The SWOTMA’S – Reaching the Summit of…………Stupid Deserves an Award!


Yesterday I inaugurated an award called the SWOTMAStupid Woman Of The Month Award – for individual stupidity that goes above and beyond the requirements for being just plain ole dumb.

The blushing and obviously overcome first recipient was Emily, who posted a comment that could be a primer for “how to write the stupidest comment on a post bar none”

Now there is another category – for a team effort – for a group of women who have gotten their heads together and come up with an idea that truly epitomises the almost, exclusive to women, skill of being stupid in charge of………………………well……..almost anything.

What is it that a group of women could have been in charge of that would elicit the mother lode of stupid that lies within every feminist?

Why, it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow – and the Inaugural SWOTMA, for a team effort goes to:

***********Drum Roll Please*******

The National Women’s Council of Ireland


Because in order to mark this auspicious occasion the NWCI has planned for tomorrow a “pop-up soapbox” to be placed in Dublin city so that any women who wants to have a whine – oops – I meant a bit of a moan – darn – wants to share their thoughts on being women can just hop right up there and have at it!

“We would like if you could join us and speak from the especially designed Soapbox talking about what women want, from your perspective, for three to five minutes. Others will be online talking on #NWCISoapBox. Please join with us by standing in solidarity with women from all over the country who are prepared to stand up for what truly matters to women. By midnight on International Women’s Day, thousands of Irish women from all walks of life will have had their voice heard.

The Soapbox, which will be situated in a Marque and fully managed, will be outside/opposite the GPO – an iconic Irish landmark in Ireland’s history, from 12.00 to 4.00 on Saturday, March the 8th – International Women’s Day.”

Ironically, the NWCI is celebrating 40 years of existence, 40 years folks of, as they say on their site:

“Our mission is to lead and to be a catalyst for change in the achievement of equality between women and men. We articulate the views and experiences of our members and make sure their voices are heard wherever decisions are made which affect the lives of women.

Our vision is of an Ireland, and of a world, where there is full equality between women and men.”

Newsflash ladies – you got your wish – quite some time ago – there is enough “Equality” legislation and special provisions written into almost every single law and policy in this country to fell several hundred acres of Amazonian rainforest.

There is absolutely NOTHING stopping any woman from doing or achieving anything she wants – if she has the talent or ability or drive to do so.

Oh wait – I forgot – actually getting off your backside and achieving something on your own merits, by dint of your own hard work is just not the “feminist way” is it?

Nosireebob – women need “special” help, and “supports” and “quotas” so that even if they are completely useless at something, they STILL get the job – in case their feelings are hurt – or they feel “marginalised” or excluded” or God forbid – discriminated against – because there are so few services for women – such a lack of platforms and forums where women can “get their voices heard!

Hmmmmm – actually nope – that would be MEN – Irish men, Irish boys – within just this one organisation – specifically created, funded and supported FOR women – there are a total of 160 organisations sheltering under its cosy umbrella – with a tranche of other organisations contained within those.

“We represent our membership which includes 160 member groups as well as a wide range of individual members from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and locations.”

Why don’t you click on the link and scroll down the list of the number of organisations, groups and services specifically set up and funded for WOMEN.

Imagine that? All these services for women, all these groups dedicated to  the needs of women.

All sheltering under the umbrella of just one organisation – just one of many many similar organisations dedicated to WOMEN.

If I posted a link to a list of all the groups and organisations specifically dedicated to the needs of women in Ireland you would be looking at pages and pages and pages of names. Would take you hours to just go through all the names, all the organisations, all the groups. Literally HOURS!

If I posted a similar list dedicated to the needs of Irish Men – you would be looking at ONE PAGE!

So, this Inaugural SWOTMA goes to the National Women’s Council of Ireland for displaying Stupidity above and beyond the requirements to be deemed truly moronic, for giving a platform, and in this case a soapbox for the professionally stupid, to do what they do every day, have a whine and a moan about how hard it is to “be a woman” in Ireland

Along with your Certificate, which you can access below, and of course print out, and I know will give pride of place in the new building I see you are hoping to acquire, you also get a prize – A pig in a poke – just as soon as I figure out what a “poke” is, and catch the little piggy to put into said poke – slippery little feckers aren’t they – by the way it’s a girl pig – her name is Germaine 🙂


InauguralSWOTMA – NWCI


© Anja Eriud 2014


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brian Boru
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 12:13:22

    Great artcile as usual Anja. This site is a treasure.

    And from across the water comes another broadside by Kathy Gyngell: “International Moaning Day” Even though it’s a traditionalist website, there isn’t a single word of that article I wouldn’t disagree with, and Kathy clearly respects men as more than mere utilities. We have another plain-talking woman socking it to the gender ideologues. Cameron and his ilk had better pay attention, because they’re facing the wrong way.

    For good measure, Kathy takes a swipe today at the desperate efforts of the Beeb’s feministas to portray women farmers as oppressed: It’s really funny, like watching a bunch of biddies standing at a crossroads hoping for a car crash that never happens.

    For me, one of the biggest stories happening right now in the gender arena is the women’s revolt against the feminists, and they are desperately trying to ignore it, because it is a really serious threat to their control of the narrative – they are not dealing with fools, and they know it.


    • Anja Eriud
      Mar 09, 2014 @ 13:00:11

      Hi Brian and thank you.

      Especially thank you for posting the links – can I recommend that people go click on the links that Brian posted.

      “For me, one of the biggest stories happening right now in the gender arena is the women’s revolt against the feminists, and they are desperately trying to ignore it, because it is a really serious threat to their control of the narrative – they are not dealing with fools, and they know it.”

      Exactly! I reiterate, what I said in todays post “Call to Arms: Honey Badgers and Non Feminist Females….Step UP!”

      Ladies – step the fuck up!

      Anja 🙂


    • Brian Boru
      Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:37:54

      Argh! How I wish I had an edit function: “there isn’t a single word of that article I wouldn’t disagree with” – should of course be “there isn’t a single word of that article I would disagree with”. Kind of changes the meaning just a wee bit 🙂


      • Anja Eriud
        Mar 10, 2014 @ 12:40:35

        Would you like me to edit it for you Brian – will only do it if you agree?

        Anja 🙂

  2. Brian Boru
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 16:00:18

    Thanks for the offer to edit it Anja but I’ve decided to leave it as a reminder to myself of bad proof-reading and how one simple error can give a completely opposite interpretation to what was intended.
    I think I’ll put my plans for a career in international diplomacy on hold; wars have probably been started on foot of something similar 😉


  3. Svetlana Voreskova
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 13:57:54

    I know the competition was very tough but I think the judges made the right decision. I am so happy for the National Council of Women finally won the SWOTMA award. It is about time they got the recognition they deserve. People don’t seem to realise that stupidity of that calibre doesn’t come easily. It takes years of dedication.


    • anjaeriud
      Mar 17, 2014 @ 16:03:03

      Hi Lana

      It was tough, but as you said, rightly deserved – the thing is, I’m a bit dissapointed that no-one from the NCWI has been in touch.

      Maybe the thank note got lost “in the mail” 🙂


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