Them and Us.


What is the most divisive word in the English language? It is feminism.

When I say divisive, I mean in the sense that humanity is linguistically, ideologically, socially and culturally separated into “them” and “us

With “them” always being the lesser, the more troublesome, the ones who cause”us” problems, strain our minds with concerns and worries about what “they” will or won’t do – for “us

They” need to listen to “us” because “they” are not worth listening to. “They” need to accommodate “us”  ALL our wishes, wants, needs and whims.”

Do I really need to explain who comprises “they” and who comprises “us”?

I will anyway “they” are always men and boys – and “us” are always females, women and girls and the spokespersons for all of “us” apparently are feminists.

The underlying tenets of feminism go like this:

How “we “feel about “them” ranges along a spectrum – from outright hatred and vilification of “them” to a benign but rather condescending faux concern – especially if “they” are not fulfilling the functions that “they” have been assigned to fulfil by “us” – stepping outside the parameters of  those functions, that have been laid out by “us” for “them” is not to be tolerated.

Steps will be taken to ensure that “they” comply – that “they” will confine themselves to the roles as defined by “us” as acceptable for “them

What should be noted, is that feminists, never ever feel the need to consult the rest of “us” about their ”leadership”, their “theories” or in fact, if the vast majority of “us” would’ve voted them into these exalted positions of speaking for and behalf of ALL women and girls EVERYWHERE on this planet.

Within the period of a very short number years (historically speaking)– feminists became the defacto arbiters of all things female and male, and feminism became the defacto lens through which to view all things female and male.

I have two things to say about this. The first is obviously rude and ends in “Off” the next being a bit longer and directed at those of “us” who blindly, unthinkingly and without any real analysis of what exactly feminists claim about “us” but simply accept it.

For example, did you realise that according to the “received wisdom” of feminists and interminably repeated doctrine, the vast majority of “us” – females that is – are complete and utter morons, incapable of acting in any manner other than as passive, fragile, dependant, and to be blunt whiney toddlers?

With regard to the “received wisdom” that feminists lay claim to – this would be akin to the receipt of visions, of supernatural revelations, of psychic “feeeeeeeeeelings” that subsequently informs the “writings” the “literature” and the “studies” that have spewed out from the toxic and polluted well of feminism over a period of some 60 years.

Anyways, back to being morons.

Think about this, according to feminists, unless you (a female) get special help, special little boosts, YOU are incapable of achieving………….well anything really, on your own, under your own steam, and completely and totally on MERIT.

You have to be coddled, special arrangements have to be made, standards have to be lowered, you get to skate by on a biological fact over which neither you nor I had any control – being born with a uterus and ovaries.

Because apparently being in possession of said uterus and ovaries, sucks ANY innate intelligence, ability or competence right out of your brains. Ergo – according to feminists – speaking on behalf of “us” ALL women are morons – now, doesn’t THAT make you feel good about yourself.

We haven’t mentioned “them” yet though in relation to all this – yet. Time to look a bit deeper at it now.

In yesterdays post, I said that women are obsessed with men  – go on admit it – even if only to yourself – you know it’s true. In fact, since you were a girl, for a lot of you, finding your “soulmate” or “the one” or “the man of my dreams” was kinda uppermost in your mind.

If it helps – I’m a “girl” or at least I was – a long long time ago – so, yeah, I know.

Here’s the thing – and it’s another big fat hairy lie that feminists and feminism have told you – ALL women are fabulous, angelic, ethereal creatures of sublime beauty, almost saint like demeanour, and without a single flaw or blemish.

I’m going to pause for a minute here – so that you, if you are female, can go and take a good long hard look at yourself in a mirror – go on – I’ll wait.

To continue.

Well? What do you think? Perfection personified? Be honest now – what you saw was a human being, a female human being, no better or worse than MOST female human beings – fair enough if you’re in tip top shape and have buns of steel, but that, in and of itself isn’t really enough to achieve perfection, is it?  That’s just the package you came wrapped up in.

Because here’s the other thing, when “they” look at you, what do you think “they” see? If it is your buns of steel and are attracted to you on that basis, and you’re happy enough with that, then good for you.

Except – it isn’t enough is it? Being just a “pretty face” or a “fabulous body” really isn’t enough – is it? You want one of them to “adore you” to think that you are the “most wonderful woman on the planet

Well, according to feminists, that IS exactly what you all are – except – have you ever considered the possibility that “they” might have an opinion also, on this – on YOU?

To be blunt, absent a small coterie of equally brainwashed guys, (nice guys) the ones that you know in your heart and soul get on your bloody nerves – there is a huge contingent of guys, all over the world – who think that YOU and your fellow “special creatures” are – FULL OF SHIT.

In fact, some of them think that you are nasty, whiny, bitchy, horrible, brainless, slutty, screechy, ridiculous, pathetic, useless, shallow, vain, narcissistic BITCHES. By the way, yeah they’ll shag you, but that won’t change their underlying opinion – of YOU.

Also – there are a growing number of females – just like me – who think exactly the same way about – YOU.

Do I personally blame you?

YES, actually I do – because here’s what I think, unlike feminists, I DON’T believe that you are ALL morons – nope – I believe that you took on board the “I am special message” of your own free will, exercising your own agency because it suits you – because you wanted to, because you CHOSE to.

Go back and look in that mirror again – go on – except this time – look deeper – look beyond the surface – look right into yourself.  What do you see, now?

The big lie that feminists and feminism told you was this, that feminists and feminism gets to dictate not just what women feel, think and believe, but that this applies to men also – eeeeemmm nope – men actually make their own minds up – men look at you and form their own opinion, reach conclusions based on their own observations – MEN will cast an eye over YOU – and find YOU wanting.

Everything feminists and feminism tells you about men is – WRONG – completely and utterly WRONG – a lie, in fact a complete load of bollox.

THEY don’t need feminists or feminism to spin them fairytales, to hand them a line of bullshit, to wait for someone else to tell them what to think, what to believe, what to feel – about women – THEY just have to take a long hard look at what you REALLY are – AND they do.


© Anja Eriud 2014