Happy New Year from the National Women’s Coven of Ireland!


It is actually hard to think of a dumber bunch of women than the ones faffing about in a twitter about utter rubbish than the women of the NWCI (National Women’s Council of Ireland) These sterling examples of Irish “womanhood” appear to exist in a rift of the time space continuum and are trapped somewhere in the mid seventies – when “women’s rights” was a thing – in Ireland – and the toxicity, fraud, bigotry, ignorance and stupidity of feminism was somewhere in the more enlightened future.

I read this article a couple of times and it was like being flung back decades, the rhetoric is the same, the blatant falsehoods peddled as “received wisdom” is the same – I swear, I was just waiting for the usual keywords to surface – intersectionality – patriarchy – male privilege blah blah blah – instead they went for that phrase so beloved of feminist “academics” and “women’s studies” graduates – ie – ignorant twats – “gender binary” ooooooooooooooooohhh my, aren’t we clever!

Usually we don’t hear much from the NWCI – they suck up public funds, keep their heads down, and bask in a warm and fuzzy glow inside about “representing” the views of Irish women and being the voice of Irish women – while collecting nice healthy pay checks paid out of government funds – sigh.

Hmmmmm, I’m female, and Irish – and my view is this – please for the love of God shut the hell up ye shower of ignorant parasitic twats.

Go away and knit something useful – like a gag.

Right – now that I have that off my chest – shall we rip this piece of crap article apart?

It’s called – Preventing domestic violence tops women’s 2015 wishlist – poll – link here

Naturally enough it appears in the Irish Whines – ooops did I say Whines – meant to say Times.

First thing to note is this – this poll was conducted among a miniscule number of respondents – online.

“In the lead-up to the New Year, NWCI conducted a poll among members asking them about their hopes for the Government’s priorities in 2015. The poll consisted of 10 issue-based questions. It was on social media over 10 days and received 600 responses.

“That the three most prominent issues were violence against women, abortion and affordable childcare was no big shock,” Ms O’Connor said.”

(emphasis added)

So, let’s just examine that a bit closer – this online poll was conducted “over Christmas” “on social media” a time when, to be blunt, the vast majority of Irish people are indulging in a lot of drinking, carousing and general “craic” that is, other than feminists – say, like Jessica Valenti who had a big ole fit of the screamies about NOT wrapping all the Christmas presents?

A time when your average man hating fembot is probably in misandry hyperdrive and positively marinating in manhate? What with all that jollity, rambunctiousness and present wrapping and giving going on. not to mention all the mistletoe hanging about. 

THAT’S when and where this “poll” was conducted? Link here.

“There were 575 responses in total, outlining what people want the government to prioritise for women in 2015. • 96% of respondents were women, 3% were men and 1% identified as outside the gender binary. • Over 60% of respondents were between 18 and 40. A further 30% were between the ages of 44 and 55.”

Who wants to bet that not only were the respondents dyed in the wool feminists – a minority of almost every single western population – but probably the most rancid of all feminists – being members of the NWCI being a big clue, and yet here in the paper of record of the Republic of Ireland amidst the usual bullshit fanfare that accompanies any breathless feminist “see, we told you – all men are bastards” we are supposed to believe that these 552 (96%) “women” are representative of the almost two million women in Ireland?

Over the course of the last 30 years or so – when I first became aware of, and dismissed “women’s rights” and feminism as the rantings of seriously disturbed wretches, I’ve seen some execrable and corrupt pieces of garbage masquerading as “surveys” and “research” and “polls” but this putrid piece of propaganda takes the biscuit – we have definitely hurtled back in time to the mid seventies!

Moving on – The second thing to note is the absolute bias of each and every question – see for yourself: “

1. Protect women from domestic and sexual violence 86%

2. Ensure access to safe and legal abortions 81%

3. Make childcare more accessible and affordable 73%

4. Protect women workers’ rights and ensure decent pay for women 71%

5. Ensure that the voices of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable women are being heard 70%

6. Ensure justice for victims of institutional abuse 66%

7. Provide greater work-life balance and opportunities to share care work more equally 62%

8. Increase the number of women in senior leadership positions in Ireland 60%

9. Ensure adequate pensions for all women 55%

10. Protect the health and welfare of asylum seekers by ending the direct provision system 64%

11. Significantly invest into training and education for young women 51.1%

12. Reform Irish political culture to make it more appealing to women 51%”

But that’s not the best bit – in order to justify peddling this outrageously biased “poll” by literally spoonfeeding people the “right answers” the NWCI offers as an explanation that “…it would have been too confusing to ask respondents to weight each of the twelve options.”

“The survey asked respondents to answer whether the above issues were ‘very important,’ ‘important’, ‘less important’ and ‘I don’t know’. • Due to the large number of options, it would have been too confusing to ask respondent to weight each of the twelve options. Due to the flexible nature of the poll questions, it was possible that respondents could rank all options as ‘very important.’ However, we can see from the results that there was a definite pattern in terms of what women want for 2015, with three issues polling more strongly than others”

(emphasis added)

By the way – you know what a really large percentage of a really really small number is? AN EVEN SMALLER NUMBER!

God forbid that the NWCI would trust Irish women to list the most important “issues” for themselves, without spoonfeeding from the hags at both the NWCI and at the Irish Whines.

Now, why would any sentient autonomous human being be a bit insulted at the idea they are incapable of listing a least three “issues” that they consider important? (without prompting)

Ah wait – I forgot – “women” are not sentient autonomous human beings – unless they are – and even then – it depends!

The article, and by extension the NWCI, nails its colours to the mast right from the get go with some of the biggest lies/frauds of feminism.

“Male violence is still an inescapable backdrop in the lives of one in five women in Ireland. Equally, the issue of safe and legal abortion is one which has affected hundreds of thousands of women since the Eighth Amendment was inserted into the Constitution in 1983 and was rarely out of the headlines last year, while the lack of affordable, accessible childcare is a massive barrier to women’s equal participation in the workforce.”

One in five – there it is again – that ubiquitous “statistic” or when used by feminists – a number we just pulled out of our arse/made up/invented/got from someone who read something by someone, once upon a time – and of course the piece de résistance the juxtaposition of the word “male” with “violence”.

From this article

“Why are there no refuges for male victims of domestic violence?”

I reproduce this excellent comment

“David Mortimer Jul 7 8:03 PM

Domestic Violence is a social issue, not a gender problem. It will never be reduced until both sides of the problem are acknowledged and addressed by those who claim to be concerned about it. The persistent claim that the overwhelming majority of victims of domestic violence are women is not supported by any impartial research, either in the UK or elsewhere.

The results of all gender-neutral studies of domestic violence in couple relationships, published to date, indicate that there is an almost equal numerical culpability between men and women. In spite of mounting evidence the issue of women’s violence has been discounted or ignored by the media, law enforcement agencies and the social services.

Furthermore, there is reason to be alarmed when our understanding of family violence, policy making and allocation of scarce resources has been significantly shaped without regard to an abundance of evidence showing that family violence as a social phenomenon is not gender-specific.

This clearly has important implications for research, education funding and social policy. The technique of collecting data from Women’s Aid type groups is misleading the public about domestic violence because they use surveys that show higher rates of men as aggressors based on National Crime Survey data or official law-enforcement records, but these studies are flawed methodologically because the samples are not representative and because men are less likely to lodge official victimisation reports.

Another problem with much of the domestic violence literature is that it is based on clinical populations, specifically battered women receiving shelter services or therapy. Data collected and conclusions drawn from those who seek shelter or therapy cannot be generalised to the broader population. Victims who seek services may differ significantly from the broader population, so the value of these studies lies primarily in spawning clinical prescriptions for treatment, not in describing or explaining domestic violence in general.

Studies of residents in shelters for battered women are sometimes cited to show that it is only their male partners who are violent. However, these studies rarely obtain or report information on assaults by women, and, when they do, they ask only about self-defence, precluding information on female initiated assaults.”

(emphasis added)

Every single point made by Mr. Mortimer is supported and confirmed by properly conducted research – absolutely reams and reams of research. Valid, verifiable provable, TRUTHFUL research.

Moving on:

“….Equally, the issue of safe and legal abortion is one which has affected hundreds of thousands of women since the Eighth Amendment was inserted into the Constitution in 1983…”

Hundreds of thousands of women…..”? the average number of women seeking abortions in the UK is approx 6,000 per year – from 1983 to the end of 2014 is 31 years – therefore we are talking about 186,000 approx – NOT hundreds of thousands.

I’ve already written about this topic – and my views have not changed – I do not subscribe to the notion that abortion is “a right” it is a choice – your choice – make it if you want – and unless it is a medical necessity/emergency then bloody well organise and pay for it yourself.

“Getting The Boat” – Abortion, Rape and Ireland”


Do I acknowledge your right to make that choice? Yep. But you won’t get a round of applause or a clap on the back from me – am not going to assuage your guilt/angst/discomfort whatever, by making you the star of your little psychodrama, or pander to your need to have every single thing you do met with absolute approval by “not judging” you – why should it matter anyway what anybody thinks of you?

It’s your choice isn’t it? – you live with it.

Just to be clear – I personally do not give a shit if you do or don’t have an abortion – as I said “your choice” but don’t play the poor fragile victim – you got pregnant – you don’t want to be pregnant – you got rid. Aligning yourself with women with genuine medical emergencies and/or non viable pregnancies is – in my opinion sick and twisted – would have more respect for someone who just honestly said – “I got an abortion because I don’t want to have a child” end of – none of this faux “oh my God I am a tragic victim and the whole bloody world needs to weep over my poor tragic ass” pffft.

Next up:

“……lack of affordable, accessible childcare is a massive barrier to women’s equal participation in the workforce….”

“Public spending on childcare in Ireland as a percentage of GDP is low and childcare costs are among the highest in Europe “averaging €800 to €1,000 a month for a full-time place,” Ms O’Connor said.”

“Equal participation in the workforce…..” oh pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuzeeee – right now in the Republic of Ireland there is massive unemployment, MALE unemployment – so how much more “equal” do these twats want women to be? As for the barrier that having children is, to this “equal participation in the workforce” – how about this? – it is YOUR responsibility to look after the children YOU CHOSE to have – or has that not occurred to any of you numbskulls?

Alternatively – don’t have any little “barriers” – there ya go – problem sorted.

At an average of €900.00 per month for “childcare” this works out at €10,800.00 per year – the rate of payment for a single unemployed person in Ireland is €188.00 per week or €9,776.00 per year.

So, these selfish avaricious hags believe that the government should step in and pay more than the equivalent that a single unemployed person (mostly young males) gets to live on, so that they can leave their children in crèches and nurseries all day and go do something useless and pointless instead of raising their own children – and they call this pursuing “a career” and get to feel all superior and “empowered” ppppppfft!

“The NWCI is calling on the Government to introduce a second free pre-school year and to make sure paternity leave is introduced “to send the message that fathers also have an important role to play when it comes to care.”

(emphasis added)

On the very last line of this piece of garbage we find the word “fathers” thrown is as an afterthought – note that it is almost reluctantly, grudgingly it is conceded that “fathers also have an important role to play when it comes to care.”

Is there any doubt that role is a supporting one – second string – if even that – after all when it comes to “important issues” in the parallel universe inhabited by the National Women’s Coven of Ireland – NWCI –  humanity consists of – women………………………..and others.


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  1. John mws
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 23:27:52

    This was the closest I could find to respond to another fallacious feminist survey.


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