TDSB – Pot, Kettle……….Anyone?


I’ve been wondering if anyone from the school at the centre of this maelstrom whirling about the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) would crawl out of the woodwork?

Well! Lo and behold – someone who has referred to him/herself as “staff” finally did. Below is the text of this persons comment – and the originating email address – of course.




Submitted on 2015/02/14 at 10:04 pm


you are cyberbulling Mrs Norman and take into consideration that cyberbullying women in Canada is a criminal offense.”


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the person who posted this comment is a feminist – the clue being that apparently “cyberbullying women in Canada is a criminal offense.”

Does this mean that cyberbullying men ISN’T?

The second thing is this – for a member of “staff” of a school, this person could use some remedial teaching – my five year old niece knows to start a sentence with a capital letter!

Not even going to mention the spelling, the sentence structure, the lack of punctuation. 🙂

What is interesting though is this – I have never communicated with the principal of Roselands Junior School, either directly or indirectly, nor have I directed any commentary towards Mrs. Norman, directly – any commentary was directed at the Principal of that school. (Who just happens to be Mrs Norman)

As a public servant with a serious responsibility for the children attending Roselands Junior School, the principal of THAT school – no matter who they are – has a duty of care towards those children – a duty of care that is (or should be) open to public scrutiny – this is not a private individual with an “expectation of privacy” within his/her “official duties”

To reiterate – Mrs Norman is a PUBLIC servant with a duty of care towards CHILDREN.

So. “Staff” – yet again, a member of the TDSB has achieved the absolute opposite of what they desired – rather than browbeating or “cyber bullying” someone – that would be me by the way – into scuttling away to hide in the corner from the big bad TDSB – you have confirmed – AGAIN – that something rotten IS going on in THAT school.

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  1. Y C
    Mar 04, 2015 @ 03:47:50

    you should look into it, I dont know why the Toronto District School Board is engaged with this cyber assault on your blog


    • anja eriud
      Mar 04, 2015 @ 13:18:02

      Hello and welcome YC

      I have as you suggested looked into it – the whole TDSB thing – having said that there is actually very little I can personally do from here – other than what I have done – and of course provide a platform for those who wish to speak out about their experiences of the TDSB, and whose anonymity I will guarantee.

      With a caveat naturally – which I will repeat – there is and will be no expectation of privacy for those members of the TDSB who post either threats or ridiculous comments here.

      As for the “cyber assault” thing – sigh – if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable – if I was a feminist I’d probably be in hysterics by now – but I’m NOT a feminist – ergo I take these “cyber assaults” with the contempt they deserve.

      As for why?

      Let me count the reasons why – because we are dealing with arrogant arseholes basically – because from everything I’ve read so far (a lot) about the TDSB tells me that these people are so convinced of their own invincibility and importance and so hubristic that it would never occur to them that THEY are the problem.

      Anyhoo – am sure I will get another load of comments from the usual arseholes at the TDSB now – *rolls eyes” – needless to say TDSB’ers – your comments will go into the “TDSB arsehole” file I have – just for you. 🙂 


  2. anja eriud
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 19:16:39

    Say hello to “Jessica” – Jessica Yurkivich – who apparently shares the same computer as Angelica Steward and Barbara Pillizitti – yes ladies – the IP address of all your comments is the same one.

    Submitted on 2015/03/13 at 4:45 am

    Shame!!!! Shame on you for growing a smear campaign against innocent female teachers!!!

    The Toronto Police Services should seize your computer equipment and throw your ass in jail for defamatory libel.”

    This comment is interesting (and I use the word interesting loosely) and illustrative of the type of mentality that appears to permeate the TDSB.

    First – no-one has specifically mentioned “female teachers” not me or any commenter – feminist teachers have been mentioned – but not “female” teachers.

    In particular the journalist who tried to speak to the principal of Roselands Junior School spoke of “allegations of unreported child abuse” if you listen to the three recordings Jessica – you will hear no mention of allegations against specifically “female” teachers.

    Now – why would you get your knickers in a knot over something that was NOT done? Hmmmmmm.

    Do you know something that the general public in the TDSB catchment area should know? Has a right to know?

    You people really are as dumb as a bag of hammers – you only ever open your mouths to change feet!

    The second thing is – sigh – yet another hysterical outburst from a TDSB’er calling for what sounds like the actions of a police state.

    The seizure of personal property on the say so of a hysteric, the suppression of Free Speech and the incarceration of a person without benefit of due process, evidence, prima facie or otherwise and the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

    Yep – sounds like a police state, a totalitarian state to me – hands up anyone who thinks the same?

    Not only that – yet another hysterical twat from the TDSB is issuing threats against a citizen of a Sovereign State – that would be The Republic of Ireland – by the way.

    The only possible way that the Police Service of Toronto could frogmarch me to jail – without a shit load of legal and diplomatic hoo haa Jessica et al is if Canada decides to invade The Republic of Ireland and impose military rule here!

    Suspend our Constitution (Bunreacht na hEireann 1937), and for that matter suspend the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights)

    Is that the intention of Canada?

    Do you know something I don’t know about the intentions of Canada towards the Sovereign Republic of Ireland?

    Are you and your ilk so delusional and hubristic that you actually believe that hysterics from a cabal, a coven, of irrational ridiculous self-serving arseholes is enough to bully anyone into complying with your insane “demands”

    Listen very carefully – or read this very carefully.


    Thanks for dropping in,and yet again proving what a crowd of total dipshits some TDSB’ers are! 🙂


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