Peddling Propaganda: Whipping Up Campus Rape Hysteria in The Republic of Ireland.


I decided to have a quick look at an online newspaper here (ROI) on Tuesday night, and now I am mad as all hell – and spitting feathers about a little feminist weasel called Ruth Lawlor and a putrid little article she penned called:

We need to talk more about relationships, consent and sexual violence

She is part of what she claims is a “student campaign” a campaign called Know Offence. Student campaign my arse – this reeks of the malign stench of gender studies harpies manipulating events from the shadows – and yeah – I do know how that works.

Well that and the fact that Ruthie isn’t that smart – oh she’s got the jargon down pat, and she definitely has the doe-eyed “I’m just weally weally worried about……….bad stuff” thing going, but she’s a patsy, a front, a shill.

Her base of operations is UCC – University College Cork – now there’s a surprise, a toxic feminist campaign designed to whip up US style campus rape hysteria emanating from – a university.

She also has a pithy little personal victim anecdote all shined up and in its party dress to offer as proof positive for the rancid feminist message is peddling.

Sorry petal – colour me cynical and of the “where’s your actual proof” school of thought – but – your pretty little word wrapped up in girlish sincerity cuts no ice with me.

I know, I know – shock, horror, gasp and OMG – “you think she might be…………LYING?

Well duh! – Of course I think she might be lying/exaggerating/bullshitting/taking liberties with the truth – please note – I don’t claim she is or isn’t – but until and when she comes up with some actual verifiable proof positive of incidents BEYOND her own convenient personal experience(s) then yep – as far as I’m concerned there is a fifty/fifty chance she’s telling porkies.

If that upsets you, or makes you think what a big ole meanie I am – to doubt the word of this doe-eyed little viper then………….tough shit.

Sooooo – on that note I am discounting ALL her little personal anecdotes designed as window dressing to camouflage the real paucity, the fragile unsubstantiated platform of flimsy “facts” she proffers as proof of her primary contention, her ludicrous claims, her justification for what are the opening moves of feminist inspired manoeuvres to attack and dismantle that most scared of our legal protections.


Beyond a reasonable doubt. For men and boys. Women will still get a pussy pass.

The topic of course is what she characterises in her article as “sexual violence” though this phrase or the word rape does NOT appear anywhere in the tawdry and sleazy excuse for what she characterises as a pioneering “survey”

Let me make a little prediction here – this pathetic piece of “research” will be the source, the ground zero, the justification used for dismantling all legal protections for men accused – let me repeat that ACCUSED of what will be claimed to be rape/sexual assault.

The phrase will be “studies have shown” or “research has indicated” or “ a survey conducted by [insert list of plausible sounding academic sources here]

Then from now until enough sufficient woozle padding has been generated – because there will be a flurry of fembots “citing” this “survey” – ALL those other “citations” will be “cited”.

It will all look and sound soooooooooooooooo plausible and it will all emanate from this one singular toxic, fraudulent piece of con artistry, bullshit and LIES.

This pioneering “survey” she is talking about was conducted online on facebook – it consisted of 8 really badly phrased questions, two of which are beyond dubious and designed to elicit answers that support a particularly biased and feminist agenda, and are designed to be easily manipulated to serve that toxic agenda.

This is the link to her “survey”

She claims that this “survey” found that “……nearly one in seven students had been the victim of rape or serious sexual assault, while around a third of students said they had experienced minor sexual assaults.”

There were 10,852 female students enrolled in UCC in the academic year 2013 – 2014

1 in 7, or as Ruthie and her cronies have done, fudged that figure a little and rounded it UP to read 15% of women have been raped/sexually assaulted in UCC – that would translate into a total figure of 1,627 rapes/sexual assaults on THAT campus!

See link to HEA (Higher Education Authority) below.

The total number of ALL sexual assaults reported in 2013 was 2,014 – that’s ALL sexual offences recorded in the entire State.

And if Ruth Lawlor and her cronies are to be believed then 80.79% (1627.111) of them happened on or around the UCC campus!

Please note that figure of 2,014 is for ALL sexual offences recorded; the number for “Rape of a male or female” is 451 in total for 2013. For this entire State.

Here are the figures for recorded sexual offences “Rape of a male or a female for the years 2009 – 2013

2009 – 376
2010 – 478
2011 – 463
2012 – 519
2013 – 451

Source: Recorded Crime Offences (Number) by Type of Offence and Year


For your information:

“How are Crime Statistics Collected in Ireland?

Counting Procedures in Ireland and Abroad

In Ireland, an offence is recorded in the crime statistics when there is a reasonable probability that a criminal offence took place and there is no credible evidence to the contrary. This is important as how crimes are recorded can influence crime statistics.

For example, Sweden records all reported suspected crimes in its crime statistics even though some may later be found not to be criminal offences. In addition, how crimes are processed and counted can also have an impact on crime statistics, suggesting that caution may be required when attempting to compare Irish crime statistics to those available in other countries.

For instance, in collecting their statistics, An Garda Síochána (the Irish Police Force) employ the ‘primary (or principal) offence rule’. In other words, when two or more criminal offences are disclosed in a single episode it is the ‘primary’ or most serious offence that is counted only.

As an example, if an individual commits an assault while drunk and disorderly, only the assault (most serious offence) is counted in the crime statistics, although the individual has also committed a public order offence (less serious offence) as a result of being drunk and disorderly in public. As no international standards on how crime statistics should be produced and presented are available, it is difficult to make comparisons between countries as the methods used to record and count crime statistics vary from country to country.

Nonetheless, for those interested in broader European trends, Eurostat – The Statistical Office of the European Communities – is responsible for collecting, analysing and comparing information on crime and victimisation across EU Member States.””

(emphasis added)

Source: National Crime Council


But Ruth Lawlor’s “survey” is only half the story, because the USI (Union of Students in Ireland) has also run a “survey”


SAY SOMETHING: A Study of Students’ Experiences of Harassment, Stalking, Violence & Sexual Assault.

It is this survey that is displayed prominently on another Know Offence facebook page as Say Something, Final Online Report.

We’ll put Ruthie’s homemade little poisonous “survey” to one side for the moment and take a look at the big picture. What will become the official go to resource by feminists for peddling campus rape hysteria campaign in the media, for putting pressure/duress on government to “change the law” in particular, the principle of innocent till proven guilty.

Because – the end game for this campaign will be a US style campus kangaroo court system being forced onto college and university campuses in this state – naturally under the control of the feminazis.

The “conclusions” of Ruth Lawlors toxic little “survey” have already started to be disseminated in the mainstream media see here, as the first salvo to whip up “campus rape hysteria in The Republic of Ireland.

The very first thing I want to address is the inference contained in the introduction, because it goes to the very heart of this propaganda campaign, it goes to the very purpose that this survey will be used for to justify undermining and dismantling.



The Union of Students in Ireland decided to conduct this study as there was a lack of research on students’ experiences of violence. We hope that the results will help to shed some light on this area and inform future campaigns in relation to students’ experiences of violence, including physical violence, sexual violence, harassment, stalking and obsessive behaviour. This study is the first online study of its kind and scale to be conducted in Ireland.

The victim is never to blame.
 USI hopes that this study will contribute to counteracting the culture of victim blaming that exists in this country. We also hope that it will help to open up more dialogue around these issues among the student body.”

Right off the bat – you can see the intent, “inform future campaigns” this implies/assumes that this survey is flawless, is without errors, is a valid piece of research – it isn’t.

“….its kind and scale” now this is laughable – again it implies that this survey represents a legitimate source of research that can be applied to the experiences of ALL students in The Republic of Ireland, and that this type of shit hasn’t been done before – using dodgy research to promote the vile hate ideology of feminism.


The total number of students in the academic year 2013 – 2014 enrolled in Universities, Colleges, and Institutes of Technology in this State was as follows

Total females – 104,963
Total Males – 106,670

Total 211,633

The TOTAL number of respondents who completed this survey is 2,752

1,811 – Women
926 – Men
15 – “other”

That number of 2,752 represents 1.3% of ALL students.

1.726% (1,811.661) of the total of 104,963 female students and 0.868% (925.8956) of the total of 106,670 male students

For this survey to qualify for the hyperbolic claim of USI a cohort of at minimum 10% would need to be used – AT MINIMUM – that would be at least 21,160 students.

A minimum of 10,500 female students NOT A MISERLY 1,811
A minimum of 10,700 male students NOT A LUDICROUS 926

2,752 (1.3%) does not even come close to being a representative cohort – not even in the same galaxy.

This – “The victim is never to blame.” Is the most spurious and invidious statement.

First – an accusation of rape or sexual assault DOES NOT make you a victim – it makes you an accuser – and your accusation is only as good as the evidence YOU have/produce to PROVE it.

Second – NO – your word is NOT good enough – NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Third – the person or persons you accuse is/are INNOCENT until YOU prove that person(s) guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This last statement “……to counteracting the culture of victim blaming that exists in this country.” Is a ploy, a subterfuge, a semantic sleight of hand and it goes directly to the three points I have just made above.

Those three points are what those who screech “victim blaming” mean – a requirement to apply the absolute foundational principle of justice and the very basis of a civilised society to EVERY criminal accusation – EVERY one – no exceptions.


You are NOT a victim of anything until YOU prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime of which you have accused a person(s) of is PROVED – in a court of law.

The person(s) you have accused is NOT “an offender” is NOT “a rapist” is NOT “a perpetrator – that person(s) is INNOCENT of any criminal act.

No matter what you think or feel or believe.

So, our first port of call is to examine the methodology of this official survey – because after all – this is going to form the basis upon which to justify peddling a climate of campus rape hysteria and the subsequent efforts to dismantle all legal protections and the basis of all civilised democratic societies. For men.

“The questionnaire was run on the LimeSurvey web-platform from 10 January 2013 to 15 February 2013. Access to the survey was available to the public and it was promoted through social media and students’ unions affiliated to Union of Students in Ireland. The survey settings allowed us to set cookies to prevent repeated participation which was done, and also allowed for the use of CAPTCHA technology to filter out automated responses.

In total 4,181 responses were received of which 2,752 were completed. The report below limits itself to figures that are based only on completed responses. The quantitative analysis was carried out using both the functionality within the LimeSurvey platform and the open-source data analysis system PSPP.”

Now – I want you to bear in mind that this survey claims to represent the true picture of campus rape and sexual assault in The Republic of Ireland.

Let’s take this step by step

Look at the number of respondents – a TOTAL of 4,181, out of which only 2,752 were completed.

“”The report below limits itself to figures that are based only on completed responses.

(emphasis added)

Let’s break down the numbers of students in third level education in The Republic of Ireland in 2013?


Females – 59,453 – Males – 51,8886


Females – 8,480 = Males – 3,513

Institutes of Technology*

Females – 37,030 – Males – 51,271

*we’ll talk about STEM another time

Total females – 104,963
Total Males – 106,670

Source: HEA (Higher Education Authority) 2013 – 2014 Enrolments (full-time, part-time and remote) by Level, Field of Study (ISCED) and Gender

Keep those figures above in mind while you read this, the educational profile of the respondents.

 “Students were asked questions about their educational backgrounds which allowed us to build a profile of those who responded to the survey. The survey was completed by 2,590 Irish students and 162 International Students. The largest proportion of respondents attended universities (55.31 per cent), but the sample included a sizeable cohort of students from Institutes of Technology (43.39 per cent), with smaller groups from teacher-training colleges and other institutions.”

The actual numbers break down like this:

Universities – 55.31% = 1,522 = 1.367% (1522.004) of the total number of students – less than 1.5%!

Inst. Of Tech – 43.39% = 1,949 = 2.211% (1952.33) of the total number of students – less than 2.5%!

Teacher Training College – 23

Other – 13

I’m not impressed – national policy being decided on the basis of possibly the tiniest sample of a particular cohort you can have and still register as a percentage of the total cohort! Less than 1.5% and less than 2.5% – seriously?

The remaining numbers (23) and (13) are just too small to get a realistic percentage for.

The total number of respondents 2,752 represents a massive 1.3% (2,751.229) of all students.

This is disgraceful, outrageous and completely unacceptable – never mind allowing any feminist coven to use this Report to push their toxic agenda forward.

Look at it this way – if I had a Euro or a Dollar and said I would share some of it with you – I’d be giving you a cent – one single solitary cent! Generous ain’t I? NOT!

Time to take a look at who actually responded to this survey – and I’m going to confine myself to sex (nope – not using that made up word gender)

Analysis of the differing experience of students of different genders is central to the analysis that follows and so it is necessary to set out these figures from the outset. 1,811 of the respondents described themselves as Women, 926 as Men and a further 15 chose the Other option to that question. In a separate question 24 students described themselves as having a transsexual history, being Trans or, although they did not identify with the word “Trans” themselves, their experience/background might be described by others as Trans. As sexual orientation is used as a category of analysis in a later section it is also necessary to note at this point that 405 of the respondents described themselves as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual.”

This is important – because the results and the distorted interpretation of those results are going to be and are already being used to peddle a campus rape hysteria campaign in The Republic of Ireland.

1,811 – Women – 65.81% (1811.091)
926 – Men – 33.65% (926.048)
15 – Other – 0.54% (14.861)

But – we’re going to dig just that little bit deeper – just what percentage of the total numbers of male and female students do these figures represent – in other words is this tiny number of respondents truly representative of ALL students?

1,811 females represents 1.726% (1,811.661) of the total of 104,963 female students

926 males represents 0.868% (925.8956) of the total of 106,670 male students

Just gets better and better doesn’t it? The number of female respondents is less than 2% of the total female student population and the number of male respondents is less than 1% of the total male student population!

You may also have noticed there isn’t a huge disparity between the numbers of boys – v – the numbers of girls in third level, a difference that actually favours the lads by a massive 1,707 – so as to not to get all nit picky we can reasonably say that 50% of students are male and 50% of students are female.

Yet – look again at the percentages above, almost two thirds of the respondents in this survey are female with just a tad over a third male – that’s some representative survey you’ve got there NUS!

Now take into account this – the percentages that will be peddled by you know who, will sound just terrible – 30% here – 65% there – you get the picture – what won’t be mentioned is that 30% for example is 30% OF 1.726%!

NOSIREEBOB! A huge percentage of a tiny percentage is just not………….convenient… it?

I realise I’ve spent quite a bit time picking apart the methodology but, like the foundation of a house, if that house is built on a dodgy foundation it will fall, it should fall, – you might be able to con someone into buying that house, but ultimately the house is rotten.

The foundation of this “survey” is rotten – rotten to the absolute core. Let’s move on so.

The next section we are going to examine in detail is described thus:


This section of the questionnaire asked respondents to describe any experiences of harassment that they experienced on campus. The survey listed a number of such behaviours which may have happened to students and asked them to identify if they had experienced them while enrolled in their current course of study. If so, they were also asked to identify the setting.

There was a slight difference in how the questions were asked to different genders. Those who identified as Women and Others [see section 1.3 above] were asked eight questions including whether they had experienced someone groping, pinching or touching their breasts when they did not agree to them doing so and also if they had experienced someone lifting up their skirt in public without them agreeing.

Those who identified as Men [see section 1.3 above] were asked seven questions. There was no equivalent to the question about groping, pinching or touching breasts and they were asked about someone pulling down their trousers in public as an alternative to a skirt. All gender categories were also asked to identify whether or not they had experienced some forms of on-line harassment while attending college.”

(emphasis added)

Superficially the rationale for not asking men about being groped sounds plausible – doesn’t it? Except – hang on a damn minute – why not ask the male respondents about someone “groping, pinching or touching…” their penises?

After all – the inference is, and is going to be made that “unwanted physical touching” IS sexual assault – or is too much of a stretch for the hard of thinking?

But we know the reasoning behind this subtle (not) little ploy – it would blow the “men believe they are entitled to women’s bodies” crap out of the water wouldn’t it?

It would shine a bright unwavering light on the other side of this particular coin – that WOMEN feel entitled to grope, pinch or touch men’s sexual organ – their penis’s whenever they damn well like and – ITS NO BIG DEAL!

So apart from this piece of subterfuge how did the results stack up? How did the “percentages” compare? Bearing in mind that every single report/article/opinion piece is going to focus on all the terrible, awful, bad touchy, handsey shit that men do to women and sweet fanny adams about all the grabby, gropey shit that women feel absolutely entitled to do TO men – with zero consequences because……well because…….who gives a shit about how men feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel? Amirite? You’re damn right I’m right.
The first question was:

Someone making comments with a sexual overtone that made you feel uncomfortable


In a learning environment

Female – 9.36%
Male – 6.37%

In the Students’ Union Area/SU Bar or student centre

Female – 13.14%
Male – 6.7%

Other areas on campus

Female – 20.7%
Male – 12.42%

Okie dokie – apart from the first category – “in a learning environment” the percentage of women claiming to have been “uncomfortable” with “comments” is approx twice the percentage of men.

The operative word here is “uncomfortable” – the inference will be that this translates into assault – because feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling bad is – just not bloody on – for women – is it?

Again – I am going to reiterate here that the number of respondents to this survey was TINY – so out of a total of 1,826 women who answered this question – the actual numbers for each of those three places where comments were made that made these women feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel uncomfortable was.

Learning environment – 170.91
Students Union/Bar – 236.94
Somewhere on campus – 377.98

Mother of God!!!! Call the Gardai (police) call in the troops in full riot gear, armed to the teeth!

236 wimmin felt “uncomfortable” IN A STUDENT BAR” over some probably stupid drunken comments from barely out of short trousers young men!

What is the world coming to? I ask you! Students! In a bar! Acting like eejits!

I am cognisant of the fact that the numbers used to garner these responses are TINY – therefore even these percentages must be taken with a very large pinch of salt.

Anyhoo, here’s the thing – I went back to college some years ago – and the one place you are guaranteed to find an 18 – 24 yr old student – male or female – if they can’t be found anywhere else is – IN THE BLOODY SU Bar. Especially first years.

Over three years the same pattern repeated itself – ALL the first years – almost without exception – went stark staring mad – t’was like, they’d never been let out of the house till they came to college.

Without fail – in EVERY single one of those years within two to three weeks of the start of the first semester, the Gardai would trudge up to the university, with a list of complaints from the town about the antics and carry on of the first year students. EVERY one of those years, an announcement was made to those students – both male and female that unless the drunken antics and carry on of those students didn’t stop immediately they would all be bloody expelled, sent back home in disgrace to their mammies and daddies …………every bloody year!

Here’s some anecdotal* observations – Thursday night was the big “going out” night (I’ll explain why in a minute) and every Thursday night you’d see them – gangs of lads and lassies streaming out of their campus accommodation – the lads all hyper and boisterous and the lassies dressed to the nines – if wearing what could be called hankies and tottering about on six inch heels with more make-up on than I’ve ever owned in my entire life = dressed to the nines.

The other thing was – the vast majority of them were already pissed as farts before they left – on cheap lidl/Aldi booze – even though the place they were going always did a buy one get one free drink thing on Thursday nights.

Pissed as farts!

Now – why Thursday night? Simples. Because on Friday there they’d all be – trudging like waves of hungover wraiths through the campus dragging their laundry behind them to the train station and the bus’s lined up on the road outside campus – to take all the good little boys and girls back to their proud mammies and daddies – TO GET THEIR LAUNDRY DONE!

Now there’s another factor that has not been incorporated properly into this survey – alcohol abuse, binge drinking, getting rat arsed as if there is an alcohol famine looming – will address this issue more fully in Part II.

But – in the meantime, coincidently, UCC – University College Cork Ruth Lawlor’s alma mater has conducted a study into “hazardous alcohol consumption” IN UCC.

“The UCC-based study, which used a rigorous sampling strategy, found a high prevalence of hazardous alcohol consumption among the 2,275 undergraduates who responded compared to the general population. Noteworthy is the narrowing of the gender gap with patterns of hazardous alcohol consumption now similar in men and women. It had an overall response rate of 51%, with an in-class response rate of 84%, figures comparable to those achieved in other major international studies on student alcohol consumption.

A key finding was that 66.4% of students responding reported hazardous alcohol consumption, 65.2% for men and 67.3% for women. At the higher end of the scale, approximately 17% of men and 5% of women were consuming more than six units of alcohol at least 4 times per week, and in some cases on a daily basis.

Hazardous alcohol consumption drastically increased the possibility of adverse consequences, including missing days from university, and so affecting academic performance. The pattern and frequency of adverse consequences of alcohol consumption was broadly similar in men and women, though men were more likely to report getting into a fight or to have a ‘one-night stand’ than women.

Commenting on the motivation behind the study, lead author Martin Davoren explains it was in part fuelled by a need for reliable data on patterns of alcohol consumption in the student population, given recent national and international research indicated a narrowing gender gap in this population. He said:

“A decade ago the College Lifestyle and Attitudinal National Survey noted males were drinking more than their female counterparts. What we are now seeing is women drinking as much as men. This finding is yet another signpost that our relationship with alcohol as a nation is unwholesome and detrimental to health. It impacts us all and these findings should not be seen as merely a ‘young person’, ‘student’ or ‘UCC’ issue. Currently the Irish state is at a decision point with regard to policies on the promotion and marketing of alcohol. This study highlights the need for effective public policy measures such as a minimum unit price for alcohol and a full ban on sports sponsorship.”

“The cross-sectional class-room based study, exploring hazardous alcohol consumption and related adverse consequences with a particular interest in gender differences, was led by UCC researcher and PhD candidate Martin Davoren, originally from North Clare, with input from UCC colleagues Dr Frances Shiely and Professor Ivan Perry of UCC’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health and Dr Michael Byrne, Head of UCC’s Student Health Department.”

(emphasis added)

You should pop over and have a chat Ruth – you might learn something – useful – for a change – though – it might be a bit too science(y) for you

UCC alcohol research signals last call


Further anecdotal observations – over those three years I had an opportunity to observe up close and personal the behaviour of these young lads and lassies – my conclusions – the boys were like colts set free to run wild and unsupervised – and they did – they were boisterous, loud, exuberant, daft as those colts, and generally good-hearted, if only bearable in small doses (give me a break – I’m in my fifties – they made me tired just looking at them) the lassies now – hmmmm – cannot say I was too impressed – obsessed with themselves, their appearance, their hair, their nails, their clothes and………….WITH THE BOYS.

Catty. Bitchy, nasty and ruthless is how I would describe quite a large number of the young female students I encountered – over three years – and invariably – total pains in the arse – with some notable exceptions – invariably the ones who were not swayed/taken in/brainwashed by the rampant, pervasive and toxic FEMINIST pall that invaded every single bloody area of study in that university – except perhaps the sciences – though can’t be sure – science is not my area and you could be talking greek to me when it comes to photons/calculus/physics etc etc.

During those three years there was a rumour – note – a rumour – that a female student had been raped – in the town – not on campus – one unsubstantiated rumour in three years.

 If you think for one minute that the feminist coven in that university wouldn’t have gone into meltdown if there had been even one confirmed rape/sexual assault at any time during those three years – then you know nothing about feminists!

 War would have been declared against every single male person on that campus!


*yep – anecdotal – you only have my word for veracity of the observations I claim to have made and yep again you are perfectly entitled to dispute every single one.

Let’s move on to another question asked of both men and women


Someone asking you questions about your sexuality when it was clearly irrelevant or none of their business

In a learning environment

Female – 5.26%
Male – 5.72%

In the Students’ Union Area/SU Bar or student centre

Female – 7.06%
Male – 7.99%

Other areas on campus

Female – 8.11%
Male – 11.66%

Well now! I’m guessing you all have noticed the same thing I did. In both a “learning environment” which would be lecture halls, tutorial and seminar rooms and in the SU area and SU bar both women and men in almost equal percentages had Someone asking you questions about your sexuality when it was clearly irrelevant or none of their business with men being slightly more likely to be asked/questioned about their sexuality in “other areas on campus” – what is not clear is WHO was doing the asking or questioning.

The last place(s) listed – appears to mean just around the campus – hanging out I presume?

Now here’s the thing – have you ever been on a college campus? Students hang around in groups outside various departments, or in the different social areas, and a lot of horseplay goes on, a lot of what we call here slagging – taking the piss out of one another – all done usually in front of a large audience of fellow students.

Of all the things that young people are nervous about, can be a bit anxious about, especially boys who are not of the rugby playing, sports fanatics types, are questions about their sexuality – not just from other boys – but – from girls – from bitchy, catty, nasty girls who take umbrage at NOT being “moved on” by a guy they have the hots for or not eliciting a suitably “aroused by your irresistible sex appeal” response. The classic put down?

What are you? Gay?

Said in that lovely sneery mean girls tone that many girls have perfected by the time they are six years old! I often found myself wondering – do you any of you actually realise how ugly you look and sound when you do that?

Beauty is indeed only skin deep – but ugly – goes right to the bone.

Again – anecdotal – I have seen this with my own eyes – I have listened to some over-made up little tart, bitch about some guy who is immune to her “charms” declare that he (whoever this poor lad may be) didn’t put the moves on this bimbo because he’s “obviously gay” accompanied by a disgruntled flick of her badly dyed blonde hair and a chorus of sycophantic gal pals agreeing that “yeah – he must be gay because yooooooou’re gorgeous” excuse me while I go vomit.

Moving on.

There were also several carefully selected quotes from students – the majority of them female – inserted to reinforce the distorted picture being peddled. That reinforced the continuous narrative running through this entire survey that, the emphasis’ is and will always be primarily from the female perspective.

For example this:

“Woman (38): I have had people who are curious about my personal life making very crude and derogatory comments about my body and parts of my anatomy making jokes about how I’m “uptight” and “need to get laid” and “get a sense of humour” when I’m stressed by the constant on-campus bullying that I experience. I also have male classmates insisting that they are “just being friendly” when they hug me in a way that makes me uncomfortable.

When I ask nicely that they don’t hug me then they are making snide remarks about me – in my hearing while I am still in the room. They make more crass comments when they think I am out of earshot. It’s persistent harassment [sic]. Others in the class see it happening and say nothing to help me because they are scared that they will be targeted next if they voice any objection.”

I’m going to be what will get me called a real bitch by starting with – boo hoo – poor wittle you. What I see here is a whiny passive aggressive immature child.

Let’s take it step by step – she doesn’t like being hugged by males apparently – fair enough – I’m not a particularly huggy person myself – and if someone moves in for a hug I hold my hand up and say “don’t hug me, thanks” and guess what – we move on and its forgotten. That would be because I’m an adult and recognise and acknowledge that some people are more tactile in that manner than I am – it’s not a big problem – it’s not even a small problem – it’s just – different strokes for different folks.

The bit that really made me narrow my eyes in this sad little comment was “Others in the class see it happening and say nothing to help me because they are scared that they will be targeted next if they voice any objection.”


Apparently this woman is a mind-reader – she just knows what people are thinking and feeling, when they “do nothing to help me” she uses the word “targeted” excuse me? “Targeted” for hugging!

What exactly does she mean by “help me”? That some big strapping lad will jump up and beat the living shit out the presumptuous hugger? Drag the poor sod kicking and screaming off her, twist his nasty huggy arms behind his back and kick him down some handy stairs?

Emmmmmm, nope, sorry – I repeat – boo hoo – and add – grow the fuck up, you’re 38 years old – a grown up – if you don’t want to be hugged by random male students then just BLOODY SAY SO – and yeah yeah I see where she says.

“When I ask nicely that they don’t hug me then they are making snide remarks about me – in my hearing while I am still in the room.”

Let me translate from whiney femspeak into plain English – “asking nicely” means – snippy, snotty, looking down your nose at the ruffian who dared to hug your superior person with their nasty grubby non attractive male hands.

Taking a wild guess – if it was Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt/ George Clooney/Bruce Willis (depending on your personal preference) who was doing the hugging – we’d be talking a whole other ball of “tingles” wouldn’t we?

As for the “snide remarks” sheesh – more than one way to interpret that – the remarks were either justified or not justified – if they were made at all in the manner she is subjectively describing them.

I’m going for……………………………………..justified.

There was one comment by a male respondent that didn’t even raise a blip in the blanket femocentric prism through which every single piece of information and data is presented in this survey.

This is probably the most important comment in the whole survey – because for all the whining about cat-calls, about feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling uncomfortable at comments, about unwanted hugs etc etc – THIS is the only actual real assault recorded in this miserable excuse for a survey on a male person – up to this point – page 16 – in fact this is a statement of several assaults, several sexual assaults perpetrated by a single person (female) against another person (male) even more worrying – by a person in a position of authority to a certain extent – a member of the Student Council

“Man, 19: On several occasions a female member of the Student Council while intoxicated has taken to groping my genitals and I have been rather offended by each incidence however don’t see it as severe enough to report.”

I know you’ve noticed two other important things – this female arsehole did this “while intoxicated” and therefore that will be used as justification “ah sure she was pissed – what harm” – yeah right – that goes down a bomb when feminists screech about “you can’t give consent when pissed” if you’re female – and the second thing is his attitude “….however don’t see it as severe enough to report.”

Some drunken slut grabs this poor lads genitals and he shrugs it off – yep he’s “offended” and he has every right to be – but is he having a serious mental breakdown? Nope. Is he dragging a mattress around campus on his back? Nope. Is he screaming blue bloody murder on every blog/site and media source about – the horrors of female sexual violence? Nope.

Personally laddie – I would have advised you to have the slut arrested and charged with assault and made an example of – it would’ve have been a start but – your attitude is commendable. Naive but commendable.

Is there any possibility that any female with half a brain would take the same “shit happens” attitude? Yeah right – oh look – flying pigs – aren’t they cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?

In light of the next section called Further Issues the above comment by the young 19 year old boy is a perfect example of the doublespeak, the distorted femocentric bias of this survey. The only comments used to illustrate this section are from two females.


“Further issues

A final issue which emerges in the student comments related to this section of the questionnaire is the sense in which those on the receiving end of these behaviours feel as though their concerns are dismissed by those around them and the behaviours are explained away as being friendly or humorous.

Woman, 20: A lot of it is just ‘typical lad’ alcohol-related behaviour, which IS unacceptable, but is often passed off as ‘banter’.

Woman, 20: For most people it’s sadly considered normal but personally I cannot stand when I go on a night out and so many men have these attitudes towards women like we’re pieces of meat. I went out last night and I am in a relationship so it’s not like I was looking to get with anyone or find a fella – I just wanted to dance with my friend. Yet so many times throughout the night my ass was slapped or grabbed or people perved putting their hands on my waist. Most people would say “lighten up” or “it’s just a laugh” but it really makes me feel uncomfortable.”

(emphasis added)

’typical lad’ alcohol-related behaviour….” hmmmmm, and what would you call the behaviour of the female Student Council member groping the 19 year old lads genitals? “typical lass” alcohol-related behaviour”?

Seriously? “… many men have these attitudes towards women like we’re pieces of meat.”

Same question – what would you call the behaviour of the female Student Council member groping the 19 year old lads genitals?

Answer – A woman treating a man like a piece of meat.

To be continued…………. Part II tomorrow.



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wtfwtf13
    Mar 27, 2015 @ 06:16:23

    For me the most depressing and remarkable thing is not that this girl was lying through her teeth but the fact that despite there being so many like her,whose amateurish lies can be easily exposed, there are just too many people dying to believe them and propagate the myth of ” poor oppressed wimminz in danger “


    • anja eriud
      Mar 27, 2015 @ 11:42:29

      I know, I know – sigh.

      I was tempted to use some of the comments that this article generated – it wasn’t that they were all in agreement with this little wretch – some of them were quite cynical re her “contentions” but I realised it was better to take every single one of her claims and piece by piece demolish them.

      Let people – if they really cared too – look at the claims themselves alongside the evidence and make up their own minds.


  2. donzaloog1400
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 23:51:50

    Innocent until proven guilty has been thrown out when it comes to rape. Look at what happened to Bill Cosby. I’m not saying he’s innocent, but those women offered no proof whatsoever and everyone was falling all over themselves to believe them.

    Look at what happened to the man in India who was charged with rape. He was dragged out of the prison by an angry mob and lynched. The police later found out he was innocent. The woman lied.

    That’s what feminists want. Mob rule. Where emotion is king and logic is allowed. All rape accused must be eliminated and all accusers believed even after admitting to lying like Jackie from the UVA false rape case.


    • anja eriud
      Apr 21, 2015 @ 14:01:02

      Hi Donzaloog

      I have never loathed feminism more than I do right now – have you seen this?

      Tyrone woman cried rape to get a lift home with police;

      AVFM posted a link up to it the other day.

      But that’s only half story, because the sub heading says it all.

      “Northern Ireland woman avoids jail for false sex assault claims she made after night out”

      Apparently because of “mitigating factors”

      “But despite being convicted for perverting the course of justice over her fantasy claims, the 23-year-old from Ardnalee Park escaped prison.

      Gallagher walked free from Dungannon Crown Court with a nine month suspended prison term after Judge Melody McReynolds considered a “combination of mitigating factors”.”

      “….However, a combination of mitigating factors, including Gallagher’s poor health, and the fact that she did not persist with her claims, contributed to the judge’s decision to suspend the sentence for two years.”


      Since when has being a lying drunken slut qualified as “mitigating factors” – oh wait – I forgot – she’s female – NOTHING is her fault!

      This bitch will not spend one single day in jail and will most likely get “counselling” after her traumatic experience of being forced to face the consequences of her vile actions.

      I am equally incensed at the remarks made by the judge when passing what barely qualifies as a slap on the wrist.

      “Judge McReynolds said Gallagher’s claim had been “a gratuitous and lightly-made allegation to secure a free police lift home”.

      She said such claims were “corrosive of the credibility of truthful complainants”, adding false claims like Gallagher’s disillusioned “dedicated professionals who, on a daily basis, do this very wearing work”.”

      Excuse me? Obviously no-one gives a shit about the REAL victim in all this – the falsely accused.

      “Gallagher, who was described by police as “drunk, upset and confused”, repeated the claim to officers before giving the first name and description of her alleged attacker. That night a man was arrested, questioned and held in custody for more than four hours.

      Gallagher was also interviewed the next day by specialist detectives.

      It was then that she admitted her claims were pure fantasy.”

      (emphasis added)

      This innocent man was “…arrested, questioned and held in custody for more than four hours.” On the word of a liar.

      Four hours. Four hours held in police custody, in a cell – being “questioned” this lad must have been terrified, his whole life potentially ruined, those must have been the longest four hours of his life.

      I see no mention that this lying bitch was taken to a SAU (Sexual Assault Unit) no mention that a rape kit was done – no proffer of ANY evidence, other than the word of a lying drunken bitch!

      Nor do I see any mention of an apology, a statement from this bitch taking responsibility for her actions.

      I see a stupid judge in her ignorance and bias waving away the traumatic experience of this lad being falsely accused – LIKE SO MANY OTHER INNOCENT MEN – here was an opportunity to come down hard on false accusers, to send a message to women that making false accusations rape is a serious offence and will be punished.

      “Last week the court heard how her victim declined to make a victim impact statement and wanted to “simply put the whole incident behind him”.

      While I admire this, I presume young man, Gallagher is 23, ergo I’m guessing the lad she falsely accused was around the same age – I sincerely hope that he has people around him who will urge him to sue this bitch in civil court.

      It appears that we are supposed to admire this lying bitch because she recanted fairly quickly – bullshit – so what – rape cases have been prosecuted on less.

      Innocent men have been convicted on the word alone of lying drunken sluts.

      The issue is she MADE that accusation, she NAMED this young man – she wanted a lift home – and accusing
      an innocent man was no big deal!

      THAT’S the issue!

      Women operating under the toxic influence of malign feminists have deliberately created “rape culture” they cultivate it, they manufacture it – they, and they alone are responsible for “rape culture”

      It is a sick twisted mirage, yet another vile, vicious, fraudulent feminist lie – if anyone is responsible for being as this fool of a judge says “corrosive of the credibility of truthful complainants”,

      It is feminists.

      I personally would like to see what is called The Hale Warning reinstated.

      “Rape is an accusation easily to be made and hard to be proved, and harder still to be defended by the party accused, tho’ never so innocent.” [1]

      1 M Hale, History of the Pleas of the Crown ( 1st edn, London 1736) at p. 634.

      Taken from: The Failures of ‘Shield Legislation’: Sexual History Evidence, Feminism and the Law; LEANNE M. BAIN

      NB – this is a feminist paper – ergo – is biased, prejudiced and an exercise in exactly your point Donzaloog – how and why we “need” to undermine the foundational principle of law “Innocent till proven guilty”.

      An example.

      “B. ‘Defence Counsel Behaving Badly’74: Getting Round the Rules

      A combination of defence techniques also attribute to the failures of shield legislation. The cross examination strategies used by defence counsel need to be addressed in order for the aims of the legislation to be attainable.

      Whilst there are those who still defend ‘who simply want to destroy a complainant’75 the legislative objectives can never be achieved.

      Discrediting the complainant is often ‘the central strategy in the defence armoury.’76 As a result, many complainants have described the task of appearing in court to be ‘worse than the rape itself’.77 Bad defence practice should be stamped out to ensure that the courtroom provides a fair trial, not simply for the accused, but also for victims.78”

      This passage is par for the course when it comes to feminist “legal writing” have read many such papers – I recall getting into several arguments about this attitude.

      Apparently one must tippytoe around a “complainant” simply because that person had claimed she was raped. As defence council one’s first and only duty is to one’s client – to mount a vigorous defence NOT to pat the complainant on hand while soothingly saying “there there” and hand her tissues to wipe her tears!

      Yet – this is exactly what feminists have been demanding since the 1970’s – it’s the “always believe the victim” crap – starkly illustrated by this false accuser.(Gallagher)

      If she had not recanted as quickly as she did – this would have gone to trial – that young man’s life would’ve ruined – no matter what the outcome.


      • donzaloog1400
        Apr 21, 2015 @ 17:39:20

        That’s right. They are not concerned with the accused and the impact this accusation is having on his life, they just want to kiss the “victim’s” butt all the way to trial. Men are not seen as human in the eyes of the law when it comes to rape cases.

        It’s things like this that make me fully support and understand things like the MGTOW movement. Go your own way, avoid interaction with women. Record everything. It’s becoming dangerous just to interact with women casually. They can destroy your life with a word and walk away scot free if found to have been lying.

        I say all false accusers should face the jail time the accused would’ve faced if convicted. I know some would say that this would prevent real victims from coming forward for fear of being charged if their case falls apart, but we need to mitigate this discrepancy in the law.

        A simple solution imo would be to expand rape shield laws to protect the identity of the accused as well as the accuser.

      • anja eriud
        Apr 26, 2015 @ 13:31:33

        hey Donzaloog

        Mucho apologies for the hiatus – been up to my eyeballs in “stuff” – I fully concur – false accusers should feel the full weight of the law and be deprived of their liberty for a long time.

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