Schools Out – Forever!


Whenever I need a bit of a lift – I turn to music – and nope – not some wishy washy ballady type music written for women to assure themselves that the greatest love of all is to love yourself! No doubt while chanting “I loooooooooooove me, what’s your hobby?”

Please! Get a grip.

Nope, what gets my blood moving again, what gets me up and dancing around the kitchen in my wellies (yes wellies) is Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town, and Alice Coopers – Schools Out.

Today and yesterday was no different – except in one way – it hit me, this morning – ladies, Schools Out – not just for the summer – but forever because The Boys ARE back in town.

Don’t believe me – hmmmm – you should maybe take a trip to Detroit this summer on June 27th and 28th, when the first International Men’s Rights Conference, of this century, is due to take place hosted by A Voice for Men.

The theme of this conference is simple, it is clear, and it is unequivocal, and it is the message of the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM)


The line up of speakers will address issues that impact on the lives, the worth, the value of men and boys – and they will speak the truth.

I can’t recall which one of you said those asinine words “the personal is political” but, I will give you all fair warning – YOU made it personal – now the growing international Men’s Human Rights Movement, WILL make it political.

For any feminists intending to attend, to protest, to launch a counter offensive in an effort to silence these voices, these truths – a concept I know that feminists have not even a passing acquaintance with – it’s too late.

Seriously ladies – you are too late – for almost 10 years I believe, since the inestimable angryharry first sat in front of his computer and tapped out the truth on his keyboard your days were numbered.

From: Equality Between Men And Women Is Not Achievable. Click here for article.

“The search for ‘equality’ between ‘men’ and ‘women’ is like a dog chasing its own tail. It will always be out of reach. And the very act of chasing it is costing us a great deal and causing tremendous damage to us.

The solution that we need to seek is not ‘equality’ – because it will never be found.”

You have been informed, the MHRM has attempted to educate you, to school you – and yet in your arrogance, in your vanity and egotism you played hooky, you skipped class and went on your merry ways. Well ladies – time to pay the piper, time for you to stop, to sit, stand or slouch still – lesson time is over – no more extensions – no more due over’s.

SCHOOLS OUT – forever.

Perhaps there was a time when you could have been considered capable of learning, capable of becoming more than you were, of growing into adults endowed with reason, with honour, with integrity, with even a small semblance of humanity. Alas with each poisonous article, each putrid blog and site, each repetition of the same tedious, asinine and frankly boring whines and complaints, peevish and petulant gripes and moans – it is abundantly clear that you are not capable of any of those things.

So, while all you fabulous 30 something’s are penning your screeds, cackling and sniggering with your various covens – and it must be said – while your ovaries are shrivelling to walnuts, your eggs have just gone off, and your vaginas are drying up – which apparently speak to and for you – the world is moving, and has moved on.

Oh yes, we know it is not going to be easy, we know that you will try every nasty, underhanded, sly and vicious trick in the book, and at your disposal to stop this, to prevent this conversation from taking place.

We know this, we know that you will point your manicured fingers at men and young men, at boys, and make false accusations, tell vicious lies.  We know this.

Just as we know that you will continue to write your poisonous articles, keep on posting your vicious rants on your blogs and sites.


We don’t care, do it, bring it on – say what you like – peddle your lies, spin your fairytales, rant and rage, shriek and howl at the moon for all I care.

We know this, because we already know what you are willing to do to protect your ideology, to cling gracelessly and rigidly to your unsupportable “theories” we know that you will lie, will libel and slander, will viciously and dishonestly attack anyone who dares to challenge you. Like cornered rats do.

Do it – bring it on.

Then go look at the numbers – go look at the numbers of women backing away from feminism, go look at the numbers of men and women who are looking back at YOU – in contempt, in scorn, in derision.

Can you see them? Can you hear them? Of course you can, of course you know this is happening – why else would you all be in a fever, in an ever accelerating panic to enact legislation, to put in place gynocentric policies, to attempt to shut down and shut up these voices?

Do it, bring it on – laws can be repealed, policies can be abandoned, all it takes is the will and the commitment of men and women willing to say – ENOUGH. All it takes is for people who know the truth to stand up and say – this is wrong.

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

You are facing a growing army of these men and women – you are facing a determined, committed and immovable body of men and women who not only have stood up to be counted, but ARE standing up, more and more with each day that passes.

Abandon ship ladies, the boat is sinking, and the rats are leaving – and by the way – there is a price to be paid if you want room on the lifeboat?

That price is and should be easy enough to pay – all it will be is that, you become a human being.

The lifeboat? The Men’s Human Rights Movement.


© Anja Eriud 2014




Out on The Streets in Ireland

Tom Golden has an article on A Voice For Men, called “Is homelessness a men’s  issue?

It is an excellent article highlighting not just the fact that the majority of homeless are men but also exploring the myriad causes of male homelessness and how a snowball effect happens in many cases which propels men into homelessness

“Some folks are starting to understand that there may be some powerful underlying aspects to homelessness that most are simply not seeing. The sad fact is that most every homeless man may have started out his slide into homelessness with a huge trauma like divorce, death, illness, loss of job and probably more than one of these or others all rolled up into one big plate of stink.

These trauma overload the system of any person, but they are particularly hard for men. Why? Because no one wants to hear his pain, and no one wants to hear his story. When people see a man in pain they run, when they see a woman in pain they consider it a call for action. So men are left alone to deal with huge amounts of pain. Often they find ways to move through it and sometimes they end up paralyzed and homeless.”

Tom also points out how male homelessness, and in fact any issue to do with men’s pain is swept under the carpet. Deliberately.

“Not only are men the majority of the homeless, but homelessness is the dead end for so many other men’s issues. How many homeless men do you think have been raped by the family courts? How many homeless men do you think have been falsely accused? How many homeless men have been victims of domestic violence and ignored? How many homeless men have been severely depressed and overlooked.

The sad fact is that homelessness is the end of the road for many men after they have faced years upon years of misandry, people looking the other way, and no services available when they face hardship and discrimination. Nearly all of the issues we discuss and work to bring into public awareness find their dead end in the two male exit points: homelessness or suicide.”

The over-riding theme is, that when it comes to “men’s issues” in particular male homelessness, the default position seems to be that it “must be his own fault” therefore very little by way of sympathy, compassion or more importantly, services are available to these men.  Can you even imagine in this gynocentric culture such an attitude towards women who find themselves in “crisis” situations? No.  Of course you cannot. I’m not even going to bother putting up links to the innumerable services available to women. You know, and I know that they are there for the taking, in spite of the whining from feminists about the “lack of resources and funding for women’s issues

Men in trouble, men with “issues” are invisible, and are doubly invisible apparently, if they perchance find themselves in the public spotlight in connection with some other more, “worthy of compassion” creature. To what am I referring? I sense you asking in puzzlement. What “other creature” could demand more compassion than a homeless human being?

Answer. A rabbit. Yes, you read that right, a bunny rabbit called Barney. Go take a read of the article linked here, and pay special attention to the comments.

Have you read it? Good. Did you notice something about the comments? Almost all of them focus on the plight of poor Barney the bunny, rather than John the human being.

Let me just say this first, it was absolutely reprehensible what that “youth” did, a terrible thing to do to a poor defenseless animal, and he was rightly punished for it.

But. HELLO! Homeless human being here, homeless MAN here, in fact, a brave compassionate man who dived into the Liffey, (the river that wends its way through Dublin) to save another helpless creature.

Now, to be fair, his story did evoke a response, did result in recognition of not just his bravery and compassion, and did inspire many to make gestures of generosity and compassion towards John, the human being.

Within days he was given a Compassionate Citizen Award for going above and beyond the call of duty to help an animal in need.

His story touched the hearts of thousands of people nationwide, with many offering donations and food.”

But the comments from some of the people who did comment on this story? Unbelievable. For example. This poster quoting John Byrne the homeless man, had this to say.


{{ “I’ve always had animals on the street with me to keep me company and to keep me happy,” Byrne added. }} Hmmm..really? I suspect the main reason Mr Byrne has animals on the street with him while begging is that it increases his appeal to the sentimental, and gives him a higher income (over and above the one the state gives him). Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s just good marketing – and certainly no reason to throw the poor rabbit in the river. But one would appreciate a bit of honesty about why it was with him in the first place.

5 Dec 2012 01:53



138 convictions? Lock this guy up!!! Poor bunny… that was SO cruel ;-/

1 May 11:53

Quite a few focused on the young man who actually threw the rabbit into the river, in particular in light of this revelation.

The court heard that Kearney was brought up in care, has 138 previous convictions and is already in detention at St Patrick’s Institution.”

St Pat’s as it is/was known in Dublin has a less than savoury history, as have many institutions that operated in Ireland, particularly those tasked with the “care” of young boys.

Am I condoning what Gary Kearney, the 20 yr old who threw John Byrnes rabbit Barney into the river did?  Absolutely not, but if you look past the superficial details of this story, if you ignore the carefully crafted hype around the plight of poor Barney, beneath the surface you will see several issues.

First and foremost, a homeless human being, John Byrne, was begging on O’Connell Bridge when Gary Kearney came along and threw his pet into the river.

Outside the court, Byrne, who has been living on the streets for 23 years, said he was in shock when he saw his pet swimming around in circles, looking up at him.”

Did you see that?  23 years living on the street, earlier in the article it states that Mr. Byrne is 37 years old – do the math – he was 14 years old when he became homeless. 14 years old! Now I’m only guessing here, but if Mr. Byrne had alcohol or substance abuse problems, it would’ve been mentioned, in a faux sympathetic way as “poor alcoholic man” but mentioned.  It wasn’t.

Regardless, think about the fact that this man became homeless at 14 years of age, a boy, a child, and here he is 23 years later still homeless, still living on the street!

Can you imagine any woman, whatever her “issues” substance abuse” or whatever would have been left “living on the streets” for 23 years? I certainly cannot.

Now before I continue, this linked article in the online Irish independent has slightly different details than the Huffington Post one, for example it states that Mr. Byrne has been living on the streets for 24 years rather than 23, though still cites his age as 37 years old. Also it does confirm these details.

The court heard the culprit Kearney was brought up in care, has 138 previous convictions and is already in detention at St Patrick’s Institution.”

Both articles confirm Gary Kearney is from Crumlin, a working class area on the south side of Dublin.

With regard to Gary Kearney, the young man convicted of animal cruelty, again absolutely condemn what he did, absolutely endorse his conviction. But, I do find myself wondering, taking into account the limited information given about this young man’s history, and in spite of his abhorrent actions, what detail is missing?

In fact, for what it’s worth, this young man’s history, brought up in care, incarcerated in St. Pats and growing up in a predominately “working class” area, acting in this cruel and reprehensible manner is almost inevitable, not excusable, not justifiable but, inevitable. In fact, after Gary Kearney serves his sentence and the remainder of whatever other sentences he has or receives, and if and when he is released, it is almost also inevitable that Gary Kearney himself will end up living on the same streets as John Byrne. If not inevitably then at least possibly.

Does this make me glad? Absolutely not, do I believe he “deserves” this? Again, absolutely not? Am I just being a “bleeding heart liberal”? Nope. All I am doing is hoping to raise some deeper issues, shed some light on some of the more complex factors that contribute to male homelessness, and perhaps to ask, are the seeds of those factors that lead to male homelessness planted in childhood? In the types of lives that some boys are forced to live? As well as the factors in adult men’s lives as outlined in Tom’s article on AVfM.

Whatever circumstances caused Gary Kearney to grow up “in care” in Ireland, and “in care” in an Irish context* doesn’t have a warm fuzzy connotation to it. Whatever dysfunctional life he was born into that set in motion the events that led up to his throwing poor Barney into the river, and may also have led to John Byrne finding himself homeless and on the streets at 13 or 14 years old, and still on those same streets 23/24 years later. Those factors need to be examined, addressed and as eloquently articulated by Tom Golden made part of the public debate on Men and Boys issues. in answer to Tom’s question “Is homelessness a men’s issue?” My answer is YES it is, but even more it is a Human Rights issue. Are men not Human Beings?

And yes, I am glad that Barney is safe and well and in the care of, what seems to me, a kind and compassionate man like John Byrne.


*There really is too much evidence, too many reports, to post links to the level and extent of child abuse perpetrated in Ireland, just type “child abuse in Ireland” into Google and you will get “About 21,500,000 results


© Anja Eriud 2013

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State Rep. Uses Sledgehammer To Destroy Homeless People’s Possessions(

Woman to Woman

So – this is for women, for females who go sniffing around this place, A Voice For Men or other Men’s Rights sites and blogs to “check out” the MHRM, and I know they do.  They can be broadly broken into four “types”

1. Your actual feminist who is looking for ammunition, known as “quote mining” to throw at M[H]RA’s, and the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and/or because she’s read/heard or been told of  something online that some MRA (s) has/have said (usually Paul Elam of and usually this article [1] and IS she mad as hell? You betcha!

The nerve of some “man” (pronounced bastard) expressing an opinion that doesn’t start from the default position that all women are……………”special” in oooh so many ways. Her dander is up, it’s about time someone (a feminist) put those men back in their places, told them what’s what, and whipped them back into line – the line that no man gets to cross, EVER.  The line behind which all men stand and which is most definitely drawn by feminists. You gals make me laugh and make me sick in equal proportions.

2. Then there are the “I’m not “really a feminist but………” gals, these are the women who have lived with all the privileges, all the hidden advantages that come with being female in today’s modern society and culture but have never taken the time to wonder “do MEN get all these advantages?, do MEN get all these government funded opportunities to “fulfil their potential?”  They usually (but not always) have blogs and waffle on inanely about random crap, all the while doing the “I’m not a feminist but…” women ARE special and everything would be just peachy if men would just shut up about “men’s rights” and get onboard with the “women are special” thing. These are the “all this men’s rights stuff is/might/could harm women; think I’ll check it out”. You lot? Boring, boring, boring, and oh yeah boring.

3. Next are the college students who sit in Gender Studies classes and don’t notice the guys who sit there quietly and try to blend into the carpet, or when one of these guys opens his mouth to present an alternative point of view to the “feminist perspective” draws the contempt and condescension of, first the lecturer (I have seen this happen myself) and then  like a pack of tittering hyenas the female students will rip into this poor guy, for no other reason than to obtain the approval of the witch (spelt with a capital B) leading this pack. [2] These are the lassies that see and might even produce all the vicious and false feminist propaganda, the “men can stop rape” the  “walk a mile in her shoes” crap and never, in relation to this last one for example ever wonder.

Why is there NOT a “walk a mile in HIS shoes” campaign”? They’re on a mission; they’ve swallowed the feminist bullshit, hook, line and sinker and are imbued with the passion and fervour of a newly minted acolyte, and have come to convert/exhort/pressure/force The Truth back down the throats of these “unenlightened” men! You all go online to share ranty feminist bullshit and to bond with other baby feminists and have heard/are hearing about this MHRM and thought, “this sounds suspicious better check it out”. Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

You all think you’re in an institution of Higher Learning – and yep capitalised those words purposely, except newsflash gurls, you’re not – you’re in an indoctrination camp, a brain-washing facility, a government sponsored thought control unit. You’re not learning (definitely NOT higher learning) you’re not expanding your minds; you’re being spoon-fed drivel [3] and your minds?  Being turned into tiny rigid closed off receptacles designed to hold said drivel, being trained to eliminate any ability to question, to critique, to examine the premise upon which said drivel is grounded.

4. The last group is You – you found yourself on a Men’s Rights site or blog by accident, a random click, or a random series of clicks that led there. You’re not particularly interested in men’s rights OR feminism, you’re just living your life, doing the best you can. This next bit is for you.

So, ladies/girls/wimmin, what’s it to be? Are you going to wait till someone you love or care about, your father, your brother, your uncle, cousin or one of your friends gets shit all over by a 24 carat, grade A bitch [4], till someone male you like and care about, that you have possible known since you were kids together, gets his life ruined because some drunken slut falsely accuses of him of rape? [5]  When in your heart you know, you damn well know that this guy, in a million years would never do such a thing? Further, if you do happen to know the tramp who slings this vile accusation IS a drunken slut – You say nothing.

You close your eyes to the evidence; you stand by and let this evil unfold.  You parrot the party line “women don’t lie about rape” when you damn well bloody know – they DO, and even worse you know as well as I do that a woman will throw any man to the wolves to avoid being held responsible for her actions, to avoid being labelled a slut, to duck out of being unmasked as a two-timing skanky whore.

You know it, and I know you know it, so why are you keeping your mouth shut? Why? Let me guess – she’s a friend, or she’s a friend of a friend, in your circle she’s the one with the big mouth, she’s the one who everyone knows is a bit outrageous, a bit of a party gal, but – when all comes to all.  She is – One of the Girls! Let me tell you something you probably already know – she’s the one who comes onto your boyfriend/husband/partner at parties, at events, and if you or he protests you get “ah lighten up, it’s just a joke, I’m only messing, kidding around

Are you going to wait till another boy, a child, a happy, full of energy, beloved son takes his own life because some bastard wanted the approval of the femistasi? [6]  Till another father takes his life in despair over losing his kids, his home, his ability to feed and support himself on the pittance he has left after the bitch who caused all this has taken it all? [7]

What are you waiting for? What will it take for you see, to accept, to acknowledge that:

Men’s Rights ARE Human Rights.

Paraphrasing Edmund Burke’s classic wisdom: [8]

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing

You’re not personally evil, (ranty screechy feminists excepted) you may not have ever consciously done anything that directly harmed, hurt or caused pain to any man or boy, but you are standing by, you are watching from the sidelines, and by doing so, evil is being done, and done in your name – as a woman, men and boys are being harmed, hurt and caused enormous pain, in your name.

Because feminism claims to speak for and on behalf of all women – yep, you read that right – feminism is the voice of women – and if you’re a woman – that means You!

The question that you’re probably asking yourselves is “but what can I do?”

Open your eyes. Pay attention, look at how men are portrayed, are treated, look at how women expect unquestioning compliance/obedience/indulgence/devotion/consideration, from men, and would be shocked if not horrified at any expectation/suggestion/hint that they should reciprocate……….with anything. Can you see it now?

Open your ears.  All the subtle and not so subtle messages about men as violent, as dumb, as useless, as subhuman, as bastards and nothing else. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Listen. Can you hear it now?

How hard is it, do you think, to say the words “that’s wrong” or “that’s not true”? yeah I know, some of your “friends” at least the ones who think of themselves as feminists will react, might even react badly, even hysterically, might even go on a big ole rant, might even attack you.

Because like you, I know that women can and will make your life hell if they can. Gossip, slander, whispers behind your back.  Here’s the thing, how do you know that they’re not doing this already? Because you don’t, and because, again, you know as well as I do that, that’s what women do anyway.

As my mother used to say “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

With friends like that, do you really need enemies?

Open your Mind. Feminism claims to act in your name, isn’t it about time you checked out just exactly WHAT is being done in YOUR name. Then, when you have, answer this question, are Men’s Rights Human Rights or not? [9] And if not: Why Not?

We’ll be right here. Thanks for stopping by.


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MHRA Men’s Human Rights Activist

MRAMen’s Rights Activist

MRMMen’s Rights Movement

© Anja Eriud 2013