Women Should Stand Up to Feminists, Not Turn Their Backs on ManKind


I’ve just read the Kathy Gyngell article “Men should stand up to feminists, not turn their backs on womankind”

Link Here

I also read all the comments, most of which were less than supportive of Ms. Gyngell’s….eeeemmm, request, instruction, plea…whatever it is.

I had two initial problems before I even started to read this article – the first two words for example “Men Should……..”


That’s how you think entitling an article directed at men by a woman ought to be phrased!

Men Should…….”

You may take it as read that my eyes are drifting heavenwards – for decades, nay, for centuries women have been telling men that they “should………[insert whiney female demand here]” do/not do, in increasingly strident, irrational and hysterical tones.

My second problem is with this “…..not turn their backs on womankind” what the ever loving fuck is “womankind”?

Is it some kind of secret organisation that all female children are inducted into at the moment of their birth?

Well, I’m female, and I feel absolutely no allegiance or weird cosmic psychic connection to random women I don’t know, don’t want to know and if I did know them – would probably not piss on them if they were on fire.

Guess I’m out of the “womankind” club now!

Anyhoo – Ms Gyngell is another of a growing number of this mysterious “womankind” who are beginning to realise there is a problem – a huge problem looming – epic – massive – what they are becoming aware of is the fallout – the disturbance in the sure and certain foundation of their superiority in the world, their unassailable smug cosmic importance.

In actuality, what they are experiencing are the symptoms – and failing to recognise the source – they are vaguely aware it has something to do with men, and are incorrectly assuming that men are the problem – ergo we have articles like Gyngell’s pleading with men to fix this problem. For women.

Oh dear, oh dear Kathy – men are not the problem – WOMEN are the problem.

All men are doing is………….walking away……washing their hands of women…..refusing to be your whipping boys, your failsafe, your soft landing, your shield, your invisible and unappreciated lackeys.

What you are feeling is the cold wind of being left to fend for yourselves – just like you all claimed you could do. Wanted. Demanded.

Reality bites – doesn’t it?

You know what you should have called your article?

Women should stand up to feminists, not turn their backs on mankind

And you should have directed it at WOMEN!

The first bloody thing you should have said to “womankind” was LISTEN to men, the second – shut the fuck up for once in your life and LISTEN to what men are saying.

Am sure Kathy Gyngell probably thinks she’s being oh so compassionate, and concerned and sincere – but – it’s too little, too late – and anyway – you’re using a tired worn out, frayed at the edges template not fit for anything but the rubbish heap.

The old, men protect, provide and sacrifice for women, and women do………………….absolutely sod all in return – gynocentric model. Talking about Peter Lloyd she says this:

“He is right to argue that there has never been a worse time to be a man. Many of the statistics of anti-male bias in modern British society are ones we have rehearsed here on TCW too.   He is also right to describe the routine rubbishing of men as feminist fascism and stiletto sexism and men as the new second class citizens.

I call this deeply hypocritical behaviour, feminist chauvinism or misandry. Woe betide any man who similarly denigrated womanhood.

Reading through his account of the contemporary vilification of men – the extent to which the dice are loaded against men in work and health, you cannot be surprised that men are going off women.”

She calls the demonization of men and maleness, the vilification and deliberate prejudice and bigotry against men “routine rubbishing of men”!

As if a systematic campaign to strip men of their Human Rights, a toxic malign propaganda campaign that has painted men as the source of all evil in the world is a just a minor spat, a few harsh words here and there.

This is the bit that made me smile – grimly – “Woe betide any man who similarly denigrated womanhood.”

She’s actually right – up to a point – except it would be lunatic feminists and gynocentrists shrieking like banshees – granted at this point in time the hysterics are just boring and tedious and oh so predictable – so – let me be the one who “denigrated womanhood

If you are a feminist or a “I’m not a feminist but…..” or a special little princess or goddess then listen up petal.

You are a pain in the arse, a selfish self-absorbed twat with the charisma of roadkill and the personality of a turnip – you’re not “bubbly” you’re mentally unstable, you’re not “curvy” you’re a fat-arsed trollop, you’re not “educated” you’re an indoctrinated clone with the intellectual capacity of a mushroom.

You’re not a victim of anything, you’re a whiney tantrum throwing narcissist, you’re not an independant empowered “sex in the city” wannabe – you’re a slut.

I think that about covers it 🙂

“…..….you cannot be surprised that men are going off women

No shit Sherlock!

Ok – I am perfectly aware that I have described the extremes of toxic female behaviour and that there are women who can and do behave like decent human beings – but – I also know that somewhere in the back of your minds you really do believe that you are “special” because you are female – you’re not – you do also believe that men are inherently created to be in service or of service to women – they’re not – human beings, ALL human beings are of equal value and worth – and no – NOT “equal” as in the same – but vested with the same rights as every other human being – and should be subject to the same sanctions if they violate the rights of another human being, ANY human being. No exceptions.

“But what all women need to face up to are the two types of ‘modern men’ that feminism has so cruelly manufactured for them: The Oh so correct honorary Nick Clegg-type feminists (Miliband and Cameron also fit this mould) who promote and toe the feminist party line – men who I suspect don’t really turn women on at all. Second are the refuseniks who have gradually turned into a worrying class of embittered, angry misogynists – leading the sexodus. These men will not even give women the chance to see if they find them attractive”

(emphasis added)

Jeez Kathy – you really need to get out more – seriously – the first thing to note of course is that men apparently exist only to be of use to women – “for them

The second thing of course is these “two types” of men and only two types that apparently Kathy Gyngell asserts exist!

I will concede the Nick Clegg/Milliband/Cameron type – though these are actually what could be more accurately called either “white knights” or manginas – poor emasculated saps who believe arse kissing and grovelling before hatchet faced feminists is a valid exercise!

As for the second “type” she describes – you know, I’ve never actually met an honest to God, dyed in the wool misogynist – never – have met and talked to lots of angry men, disillusioned men, hurt men, sad men, even some who were caustically funny. About women.

Methinks Mizz Gyngell is trying (really badly) to infer that any man who rejects “womankind” or the gynocentric worldview (most MHRA’s and all MGTOW) are………………..what did she call them? Oh yeah “……embittered, angry misogynists

Pretty pathetic attempt Kathy – all faux concern on the one hand, and dismissive contemptuous caricaturing on the other.

The last bit is the best bit “These men will not even give women the chance to see if they find them attractive.”

Can you see that? The bleedin nerve of these men – refusing to be assessed, to be evaluated, to be given the once over by all the sad lonely wimmenz pining away for a man!

I’m shocked!

Imagine that – men thumbing their noses at women – men declining to subject themselves to the scrutiny of women “to see if they find them attractive.”

I got to that bit, and I began to think – is she taking the piss? Is this a parody? Is this satire?

Can I suggest that women read the comments – from men – put your vag rage on hold – lose the entitled princess attitude and really pay attention to what these men are saying.

I’ll be honest – I generally can’t stand most women – especially in groups – and I am not a person with much by way of patience or…..tact……..or diplomacy……………..the thing is, most women can’t stand other women either – and you all bloody well know it – because if you were honest with yourselves you’d realise and acknowledge that you see yourself in the bitchy catty backstabbing antics of your “friends”

What you all should also realise is this – men ain’t stupid – they see it as well – what is happening now is they’re not interested in pandering to your bullshit anymore, tippytoing around your tantrums, your irrationality, your moods, not interested in giving in to your incessant demands and unreasonable behaviours.

It’s not cute, it’s not sexy, it’s not alluring – you have become toxic little timebombs waiting to go off – to be blunt.

You are so NOT worth it!

Let me give you a clue – you know when a man is eying you up with a speculative look in his eyes? He’s not “eye-raping” you, he’s not lost in admiration at your divinity and awesomeness ya dozy twat – he trying to assess how high up on the “crazy as a loon” scale you are – whether you’re mentally stable, or will you scream rape if he tries to talk to you.

Well that or he’s dumbstruck that you poured your 200lbs of lard into the equivalent of tube sock!

What Gyngell and her ilk consistently fail to understand is this – men and women are naturally drawn to one another, and not just physically, human beings over the course of millennia have evolved to value and desire a stable pair bond, in order to create the basic building block of functioning and healthy societies – FAMILIES.

There was an element of reciprocity in these relationships, men and women played to their strengths and natural inclinations, they supported one another. But above all they trusted one another, and valued each other.

Am I saying this was a perfect state of affairs? Of course not – there were imbalances, misunderstandings, discriminations – not on the scale that feminists would have you believe – and these issues were being and would’ve have been resolved – then feminism stuck its pointy nose into everybody’s business.

Then everything went to shoite.

Under the influence of feminism harnessing the innate seeds of gynocentrism within women a toxic and malign social cancer began to grow.

Gyngell and her fellow cronies – whatever their particular stance, do not get – women – the vast majority of them have corrupted their natures, have embraced a toxic and self-destructive paradigm – are, with very few exceptions, repulsive to a huge of men.

Shall I repeat that? REPULSIVE. Throw in offensive, unattractive (as human beings) distasteful, noxious, abhorrent and vile.

Most men are far too polite and diplomatic (and in some cases scared shitless) to say that to the numerous women they encounter who behave in the normal rancid, belligerent, obnoxious ways a huge number of women display.

But I’m not.

Ladies (and I use that term very loosely) YOU poisoned the well, YOU and only you are responsible for the growing numbers of men who to be blunt – wouldn’t touch most of you with a ten foot bargepole.

Just in case any of you think that all you have to do is slap on a fake simper and play the adoring girlfriend till you hook your man – think again. Too late.

Support the MHRM and SPEAK OUT  till every corrupt and biased piece of legislation is repealed, till every feminist is rooted out of public policy areas, out of schools, out of NGO’s – till no-one, and I mean NO-ONE will give any feminist the time of day.

Start with yourself – stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, over and over again till you get it “I’m NOT all that” “I have no more or less worth than any other human being”

Finally men are starting to wake up and realise they have a choice – they don’t have to put up with your shoite – so they are CHOOSING not to.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cue a massive fit of the screamies…in…..1……2…….3….


Slainte 🙂

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caprizchka
    Apr 26, 2015 @ 15:36:31

    Whatever “kind” you are, I think it is possible I am one too. Unfortunately, however, our “kind” doesn’t hang out in flocks creating a critical mass of bleating but rather tends to go it alone.

    I think men should listen to their own hearts rather than succumbing to the demands of parrot-like sheep, albeit that’s easier said than done so long as advertising and propaganda promotes knee-jerk behavior ruled by the irrational unconscious. Meanwhile, women like us should speak up even if it results in a few catfights here and there.

    It would seem however that the latest tactic of Feminists is to paint anti-feminist women as rape apologists. Apparently, all “good” women are Feminists and “bad” women are not. Such a binary view of life doesn’t bespeak maturity or self-direction but rather a need for some sort of Patriarchy or Matriarchy to herd them and protect them from wolves.

    At some point, however, the flock demands thinning and a simple refraining from protecting them is all it will take to thin their numbers. That’s probably already happening and is what predicates the new stridency. It’s a cry of desperation.


  2. TNT
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 10:46:04

    Fantastic article.


  3. Ergo Slugg
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 11:49:38

    Holy mackeral, a women who not only GETS IT but can articulate the reasons for men turning away from the toxicity that is modern western women and the unholy trap that marriage has become. Maybe unicorns do exist, after all…


    • anja eriud
      Apr 29, 2015 @ 17:28:37

      Hello and welcome Ergo (what a brilliant name)

      Ah now – don’t be throwing too many accolades about – I can only go by what men tell me, and what I read from men.

      It would be beyond my capacity to try and and express what men feel – only men can do that – I can on the other hand speak to where women are coming from – a not very good place in most instances.

      As I can speak to the source of the toxic mindset that a huge number of women embrace – we have still quite a ways to go before we can traverse the vast gulf of misunderstanding, mistrust, enmity, injustice and deliberate prejudice that separates the two halves of humanity.

      Needless to say, the major burden of doing this falls to women – and should do – the question is will they?

      Will they do what needs to be done – will they reliquish control, will they accept and acknowledge that they are not “special” human beings endowed with divine attributes – just human beings with all the faults and failings of all human beings?



  4. BeijaFlor
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 13:11:04

    One of our members at GoingYourOwnWay.com linked to this article, in a discussion thread about Kathy Gyngell’s screed. Thank you for your eloquent rebuttal – a rebuttal that could only be delivered by a woman, because Gyngell and her fellow traditionalists will not be bothered to listen to men.

    Remember fifty years of feminist screeching about how “men only see us as sex objects?” In a similar way, more and more of us men are aware that trad-con women see us only as “utility objects,” as beasts of burden; and I for one have to say, “If you’re so strong and independent, why do you demand us men to carry the weight?”

    That’s why we’re Going Our Own Way.


    • anja eriud
      Apr 29, 2015 @ 17:18:23

      Hi and welcome BeijaFlor.

      I checked it out, as I did the Reddit comments.

      Let me say this – I have not, nor will I be expressing any opinions about MGTOW – other than commenting on what women think/believe whatever, about this phenomenon/path/journey/way of life – for the simple reason I am not entitled to an opinion.

      What any man decides to do with his own life is his own business. End of.

      Except to wish you well on your journey(s) and peace in your lives. 🙂



    • Le Jacquelope (@a7160957)
      Jun 01, 2015 @ 11:56:09

      To the article writer: I believe that women should speak out against Conservatism/patriarchy AND radical feminism at the same time. The former works to bring women down, the latter works to rubbish men. Plus, misandry DIRECTLY hurts women, too, like when it defines domestic abuse as a male thing while ignoring the equally astounding percentage of rape and domestic abuse among lesbian couples.

      To BeijaFlor: I see MGTOW as flatly ignoring and abandoning the arbitrary societal standards of what it means to be a man. The part of MGTOW that says abandon marriage isn’t what I see as a necessary part of MGTOW. This is because abandoning marriage would pretty much say that I am ignoring the egalitarian women who do exist. It is an act of broadbrushing women. Wait, isn’t that what I as a man am fighting…?

      You’re right about Conservatism (which includes men and women alike) treating men as utility objects. Conservatism, aka Patriarchy as feminists call it, is basically a means of compensation for the poisonous human bedrock of male expendability. Men have a spiked floor of competence – if we sink below that modicum of competence, we are discarded. To compensate for this, Conservatism, aka Patriarchy, establishes a glass floor for women – where at? You guessed it, below our spiked floor. That’s because when a woman rises high up on the socioeconomic ladder, her need for a man diminishes: rich women rarely marry even once, and even more rarely marry twice. This is part of the symptoms of male expendability (there are many other facets, too). Conservatism basically responds to nature’s act of doing men wrong by turning around and doing women wrong. Two wrongs never make a right.

      If we are to Go Our Own Way, it should be to seek out egalitarian women and abandon the pursuit of all others.


      • John mws
        Jun 12, 2015 @ 19:56:36

        I must disagree on one point, MGTOW is party about abandoning marriage, but abandoning marriage is not a broad brushing of women, far from it. That comment comes across as a typical feminist shaming tactic. Also we cannot broad brush all MGTOWs as the same, many will still be in loving relationships with women.

        I see MGTOW in general as a response to the toxic nature of the bias in State DV policy, modern marriage and the application of divorce and family court decisions overwhelmingly in favour of women. At the birth of a child, a man is not longer automatically a legal parent (UK), but still has a legal responsibility to pay for their welfare. Women can get the state to be both parent and pay check.

        It is not enough to imply all women are not like that. It is a legal certainty that men do not have the same rights as women when it comes to the shared resources and access to children. Only if enough women want these unjust laws or courts changed can MGTOWs fully appreciate women and marriage as an option again. I would say most would dream of being married if the current feminist destructive control was ended. Virtually all men are hardwired to love women, so do not blame them if experience and their growing awareness of the gender feminist agenda against them is making marriage an impossible choice, and becoming distant or more cautious with women, a safety first stance. It is the feminist state that is attacking them and it is the feminist state they are backing away from. There are many levels of MGTOW and the vast majority will welcome egalitarian women with open arms, but gender feminist leaning women need not apply.

  5. santiago
    Apr 29, 2015 @ 13:35:26

    Absolutely brilliant anja!


  6. kwang
    Jun 13, 2015 @ 02:42:36

    You’ve just about summed it all up. Nothing for me to add.

    Nice to know there still are women out there who aren’t feminist sheep. Still not enough to get me back into the plantation but at least you can make some other women self aware.



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