There Is No Spoon………….


Fans of the Matrix films starring Keanu Reeves (Neo), Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Carrie Anne Moss (Trinity) will understand the title of this essay, as will many M(H)RA’s

The Matrix (1999)

On Neo’s first visit to The Oracle he observes some children performing amazing “tricks” one of these children, a young boy is bending a spoon with what appears to be his mind.

Neo is intrigued and wants to know – how?

The young boys answer is “to not to try to bend the spoon but to realise that – there is no spoon”. I’m paraphrasing slightly.

This essay is about perception and reality, about viewing something, anything, through the prism of your subjective experience of it, and the factual reality of it – whatever “it” happens to be.

It is about applying energy, resources and time, not only trying to forcing the spoon to bend, but wishing that spoon into objective reality, rather than realising that…………”there is no spoon”

In other words, this young boy is exerting force – an invisible powerful force to alter something, to bend something into a shape that is not its natural shape. The trick is, he is doing this to something that doesn’t actually exist – there is no spoon – just the illusion of a spoon.

Feminism is like that force, and the spoon represents the object, the thing that this force is wishing into existence, that thing or object being the sum of all evil, the fount of all badness – the big bad patriarchy.

Just like in the film, the only object that actually exists is the boy – the thing he has created is the illusion of a spoon – the trick is not that he can bend this imaginary spoon – the trick, if you will, it is that he can make you believe in that spoons existence.

So. Feminism is – the ability to make you see something that is not there – and to manipulate and bend that thing into any shape.

I can tell you that factually, objectively that in 2004, 6 female persons were unlawfully killed in the Republic of Ireland – those 6 female persons represent a miniscule percentage of the entire female population of The Republic of Ireland in 2004.

What feminists will tell you is the complete opposite of objective factual reality – they will expend much energy, time and effort trying to convince you that not only is objective reality wrong, but that their subjective irrational and erroneous perception of that unreality is correct.

In effect, attempt to convince you that there is a spoon where none exists, and that we need to bend that spoon – or else – calamity.

Feminism isn’t about reality, it is about perception, subjective interpretation, and altering a non existent spoon.

Naturally there are other ways to describe this – making mountains out of molehills, creating problems out of thin air, over-reacting excessively to every single “bad thing” that happens to women. All accurate descriptors of what feminism does.

The thing is – as a result of wishing that spoon into existence (creating a thing called the patriarchy) they have actually managed to create another spoon – a different spoon – that represents a chasm between men and women – a gulf, a poisonous barrier, a wall of distrust, suspicion and anger – lots and lots anger.

This anger feeds and renews and perpetuates the existence of this gulf.

The spoon that feminism claimed to exist never did, but because of the insistence on the existence of that spoon emerged what we now have – a massive almost unbreachable wall between the two halves of humanity. Two halves of humanity so out of tune with one another, so distrustful of one another and so immersed in the distorted reality created by feminism that vast numbers of men and women see one another and themselves in ways that are so unreal as to be unbelievable. Yet – many many believe in these distorted perceptions and refuse to see the reality.

The problem isn’t that anything bad happens to either men or women, because to be blunt bad shit happens, all the time, to everybody – the problem IS accepting the subjective, distorted and misperception of anything bad that happens TO women, BY feminism.

Feminists are telling you that there is this massive horrible thing, this awful spoon of malignancy and evil and badness, that only the force of feminism can bend into whatever shape makes the badness go away – the reality is – feminism IS the badness.

6 females persons were unlawfully killed in The Republic of Ireland in 2004, there have never been more than 22 (approx) female persons unlawfully killed in this State – NEVER – in any year.

These are bad things – no doubt about it – but – these are bad things in isolation from the actual lived reality of the 99.9% or thereabouts of the rest of the female population of The Republic of Ireland – or ever will be the reality.

Any hysteria surrounding these deaths is a manifestation of the flawed, distorted and corrupt perception of feminists and feminism and the toxic cloud of anger, hatred, bitterness and malice that lies at the very core of that perception of subjective experience that feeds that thing called feminism. That feeds it and fuels its existence.

Everything – and I mean everything that feminists say, think, believe and claim – is a spoon – and the reality is.

There is no spoon – there never was a spoon.

Feminism maintains that all bad things are male and all good thing things are female – I personally am becoming concerned that the MHRM is coalescing around yet another erroneous perception, that all bad things are female and all good things are male.

Both perceptions are equally wrong – and that is the only place where I will concede the concept of “equality”

Bad things – are neither male nor female – there is no inherent badness in being either male or female – but – both females and males do bad things – to one another.

There are human beings who are bad – evil – vicious – malicious – corrupt – violent – nasty – cruel. Some of those human beings are female, some of them are male.

The numbers of males and the numbers of females that bad things happen to – is irrelevant. It proves nothing about men, and it proves nothing about women – either in general or in particular.

Yes – you can make certain rough generalisations about men and about women – a fairly broad spectrum of leanings, tendencies, general interests etc – but just because lots of women want to do one thing and lots of men like doing something else – again, it proves nothing about either men or women – nor should it. Nor does it imply or even state that one sex is somehow being disadvantaged by the other.

Feminism takes these broad general commonalities that either women share or men share to a greater or lesser degree and make assumptions – negatively about men and oddly enough negatively about women – and BOTH sexes somewhere along the way decided to accept these distorted assumptions – to give credence to these rather warped and completely subjective perceptions.

It is worth noting at this point – that the vast majority of feminists who peddled these distorted perceptions, these warped subjective “realities” were using their own dysfunctional experiences as the basis for what became feminism – an entire “reality” created out of the personally dysfunctional lives and experiences of a relatively small number of – nutcases.

Not only did these “pioneers” have the mothers of all twisted spoons – they managed to convince not just other women but a huge number of men as well that their personal distorted “reality” was in fact – reality.

Millions of women’s patterned and re-patterned their own experiences, their own realities on the twisted perceptions of these lunatics. Re-interpreted their own realities to fit the illusion.

Now vast numbers of women convince themselves that they are being constantly disadvantaged – even when they have chosen to do whatever it is that allegedly puts them in that disadvantaged position!

I often wonder what the hell kind of fairground mirrors do these stupid women look into to see these distorted images of themselves?

So. In effect – the loons of feminism not only created the spoon, they poured all their malice, all their bitterness, all their rage and hatred for men into that creation.

Feminism is that malice, that bitterness, that rage and hatred, polished and moulded, layered and then re-layered with “credibility” with “academic cachet” with “plausibility”

Where we are now is like the aftermath of a massive bust up between two close friends – instigated by a conniving and sly third party. Feminism is the third party – the Iago dripping poison into the ear of Othello about Desdemona.

Where we are at now is the point where the third party has been revealed – but – things were said – nasty things – things were done – really nasty things – and both sides are understandably bitter.

To all intents and purposes vast numbers of men and women “took sides” and now – well now – we need to ask ourselves – do we keep the feud going, for another generation, and another, and another – knowing the truth – or are we going to stop and realise?

There. Is. No. Spoon.

There never was a spoon – there never was a massive global patriarchal conspiracy – never.


Did bad things happen? Yep – did people do bad things? Yep. Some of those people were female and some were male.

Were there some really ridiculous attitudes and beliefs about men and women? Yep. Mostly out of ignorance, stupidity and misinformation.

Did women suffer from discrimination in some areas? Yep – they did – but then – so did men – different kinds and in different ways.

Feminism would have you believe that ALL women experience their realities through a uniquely female prism – and that this distorted prism can only be interpreted, explained, defined and changed through the power of feminist ideology – oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

I’m female – I can count on the fingers of one hand minus my thumb and little finger the number of times I’ve ever actually thought about being female. I was in the middle of giving birth at the time – and it was accompanied by some choice language.

Feminism will also tell you that only feminists can and have the authority to interpret male reality – also through the prism of feminism.

Again – pluuuuuuuuuuzeeee!

What is feminism? It is the distorted and twisted dysfunctional and irrational perceptions of some seriously disturbed hags made manifest and actual, labelled and named, and brought into being from a toxic cloud of bitterness, hatred and a thirst for revenge on the perceived wrongs done to these individual nutcases and projected outwards onto the entire male population of this planet, both past present and future.

It is an irrational response to an imaginary “threat” an illusion, a chimera, brought into being by malice and bile and vitriol.


So, if there is and never was this global patriarchal threat to the wellbeing of ALL women, everywhere – what is left?

Malice, bile and vitriol, hated and bitterness.

Here’s the thing – there is nothing bad that exclusively happens ONLY to women – or ONLY to men – both men and women get ill, have accidents, are unfortunate enough to be assaulted, robbed and/or killed.

Both men and women suffer any and all of the possible bad things that can happen to a human being.

To put it bluntly – when shit rains down – men don’t have magic umbrellas that protect them automatically – it rains on everybody – doncha know. Feminism will tell you that rain wets women more than men.

But, for me, what truly encapsulates the sheer depth and breadth of the malice and spite that fuels feminism and feminists is patting yourself on the back for creating something called

The International Day of the Girl Child.

To a certain extent, while I loathe with a passion the whole concept of International Women’s Day, we are actually talking about adult women here – if they want to have a day and talk shoite about “the achievements of women” – whatever – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

But to deliberately and consciously exclude CHILDREN – to viciously and smugly discard and marginalise CHILDREN as not worth – having a day or being included in a day – on the sole basis that these CHILDREN are boys – to me this is the quintessential essence of what feminism is all about.

Children who have no power, no influence, no voice – children who depend on adults for their safety and well-being – and feminists happily, smugly and with utter contempt exclude the most powerless of all – because they are boy children.

If nothing will ever convince you, persuade you, or cause you to stop and question what feminism is, what its purpose is, what fuels it, what drives it, what its toxic distorted roots are – THIS should.

The reality is – there is no spoon – there was never a spoon – there was never a global patriarchal conspiracy against women – but there sure as fuck is a global matriarchal conspiracy against men and boys – how else can you explain or justify ignoring CHILDREN – because they happen to be boy children?

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  2. Trudy W. Schuett
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 06:00:00

    Gave a heads-up on this to Robert Stacy McCain; hope it gets you a little more traffic!


  3. John mws
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 13:29:07

    Spot on observations again.

    Feminist version of fairy tales…

    And some cheese to go with feminist cheesiness

    I prefer to go for the heaven on earth the rest of us were trying to create.

    instead of the feminists who are have become the Eves of social destruction with their twisted and delusional world.


    • anja eriud
      Mar 07, 2015 @ 16:55:08

      Thank you John

      And for all you “patriarchal” sods out there – everywhere – this is for you 🙂


      • John mws
        Mar 14, 2015 @ 21:28:16

        Hi Anja,

        Wow Tony Bennett – great song, A new one for me. Not my usual listening genre but beautiful all the same. The song has great sentiment that feminists have no chance of connecting with.

        When it comes to ruling the world I think of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire ever. Which brings this tune to mind.

        Lets hope we can get out of this Feminist Xanapoo.

      • anja eriud
        Mar 15, 2015 @ 18:58:27

        Hey John 🙂 

        Glad you spotted the underlying message of this song – yep – it is sentimental and probably a bit idealistic but for me it perfectly illustrates the difference between what motivates men of good will and feminists.

        Feminists would suck the joy out the second coming* or some equally fantastic and uplifting event. There’d be whining about women not being at the front of the queue to meet “you know who” – Jessica Valenti would pen one of her tedious screeds claiming that the SON of God was a misogynist because…………..who the hell knows!

        Therein lies the essential and quintessential gulf that lies between humanism and feminism.

        If I Ruled The World

        If I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of spring
        Every heart would have a new song to sing
        And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring

        If I ruled the world, every man would be as free as a bird
        Every voice would be a voice to be heard
        Take my word we would treasure each day that occurred

        My world would be a beautiful place
        Where we would weave such wonderful dreams
        My world would wear a smile on its face
        Like the man in the moon has when the moon beams

        If I ruled the world every man would say the world was his friend
        There’d be happiness that no man could end
        No my friend, not if I ruled the world

        Every head would be held up high
        There’d be sunshine in everyone’s sky
        If the day ever dawned when I ruled the world


        Published by Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

        *For those who would get their knickers in a knot over any “religious” type reference – first of all – piss off – second – I used the second coming as a rhetorical device to illustrate what, for those who do believe would be the most joyful event they could imagine – got it? Good.

        Without the efforts and sacrifices of men of good will we would still be living in a world that could only be described as primitive – where concepts such as justice and honour and integrity would have withered and died.

        Men have always looked outwards, looked for ways to improve this world, strived to bring order and safety out of chaos and turmoil.

        Have there been women who have also looked out for their fellow men? Yes of course – but the burden of “civilisation” has always fallen on men.

        Feminism is an essentially selfish doctrine – it defines self-serving and inward looking – it looks to only advantage women at the expense of men – it is elitist and exclusionary.

        I believe it was Camille Paglia who said something to the effect – that if women had ruled the world – we’d still be living in grass huts.

        Never a truer word spoken in jest 🙂

  4. Nick Osborn
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 14:40:59

    Wow. Very powerful. A feminist-specific version of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

    And considering that so many radfems like to protest nearly naked, it’s ironically apropos.


    • anja eriud
      Mar 07, 2015 @ 18:02:06

      Hello and welcome Nick

      Many thanks for your kind comment and yes indeed The Emperor’s New Clothes is an apt analogy. Part of the reason why I wrote this is that I am actually a big fan of The Matrix and rewatched the entire triolgy last weekend.

      Snowed in, dying with the flu, overdosing on lemsip – watch The Matrix!

      All this week I’ve been reading feminist crap – am actually surprised my laptop hasn’t just self-destructed in protest – had one of those moments of crystal clarity – “these women are completely delusional – they’ve invented a bogeyman or in this instance men (because men are just one amorphous blob of “toxic masculinity” doncha know? to justify the existence of feminism.

      Anyhoo – long story short – feminism – delusional – imaginary “threats” – The Matrix – “there is no spoon”

      Anja 🙂


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