TDSB – The Beat Goes On – A Rhino Charges In!

Apparently the TDSBToronto District School Board makes a habit of attempting to shut down Free Speech employing less than savoury tactics, as so eloquently put in an article in the Toronto Sun about the TDSB trying to intimidate a Canadian blogger Arnie Lemaire of BlazingCatFur – Mr. Lemaire has written quite a few articles about the TDSB see Here


“In what can be described as more TDSB theatre of the absurd, an obscure six-week-old blog comment resulted in police visiting his home like one might see back in the day of the Stasi in communist East Germany.”


From: TDSB sics police on sarcastic blogger – By Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun First posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 09:27 PM EDT | Updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 09:33 PM EDT

Link Here.

As you can see from the date – Wednesday March 13, 2013 – what Margaret Wilson, the investigator appointed by the Minister of Education for Ontario to conduct a review of the TDSB – described as a “climate of fear” permeating the TDSB goes back quite a ways.

Now – I haven’t (deliberately) read any of the articles posted on BlazingCatFur – yet – about the TDSB – but – there sure is A LOT OF THEM – here’s the thing – no matter what opinions Mr. Lemaire has expressed – whether I agree with them or not – as far as I’m concerned he has the absolute right to express them – this is partly why I posted the link to his site before even reading anything he has written – his right to Free Speech trumps anyone’s right – including mine – to “be offended

Now it is my turn – I have finally found out who Ryan Bird is – the Ryan Bird who “Sherry” threatened she was going to go to, and “tell on me”

 Submitted on 2015/01/18 at 1:03 pm

 Remove your two articles before I call Ryan Bird to call the police on you”

(emphasis added)

It seems she did “tell on me” because here is the latest “comment” from a member of the TDSB – Toronto District School Board – and here he is. Ryan Bird.


His comment.


 Submitted on 2015/01/24 at 12:13 am

 Your article is slander. REMOVE or else face the legal consequences of defamation of character.”

 Ryan Bird is described in numerous articles –as a “TDSB spokesperson”

 TDSB investigating explicit sex education pamphlets posted in classroom – By James Armstrong and Mark Carcasole Global News Link here.


“My understanding is that it was part of a sexual health resource that was offered up to students, should they want to see that,” said Ryan Bird, a spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board.

 Bird said the school board took down the material once they were notified, but board officials say the pamphlets had been on display for months. Bird said the school board is looking into how long the pamphlets had been on display.

“You would think that somebody would’ve noticed it,” said Doretta Wilson, Executive Director of the Society for Quality Education. “It’s not that innocuous.”

(emphasis added)

TDSB director’s salary hiked despite letter from Education Minister – KAREN HOWLETT and CAROLINE ALPHONSO – The Globe and Mail – Published Friday, Nov. 21 2014, 5:00 AM EST

Last updated Friday, Nov. 21 2014, 5:00 AM EST – Link Here.


“The compensation of your new permanent Director is limited to the amount earned by the predecessor, in this case Mr. Chris Spence,” says the letter dated Jan. 10, 2014, a copy of which was obtained by The Globe and Mail.

 A spokeswoman for Ms. Sandals said the minister and Mr. Bolton have had no formal communication since the January letter, and she is not aware of the details of the contract.

 Mr. Bolton did not respond to an e-mail on Thursday. Ms. Quan has also refused to answer questions from The Globe.

 TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird said Ms. Quan’s compensation was approved at a private board meeting attended by 18 of 22 trustees.

However, several school board sources said trustees were not part of the decision to pay Ms. Quan more than what her predecessor earned. Trustee Pamela Gough said it is “very troubling” that Mr. Bolton ignored Ms. Sandals’ letter.”

(emphasis added)


Fake teacher worked at five TDSB schools, police say – By:Alex BallingallNews, Published on Thu Jul 31 2014 – Link Here.


“Ryan Bird, spokesperson for the TDSB, said the man wasn’t hired by the school board, but rather is alleged to have assumed the identity of an existing employee on the substitute teacher’s list.

 The board is now reviewing how it calls in and hires substitute teachers, Bird said. He would not comment on how the TDSB found out what was going on, or what spurred the discovery of an alleged imposter in their midst.

“We were made aware of this individual at one of the schools,” Bird said. “When we did become aware of it, Toronto police were notified immediately.”

 Bird declined to comment when asked whether the man arrested knew the substitute teacher who was being impersonated, and referred the question to police.

 Bird could not confirm whether the alleged impostor was getting paid. “I think it’s important to know that this is a very isolated incident. To our recollection this has never happened before at the TDSB,” Bird said.”

(emphasis added)

I was struck by two things – first the “spokesperson” of the TDSB “could not confirm” whether this fake teacher was getting paid – even though he was apparently employed as a teacher – and second, it seems that the TDSB relies on memory to recall incidents that happen within the TDSB – pardon me?

They don’t keep records???? About who teaches in their schools? About whether or not they are qualified to be teachers? Paid as teachers?

Tut tut Mr. Bird – that’s a tried a tested “device” for not answering a direct question – you learn that in law school – if you don’t want to answer a direct question you say “I don’t recall” sheesh – everyone knows that!

There are only two possible answers to “have there ever been any other instances when an unqualified person impersonated a teacher in the TDSB?”

Yes or No. Or if you really want to be emphatic – “absolutely not”

Here’s a couple of Child Safety Policy questions for you Rhino.

What procedures are in place in Toronto District School Board schools to protect children from random persons just wandering into schools – claiming to be teachers?

What procedures are in place to check the identity and qualifications of all persons seeking access to children in TDSB schools?

Anyhoo Rhino oops I mean Ryano – drat – Ryan – I take it you’re the TDSB enforcer – you come charging in, huffing and puffing and blowing hot blasts of deadly steam from all orifices – and the object of your fury quivers in abject fear – is that the usual scenario?.

You should be grateful that your name isn’t Barney – otherwise I’d have to liken you to the evil twin brother of big purple dinosaur – a big annoying purple dinosaur. 🙂

See – now I get it – when rent a brain “Sherry” issued her threat that she was gonna tell on me to Ryan Bird I was supposed to run like a rabbit who just spotted a member of the Squamata Serpentes family – that would be snakes by the way.

Except of course you came charging in here like a rhino on speed – I have a typically Irish response to a bully boy stomping about issuing orders.

Póg mo thóin

 Tell me something Rhino – have you issued the same threat TO EVERY SINGLE newspaper, journalist and commenter on every single article (of which there are loads) that portrays the TDSB and its employees in a less than positive light ?

Will you also be issuing the same threat to the Minister of EducationLiz Sandals (who I have contacted by the way) and her investigator Margaret Wilson over this Report?

You can’t miss it – it’s right there on the home page of The Ministry of Education for Ontario.

It would appear that “throwing your weight about” is a feature of TDSB tactics – that the “climate of fear” noted by investigator Margaret Wilson in her Review of the TDSB has led to an unwarranted belief that you can pull that shit GLOBALLY.

From: Voters must take Toronto District School Board mess seriously: Editorial – Link Here.


“An Ernst and Young audit last December found $1.3 million in unauthorized raises for senior staff, and noted there was a “culture of fear” among staff about speaking out when problems arise. That audit also criticized trustees for interfering in day-to-day operations of the school board.

Board employees complained earlier this year that they had been subjected to “abusive, threatening and insulting comments” by some board members. Nine of the 22 trustees themselves said they felt threatened by some of their colleagues. The situation got so bad in March that former board chair Chris Bolton asked police to attend TDSB meetings in response to threatening behaviour by a trustee.”

(emphasis added)

What kind of “wild west” gangster operation are you people running over there? Police at School Board meetings? These are people entrusted with the education of CHILDREN?

Some bloody examples you are for impressionable children – a shower of thugs is what you sound like.


Let me tell you what I think – what my opinion is of the TDSB and some of its employees – like you and your coven of wretches.

You’re a disgrace – an absolute disgrace to Education – you should be run out of town on a rail – the whole toxic, mealy mouthed, moronic lot of you.

You and your ilk shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the education of children – if the Minister of Education Liz Sandals has any sense she will exercise her powers under The Education Act 1990 and SHUT YOU DOWN.

Yep – I’ve read the legislation – thoroughly – and The Minister of Education HAS the power to kick your sorry arse to the kerb – the whole lot of you. Left a link there for ya – but I’ll let you go looking for the relevant section. By the way it’s really really looooooooooooooooong. Have fun now.

Judging by not only the number of articles about the cesspit that is the TDSB, but by the almost all negative comments on all these articles – no one is going to be crying any tears over you shower of gobshoites being kicked out on your arses – NO ONE!


Now – kindly take a running jump off a very short pier.


Slainte agus ná lig do an doras bhuail tú ar an thóin ar an mbealach amach 🙂

Throwing Down The Gauntlet to the TDSB – Toronto District School Board.



First off let me say this – I have received no communications from either or the TSDB about any matters arising out of my post:

Creating “Misogyny” out of Thin Air – in Canada – and Putting Children at Risk. – 01/01/2015

In fact until “Lisa Goldsberry” sent me this youtube audio recording,

I had never heard of the TDSB – it now appears, judging by the subsequent comments I have received that a hornet’s nest has apparently been stirred up.

I have gathered together and reproduced all the comments here and would ask if anyone else – including any member of the TDSB wishes to comment further, they do so here on this post.

Secondly – let me also say this – I am taking all these comments at face value – having said that, my inclination leans towards accepting not just the content of these comments as truthful, but the reactions, as outlined and stated in these comments of the TDSB as plausible.

As those who have laboured not just in the present but for many many years previously in the MHRM (Men’s Human Rights Movement) know, some to their cost, both professionally and personally – what feminists are prepared to do in order to maintain not just their clawlike grip on power, but how unscrupulous they are prepared to be to maintain that grip.

There have been too many documented examples of the lengths feminists in positions of power will go to in order to destroy any challenge or challenger to the poisonous influence of feminism – nowhere more so than when it comes to children.

As a result of receiving not just “Lisa’s” audio recording and Bobby Iven’s subsequent comment I did some digging. In fact I was already researching not just school policy in Canada but the care of children in general in Canada.

One of the places I found myself in was here.

Of the reports I have downloaded and begun to study this one has horrified me – yes I know it sounds rather hyperbolic, but, horrified is the appropriate word to use here.

The unlawful detention of children at schools by school officials and CAS workers

CAS = Children’s Aid Society.

There is something rotten in the State of Canada – and that rot emanates from the corrupt and poisonous influence of feminism.

Below is the series comments I have received on various different posts in relation to the TDSB – in the order they were received. Most recent to the first.



“F. Powell

Submitted on 2015/01/10 at 11:32 pm

This recording might be the same school in Toronto:

The person decided to call another department to figure out why the person was receiving a push back into contacting the school administrators. The TDSB worker claims that he received a call from the school administrator describing that the students were answering the phone calls. The TDSB worker claimed additionally that the office administrator at the school received a phone call, but she didn’t hear anyone [which is completely false because the 1st recording showed that she did speak with the person].

The school administrator acknowledged that the students were answering the phone calls during the lunch hour of September 15, 2014. This implies that the school administrator is blaming the students for the disconnecting calls, but the previous recording shows that the students are supervised by staff in answering the phone because one can hear a voice saying “hang up!” at 1:20. Strange.”

“F. Powell

Submitted on 2015/01/10 at 11:39 pm

Moderators,for your post ” Creating Misogyny out of Thin Air” has angered some of the higher level staff of the Toronto District School Board.

It looks like the Toronto District School Board is cowering under the platform of misogyny whenever someone in the general population attempts to question the school board.

It’s not surprising knowing that there are more female school administrators than men in some parts of Toronto.

Just to let you know, that the TDSB is trying to remove your entire blog because of your article which criticizes the school administrator in the recording.

I believe Bobby Iven has everything covered as to which school Superintendent is overseeing that school.

As I mentioned earlier, the TDSB is trying to find out how to remove your blog. I’m only a teacher who knows about this and would like to advise you before you sign in one day and you notice that your WordPress account is banned.”

Teacher at TDSB

Submitted on 2015/01/11 at 8:57 am

The TDSB is going down the gutter because of these incompetent teachers. Right now the school board is going through an intensive audit because of all of the financial scandals.”

“Teacher at TDSB

Submitted on 2015/01/11 at 9:06 am | In reply to anjaeriud.

I’ll respond to your question to F.Powell because I’m a teacher too and I live in Toronto, unfortunately.

The TDSB is one of the most corrupt school boards in North America, that the media reports that employees live in fear by their bosses.

To answer your question about Canadian women, I think it’s the female teachers who indoctrinate the students with feminism at an early age in school. If you wanted to know the most feminist universities in Canada, look no other than the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

I think that article you wrote is relevant to this Youtube audio of what appears to be a journalist who complained that the same school hung up phone calls on him.

Anjaeriud, the TDSB cannot take down your website that easily…I’m no lawyer but I guess that the TDSB have to lodge a complaint with wordpress or file a court order in the USA, which will be burdensome to enforce because America has freedom of speech, for now.

As for the previous article about the feminists creating misogyny out of thin air, I agree that the school administrator should know about TDSB policies and she should have been ready to summarize those policies.

Your article did indeed stir up some discontent by the upper-level staff at the TDSB and we know why, these school administrators are afraid of accountability and becoming exposed for incompetence.

Keep the blog going. Canada’s flag is already Communist in colour. Just don’t let radical feminism invade your country.”

Teacher at TDSB

Submitted on 2015/01/11 at 9:07 am

The feminists quotes sound like it came from a female professor from the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.”

Bobby Iven

Submitted on 2015/01/09 at 5:06 am

I stumbled on your blog. The phone number which was mentioned in the recording leads to Glenford Duffus. He is the Superintendent of the western part of Toronto.

A google search showed that the same feminazi posted another video, one who sounds like Ethan and a school secretary.


From what I’m hearing from some insiders at the TDSB, the principal of that school did record some calls and called the police to track the call.

In other words, the recording is real, but I don’t know how the recording got leaked. It sounds like Ethan recorded those calls to submit as evidence to the police and Toronto District School Board, but somehow those recordings are in the hands of feminazi teachers.

Which brings to a bigger picture; that fathers have no say in the welfare of their children at school.

The recordings uploaded by “Lisa” show that any father who confronts to question female authority are automatically labelled the aggressors. This is not surprising in the Toronto District School Board. The police takes the side of the female teachers and the feminist movement is allowed to attack fathers and frame them with impunity.

If you have any concerns, you can contact Superintendent Glenford Duffus or the TDSB. Don’t expect the school board to do anything except recording your calls and emails as evidence against you. This is how much feminism is a cancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”


Personal Statement to the TDSB from Anja Eriud

I invite any member/official of the TDSB to post a comment/statement on this blog – please note I will only post that comment if it comes from a TDSB email address.

Unlike feminists I do not operate in the shadows – several allegations have been made against this organisation and it members/officials – and I offer to you the right of reply.

That is what normal civilised people do.

Should this organisation or any of its members/officials prefer to undertake the kinds of actions alluded to in the above comments – ie. Attempt to silence me or have this blog removed from wordpress (a not unknown activity of feminists and their acolytes) then I will take any and all steps I deem necessary to shine a spotlight on these actions – including legal action.

The notion that a “foreign” body/organisation would attempt to interfere with not just the Constitutional Rights of an Irish citizen to exercise Freedom of Speech – but internationally protected rights to Freedom of Speech – ICESCRInternational Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights – and ICCPRInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – of which both The Republic of Ireland and Canada are signatories – could almost create a “diplomatic incident”

That would be just awful – wouldn’t it? 🙂


For the benefit of parents and/or interested parties in the TDSB area here is the “Schedule of Board and Standing Committee Meetings – 2015

By the way the – Administration, Finance and Accountability Committee of the TDSB meets on January 28th 2015 at 5.00 pm

*Time and location of meetings will also be identified on the meeting agenda.

Agendas are available on the following website.

Select Agendas, then the appropriate meeting from the pull-down menu at the top of the page

All information pertaining to the TDSB – including its Board of Trustees and Ward Councils can be found at the following link.

They have helpfully supplied the email addresses of the Trustees click on the link below.


To the TDSB – the ball is now in your court. 🙂


Anja Eriud




A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Manosphere!

Came across this article:

15 Kick-Ass Caitlin Moran Quotes That Will Make You Proud To Be A Feminist By Nico Lang


I have no idea who Nico Lang is, but I have heard of Caitlin Moran – never actually read any of her stuff – knowing she was a feminist was enough. I had a vague notion she was supposed to be one of those “funny” feminists. I did read these “Kick-Ass Quotes” though and groaned.

A celebrity “funny” feminist – not one of the shrieking caterwauling types, the hardfaced bitter harridans then – one of the “witty” ones – therefore on the basis she isn’t screeching like a banshee about trivial shit she is ergo a “good feminist” ho hum.

I’ll be honest, all of these “kick-ass quotes” left me cold – didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the some of the stupider ones – the thing is – you can tart up the messenger, you can even make her “funny” and find one with a bit of wit, a bit of a sense of humour – still doesn’t disguise the fact that the message – feminism – is a turd.

As for the gushing fan, Nico – sigh – “proud to be a feminist” (rolls eyes) say no more.

Let’s take a look at her picks of these fabulous “kick-ass” Cailin Moran quotes, shall we?

“1. You should write, write, write every day, and learn to edit and pare it right back so you’re proud of every sentence, and each one is either being useful or beautiful, but hopefully both.”

Hmmm, methinks Ms. Moran has kind of missed the boat on that one – judging by the positive avalanche of unutterable crap that spews out from feminists/faux feminists/fluffy feminists and women day after day after day – all over the internet, the mainstream media, and anywhere that provides a platform/forum for the mindnumbingly boring trivia of the lives of women.

Ms. Moran seems to be falling into the trap of believing than each and every thought that meanders across the wide barren landscapes of the brains of a vast majority of women is………………….interesting!

It isn’t, it never was, it never will be – but now these brain dead masses have an unlimited outlet for their mindless witterings – jeez – kudos for encouraging these twats!

“2. You can tell whether some misogynistic societal pressure is being exerted on women by calmly enquiring, “And are the men doing this, as well?” If they aren’t, chances are you’re dealing with what we strident feminists refer to as “some total fucking bullshit.”

What does this crap even mean “some misogynistic societal pressure”? the most “societal pressure” being exerted on women is by other bloody women – by themselves – and by self-appointed gurus – like Caitlin Moron – “misogynistic societal pressure” my Irish arse! How about “relational aggression” of the “mean girls” type that women inflict on one another as nauseum as a more logical explanation of this “pressure” that women apparently are being subjected to!

“3. It’s difficult to see the glass ceiling because it’s made of glass. Virtually invisible. What we need is for more birds to fly above it and shit all over it, so we can see it properly.”

Oh look – it’s the “wage gap myth” dressed up in a funny! Though actually there is one teeney tiny grain of truth in that – when she says it’s “virtually invisible” she is in fact almost correct – not “virtually invisible” – actually INVISIBLE – because it doesn’t exist!

“4. We need to reclaim the word “feminism.” We need the word “feminism” back real bad. When statistics come in saying that only 29% of American women would describe themselves as feminist — and only 42% of British women — I used to think, “What do you think feminism IS, ladies? What part of ‘liberation for women’ is not for you? Is it freedom to vote? The right not to be owned by the man you marry? The campaign for equal pay? ‘Vogue’ by Madonna? Jeans? Did all that good shit GET ON YOUR NERVES? Or were you just DRUNK AT THE TIME OF THE SURVEY?”

This one actually irritated me – I took it personally – for one reason and one reason only – I’m female – and who the hell does this bitch think she is telling me what I should or should’nt believe or subscribe to? Well that, and the hubris of peddling the same debunked crap and the hectoring schoolmistressy tone – just from reading the tired old lies she trundles out tells me this – between her and me – I know more about feminism than she ever will – and then some. Which is partly why I’m NOT a feminist. 🙂

As for reclaiming the “word” – sweetheart – you couldn’t give that word away now – you want to slap that toxic label on yourself? Go ahead and welcome. Tuck it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come in the middle of the night and slip a copy of……..some turgid crap under that pillow – better than sleeping pills – believe me I know 😉

“5. A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination.”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, jeez – that’s deeeeeep, in the way puddles are deep – Hallmark could probably use the services of Ms. Moran some day – if they ever run out of people to write pithy little greetings.

“6. A “sign of weakness” for a male celebrity is being found to be unfaithful, or unkind to an employee, or having crashed their car while stoned out of their tiny minds. A “sign of weakness” for a woman, on the other hand, can be a single, unflattering picture.”

Oh big fat deal – the doings of celebrities as a template for us lesser mortals! Because their lives are sooooooooooooo similar to the lives of “ordinary” people – and naturally if some female celebrity has a meltdown because of some “unflattering picture” this is a crisis for all womankind! sigh

“7. I have read more about Oprah Winfrey’s ass than I have about the rise of China as an economic superpower. I fear this is no exaggeration. Perhaps China is rising as an economic superpower because its women aren’t spending all their time reading about Oprah Winfrey’s ass.”

I’ve never read anything about Oprah’s Winfrey’s ass – because I don’t give two flying farts about Oprah Winfrey’s ass – I have on the other read about China, economic policies, global issues, politics in general, and many many articles, studies and reports relating to Human Rights abuses perpetrated against men and boys – because that’s what I CHOSE to read about! Perhaps China is rising as an economic superpower because it is buying up the debt of the world while inflicting Human Rights abuses on its citizens – both men and women?

By the way – who writes all this crap about Oprah Winfrey’s ass? Hmmmmmm, let me think. Oh yeah – women!

“8. When a woman says, “I have nothing to wear!”, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”

Bollox! What it means is that some man somewhere is about to get emotionally blackmailed into funding this entitled bitch’s avarice and unrestrained consumerism in a shopping spree – “to keep her happy” blah!

“9. So this is why I can’t agree with “don’t feed the trolls.” When millionaire celebrity broadcasters and entire publications start trolling, ignoring them isn’t really an option anymore. They are gradually making trolling normative. We have to start feeding the trolls: feeding them with achingly polite emails and comments, reminding them of how billions of people prefer to communicate with each other, every day, in the most unregulated arena of all: courteously.”

Another one that I found myself thinking – what the ever loving fuck is she on about?

“10. These days, however, I am much calmer — since I realised that it’s technically impossible for a woman to argue against feminism. Without feminism, you wouldn’t be allowed to have a debate on women’s place in society. You’d be too busy giving birth on the kitchen floor – biting down on a wooden spoon, so as not to disturb the men’s card game – before going back to quick-liming the dunny. This is why those femalecolumnists in the Daily Mail — giving daily wail against feminism — amuse me. They paid you £1,600 for that, dear, I think. And I bet it’s going in your bank account, and not your husband’s. The more women argue loudly, against feminism, the more they both prove it exists and that they enjoy its hard-won privileges.”


And here it is – the one that really made me narrow my eyes and conclude – this twat is not only not funny – she is an arrogant, hubristic, bossy knickers, know it all – and – she has appointed herself the “boss of all women” – in other words – a bully.

Not only is it “technically possible” to argue against feminism as a female – all it requires is logic, reason, facts, evidence and truth – and has been done – brilliantly I might add by – Janet Bloomfield (Judgybitch) Alison Tieman (typhonblue) Karen Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) to name but three of very many women who have done exactly what this twat in her feminist hubris claims is “technically impossible”

Without feminism this world would be a fairer, more just, compassionate, equitable and rational place – without feminism – men and boys, women and girls would be treated as equal under the law – would be able to enjoy each other’s company as equally valued Human Beings – without feminism – draconian anti-male laws would never have passed. Prejudice, bigotry, hatred and spite levelled at one half of humanity would have attracted the universal contempt and condemnation it deserves.


Without feminism – women might actually have evolved into decent Human Beings.


“11. If you want to know what’s in motherhood for you, as a woman, then — in truth — it’s nothing you couldn’t get from, say, reading the 100 greatest books in human history; learning a foreign language well enough to argue in it; climbing hills; loving recklessly; sitting quietly, alone, in the dawn; drinking whisky with revolutionaries; learning to do close-hand magic; swimming in a river in winter; growing foxgloves, peas and roses; calling your mum; singing while you walk; being polite; and always, always helping strangers. No one has ever claimed for a moment that childless men have missed out on a vital aspect of their existence, and were the poorer, and crippled by it.”

I read this twice – had to – because my first thought was – she needs to either up her meds or perhaps reduce them.

Comparing having a child to reading 100 books! What a twat. Some of her “alternatives” were just insane – “drinking whiskey with revolutionaries”! Ya what? So, let’s see – fly off to war torn region – hunt down some “revolutionaries” clutching your bottle of whiskey in one hand no doubt, and sit around the camp fire singing Kumbaya!

Her last sentence is a classic self-absorbed femocentric ignorance – “….childless men have missed out on a vital aspect of their existence, and were the poorer, and crippled by it.” Because men are just sex robots, aren’t they? Men have no deep seated desire to have families, to have children? Because men are not Human Beings with all the natural normal human instincts to………………………have children of their own?

“12. I cannot understand anti-abortion arguments that centre on the sanctity of life. As a species we’ve fairly comprehensively demonstrated that we don’t believe in the sanctity of life. The shrugging acceptance of war, famine, epidemic, pain and life-long poverty shows us that, whatever we tell ourselves, we’ve made only the most feeble of efforts to really treat human life as sacred.”

Apples and oranges – perhaps you can’t understand the arguments because you are a………………….moron?

Ergo – raise a smokescreen of completely unrelated issues to camouflage your lack of ability to appreciate that for some people – me included – holding human life sacred, even potential human life is not that difficult – in fact – many people are perfectly capable of understanding and appreciating many different perspectives on the human experience – poverty, war, famine etc and formulating opinions and views on them that encompasses politics, economics, public policy, globalisation, debt, Human Rights – though – as a feminist – I can see that addressing complex issues is a bit of a struggle for someone with such limited intellectual capacity.

“13. For throughout history, you can read the stories of women who — against all the odds — got being a woman right, but ended up being compromised, unhappy, hobbled or ruined, because all around them, society was still wrong. Show a girl a pioneering hero — Sylvia Plath, Dorothy Parker, Frida Kahlo, Cleopatra, Boudicca, Joan of Arc — and you also, more often than not, show a girl a woman who was eventually crushed.”

The only part of this that made any sense – in a twisted kind of way was the “…..against all the odds — got being a woman right…..” in other words – fuck being a decent Human Being – it’s all about the vag!

“14. We must recall the most important of humanity guidelines: Be polite. Being polite is possibly the greatest daily contribution everyone can make to life on Earth.”

Really? Being polite is “…..the most important of humanity guidelines..” seriously? I would have said treating all Human Beings as equals under the law – ensuring that the Human Rights of all Human Beings are equally protected, endorsed and enforced – that no person is discriminated against, subject to injustice or abuse, terrorised or maligned because that person happens to be the least “special” sex.

But for you – the funny feminist – it’s “being polite”

“15. “I’m neither ‘pro-women’ nor “anti-men.” I’m just “Thumbs up for the six billion.”

I’m sure I’m supposed to know what this means – is it something to do with that idiot Eve Enslar? The dancing vagina idiot? Either way – this is definitely the stupidest thing this idiot has said – why does it never occur to these numbskulls there really is only one thing to be?


Pro Human Beings!


If these are the reasons why this Nico Lang person is “proud to be a feminist” then darling you have some real  issues 🙂

Happy New Year from the National Women’s Coven of Ireland!


It is actually hard to think of a dumber bunch of women than the ones faffing about in a twitter about utter rubbish than the women of the NWCI (National Women’s Council of Ireland) These sterling examples of Irish “womanhood” appear to exist in a rift of the time space continuum and are trapped somewhere in the mid seventies – when “women’s rights” was a thing – in Ireland – and the toxicity, fraud, bigotry, ignorance and stupidity of feminism was somewhere in the more enlightened future.

I read this article a couple of times and it was like being flung back decades, the rhetoric is the same, the blatant falsehoods peddled as “received wisdom” is the same – I swear, I was just waiting for the usual keywords to surface – intersectionality – patriarchy – male privilege blah blah blah – instead they went for that phrase so beloved of feminist “academics” and “women’s studies” graduates – ie – ignorant twats – “gender binary” ooooooooooooooooohhh my, aren’t we clever!

Usually we don’t hear much from the NWCI – they suck up public funds, keep their heads down, and bask in a warm and fuzzy glow inside about “representing” the views of Irish women and being the voice of Irish women – while collecting nice healthy pay checks paid out of government funds – sigh.

Hmmmmm, I’m female, and Irish – and my view is this – please for the love of God shut the hell up ye shower of ignorant parasitic twats.

Go away and knit something useful – like a gag.

Right – now that I have that off my chest – shall we rip this piece of crap article apart?

It’s called – Preventing domestic violence tops women’s 2015 wishlist – poll – link here

Naturally enough it appears in the Irish Whines – ooops did I say Whines – meant to say Times.

First thing to note is this – this poll was conducted among a miniscule number of respondents – online.

“In the lead-up to the New Year, NWCI conducted a poll among members asking them about their hopes for the Government’s priorities in 2015. The poll consisted of 10 issue-based questions. It was on social media over 10 days and received 600 responses.

“That the three most prominent issues were violence against women, abortion and affordable childcare was no big shock,” Ms O’Connor said.”

(emphasis added)

So, let’s just examine that a bit closer – this online poll was conducted “over Christmas” “on social media” a time when, to be blunt, the vast majority of Irish people are indulging in a lot of drinking, carousing and general “craic” that is, other than feminists – say, like Jessica Valenti who had a big ole fit of the screamies about NOT wrapping all the Christmas presents?

A time when your average man hating fembot is probably in misandry hyperdrive and positively marinating in manhate? What with all that jollity, rambunctiousness and present wrapping and giving going on. not to mention all the mistletoe hanging about. 

THAT’S when and where this “poll” was conducted? Link here.

“There were 575 responses in total, outlining what people want the government to prioritise for women in 2015. • 96% of respondents were women, 3% were men and 1% identified as outside the gender binary. • Over 60% of respondents were between 18 and 40. A further 30% were between the ages of 44 and 55.”

Who wants to bet that not only were the respondents dyed in the wool feminists – a minority of almost every single western population – but probably the most rancid of all feminists – being members of the NWCI being a big clue, and yet here in the paper of record of the Republic of Ireland amidst the usual bullshit fanfare that accompanies any breathless feminist “see, we told you – all men are bastards” we are supposed to believe that these 552 (96%) “women” are representative of the almost two million women in Ireland?

Over the course of the last 30 years or so – when I first became aware of, and dismissed “women’s rights” and feminism as the rantings of seriously disturbed wretches, I’ve seen some execrable and corrupt pieces of garbage masquerading as “surveys” and “research” and “polls” but this putrid piece of propaganda takes the biscuit – we have definitely hurtled back in time to the mid seventies!

Moving on – The second thing to note is the absolute bias of each and every question – see for yourself: “

1. Protect women from domestic and sexual violence 86%

2. Ensure access to safe and legal abortions 81%

3. Make childcare more accessible and affordable 73%

4. Protect women workers’ rights and ensure decent pay for women 71%

5. Ensure that the voices of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable women are being heard 70%

6. Ensure justice for victims of institutional abuse 66%

7. Provide greater work-life balance and opportunities to share care work more equally 62%

8. Increase the number of women in senior leadership positions in Ireland 60%

9. Ensure adequate pensions for all women 55%

10. Protect the health and welfare of asylum seekers by ending the direct provision system 64%

11. Significantly invest into training and education for young women 51.1%

12. Reform Irish political culture to make it more appealing to women 51%”

But that’s not the best bit – in order to justify peddling this outrageously biased “poll” by literally spoonfeeding people the “right answers” the NWCI offers as an explanation that “…it would have been too confusing to ask respondents to weight each of the twelve options.”

“The survey asked respondents to answer whether the above issues were ‘very important,’ ‘important’, ‘less important’ and ‘I don’t know’. • Due to the large number of options, it would have been too confusing to ask respondent to weight each of the twelve options. Due to the flexible nature of the poll questions, it was possible that respondents could rank all options as ‘very important.’ However, we can see from the results that there was a definite pattern in terms of what women want for 2015, with three issues polling more strongly than others”

(emphasis added)

By the way – you know what a really large percentage of a really really small number is? AN EVEN SMALLER NUMBER!

God forbid that the NWCI would trust Irish women to list the most important “issues” for themselves, without spoonfeeding from the hags at both the NWCI and at the Irish Whines.

Now, why would any sentient autonomous human being be a bit insulted at the idea they are incapable of listing a least three “issues” that they consider important? (without prompting)

Ah wait – I forgot – “women” are not sentient autonomous human beings – unless they are – and even then – it depends!

The article, and by extension the NWCI, nails its colours to the mast right from the get go with some of the biggest lies/frauds of feminism.

“Male violence is still an inescapable backdrop in the lives of one in five women in Ireland. Equally, the issue of safe and legal abortion is one which has affected hundreds of thousands of women since the Eighth Amendment was inserted into the Constitution in 1983 and was rarely out of the headlines last year, while the lack of affordable, accessible childcare is a massive barrier to women’s equal participation in the workforce.”

One in five – there it is again – that ubiquitous “statistic” or when used by feminists – a number we just pulled out of our arse/made up/invented/got from someone who read something by someone, once upon a time – and of course the piece de résistance the juxtaposition of the word “male” with “violence”.

From this article

“Why are there no refuges for male victims of domestic violence?”

I reproduce this excellent comment

“David Mortimer Jul 7 8:03 PM

Domestic Violence is a social issue, not a gender problem. It will never be reduced until both sides of the problem are acknowledged and addressed by those who claim to be concerned about it. The persistent claim that the overwhelming majority of victims of domestic violence are women is not supported by any impartial research, either in the UK or elsewhere.

The results of all gender-neutral studies of domestic violence in couple relationships, published to date, indicate that there is an almost equal numerical culpability between men and women. In spite of mounting evidence the issue of women’s violence has been discounted or ignored by the media, law enforcement agencies and the social services.

Furthermore, there is reason to be alarmed when our understanding of family violence, policy making and allocation of scarce resources has been significantly shaped without regard to an abundance of evidence showing that family violence as a social phenomenon is not gender-specific.

This clearly has important implications for research, education funding and social policy. The technique of collecting data from Women’s Aid type groups is misleading the public about domestic violence because they use surveys that show higher rates of men as aggressors based on National Crime Survey data or official law-enforcement records, but these studies are flawed methodologically because the samples are not representative and because men are less likely to lodge official victimisation reports.

Another problem with much of the domestic violence literature is that it is based on clinical populations, specifically battered women receiving shelter services or therapy. Data collected and conclusions drawn from those who seek shelter or therapy cannot be generalised to the broader population. Victims who seek services may differ significantly from the broader population, so the value of these studies lies primarily in spawning clinical prescriptions for treatment, not in describing or explaining domestic violence in general.

Studies of residents in shelters for battered women are sometimes cited to show that it is only their male partners who are violent. However, these studies rarely obtain or report information on assaults by women, and, when they do, they ask only about self-defence, precluding information on female initiated assaults.”

(emphasis added)

Every single point made by Mr. Mortimer is supported and confirmed by properly conducted research – absolutely reams and reams of research. Valid, verifiable provable, TRUTHFUL research.

Moving on:

“….Equally, the issue of safe and legal abortion is one which has affected hundreds of thousands of women since the Eighth Amendment was inserted into the Constitution in 1983…”

Hundreds of thousands of women…..”? the average number of women seeking abortions in the UK is approx 6,000 per year – from 1983 to the end of 2014 is 31 years – therefore we are talking about 186,000 approx – NOT hundreds of thousands.

I’ve already written about this topic – and my views have not changed – I do not subscribe to the notion that abortion is “a right” it is a choice – your choice – make it if you want – and unless it is a medical necessity/emergency then bloody well organise and pay for it yourself.

“Getting The Boat” – Abortion, Rape and Ireland”

Do I acknowledge your right to make that choice? Yep. But you won’t get a round of applause or a clap on the back from me – am not going to assuage your guilt/angst/discomfort whatever, by making you the star of your little psychodrama, or pander to your need to have every single thing you do met with absolute approval by “not judging” you – why should it matter anyway what anybody thinks of you?

It’s your choice isn’t it? – you live with it.

Just to be clear – I personally do not give a shit if you do or don’t have an abortion – as I said “your choice” but don’t play the poor fragile victim – you got pregnant – you don’t want to be pregnant – you got rid. Aligning yourself with women with genuine medical emergencies and/or non viable pregnancies is – in my opinion sick and twisted – would have more respect for someone who just honestly said – “I got an abortion because I don’t want to have a child” end of – none of this faux “oh my God I am a tragic victim and the whole bloody world needs to weep over my poor tragic ass” pffft.

Next up:

“……lack of affordable, accessible childcare is a massive barrier to women’s equal participation in the workforce….”

“Public spending on childcare in Ireland as a percentage of GDP is low and childcare costs are among the highest in Europe “averaging €800 to €1,000 a month for a full-time place,” Ms O’Connor said.”

“Equal participation in the workforce…..” oh pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuzeeee – right now in the Republic of Ireland there is massive unemployment, MALE unemployment – so how much more “equal” do these twats want women to be? As for the barrier that having children is, to this “equal participation in the workforce” – how about this? – it is YOUR responsibility to look after the children YOU CHOSE to have – or has that not occurred to any of you numbskulls?

Alternatively – don’t have any little “barriers” – there ya go – problem sorted.

At an average of €900.00 per month for “childcare” this works out at €10,800.00 per year – the rate of payment for a single unemployed person in Ireland is €188.00 per week or €9,776.00 per year.

So, these selfish avaricious hags believe that the government should step in and pay more than the equivalent that a single unemployed person (mostly young males) gets to live on, so that they can leave their children in crèches and nurseries all day and go do something useless and pointless instead of raising their own children – and they call this pursuing “a career” and get to feel all superior and “empowered” ppppppfft!

“The NWCI is calling on the Government to introduce a second free pre-school year and to make sure paternity leave is introduced “to send the message that fathers also have an important role to play when it comes to care.”

(emphasis added)

On the very last line of this piece of garbage we find the word “fathers” thrown is as an afterthought – note that it is almost reluctantly, grudgingly it is conceded that “fathers also have an important role to play when it comes to care.”

Is there any doubt that role is a supporting one – second string – if even that – after all when it comes to “important issues” in the parallel universe inhabited by the National Women’s Coven of Ireland – NWCI –  humanity consists of – women………………………..and others.

Creating “Misogyny” out of Thin Air – in Canada – and Putting Children at Risk.


Woke up this morning – Happy New Year by the way to one and all – logged on and lo and behold a comment from Canada – not just from Canada but from a Canadian feminist. Sigh.

For some strange reason I appear to be some kind of magnet for Canadian feminists – every so often I get a comment from one of them – most are so bizarre or just downright moronic I scan them and hit delete. Once or twice I’ve either approved the comment or used it to illustrate the sheer depths of insanity that Canadian feminists swim in – again – sigh.

I’ve never been to Canada – have only actually known one Canadian personally, a feminist twat, so am at a bit of a loss as to why these particular feminists find their way here.

Anyhoo – this morning’s “Canadian” comment was waiting to be approved – on the surface it’s relatively benign – for a Canadian feminist – and it came with a link to a youtube video. Here is the text of the comment.


“Submitted on 2015/01/01 at 12:42 am

 Misogyny is a problem in Canada.

A female school administrator of the Toronto District School Board

was verbally harassed on the phone by one of the misogynist men.

Women should not be oppressed by such chauvinst men. Men must learn to respect women.”


Why this one caught my eye rather than any other one is down to two reasons – first the email address – Lisa Goldsberry

NB – for the benefit of feminists and in particular Canadian feminists – you have no expectation of privacy on this blog – so any caterwauling about me publishing your email addresses is – tough. Why are they always invariably called Lisa I wonder? Hmmmmm.


Second – I listened to the youtube video – it only contains sound – no images.

Finally – the caption;

“Published on Dec 25, 2014

A crazy misogynist dude called a school principal in the Toronto District School Board. The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal. The crazy dude raised his tone of voice later in the video.”

What I heard, and what any sane rational person would hear is a man attempting to get a clear answer to a straightforward question.

What procedures are in place in this particular school to protect children from teachers who behave or act inappropriately towards those children. I’m paraphrasing.

Not only did this man identify himself several times but he remained calm, rational and focused on the question(s) he wanted answered – by anybody’s standards – especially parents – an extremely important question.

How does this school protect children?

I’ll be honest – halfway through listening, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and a growing feeling of disquiet took over. The principal used this phrase;

We have policies and procedures” – repetitively

Yet, refused to actually outline these “policies and procedures” in fact, kept referring this man to the school superintendent – valiantly he pointed out that, as the principal, she was responsible for the safety of the children under her care – in essence – the buck stops here – and she ducked and dived, evaded and deflected, dodged and slithered away from the core issue.

How does this school protect the children in that school?

The coup de grace came at the end – When he asked if she was hiding something she said “I don’t know what you’re talking about and at this point I’m going to end the conversation” then she obviously hung up.

You will note that I have not referred to this latest “Lisa’s” comment so far – but now – let’s take a closer look.

Her intent is plain – use this recording as a tool to whip up some feminist hysteria and create a shitstorm in Canada about “misogyny” alas Lisa – like all feminists and it would seem Canadian feminists in particular – thinking things through is a skill none of you possess – if you had another brain cell my dear you would still only be a plant – perhaps a shrub.

Allow me to give you some advice Lisa – its good advice – “never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to”.

You see here’s the thing – unless you are 100% per cent sure of the consequences of opening a particular Pandora’s box – ie – what will emerge – you do so at not only your own risk – but at the risk of your “case” and more importantly your client.

Your client is feminism – your object was to “prove” the existence of “misogyny” and therefore the “innocence” of feminism – alas Lisa – you have failed miserably.

What has emerged from this particular Pandora’s Box you opened are legitimate concerns about the safety of the children in this school and the competence of this school principal to ensure that safety.

You referred to this man “Ethan” as “A crazy misogynist dude……” and his legitimate questions about the safety of children in that school as “The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal.”

So, in your toxic little world, a person (such as this principal) who is tasked with ensuring the safety of children being asked to outline what exactly she does to do exactly that – ensure the safety of children – is a “crazy misogynist”??

Behold the true face of feminism – sacrifice children on the altar of a toxic ideology.

But – there is another facet to this that bears scrutiny.

So far I’ve taken this comment and the accompanying recording at face value – a leap of faith when it comes to feminists as we all know – except the very fact of this recording raises some questions in and of itself.

This is allegedly a recording of a telephone conversation between a school principal and a male caller to that school principal – querying the existence or lack thereof of a written Child Safety Policy in existence in that school.

Is it normal procedure for these conversations to be recorded? By school principals in Canada?

How did the moronic “Lisa” get hold of this recording?

The purpose of this recording – whether it is/was staged or not is patently clear – create another feminist shitstorm of hysteria around “misogyny” the mechanism – to portray a male caller as ”harassing” a female school principal on school policy.

Using Child Safety Issues in schools as the backdrop to this mendacious and vile “plan” has to be the dumbest, most moronic and cynical tactic I’ve seen in quite some time.

But then – it would require a level of self awareness, sentience and basic fundamental humanity that feminists are incapable of achieving as long as they are feminists to realise that.

Using the safety of children in schools to “make a feminist point” is about as low as you can get and still remain technically “human”

I also have a suggestion for the puppet mistresses of feminism – yep – you read that correctly – because the one thing that this “Lisa” shares with all the other “Lisa’s” who have contacted this blog is this – they are as thick as two short planks – you couldn’t get any dumber than these numbskulls – ergo this “plan” is literally beyond their limited capabilities – flawed and moronic as it is – so – someone is pulling her strings.

My guess is the coven of feminist harpies at the University of Toronto – that haven of Free Speech, civic responsibility and…………

The tide is turning against feminism – in all its manifestations – the comment from “Lisa” was posted to the Breaking Up is Hard to Do” article – my own little elegy to feminism 😉

There is not one single tenet of feminism that has not been discredited, debunked or exposed as a fraud – not one – and where does this nest of vipers lay its poisonous eggs?

In the education system – in the school system – incubating little baby feminists and demoralising little boys – take away that power and you starve feminism of its cannon fodder.

Expose feminist indoctrinated teachers as the vipers they are and…………………watch the toxic edifice crumble.

Anyhoo – that’s my own theory – but then I have a very suspicious mind when it comes to anything to do with feminism – especially the really dumb ones. 🙂