Creating “Misogyny” out of Thin Air – in Canada – and Putting Children at Risk.


Woke up this morning – Happy New Year by the way to one and all – logged on and lo and behold a comment from Canada – not just from Canada but from a Canadian feminist. Sigh.

For some strange reason I appear to be some kind of magnet for Canadian feminists – every so often I get a comment from one of them – most are so bizarre or just downright moronic I scan them and hit delete. Once or twice I’ve either approved the comment or used it to illustrate the sheer depths of insanity that Canadian feminists swim in – again – sigh.

I’ve never been to Canada – have only actually known one Canadian personally, a feminist twat, so am at a bit of a loss as to why these particular feminists find their way here.

Anyhoo – this morning’s “Canadian” comment was waiting to be approved – on the surface it’s relatively benign – for a Canadian feminist – and it came with a link to a youtube video. Here is the text of the comment.


“Submitted on 2015/01/01 at 12:42 am

 Misogyny is a problem in Canada.

A female school administrator of the Toronto District School Board

was verbally harassed on the phone by one of the misogynist men.

Women should not be oppressed by such chauvinst men. Men must learn to respect women.”


Why this one caught my eye rather than any other one is down to two reasons – first the email address – Lisa Goldsberry

NB – for the benefit of feminists and in particular Canadian feminists – you have no expectation of privacy on this blog – so any caterwauling about me publishing your email addresses is – tough. Why are they always invariably called Lisa I wonder? Hmmmmm.


Second – I listened to the youtube video – it only contains sound – no images.

Finally – the caption;

“Published on Dec 25, 2014

A crazy misogynist dude called a school principal in the Toronto District School Board. The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal. The crazy dude raised his tone of voice later in the video.”

What I heard, and what any sane rational person would hear is a man attempting to get a clear answer to a straightforward question.

What procedures are in place in this particular school to protect children from teachers who behave or act inappropriately towards those children. I’m paraphrasing.

Not only did this man identify himself several times but he remained calm, rational and focused on the question(s) he wanted answered – by anybody’s standards – especially parents – an extremely important question.

How does this school protect children?

I’ll be honest – halfway through listening, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and a growing feeling of disquiet took over. The principal used this phrase;

We have policies and procedures” – repetitively

Yet, refused to actually outline these “policies and procedures” in fact, kept referring this man to the school superintendent – valiantly he pointed out that, as the principal, she was responsible for the safety of the children under her care – in essence – the buck stops here – and she ducked and dived, evaded and deflected, dodged and slithered away from the core issue.

How does this school protect the children in that school?

The coup de grace came at the end – When he asked if she was hiding something she said “I don’t know what you’re talking about and at this point I’m going to end the conversation” then she obviously hung up.

You will note that I have not referred to this latest “Lisa’s” comment so far – but now – let’s take a closer look.

Her intent is plain – use this recording as a tool to whip up some feminist hysteria and create a shitstorm in Canada about “misogyny” alas Lisa – like all feminists and it would seem Canadian feminists in particular – thinking things through is a skill none of you possess – if you had another brain cell my dear you would still only be a plant – perhaps a shrub.

Allow me to give you some advice Lisa – its good advice – “never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to”.

You see here’s the thing – unless you are 100% per cent sure of the consequences of opening a particular Pandora’s box – ie – what will emerge – you do so at not only your own risk – but at the risk of your “case” and more importantly your client.

Your client is feminism – your object was to “prove” the existence of “misogyny” and therefore the “innocence” of feminism – alas Lisa – you have failed miserably.

What has emerged from this particular Pandora’s Box you opened are legitimate concerns about the safety of the children in this school and the competence of this school principal to ensure that safety.

You referred to this man “Ethan” as “A crazy misogynist dude……” and his legitimate questions about the safety of children in that school as “The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal.”

So, in your toxic little world, a person (such as this principal) who is tasked with ensuring the safety of children being asked to outline what exactly she does to do exactly that – ensure the safety of children – is a “crazy misogynist”??

Behold the true face of feminism – sacrifice children on the altar of a toxic ideology.

But – there is another facet to this that bears scrutiny.

So far I’ve taken this comment and the accompanying recording at face value – a leap of faith when it comes to feminists as we all know – except the very fact of this recording raises some questions in and of itself.

This is allegedly a recording of a telephone conversation between a school principal and a male caller to that school principal – querying the existence or lack thereof of a written Child Safety Policy in existence in that school.

Is it normal procedure for these conversations to be recorded? By school principals in Canada?

How did the moronic “Lisa” get hold of this recording?

The purpose of this recording – whether it is/was staged or not is patently clear – create another feminist shitstorm of hysteria around “misogyny” the mechanism – to portray a male caller as ”harassing” a female school principal on school policy.

Using Child Safety Issues in schools as the backdrop to this mendacious and vile “plan” has to be the dumbest, most moronic and cynical tactic I’ve seen in quite some time.

But then – it would require a level of self awareness, sentience and basic fundamental humanity that feminists are incapable of achieving as long as they are feminists to realise that.

Using the safety of children in schools to “make a feminist point” is about as low as you can get and still remain technically “human”

I also have a suggestion for the puppet mistresses of feminism – yep – you read that correctly – because the one thing that this “Lisa” shares with all the other “Lisa’s” who have contacted this blog is this – they are as thick as two short planks – you couldn’t get any dumber than these numbskulls – ergo this “plan” is literally beyond their limited capabilities – flawed and moronic as it is – so – someone is pulling her strings.

My guess is the coven of feminist harpies at the University of Toronto – that haven of Free Speech, civic responsibility and…………

The tide is turning against feminism – in all its manifestations – the comment from “Lisa” was posted to the Breaking Up is Hard to Do” article – my own little elegy to feminism 😉

There is not one single tenet of feminism that has not been discredited, debunked or exposed as a fraud – not one – and where does this nest of vipers lay its poisonous eggs?

In the education system – in the school system – incubating little baby feminists and demoralising little boys – take away that power and you starve feminism of its cannon fodder.

Expose feminist indoctrinated teachers as the vipers they are and…………………watch the toxic edifice crumble.

Anyhoo – that’s my own theory – but then I have a very suspicious mind when it comes to anything to do with feminism – especially the really dumb ones. 🙂

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caprizchka
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 22:08:55

    Christmas is most certainly the time for those of arrested development to clutch onto their presents screeching “mine!”. Whereas children are supposed to be supervised by individuals who care about them personally, I regret that my sympathies to the gentleman caller do not extend to his choice of schools. I hope that he takes his child out of that school before the programming is complete.

    Other than that, I’m very sympathetic. I wonder even if this particular “feminist” is real with her “target” recorded much more professionally than the school employee who sounds horrible and screechy. If this is a feminist recruitment audio it is bottom-fishing. I think “Lisa” doesn’t exist.

    I understand that this is a good technique as “click bait,” and I can’t condemn it considering the shenanigans engaged by the other side.

    Coincidentally, I recently saw a video closer to your home of a parent dealing with similar feminist brown shirts. The man identifies himself:


  2. caprizchka
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 22:17:02


  3. Russell
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 02:32:33

    Public authority with contempt for accountability – what could go wrong?


  4. Bobby Iven
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 05:06:49

    I stumbled on your blog. The phone number which was mentioned in the recording leads to Glenford Duffus. He is the Superintendent of the western part of Toronto.

    A google search showed that the same feminazi posted another video, one who sounds like Ethan and a school secretary.


    From what I’m hearing from some insiders at the TDSB, the principal of that school did record some calls and called the police to track the call.

    In other words, the recording is real, but I don’t know how the recording got leaked. It sounds like Ethan recorded those calls to submit as evidence to the police and Toronto District School Board, but somehow those recordings are in the hands of feminazi teachers.

    Which brings to a bigger picture; that fathers have no say in the welfare of their children at school.

    The recordings uploaded by “Lisa” show that any father who confronts to question female authority are automatically labelled the aggressors. This is not surprising in the Toronto District School Board. The police takes the side of the female teachers and the feminist movement is allowed to attack fathers and frame them with impunity.

    If you have any concerns, you can contact Superintendent Glenford Duffus or the TDSB. Don’t expect the school board to do anything except recording your calls and emails as evidence against you. This is how much feminism is a cancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  5. F. Powell
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 23:32:04

    This recording might be the same school in Toronto:

    The person decided to call another department to figure out why the person was receiving a push back into contacting the school administrators. The TDSB worker claims that he received a call from the school administrator describing that the students were answering the phone calls. The TDSB worker claimed additionally that the office administrator at the school received a phone call, but she didn’t hear anyone [which is completely false because the 1st recording showed that she did speak with the person].

    The school administrator acknowledged that the students were answering the phone calls during the lunch hour of September 15, 2014. This implies that the school administrator is blaming the students for the disconnecting calls, but the previous recording shows that the students are supervised by staff in answering the phone because one can hear a voice saying “hang up!” at 1:20. Strange.


  6. Teacher at TDSB
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 08:57:42

    The TDSB is going down the gutter because of these incompetent teachers. Right now the school board is going through an intensive audit because of all of the financial scandals.


  7. Dwayne
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 11:14:40

    A blogger broadcasted his views on the topic:

    It has to do something about when the journalist called Roselands Junior Public School and the secretary was hanging up the phone calls on the journalist.

    It’s not surprising that when a parent called, the TDSB automatically labelled him as a misogynist, or worse a criminal.

    If the principal was male, the feminists will be cheering the women to go on a smear campaign, but because it’s a male parent questioning female authority, he automatically gets labelled as a misogynist.


  8. Dwayne
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 11:15:49

    A blogger broadcasted his views on the topic:

    How do you get it to go in preview mode, the Teachers College never updated us on how to use web skills.


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