Who Owns Ya?


It’s a particularly Irish expression – and it relates to children. Usually said if a child has been caught “up to no good” and sure what child hasn’t been?

But, when an adult did, or in some case still does, catch one of these little rascals  in the act – the first thing they want to know is “who owns ya” generally followed by “ya lttle skelp”” because parents are ultimately responsible for what their children get up too.

Now, the concept of “ownership” in relation to children in this instance isn’t the same as ownership of inanimate property, or wasn’t, but as I said above, a concept whereby parents were responsible for what their children got up too, when out and about, or out of sight of their parents beady eyes.

All that has changed – because of feminism – in the 21st century women OWN their children – exclusively, with men in some instances being reduced to being merely unwitting sperm donors.  Though of course, the cost of maintaining this “property” rests solely on the shoulders of these unfortunate, and as I said, possibly deceived men – on the shoulders exclusively of Fathers. And The State.

Because now, the word Father, rather being something that evokes honourable men, working to support, parent and care for their children out of love for them – has, through the machinations of feminists become a dirty word, a word spoken with contempt and derision, a word that evokes only one thought – “how much can I make him pay?

Through the malign influence of feminism, women whether feminists or not, have manufactured the most ridiculous myths and fables, created and spewed the most exaggerated and hyperbolic rhetoric about “the miracle of childbirth” and the “Myth of Motherhood

Have made an normal and natural biological event that almost every single mammal on this planet does, into some kind of iconic action invested with magical properties, has made being the female parent of a human child, some kind of mystical and cosmically significant activity, all the while reducing the male parent of a human child to an insignificant donor of some “genetic material”

All so that women could do the exact opposite of what they usually claim are their motives for their sometimes vicious campaigns of Parental Alienation against the Father (s) of these children.

“I’m doing it for the children” or “it’s for their own good” or “he doesn’t deserve MY children”

See, here, here, here and here  and go here.

Really? Is that so? Actually to all you women who use any of the above, or any variation of the above, BULLSHIT – you’re doing what you are doing because you are a 24 carat, Grade A Bitch, a malicious, nasty, disgusting and miserable example of a human being.

You are being a total and utter C**T!

Anyone who reads this and knows some female like this, or who is doing this, you are enabling, endorsing and giving your approval to a total and utter C**T – and no – I don’t care if she’s your sister, your friend, your aunt or any female that you include in your family or social circle.

She is a C**T and you are collaborating with this C**T

Further, if you know the father of these children and in your opinion he’s a bit of arsehole – SO WHAT? What does YOUR opinion matter? NOT ONE LITTLE BIT – because I’ll tell whose opinion matters here.

HIS CHILDREN’S – not yours, not hers, not your families, not your friends – nobodies but those children’s.

And no, not what SHE says the children “really feel” – because she has manipulated, intimidated, pressured and emotionally blackmailed those children into rejecting their Father’s – because she is a C**T.

End of.

You know what this is about? Not about mothers rights or to some extent Fathers Rights – but a child’s RIGHT – as an autonomous little human being to the care, companionship and love of BOTH his/her PARENTS – not as a concession granted by one reluctant parent to another, NOT access, NOT contact, NOT as a battle to be fought in a Family Court infested and infected with the slimy and fraudulent evil whisperings and lies of feminists.

Any woman who deprives the child or children she created WITH the man, or in some cases men, of that child or children’s RIGHT to be parented by BOTH his/her parents EQUALLY


May you rot in hell you evil, nasty, vicious bitches, may you not know a single day of real happiness or contentment, and may those children you abused – yes abused – learn of what you did – and hate your guts – leave you to fester in malignant old age, alone and muttering to yourself:

“I did it for the children”

For those who KNOW this is going on – who KNOW one of these C**T’s and again I repeat, so what if she is your sister, your friend – whatever – YOU are collaborating with a C**T  who is abusing those children.

Endorsing, giving approval to, giving the nod to, turning a blind to, and pretending you don’t see – children being abused!



To all those women smugly making the lives of the father (s) a living hell on earth – no matter how young that child or children is or are, they will remember, they are recording and storing in their memories, everything you did, every lie you told, every vicious act you perpetrated, they might not be able to process it yet, they might not even understand what is going on – but they WILL – one day – and they WILL judge you – and there is no harsher judge of a parent than a child who learns the truth about that parent.

Even if they don’t, even if you manage to totally brainwash them, you are and always will be nothing but a total and utter C**T.

Till the day you die.


© Anja Eriud 2014

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anjaeriud
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 12:00:58

    Thank you Mike,

    I just found that asterisk key – been wondering what it was for!

    Anja 🙂


  2. CitymanMichael (@CitymanMichael)
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 12:52:26

    Yes, I often wondered when this was happening with my children, why their grandfather or their uncles did nothing – or at least I had no knowledge of them trying to influence the children’s mother.

    Your suggestion of male or female intervention is spot on


  3. Web Dude
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 15:33:48

    Excellent. Thank you Anja.


  4. Astrokid NJ
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 19:12:40

    Perhaps you people on the other side of the Atlantic are different.
    In the US, NOW has informed the people that there is no such thing as Parental Alienation

    Click to access FamilyLawNewsletter-Fall2012.pdf

    On Page 1, Intro:

    This Special Report of the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Advisory Committee focuses on the destructive ability of abusive parents (usually the father) – aided by fathers’ advocacy groups or fathers’ rights groups – to deny the protective parent (usually the mother) custody of minor children. Discussed in this issue is how abusers deny custody, and the damage it causes to a half million or more children exposed to continuing physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

    WHEREAS, the term Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) was created by the psychiatrist, Richard Gardner. It is used as a tactic in courts by litigating attorneys as a defense strategy for batterers and sexual predators that purports to explain a child’s estrangement from one parent, or explains away allegations against the estranged parent of abuse/sex abuse of child, by blaming the protective parent;

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the National Organization for Women (NOW)
    denounces Parental Alienation Syndrome and recommends that any professional whose mission involves the protection of the rights of women and children denounce its use as unethical, unconstitutional, and dangerous.


    • anjaeriud
      Mar 16, 2014 @ 19:22:44

      Hi Astrokid

      Thank you for the information, much appreciated, though I believe either Peter Tawil or possibly Robert St. Estephe did an article on AVfM on this subject, I will check and get back to this – basically illustrating that this kind of toxic behaviour has been going on for a long long time.

      My own personal opinion is this – it doesnt really matter what you call it – or whether arseholes like NOW (Numbskulls Of Women) “reject” it – the essence of the behaviour is what matters – call it – BAB – Being A Bitch – call it SAC – She’s A C**T – its all the same.

      I would REJECT any statement from any feminist oganisation on the basis that they are staffed, run by and the hobby horses of the terminally stupid – ye gods if they had another brain cell – they still only be plants – possibly carrots!



      • Astrokid NJ
        Mar 16, 2014 @ 19:33:45

        BAB – Being A Bitch –
        SAC – She’s A C**T – its all the same.

        LOL Thats a beauty.. I am going to use these next time I do my public service announcements in MSM comments. I will alert people to the BAB syndrome and SAC syndrome.

  5. Phill Ferreira
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 19:13:34

    Reblogged this on The Story of my Twin Boys , Oliver and Oscar Ferreira and commented:
    A very good article Anja , as. dad that has been dealing with this for over a year an d no end in sight … We need to speak up and spread the word as things have change …..


  6. Phill Ferreira
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 19:15:42

    Thank you Anja , the more people who speak up on this subject the better chance we have to maybe one day see logic being returned to this …


  7. donzaloog
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 03:48:05

    Great article, Anja. Parental alienation is rampant. And the thing about aunts, grandparents etc. is that they usually take their offspring’s (usually the mother) side, no matter how wrong she may be.


  8. mountainmax
    Mar 22, 2014 @ 20:58:36

    Love the harder language…refreshing! Although in this day and age I think it something restricted to women in getting the message across…most of us guys have had it knocked out of us or just realised we get ignored if we get carried away! I am speaking as an ex-building site tradie where f**k etc could be used 5 times in a 7 word sentence and everyone knew what was said.
    Your article though and the alienation referrences is known well Anne, though many moons ago now. But I did not blame my wife as such because she was and is actually mentally ill. however several key people (children’s lawyer-young fem; judge-older man etc) in the system decided to ignore this fact and push there fem/traditionalist barrows. As a young man I also shot my own foot off with a ‘rage’ down at the court house after a hearing removed the kids from me back to their mum. My lawyer (a woman) ‘accidently’ forgot the date, did not inform me and at last minute rang a local lawyer to ‘represent me’. I did the same at the child welfare office. Funny looking back at my lack of clues! Fortuntately (or not) a couple of the kids made their own decision early on and came to me with mum too ill to mount another arguement in court over it. The eldest who got sick of mum and did not want to come to me (13-14 at the time) was bizarrely allowed to go to foster care with former neighbours who ran a retreat home for social welfare. I could never figure out why this was allowed to occur and why I was not even alowed to input. Found out two years ago (18-19 yrs later) that the ‘helpful’ mother-in-law financed the placement. A woman who well knew her daughter was sick but anything but with the father for some! Or victory at any cost for blood/woman?

    Anne are you on facebook? I am under my name and also have a stopgenderwar-nz page


  9. mountainmax
    Mar 22, 2014 @ 21:13:18

    Another thought crossed my mind recently. One of things that hit me hard was that I had been a hands on father, because of my wife’s stuff and that I had responded to early equity fems calls to be more involved in the day to day of the kids. My experiences of the ‘family’ court system was twice (a post marriage relationship fell apart badly) in the 90’s when rad fem ideology was making itself felt regards the evil of men around children and towards their female partner. I went into a ‘black hole’ for a few years. My thoughts are that many more fathers today are hands on and I wonder if there is more mental illness amongst men post marriage and child alienation than back in the day when we were simply worker drones?


  10. wtfwtf13
    Mar 27, 2015 @ 06:37:40

    Lol! I am late to the party. But anyway…

    Through the malign influence of feminism, women whether feminists or not, have manufactured the most ridiculous myths and fables, created and spewed the most exaggerated and hyperbolic rhetoric about “the miracle of childbirth” and the “Myth of Motherhood”

    No one can accuse you of mincing words,Anja ,roflmao !
    Back OT. The quote highlights the willingness of the general population to be willfully stupid for women’s sake. Something routine and mundane suddenly becomes heroic just because it’s a woman doing it.It’s so comically puerile.


    • anja eriud
      Mar 27, 2015 @ 11:34:11

      Couldn’t agree with you more WTF.

      Will let you in on a little secret darlin – the reason why I absolutely refuse to “tone it down” or as Paul Elam over on AVFM recently wrote about “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” why I really do not give one flying fuck if some doe-eyed little weasel of a baby feminist gets her wittle fweelings hurt.


      Yep – feminist themselves – when I went back to college, I cannot describe clearly enough the absolute horror, shock and disbelief I felt at the outrageous and utterly appalling shoite being peddled in that university.

      Initially I did try reason and logic and pointing out the absurdity of the crap being disseminated – and big surprise – it fell on deaf ears.

      In fact one particulary toxic and obnoxious “gender studies” harridan more or less accused me of being an alcoholic – I kid you not.

      Know why? Because one of the first things I posted on the university intranet was a piece called:

      I’m NOT a Feminist: And here’s Why. 🙂

      (Now you all know why this site is called “Not A Feminist”)



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