Launch New Campaign to Highlight Domestic Abuse Against Men in Ireland


Of all the issues faced by Irish men – the most hidden and least acknowledged is being the victim of a violent and abusive partner – even by men themselves today launched it’s campaign to bring this hidden trauma to the public consciousness.

“Amen, the Navan-based voluntary group which provides support to male victims of domestic violence, has come across some extreme cases involving men who have been hit, kicked, slapped, stabbed with scissors or had boiling water thrown at them.

 Another problem is a widespread contemptuous or dismissive attitude to male victims of domestic violence. Niamh Farrell, manager at Amen, says: “We’ve had a regular flow of men coming in to talk about physical abuse. They feel they can’t report it because they don’t think they’ll be believed — women hitting men is not taken that seriously.”

“It can take men a while to take it seriously themselves — they’ll often endure sustained abuse before they come forward and only come when things are really bad.

“Women don’t take it seriously — if Nigella Lawson had done that to her husband it probably would not have got the same coverage even though it would be equally as serious.”


THE hidden agony of men whose abusive partners demand their wages and demean them with an ‘allowance of €20 to €30’ a week is revealed in a new report.

 They are among thousands of men seeking help for physical, emotional, psychological, financial and even sexual abuse perpetrated by their female partners or wives.

 Some are having to wear make-up to cover bruises and feel humiliated and demoralised, the annual report of Amen, the support service for men revealed.

 The organisation is reporting a strong demand for its services with more than 5,225 contacts last year, a rise of 18pc.

 These contacts include helpline calls, one-to-one meetings, court accompaniments, emails, text messages and letters.

 One in four men who is contacting the support service say they are being physically abused by their partner or wife. Three-quarters are suffering a combination of verbal, psychological and financial abuse. And about 1pc of men who are seeking help are being sexually abused by their partners, according to the figures.

 “Many men have expressed that they ‘envy’ males who have physical scars because the scars from emotional or verbal and psychological abuse are far more damaging,” the report said.

 “The constant criticism and belittling have a long-lasting, damaging effect on a victim of domestic abuse,” it said.

 Since the service started in 1997, support staff have heard accounts from men who have experienced severe and at times life-threatening physical abuse.”


It is way past the time for feminists to shut the hell up about “violence against women” and time to start talking about violence BY WOMEN.


It is way past the time to start talking about violent PEOPLE – to start recognising that violent people are violent because that is how they are – NOT because they are male – or even because they are female – but because they are violent and abusive.


Our national TV station RTE ran a report earlier today about this launch on the news programme Six One News –  Report starts at 29.10 mins



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  1. pippakin
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 20:02:32

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    A much neglected side of domestic violence. Men rarely complain and often when they do they feel as though they are not believed, All victims of domestic violence should have the help they need.


    • anjaeriud
      Jun 03, 2014 @ 20:48:05

      A much neglected side of domestic violence. Men rarely complain and often when they do they feel as though they are not believed, All victims of domestic violence should have the help they need.

      Thank you for reblogging this pippakin, I agree, ALL victims of DV need help, the posters go up on bus shelters and billboards for the next two weeks.

      A member of An Garda Siochana (Police) called Jim Flanagan has posted a comment on the facebook page

      “Jim Flanagan

      I am a member of the Gardai. If you are a man and you are a victim of domestic abuse and you would like to talk to someone in confidence, you can contact me at Navan Garda Station 046 9036143.”

      That number is 046 – 903 6143 – call him.

      The number for is 046 902 3718

      Contact details are

      St. Anne’s Resource Centre
      Railway Street
      Co. Meath

      Amen Helpline: 046 9023 718



  2. anjaeriud
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 20:56:10

    I didn’t write very much on this post, not because I have nothing to say, but because it isn’t my voice that needs to be heard.

    If anyone wants to share their story, in whatever manner they wish, please feel free to do so – it is your voice – your story in your own words that needs to be not just heard, but listened to.



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