Them and Us.


What is the most divisive word in the English language? It is feminism.

When I say divisive, I mean in the sense that humanity is linguistically, ideologically, socially and culturally separated into “them” and “us

With “them” always being the lesser, the more troublesome, the ones who cause”us” problems, strain our minds with concerns and worries about what “they” will or won’t do – for “us

They” need to listen to “us” because “they” are not worth listening to. “They” need to accommodate “us”  ALL our wishes, wants, needs and whims.”

Do I really need to explain who comprises “they” and who comprises “us”?

I will anyway “they” are always men and boys – and “us” are always females, women and girls and the spokespersons for all of “us” apparently are feminists.

The underlying tenets of feminism go like this:

How “we “feel about “them” ranges along a spectrum – from outright hatred and vilification of “them” to a benign but rather condescending faux concern – especially if “they” are not fulfilling the functions that “they” have been assigned to fulfil by “us” – stepping outside the parameters of  those functions, that have been laid out by “us” for “them” is not to be tolerated.

Steps will be taken to ensure that “they” comply – that “they” will confine themselves to the roles as defined by “us” as acceptable for “them

What should be noted, is that feminists, never ever feel the need to consult the rest of “us” about their ”leadership”, their “theories” or in fact, if the vast majority of “us” would’ve voted them into these exalted positions of speaking for and behalf of ALL women and girls EVERYWHERE on this planet.

Within the period of a very short number years (historically speaking)– feminists became the defacto arbiters of all things female and male, and feminism became the defacto lens through which to view all things female and male.

I have two things to say about this. The first is obviously rude and ends in “Off” the next being a bit longer and directed at those of “us” who blindly, unthinkingly and without any real analysis of what exactly feminists claim about “us” but simply accept it.

For example, did you realise that according to the “received wisdom” of feminists and interminably repeated doctrine, the vast majority of “us” – females that is – are complete and utter morons, incapable of acting in any manner other than as passive, fragile, dependant, and to be blunt whiney toddlers?

With regard to the “received wisdom” that feminists lay claim to – this would be akin to the receipt of visions, of supernatural revelations, of psychic “feeeeeeeeeelings” that subsequently informs the “writings” the “literature” and the “studies” that have spewed out from the toxic and polluted well of feminism over a period of some 60 years.

Anyways, back to being morons.

Think about this, according to feminists, unless you (a female) get special help, special little boosts, YOU are incapable of achieving………….well anything really, on your own, under your own steam, and completely and totally on MERIT.

You have to be coddled, special arrangements have to be made, standards have to be lowered, you get to skate by on a biological fact over which neither you nor I had any control – being born with a uterus and ovaries.

Because apparently being in possession of said uterus and ovaries, sucks ANY innate intelligence, ability or competence right out of your brains. Ergo – according to feminists – speaking on behalf of “us” ALL women are morons – now, doesn’t THAT make you feel good about yourself.

We haven’t mentioned “them” yet though in relation to all this – yet. Time to look a bit deeper at it now.

In yesterdays post, I said that women are obsessed with men  – go on admit it – even if only to yourself – you know it’s true. In fact, since you were a girl, for a lot of you, finding your “soulmate” or “the one” or “the man of my dreams” was kinda uppermost in your mind.

If it helps – I’m a “girl” or at least I was – a long long time ago – so, yeah, I know.

Here’s the thing – and it’s another big fat hairy lie that feminists and feminism have told you – ALL women are fabulous, angelic, ethereal creatures of sublime beauty, almost saint like demeanour, and without a single flaw or blemish.

I’m going to pause for a minute here – so that you, if you are female, can go and take a good long hard look at yourself in a mirror – go on – I’ll wait.

To continue.

Well? What do you think? Perfection personified? Be honest now – what you saw was a human being, a female human being, no better or worse than MOST female human beings – fair enough if you’re in tip top shape and have buns of steel, but that, in and of itself isn’t really enough to achieve perfection, is it?  That’s just the package you came wrapped up in.

Because here’s the other thing, when “they” look at you, what do you think “they” see? If it is your buns of steel and are attracted to you on that basis, and you’re happy enough with that, then good for you.

Except – it isn’t enough is it? Being just a “pretty face” or a “fabulous body” really isn’t enough – is it? You want one of them to “adore you” to think that you are the “most wonderful woman on the planet

Well, according to feminists, that IS exactly what you all are – except – have you ever considered the possibility that “they” might have an opinion also, on this – on YOU?

To be blunt, absent a small coterie of equally brainwashed guys, (nice guys) the ones that you know in your heart and soul get on your bloody nerves – there is a huge contingent of guys, all over the world – who think that YOU and your fellow “special creatures” are – FULL OF SHIT.

In fact, some of them think that you are nasty, whiny, bitchy, horrible, brainless, slutty, screechy, ridiculous, pathetic, useless, shallow, vain, narcissistic BITCHES. By the way, yeah they’ll shag you, but that won’t change their underlying opinion – of YOU.

Also – there are a growing number of females – just like me – who think exactly the same way about – YOU.

Do I personally blame you?

YES, actually I do – because here’s what I think, unlike feminists, I DON’T believe that you are ALL morons – nope – I believe that you took on board the “I am special message” of your own free will, exercising your own agency because it suits you – because you wanted to, because you CHOSE to.

Go back and look in that mirror again – go on – except this time – look deeper – look beyond the surface – look right into yourself.  What do you see, now?

The big lie that feminists and feminism told you was this, that feminists and feminism gets to dictate not just what women feel, think and believe, but that this applies to men also – eeeeemmm nope – men actually make their own minds up – men look at you and form their own opinion, reach conclusions based on their own observations – MEN will cast an eye over YOU – and find YOU wanting.

Everything feminists and feminism tells you about men is – WRONG – completely and utterly WRONG – a lie, in fact a complete load of bollox.

THEY don’t need feminists or feminism to spin them fairytales, to hand them a line of bullshit, to wait for someone else to tell them what to think, what to believe, what to feel – about women – THEY just have to take a long hard look at what you REALLY are – AND they do.


© Anja Eriud 2014

Sink or Swim – A New Year’s Public Service Announcement.


 When children first start learning to swim they use water wings and floatation devices. First, as they paddle about in the shallow end, getting used to being in the water and then as they become more confident and actually start to learn the strokes, learn to swim – my kids started off by going from side to side, in the shallow end.

This is the end where if they got a bit scared or lost concentration, they could simply stand up and lo and behold – head above water again.

Feminism and gynocentrism is the gender equivalent of water wings and floatation devices – and most women, if not all, live their lives in the shallow end. In the kiddie pool.

There is one other thing that characterises children’s swimming lessons, and that is that there is always a life guard or two patrolling the sides of the pool with a big hook – ready to scoop you up if you get into deep water, or the water goes over your head and you panic a bit.

To stretch the metaphor to breaking point – the government and the state represents those ever vigilant life guards and the innumerable grants, programmes and services specifically targeted at women is the hook – the safety net – the device that saves you from, sometimes your own stupidity or overconfidence in your abilities.

Here’s the thing though ladies – the shallow end is for kids, water wings are for kids. Time to ditch ‘em, and start swimming on your own. Time to get out of the kiddie pool and dive head first into the ocean of life.

Look at it this way – have you any idea how dumb you look paddling about in the kiddie pool with your designer water wings on, dolled up like Esther Williams, how ridiculous you sound when through your own stupidity your head goes under the water, and instead of just standing up and saving yourself, you shriek like a banshee or a toddler for the life guard to come save you?

Most of those life guards that you depended on to scoop you out of trouble – MEN – most of the people paying for those handy life saving hooks – MEN.

Last and final metaphor – that kiddie pool has now become very over crowded, the water is stagnant, and that’s because you all keep pissing in the water.  There are not enough life guards left willing to patrol this overcrowded stinking pool, and not enough hooks to go around.

Sink or swim ladies – the choice is yours.


This has been a Public Service Announcement for the hard of thinking – normal service will now be resumed.


What about the Womeeeeeeeeeeeen……?


We it appears, and by “we” I mean the vast majority of people living in the western hemisphere, have become so imbued with the “women and children first” mindset that even those “nice” women who suddenly find themselves aware that MEN and BOYS might, just might mind, have “a few problems” that they simply cannot have a conversation or discussion or even request information about Men’s Human Rights without positioning themselves AS women with all the mythology that this entails.

From that position, AS A WOMAN, they believe themselves to be “sincere” and “interested” and “want to learn more”. Hmmm, you what that sounds like? – A new hobby, a suddenly “popular cause” a cool charideeee to become a patron of, or donor too.

Like with starving children in Africa they feel sympathy and concern, they donate, they organise “fundraisers” and all from the comfort of their “nice” homes.  Because you see, they’re “good women” and so it is with the Men’s Human Rights Movement.

Except for one little detail, these “victims” are not in faraway place, not some vague ill-defined but worthy cause that one can “write a cheque for” secure in the knowledge that you’ve “done your bit”.

One can tut tut about the faraway “dictators” and “bad people” who allow such terrible tragedies to happen, and then feel good about themselves. Especially if they even go as far as to “write a strong letter of protest” to their political representative, and stop buying products from such a nasty place, and urge their friends “nicely” to do likewise.

Ah yes, it feeeeeeeeeeeells good to be good, doesn’t it?  Even better to be able to think of oneself as a “good woman”.

So, to the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Believing oneself to be a “good woman” and suddenly becoming aware of “men’s issues” as another “cause” another “charideeeee”  feels good to get behind, to support, to “be interested in”.  And of course like all good causes, it has its victims.

So, who are these victims, these vague men and boys that “need help”? Are they some vague amorphous group of faraway tragic figures that you can sympathise with from afar?

NO. They are not. They are your sons, your fathers, your brothers, nephews and friends, they are the sons, fathers, brothers, nephews of YOUR friends and in some cases, they are YOUR husbands, YOUR boyfriends.

Oh my goodness, that’s just awful I hear you say, who would BE so mean and horrible, so uncaring, so selfish?


You and your friends, the women you chat to at the school gates, your neighbours, your sisters, your daughters, your mothers, and those of YOUR friends.

But, but, but, “I’m a good woman” my friends and all those other women you mentioned are “good women”

Oh, I’m sure you are right, in fact, you probably are, but of course this all depends on what standard you are using to define what a “good woman” is, doesn’t it?

Being a “good woman” starts and ends with one single criteria – BEING A WOMAN, and being a woman is “special” being a woman has a host of positive and self regarding connotations to it. Being a woman means first and foremost being DEFINED by your biology, NOT your humanity.

“Being a woman” means being blind to the humanity in men and boys, means seeing EVERYTHING through the lens of femaleness, means evaluating, assessing and quantifying ALL experiences, all problems, all issues through that unique filter of femaleness.

Being a woman and a “good woman” means feeling solidarity with, a connection to ALL other women, in a unique and special way, and THIS is what informs YOUR thinking, your inability to process the core issues of the MEN’S Human Rights Movement – MEN are NOT women.

Because Men only exist in relation TO women, men are defined BY their relationships WITH women.

But of all the blind spots, all the refusals to see, to open your eyes fully, good woman or not, it is the refusal to admit, to allow, to acknowledge that the vast majority of the Human Rights Abuses inflicted upon men are caused by.


You will note that I haven’t mentioned feminism once, well apart from just now that is. Because this is another misconception that woman use to soothe their ego’s with, the “Oh, I’m not a feminist” not one of THOSE – a screechy, haranguing unattractive harridan, oh no, THAT’S  not me – pause – of course I believe in “women’s rights” but I’M NOT A FEMINIST.

I believe you, you’re not a feminist, and the latest polls and surveys will bear that out, depending on which one you use, only between 20% and 28% of women actually self-indentify AS feminists.

Well phew, I hear you say – see – I told you, NOT a feminist. I don’t hate men, I loooooooooove men, men are great. Is that so? Then you are making perhaps the greatest error, the biggest mistake in judgement regarding “being a woman”

Have you ever asked yourself, WHY? Why do women believe and think there is something inherently special about “being a woman”? Where did this little myth come from? Who decided that women had “special” qualities inherent in “being a woman”?

REAL feminists don’t actually give a shit if you are a feminist, if you tick the feminist box on polls and surveys, being a woman who supports “women’s rights” is just fine and dandy, being a woman who swallows the carefully and assiduously crafted myth of womanhood is more than enough. Feeling part of the vast global network of “sisterhood” that binds ALL women together in some bizarre made up “spiritual” connection will do just fine, because you see, the point is not for you personally to “be a feminist”. As long as you buy the lies, the false statistics, the scary sound bites you are a useful idiot. 

Doing this assures the REAL feminists that when it comes to MENS RIGHTS, you will almost automatically think, feel and even better raise in lament, in all sincerity, because YOU are a “good woman” this cry.

What about the womeeeeeeeennn?




On The Shelf


Ah yes, this used to be the fate that every woman feared, if not openly, then in the long dark watches of lonely nights. Being left on the shelf implied that one had been examined, a careful eye had been cast over one and that eye, and many more, had passed on to select another.

Just as children feel the sting of rejection, the pain of “not being picked” this is the fate of many women who if they were honest with themselves are beginning to feel.

Pair bonding, mate selection, these are the behaviours common to all species, including Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  It is deeply embedded into our hardwiring to find, bond and reproduce with a mate. For all our technological sophistication, all our amazing intellectual and cultural achievements this is what keeps some of us awake at night.

It is what is keeping many many women awake at night, though they would deny it. It is what haunts their secret dreams and lies like a shadow across their minds, even as they present themselves to the world as carefree, glittering butterflies, as devil may care hedonistic bon vivants, as “strong independent women” taking on the world and winning.


I wonder, I ponder and I reflect as I observe the behaviour, the corrupted mating behaviour of young and not so young females, and it is mating behaviour that drives this behaviour and actions of so many women. Why are you bothering?  Why are you making such a display, exhibiting yourselves in such a manner, dressing, speaking and unconsciously demanding  – look at me, pick me, when it is clearly a ploy, a false display, when it is clearly just an exhibition, clearly just a demand for attention, clearly just a corrupted form of mating behaviour with no obvious purpose.

I hear the excuses, I hear the justifications, “I dress to please myselforI make myself available for sex with random strangers to prove how free I am” or just because I display myself in a manner that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, doesn’t make me a sex object

Really? You dress to please yourself? You adorn yourself, paint yourself, primp and preen so that you can gaze upon your reflection and have “yourself” gaze back in admiration?

Really? You have multiple sexual encounters, multiple sexual partners because this proves how free you are?  Free to be what?  Free to do what? Have “yourself” viewed as a mere object of sexual gratification?  Free to couple with near strangers, and then, to take the long walk home alone? (I wonder why I’ve heard it described as “the walk of shame”)

So dressing in a manner that displays and enhances your “sex appeal” that emphasis the very parts of yourself that evinces a sexual response in the male of the species doesn’t make you a sex object? Exhibiting exaggerated mating behaviour does not scream “available for sex”?

Who are you kidding?

Ah, yes of course, yourselves. This is who you all seek to convince, all this mating behaviour, all these exaggerated displays of mating behaviour, are what YOU say they are, what YOU have been fooled into believing.

Let us go back, to the beginning, to the purpose of mating behaviour, to the reason why unconsciously or consciously almost all species engage in mating behaviour, shall we?

To bond, to find a mate, to reproduce.

Human beings are no different, yes indeed Homo Sapiens Sapiens have evolved, have become the premier species on the planet, but still, human beings ARE mammals, are driven at a subliminal level to do what almost all mammals do, to bond, to find a mate and to reproduce.

Yeah? So? I hear you say, what’s the big deal?

Good question, what is the big deal? The big deal my dears is biology. The big deal is that human beings, in particular female human beings are tied to their biology, bound to a timetable, limited to a relatively small window of opportunity. Reproductive opportunity. Tick tock.

Ppppft, you say, we have all this technology, all this amazing science, and I can just avail myself of all this scientific magic and voila – fulfil my reproductive destiny. Snap my beautifully manicured fingers, turn on the “mating behaviour” that served me so well in my twenties and………………………

Yeeeeeeeeees? And what? Have hordes of virile eager mates lining up? Have at your command a mate that will comply, that will bond with you, that is willing to reproduce with you?

Tsk tsk, you silly overindulged hedonistic females, such arrogance, such self regard, such self delusion. You forget my dears, while you do indeed have a biological urge deeply embedded in your psyche to reproduce, so too do the males of this species Homo Sapiens Sapiens.  They also have a need to bond, to mate, to reproduce, and it is with the young, the fertile, the loyal and true. For a man, the woman who bears his children must actually BE bearing HIS children.  She must BE someone he can be sure of, know that she is faithful, she is healthy, she is a person of value, of worth. How does this man know this?

Well, he will look to her previous mating behaviour of course, he will look to her character, he will look upon her and he WILL evaluate HER potential as a mate, as a companion, as a person whom he can trust, he can feel secure with.

So, now, my dears, adorn yourselves, primp and preen, display your wares, indulge yourselves in redundant mating behaviour and waste away your most fertile and short years in mating with all and sundry, then ask yourselves this.

If I was a man, would I MARRY her? Would I bind myself to this shallow creature? Would I allow this slut to bear and raise MY children? Will I, as a man, given the choice between a young fertile and loyal companion, who keeps herself only for me and I for her, and a used up, approaching infertility, selfish hedonistic shrew choose the shrew, the slut, the one who wasted her fertility.

What do YOU think?

Which now leads us on to the rituals, the ceremonies, the external “rules” that human society has enacted to provide a framework within which human beings bond, mate and reproduce. The laws, which human society has developed to manage, to regulate the pair bonding of human beings.

For men, marriage has become a Venus Flytrap, on the surface, alluring, superficially appealing, but beneath, hidden behind the superficial appeal and allure? Designed to entrap and to devour. But who would do such a thing? Who would take this most natural, this most positive, and this most fulfilling of human relationships and corrupt it in such a manner?

Who indeed? Ladies, I invite you once more to gaze upon yourselves in your mirror, to stand and look upon the architects of this corruption. YOU did, you all did, your mothers and in some cases your grandmothers took this socially and culturally positive act of human relationships and dismantled it, remade it into something else. Something corrupt, something dangerous, something that was to only benefit the female of the species.

Yet, once again, in your selfishness, your vanity, your self-indulgence you forgot that men also are free to enter or not into pair bonds, men must voluntarily bind themselves into these “bonds” with females.

Have you looked at the figures ladies? Have you seen the downward spiral of marriage rates, of birth rates?  All over the world, human beings are NOT finding mates, not binding themselves into this most fundamental of human relationships. Is it women who are driving this trend?

Partly, it is women who are delaying having children, and when they do it is one, possibly two.  But it is men who are driving the declining marriage rates, men who are saying NO.

Why else would there now be such a wailing, such a cacophony of voices raised in a chorus of

Where have all the good men gone?” andWhy won’t he marry me

The answer ladies lie in your mirror.  All the good men are engaged in a futile search for a good woman, and he won’t marry YOU because………………………….look in the mirror my dear.

I suggest that you make that shelf as comfortable as possible; you will be there for a long long long time.

Woman to Woman

So – this is for women, for females who go sniffing around this place, A Voice For Men or other Men’s Rights sites and blogs to “check out” the MHRM, and I know they do.  They can be broadly broken into four “types”

1. Your actual feminist who is looking for ammunition, known as “quote mining” to throw at M[H]RA’s, and the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and/or because she’s read/heard or been told of  something online that some MRA (s) has/have said (usually Paul Elam of and usually this article [1] and IS she mad as hell? You betcha!

The nerve of some “man” (pronounced bastard) expressing an opinion that doesn’t start from the default position that all women are……………”special” in oooh so many ways. Her dander is up, it’s about time someone (a feminist) put those men back in their places, told them what’s what, and whipped them back into line – the line that no man gets to cross, EVER.  The line behind which all men stand and which is most definitely drawn by feminists. You gals make me laugh and make me sick in equal proportions.

2. Then there are the “I’m not “really a feminist but………” gals, these are the women who have lived with all the privileges, all the hidden advantages that come with being female in today’s modern society and culture but have never taken the time to wonder “do MEN get all these advantages?, do MEN get all these government funded opportunities to “fulfil their potential?”  They usually (but not always) have blogs and waffle on inanely about random crap, all the while doing the “I’m not a feminist but…” women ARE special and everything would be just peachy if men would just shut up about “men’s rights” and get onboard with the “women are special” thing. These are the “all this men’s rights stuff is/might/could harm women; think I’ll check it out”. You lot? Boring, boring, boring, and oh yeah boring.

3. Next are the college students who sit in Gender Studies classes and don’t notice the guys who sit there quietly and try to blend into the carpet, or when one of these guys opens his mouth to present an alternative point of view to the “feminist perspective” draws the contempt and condescension of, first the lecturer (I have seen this happen myself) and then  like a pack of tittering hyenas the female students will rip into this poor guy, for no other reason than to obtain the approval of the witch (spelt with a capital B) leading this pack. [2] These are the lassies that see and might even produce all the vicious and false feminist propaganda, the “men can stop rape” the  “walk a mile in her shoes” crap and never, in relation to this last one for example ever wonder.

Why is there NOT a “walk a mile in HIS shoes” campaign”? They’re on a mission; they’ve swallowed the feminist bullshit, hook, line and sinker and are imbued with the passion and fervour of a newly minted acolyte, and have come to convert/exhort/pressure/force The Truth back down the throats of these “unenlightened” men! You all go online to share ranty feminist bullshit and to bond with other baby feminists and have heard/are hearing about this MHRM and thought, “this sounds suspicious better check it out”. Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

You all think you’re in an institution of Higher Learning – and yep capitalised those words purposely, except newsflash gurls, you’re not – you’re in an indoctrination camp, a brain-washing facility, a government sponsored thought control unit. You’re not learning (definitely NOT higher learning) you’re not expanding your minds; you’re being spoon-fed drivel [3] and your minds?  Being turned into tiny rigid closed off receptacles designed to hold said drivel, being trained to eliminate any ability to question, to critique, to examine the premise upon which said drivel is grounded.

4. The last group is You – you found yourself on a Men’s Rights site or blog by accident, a random click, or a random series of clicks that led there. You’re not particularly interested in men’s rights OR feminism, you’re just living your life, doing the best you can. This next bit is for you.

So, ladies/girls/wimmin, what’s it to be? Are you going to wait till someone you love or care about, your father, your brother, your uncle, cousin or one of your friends gets shit all over by a 24 carat, grade A bitch [4], till someone male you like and care about, that you have possible known since you were kids together, gets his life ruined because some drunken slut falsely accuses of him of rape? [5]  When in your heart you know, you damn well know that this guy, in a million years would never do such a thing? Further, if you do happen to know the tramp who slings this vile accusation IS a drunken slut – You say nothing.

You close your eyes to the evidence; you stand by and let this evil unfold.  You parrot the party line “women don’t lie about rape” when you damn well bloody know – they DO, and even worse you know as well as I do that a woman will throw any man to the wolves to avoid being held responsible for her actions, to avoid being labelled a slut, to duck out of being unmasked as a two-timing skanky whore.

You know it, and I know you know it, so why are you keeping your mouth shut? Why? Let me guess – she’s a friend, or she’s a friend of a friend, in your circle she’s the one with the big mouth, she’s the one who everyone knows is a bit outrageous, a bit of a party gal, but – when all comes to all.  She is – One of the Girls! Let me tell you something you probably already know – she’s the one who comes onto your boyfriend/husband/partner at parties, at events, and if you or he protests you get “ah lighten up, it’s just a joke, I’m only messing, kidding around

Are you going to wait till another boy, a child, a happy, full of energy, beloved son takes his own life because some bastard wanted the approval of the femistasi? [6]  Till another father takes his life in despair over losing his kids, his home, his ability to feed and support himself on the pittance he has left after the bitch who caused all this has taken it all? [7]

What are you waiting for? What will it take for you see, to accept, to acknowledge that:

Men’s Rights ARE Human Rights.

Paraphrasing Edmund Burke’s classic wisdom: [8]

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing

You’re not personally evil, (ranty screechy feminists excepted) you may not have ever consciously done anything that directly harmed, hurt or caused pain to any man or boy, but you are standing by, you are watching from the sidelines, and by doing so, evil is being done, and done in your name – as a woman, men and boys are being harmed, hurt and caused enormous pain, in your name.

Because feminism claims to speak for and on behalf of all women – yep, you read that right – feminism is the voice of women – and if you’re a woman – that means You!

The question that you’re probably asking yourselves is “but what can I do?”

Open your eyes. Pay attention, look at how men are portrayed, are treated, look at how women expect unquestioning compliance/obedience/indulgence/devotion/consideration, from men, and would be shocked if not horrified at any expectation/suggestion/hint that they should reciprocate……….with anything. Can you see it now?

Open your ears.  All the subtle and not so subtle messages about men as violent, as dumb, as useless, as subhuman, as bastards and nothing else. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Listen. Can you hear it now?

How hard is it, do you think, to say the words “that’s wrong” or “that’s not true”? yeah I know, some of your “friends” at least the ones who think of themselves as feminists will react, might even react badly, even hysterically, might even go on a big ole rant, might even attack you.

Because like you, I know that women can and will make your life hell if they can. Gossip, slander, whispers behind your back.  Here’s the thing, how do you know that they’re not doing this already? Because you don’t, and because, again, you know as well as I do that, that’s what women do anyway.

As my mother used to say “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

With friends like that, do you really need enemies?

Open your Mind. Feminism claims to act in your name, isn’t it about time you checked out just exactly WHAT is being done in YOUR name. Then, when you have, answer this question, are Men’s Rights Human Rights or not? [9] And if not: Why Not?

We’ll be right here. Thanks for stopping by.


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[7] Distraught Father’s Courthouse Suicide Highlights America’s Male Suicide Epidemic: Glenn Sacks:

Pete Patriarch’s Musings: December 9, 2007, An older article about men committing suicide after divorce:

15,000 to 18,000 Divorced Men Commit Suicide Every Year: ANTI MISANDRY, CURING FEMINIST INDOCTRINATION:

[8] “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. Edmund Burke Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797)

[9] Start here: A Voice for Men, Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry:

GWW (GirlWritesWhat) Karen Straughan:

Angryharry at:

The Counter-Feminist: The female-supremacist hate movement called ‘feminism’ must be opened to the disinfecting sunlight of the world’s gaze and held to a stern accounting for its grievous transgressions.

The Unknown History of MISANDRY: FACTS which contradict what is taught in the universities and which even run counter to the assumptions made by critics of misandry:


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