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I don’t believe in censorship, it is in direct conflict with principles of freedom of speech but if you exercise that freedom in such a way that it is meant to silence others persistently and demand that they have their freedom to speak curtailed I’ll ban you. Got it? Good.

Accusations against other people without foundation, without offering proof and without backing up your charge – not tolerated.  Differences of opinion, fair comment, no problem.

Last point – it’s MY blog – so I get to have the last say on what is or isn’t acceptable, I’m relatively tolerant but I do have limits – don’t test them. Otherwise. Enjoy.

Guest Posts

I hope that as this blog evolves that there will be people with something interesting and thought provoking to say who want to post here as a guest. I welcome new ideas, new ways of looking at things and new perspectives. For the moment while I get this blog up and running and get the hang of it, it’ll just be me. Will update this if and when an interesting voice pipes up with something.

Users and Commentators

Still working out the parameters.

Social Media

Am not a big fan of facebook/twitter or whatever other social media is out there, so for the moment am holding off from adding links. That may or may not change.

Where I Stand

See the title of this blog – Not a Feminist? That’s where I stand – see the blog address That’s where I stand and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.

I’m not anti-feminist per se, other than believing that feminism is a coackamammy bullshit theory, after all you are entitled to be or call yourself whatever you want – I’m a NON feminist. As far as I’m concerned feminism is just another ideology, last time I checked, it wasn’t compulsory or mandatory to be a feminist, ergo feminism is just as open to be criticised as any other set of beliefs, be they political, personal or ideological.

Being a non feminist doesn’t prove anything, doesn’t make any statements about what I do or don’t believe in.

Because this is what I believe in: the only qualification for being vested with Human Rights is to be a Human Being, your sex, colour, class, whatever is secondary to being a human being.  Individual human beings have individual issues and problems, those issues might be to do with some aspect or aspects of their individuality but above and beyond the innumerable differences between human beings, they all share one common trait – their Humanity.

This might sound a bit odd coming from a MHRA, but not if you consider that it is men’s Human Rights which are under attack, when it is a denial of men’s humanity that is informing these attacks. Women don’t have to prove or demand that their basic humanity is recognised and accepted in western societies, their rights are automatically respected, protected and taken seriously – Men’s? Thats why we’re here. Because the same respect for, protection of and serious consideration of Men’s Rights as Human Rights is not extended to men.

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  1. Cathal Garvey
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 20:19:25

    Hi. If you are looking for facts about how men are mis-treated, have a look at where recent cases in the Equality Tribunal have been taken.


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