Breaking Up is Hard to Do……..


Every so often Ì go trawling on the internet to check out what the harpies (ooops I mean feminists) are up too. The reason why I leave a relatively long gap between each journey into fembot land is because…well…because after generally reading the first paragraph of any feminist diatribe I start to lose the will to live, my eyes glaze over, and I get that headache that starts just behind your left eyeball – you know the one – the headache that just sends out little spikes of pain that penetrates your brain…..anyhoo – you know what I mean.

Soooooooooooo, rather than type in any particular name into google, I simply typed in “antifeminist” and the reason is simple. When I first started to delve into the online world (about five years ago now) to search out information that wasn’t feminist, that’s what I typed in – antifeminist – and got what amounted to a blanket dismissal of “anti-feminism” as some kind of aberration, as a blip on the settled order of things.

Today? Whole other kettle of fish.

The journey begins with this articleIs this what an anti-feminist movement looks like?” By Bethonie Butler July 30”

Have never heard of Bethonie Butler, but she takes a particular stance, it involves being rather scornful and condescending of the womenagainstfeminism phenomenon, in a rather “let’s not mock those silly women” kind of way, a “they’re more to be pitied than anything else” kind of thing.

She cites several other writers to back up her benign and tolerant stance of these traitors to the sisterhood, such as Jessica Valenti – a paragon of tolerance, objectivity and……..ok I think that’s enough.

The impression created is that the “anti-feminist” movement” as she calls it, is nothing but a storm in a teacup or a b cup if you prefer. She neatly sidesteps any closer examination of the reasons why, even as she parodies it, even that there is an “anti-feminist movement” at all.

But she does provide a link to another article in the Daily Beast called “You Don’t Hate Feminism. You Just Don’t Understand It.” By Emily Shire 07.12.14

Her stance is pretty similar to Ms. Butlers, though she does unsheathe her feminist claws – just a tad – by waving the feminists to the rescue flag.


“It’s never a dull week for feminists, and now Women Against Feminism is the most recent ire du jour. The Tumblr photo collection of women holding signs explaining why they “don’t need feminism” is more annoying than frightening. We’ve got bigger fish to fry, like securing equal pay and ensuring women across the world can attend school without being kidnapped.

But Women Against Feminism is certainly getting plenty of attention. The Tumblr started in the summer of 2013. The Facebook group, which was created in January 2014, has 12,000 likes, suggesting it appeals to a not insignificant group of people.

Women Against Feminism is easy—too easy—to lambaste. Many of the reasons these women claim for not needing feminism are embarrassingly bad. One post that has made the rounds is “I don’t need feminism because I love masculine men like Christian Grey :-P.” Oy.”


Note the classic “equal pay” totem (resoundingly debunked over and over and over and over again) and the vague reference to saving random women worldwide from being kidnapped on the way to school. I wonder does she ride shotgun herself or does she “have people” to do that for her – either way – she caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares.

But, the overall impression is that this anti-feminist “movement” is just a bunch of silly women who should be benignly tolerated while the big girls “take care of all the worlds problems”

Neither one of them of course mentions the Men’s (Human) Rights Movement or even men – this is a “sisterhood” problem – with the womenagainstfeminism being just very very naughty. Therein lies the rub for feminists like Butler and Shire – these are WOMEN!

Not just any women – women AGAINST feminist – not a knuckle dragging, basement living, Neanderthal with a tiny penis who can’t get laid in sight – these are WOMEN. AGAINST. FEMINISM.

Shire does mention in passing something, in fact she almost displays a nonchalant disregard for the significance of what she links too – another article called “Poll: Few Identify As Feminists, But Most Believe In Equality Of Sexes” but makes more of “reaching out” as she calls it to the womenagainstfeminism” women and being rebuffed by a lady called Mel, hence the increasing level of cattiness. Meow!


“There is no question that Women Against Feminism is utterly and completely misguided in its understanding of what feminism is. But they aren’t only the ones. Feminism gets a bad rap, and people perceive the movement as meaning something very narrow and specific—and negative.

An April 2013 poll found just 16 percent of men and 23 percent of women in America identify as feminists. The women behind Women Against Feminism aren’t exactly a minority. However, that same poll found 82 percent of all Americans agree with the statement “men and women should be social, political, and economic equals.” That’s the simplest and most accurate definition of feminism, but the movement has come to be seen as anti-men, liberal, radical, pro-choice, and many other things that it is not.”

(emphasis added)

Before we go on to discuss the implications of the poll she links to – let’s just pause here for a moment and contemplate the sheer stupidity, crassness, blindness and unbelievable depths of hubris displayed by these feminists.

The clue is, as it always is, in the title of Ms. Shire’s piece – an apparently large group is gathering momentum and numbers – this large group are women who have publically REJECTED feminism – for their various different reasons – I have no doubt that for some people those reasons might seem a bit silly – but hey – each to their own.

But, out of her own mouth Shire acknowledges that feminists are a MINORITY and that non feminist women are to all intents and purposes a MAJORITY. Yet in her feministic hubris doesn’t get it – feminists do NOT represent the views of the majority of women, never mind men, yet continues to assume the mantle of selfappointed spokesperson for ALL women. Even when huge numbers of women reject them and their ideology. Publically.

Alas – for feminists, rejecting feminism can ever only be for one reason – you don’t understand what feminism is! There in a nutshell is what feminists think of women – women are morons who don’t know their own minds.

Feminism is the ideological equivalent of an ex/stalker who you have to take a Restraining Order out against – like the stalker ex – s/he just won’t be dumped – in their delusion and insanity, they weave fantasies about your lifelong commitment to one another – its completely insane, totally deluded, obsessive and about as attractive as the stuff I have growing on my shower curtain – but –they are your “one true love” or else! Yikes!

That’s what feminists don’t get – nobody rejects feminism because they “don’t understand it” they reject feminism because they DO!

So, about this poll – it is referenced in this articlePoll: Few Identify As Feminists, But Most Believe In Equality Of Sexes”by Emily Swanson. 04/16/2013

She continues;

“Only one-fifth of Americans identify as feminists, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll. But the vast majority fit the basic definition of the word.

According to the survey, just 20 percent of Americans — including 23 percent of women and 16 percent of men — consider themselves feminists. Another 8 percent consider themselves anti-feminists, while 63 percent said they are neither……..

The gulf between the percentage of people who identify as feminists and the percentage who believe in the equality of the sexes may be partly due to a branding problem for the word “feminism.” Thirty-seven percent said they consider “feminist” to be a negative term, compared to only 26 percent who consider it a positive term. Twenty-nine percent said it’s a neutral term.”

(emphasis added)

In between these two statements is an appeal to the dictionary definition of feminism, which the author cites as some kind of proof that yet again “people just don’t understand what feminism is” except, this author is claiming that this poll merely reflects a “branding problem” for feminism!

Yep – because after nigh on five decades of spouting vile bigoted lies, of shrieking like banshees about “the patriarchy” and how all men are bastards – after revealing yourselves to be insane, irrational, unhinged, liars, frauds, con artists, inhumane arseholes – people are rejecting feminism because of a misunderstanding of what the message of feminism is!

Yep. Right. Did I mention deluded?

It would appear as well that feminism is also suffering from the same “branding problem” on netmums as well – coincidence? I think not. In another article, “What does feminism mean to modern women?” referencing another poll, this time in the UK, the results were eerily similar, if not actually worse, with only 14% of the women surveyed self-identifying as feminist.


“What does feminism mean to modern women?

■Only 1 in 7 women still call themselves a ‘Feminist’ – with younger women least likely to.

■Two in five want to ‘celebrate difference’ rather than be equal to men.

■The biggest battle for modern women is to reinstate the value of motherhood, with 69% making it top priority.

■36 per cent of youngsters cannot imagine a time when men and women were not equal.

■New movement dubbed ‘FeMEmism’ to reflect women’s personal choice.

“Are you a ‘Feminist’?”   14% replied YES

■Just one in seven of the 1,300 women who took part in this study still describe themselves as a ‘Feminist’.

■Younger women are least likely to embrace the term. 25% of women aged 45 to 50 described themselves as a ‘Feminist’. But just 9% of those aged 25 to 29 identified with it and only 8% of women aged 20 to 24.

(emphasis added)

Ok – let’s go back to that dictionary definition appeal so beloved of feminists whenever someone rejects feminism – we’ll use the bog standard one that they all use – though in this case Ms. Swanson paraphrases.


“However, that same poll found 82 percent of all Americans agree with the statement “men and women should be social, political, and economic equals.” That’s the simplest and most accurate definition of feminism, but the movement has come to be seen as anti-men, liberal, radical, pro-choice, and many other things that it is not.”

As a component of this tiresome appeal to dictionary definition, feminists also tend to bewail the continuing “inequalities” being perpetrated against women – ergo the need for feminism to be as the lone voice(s) in the wilderness championing the cause of “equality”– sigh.

“For example, one woman posted “I don’t need ‘feminism’ because I believe that men and women are EQUAL, not that women should belittle men.” Those posts hurt a bit more because they reveal how deeply misinterpreted feminism is.”

Oh how noble. Except.

Those results and the results of previous polls which consistently show an average of 28% and falling, of women who identify as feminists, indicate that feminists are a MINORITY – and further do NOT represent the views of a majority of women. At all. So, who exactly are these noble gender warriors speaking for, or on behalf of?

I’m female, NOT a feminist, and do not give my permission for any feminist to claim to speak for, or on my behalf.

In a global survey conducted by IPSOS –three things stood out.


  1. The MAJORITY of respondents already believe that equality has been achieved to all intents and purposes.
  2. The MAJORITY of people believe that men and women should be treated equally.
  3. Even when a question is skewed to link feminism with “equal rights for women” as this question is, in this survey – the top three countries show percentages who identify as feminists thus – Canada – 55%, the UK – 55% and the US – 51%.


Which, in relation to the results of point number three above when compared to the results of the question asked of only women is bizarre to say the least. – these are the percentages who AGREED with this statement.


Women: “I have full equality with men and the freedom to reach my full dreams and aspirations

Canada – 78%

United States – 70%

Great Britain – 69%

Argentina – 66%

Poland – 65%

Australia – 63%

Sweden            – 62%

Germany – 58%

Hungary – 53%

Belgium – 47%

Italy – 45%

South Korea – 43%

France – 42%

Japan – 36%

Spain – 30%


I bet you noticed what I noticed – that the top three with massive percentages of women who AGREED that they had to all intents and purposes achieved “equality” are the very countries with the loudest, most obnoxious and insane feminists – Canada, The United States and The UK. Though it must be noted the higher percentage of positive answers fell into the “agree somewhat” category.

Another thing to note is this – with regard to those top three – the percentage who didn’t agree that “equality” has to all intents and purposes been achieved more or less reflects the percentage of those women who self-identify as feminists – in poll after poll – in other words the MAJORITY are more or less satisfied that “equality” has been reached.

It begs the question then – if in countries such as the top seven, the vast majority of people believe that “equality” has been to all intents and purposes achieved – what is the bloody point of feminism? Especially in light of the fact that feminists are a MINORITY of the general populations (female) in those countries with the most raucous feminist “spokespersons”?

Apart from this IPSOS poll – the percentages of women who self-identify as feminists when simply just asked a straightforward question – Are you a feminist?” has NEVER risen above 30%.

For the hard of thinking (feminists) that means that 70% and over of women are NOT feminists – yet feminists like Shire above would have you believe that 70% and above of women who reject feminism – of their own free will “just don’t understand feminism

You know what it’s called when a minority tries to dictate to the majority? Tyranny. Women are “breaking up” with feminism – in droves – but like that ex/stalker who will not accept – “you got dumped” feminists are having a hard time “letting go” as illustrated by “You Don’t Hate Feminism. You Just Don’t Understand It.” By Emily Shire.

In one way she is right – for many women (the majority) they don’t “hate feminism” they simply cannot see the point of it – they are indifferent, it is irrelevant – has nothing useful or important to say – to them.

So, rather than being a “branding problem” as one of our feminists above spluttered in barely concealed contempt lamely asserted – it is a “you are way past your sell by date” and a “your message is toxic” kind of problem.

Personally I’ve never been much drawn to “isms” or “ideologies” and while I personally can understand why vast numbers of women are rejecting and have rejected feminism as the default prism through which they choose to interpret their life experiences, and to understand the social and cultural ecology in which they must live, I can also appreciate that this might leave, for want of a better phrase, a philosophical vacuum.

There is a deeply embedded need on the part of people to feel and be part of something – part of a larger community – I have a suggestion as to what community you should join.

Join the Human Race.

All political, philosophical or ideological conversations should begin and end with one simple belief – I am a Human Being first – every other sentient entity who shares this planet with me is a Human Being first – not female, not male – Human.

Acknowledge that you are no more “special” than any other Human Being because you happen to be a particular kind of Human Being – that you have no entitlement to extra or “special” rights over and above the same basic Human Rights as every other Human Being on the planet – then and only then can you consider yourself have reached an understanding of your place in this world – standing alongside your brothers and sisters as part of one “race” – the Human Race.

No “ism” or “ideologue” can tell you, or dictate to you what kind of Human Being you ought or should be – those like Butler, Shire, Valenti et al have assumed the right to dictate to you what you should believe, have assumed the right to belittle and deride choices you make about yourself – that is the tyranny of feminism – the tyranny of the minority – the tyranny of selfappointed unelected, unrepresentative “spokespersons” who presume to set the parameters of what YOU can believe, what choices you should make.

Join the Human Race – begin and end all conversations with “I am a Human Being first….”



NBI personally do not subscribe to the concept of “equal rights” orequality” per se – because it implies that there are separate sets of rights specific to one group/person or another – based on some individual feature or characteristic of particular human beings – to me this is a nonsense.

What I subscribe to is the concept of equity – where the law is applied regardless of what kind of human being you are – though for the purposes of this article, I understand what is meant – in particular with the IPSOS poll – I have more of a problem with the concept of “equal rights” than with the much more elastic concept of “equality”

Just wanted to clarify that 🙂

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wtfwtf13
    Dec 11, 2014 @ 17:58:41

    Join the Human Race – begin and end all conversations with “I am a Human Being first….
    Amen ! Sister Amen !
    I would add ” A human being first and last ” and fuck everything else, life is too short for an indulgence in mind fucking,unless ending up in a lunatic asylum is your life mission..


    • anjaeriud
      Dec 11, 2014 @ 18:55:41

      Hey WTF 🙂

      You are of course correct – A human being – first, last and always – an essential prerequisite to challenging the mindset that assigns variable or lesser value to those whom they deem to be of less worth, and of course those who assign superior “value” to themselves because of some individual characteristic.

      A human being is a human being – end of.

      Funny you should mention ending up in a lunatic asylum – several of the pioneers of second wave feminism were definitely certifiably a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic – Kate Millet, Shulamith Firestone, Dworkin, McKinnon, spring to mind.

      You might find this amusing – I know it made me laugh once or twice 🙂

      Sex Trouble: Feminism, Mental Illness and the Pathetic Daughters of Misfortune – Posted on August 25, 2014

      A snippet to whet your appetite:

      “If you want to understand feminism, begin by studying abnormal psychology. Perhaps no fact about the Women’s Liberation movement of the 1960s and ’70s is more significant than this:

      Shulamith Firestone, a pioneering leader of so called “Second Wave” feminism who co-founded the radical feminist group Redstockings, was a paranoid schizophrenic who died alone at age 67, having spent decades on public assistance because of her mental illness.

      Feminists can blame Firestone’s pathetic fate on the oppressive patriarchy if they wish, but sane people must suspect that the cause-and-effect are quite opposite. That is to say, while feminists believe that the patriarchy makes women crazy, the rest of us suspect that crazy women made the patriarchy — inventing this imaginary conspiracy of “male supremacy” as the phantom menace of their paranoid minds, a fantasy bogeyman, a rationalization of their own unhappiness and misfortunes.”


  2. caprizchka
    Dec 11, 2014 @ 20:39:10

    Feminism is indeed a crazed stalker. LOL. It is also a pimp who insists that all females on the block belong to it and meanwhile recruits them young.


    • anjaeriud
      Dec 11, 2014 @ 21:14:14

      Hey Cap 🙂

      An excellent point – that automatic claim of ownership, perfectly illustrated in Emily Shire’s article. she “reached out” to those naughty lassies on womenagainstfeminism – presumably so that she could “talk some sense into them” Ok I admit it – I smirked to myself when I read Mel’s rebuff to the condescending feminist.

      I swear I could hear teeth grinding as I read her description of how Mel had rejected her blandishments – 😉

      The thing is really – feminists see themselves as “role models” problem with that is – who the heck wants to model themselves on waspish, shrieky banshees with all the charisma of roadkill?


  3. donzaloog
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 11:47:35

    It’s been an awful year for feminism. All the various factions of the MHRM (MGTOWS, MRAs etc) are exposing them for the liar they are. So many publicity nightmares for them this year. From Emma Watson’s stupid speech to Gamergate, shirtgate, now the UVa fiasco, they’re in damage control mode right now.

    Women against feminsim pisses them off royally and I love it. It’s time feminism realizes that if you ever served a purpose(which i doubt) your stated goal has already been achieved. It’s time to go away.


    • anjaeriud
      Dec 13, 2014 @ 14:42:11

      Hi Don

      It is odd isn’t it? It almost feels like the non and anti feminist part of society (the majority) has reached critical mass – zeitgeist – wise, and collectively people have just reached that tipping point – as you so eloquently put it “it’s time to go away” though in my head, my version is much ruder than that 🙂

      I’m not sure how old that young woman Emma Watson is – she looks about 23ish – which is exactly the demographic that the netmums survey shows a massive 9% self-identifying as feminists!

      In political terms, ratings like that mean – you lost – concede – give up – go home.

      How many ways do they need to be told? Vamoose, bog off, go away, take a hike, get lost, take a long walk off a short pier!

      During my little trawl into fembot land I came across this

      How to Get More Women (and Men) to Call Themselves Feminists – Focus on injustice, poverty, and women in parts of the world beyond the United States. Christina Hoff SommersJun 25 2013,

      Remember reading it last year and rolling my eyes up to heaven – did a little more delving and will post something about this “freedom feminism” Hoff Sommers is trying to peddle – have to expunge all the expletives first though?

      You know what really really bugs the ever loving shit out of me about this crap? The (and Men) in brackets – the way men are tagged on, an afterthought, an addendum, supplementary to women – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      Up until now I’ve been in two minds about Hoff Sommers, not any more, enough is enough – she has done some good work – the next logical step was always to abandon feminism and join the human race – she choose feminism – she packaged the ideological turd that is feminism into a fancy box, tied it up with pretty rhetorical ribbons and is trying to softsoap everybody into buying this shit!

      In which parallel universe does she think feminism was ever a good thing???

      Anyhoo – thank you for comment Don. 🙂



  4. John mws
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 22:26:28

    I hope the brand “feminism” follows the same path as the smoking brands. Smoking was marketed as socially desirable, glamorous, relaxing of anxiety, enjoyable, and even sexy. The wraps where put on the science that shows smoking tobacco as one of, it not the leading cause of cancer and related deaths due to any form of substances abuse. Due to passive smoking effects now it is banned in public and work places and in the western world declining fast in participation.

    The purveyors of feminism also sell it as socially desirable, glamorous, a relaxer of anxiety, enjoyable, and even sexy. The evidence for the societal cancer caused by feminism is coming to light and the branding cannot cover it up. Lets hope it goes the way of smoking, restricted to the addicts but not able to harm innocent bystanders.


    • anjaeriud
      Jan 06, 2015 @ 22:39:26

      Hi John

      What an interesting analogy – am thinking – government health warnings on feminist text books “reading this will damage your mental health” 🙂

      A favour John – am wracking my brain for a suitable toon for todays post – “Happy New Year from the National Coven of Women in Ireland” – you should see my CD’s! all over the floor they are – and nothing I have was produced after 1989.

      Its embarrassing – I grew up in the fecking ’70’s 🙂


  5. Bobby
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 05:09:18

    I’m not surprised that Canada ranks #1 in feminism.


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