – it’s too late.

Seriously ladies – you are too late – for almost 10 years I believe, since the inestimable angryharry first sat in front of his computer and tapped out the truth on his keyboard your days were numbered.

From: Equality Between Men And Women Is Not Achievable. Click here for article.

“The search for ‘equality’ between ‘men’ and ‘women’ is like a dog chasing its own tail. It will always be out of reach. And the very act of chasing it is costing us a great deal and causing tremendous damage to us.

The solution that we need to seek is not ‘equality’ – because it will never be found.”

You have been informed, the MHRM has attempted to educate you, to school you – and yet in your arrogance, in your vanity and egotism you played hooky, you skipped class and went on your merry ways. Well ladies – time to pay the piper, time for you to stop, to sit, stand or slouch still – lesson time is over – no more extensions – no more due over’s.

SCHOOLS OUT – forever.

Perhaps there was a time when you could have been considered capable of learning, capable of becoming more than you were, of growing into adults endowed with reason, with honour, with integrity, with even a small semblance of humanity. Alas with each poisonous article, each putrid blog and site, each repetition of the same tedious, asinine and frankly boring whines and complaints, peevish and petulant gripes and moans – it is abundantly clear that you are not capable of any of those things.

So, while all you fabulous 30 something’s are penning your screeds, cackling and sniggering with your various covens – and it must be said – while your ovaries are shrivelling to walnuts, your eggs have just gone off, and your vaginas are drying up – which apparently speak to and for you – the world is moving, and has moved on.

Oh yes, we know it is not going to be easy, we know that you will try every nasty, underhanded, sly and vicious trick in the book, and at your disposal to stop this, to prevent this conversation from taking place.

We know this, we know that you will point your manicured fingers at men and young men, at boys, and make false accusations, tell vicious lies.  We know this.

Just as we know that you will continue to write your poisonous articles, keep on posting your vicious rants on your blogs and sites.


We don’t care, do it, bring it on – say what you like – peddle your lies, spin your fairytales, rant and rage, shriek and howl at the moon for all I care.

We know this, because we already know what you are willing to do to protect your ideology, to cling gracelessly and rigidly to your unsupportable “theories” we know that you will lie, will libel and slander, will viciously and dishonestly attack anyone who dares to challenge you. Like cornered rats do.

Do it – bring it on.

Then go look at the numbers – go look at the numbers of women backing away from feminism, go look at the numbers of men and women who are looking back at YOU – in contempt, in scorn, in derision.

Can you see them? Can you hear them? Of course you can, of course you know this is happening – why else would you all be in a fever, in an ever accelerating panic to enact legislation, to put in place gynocentric policies, to attempt to shut down and shut up these voices?

Do it, bring it on – laws can be repealed, policies can be abandoned, all it takes is the will and the commitment of men and women willing to say – ENOUGH. All it takes is for people who know the truth to stand up and say – this is wrong.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

You are facing a growing army of these men and women – you are facing a determined, committed and immovable body of men and women who not only have stood up to be counted, but ARE standing up, more and more with each day that passes.

Abandon ship ladies, the boat is sinking, and the rats are leaving – and by the way – there is a price to be paid if you want room on the lifeboat?

That price is and should be easy enough to pay – all it will be is that, you become a human being.

The lifeboat? The Men’s Human Rights Movement.


© Anja Eriud 2014