Brainwashing Dummies


You’re all thinking I left out the word “for” and that this is a “How To” article – nope – not an error, not a missed word. This is a “How did they” article, and the topic under discussion is feminism – bet that’s a surprise?

The inspiration for this hit me last night, I have a ton of research to do, a load of notes and random bits and pieces to organise and a “to do” list that never seems to get shorter, but I found myself pondering on Reyeko’s comment on “How Dare You have an Opinion…..On Me!”

Ok – that was the moan – let’s just move on.

Actually nope – one more moan – I have mobile broadband, I live in Ireland and apparently my broadband thingy (not very techie) can’t seem to locate the other thingy that supplies the magic that makes the broadband WORK!

It reminded me of Dara O’Briain’s classic rant on Sat Nav’s (those things that are supposed to stop you getting lost) and how for some reason his was a bit “geographically challenged” seemingly whenever he got into his car, and switched the damn thing on, so he could find his way to wherever he was going, it would repeat over and over again.

“Cannot locate satellite, cannot locate satellite”

In his frustration he ends up shouting at the thing.


Apparently, according to my broadband service provider I “might be out of range” OUT OF RANGE???, If I lived any closer to the mast (remembered the word) I’d be living in a tent UNDER the damn thing!

Ok – now I feel better, (slightly) anyhoo, while I was waiting for the broadband thingy to find the other thingy, it occurred to me that feminists are the experts par excellence at brainwashing dummies, and two things led me to this conclusion.  The first was Victor Zen’s video on AVfM (A Voice for Men) entitled “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” and the second was that comment by Reyeko on yesterdays post “How Dare you Have an Opinion…….on Me!”

“I think it’s rooted in the need for control, everyone wants to control what goes on in their lives, men and women. Our culture currently tells women there is nothing they can control, that they’re leaves blowing on the whims of the patriarchy while it tells men that they are the masters of their world. So we see women’s human need to have control over their lives manifest in a harmful way wherein they need to control what goes on in the lives of people who as you say they ‘allow into their life’. This is all just conjecture on my part but I think it’s a good theory.”

Go watch the video, if you can stomach the whole thing, then come back and we’ll carry on – I’ll wait. there is a link to Reyeko’s blog at the side. ReyekoMRA.

Is that the most annoying, the dumbest young woman you’ve ever seen or what? I cannot even find it in my heart to be kind, or give her the benefit of the doubt for being misled – she has the fervour, the unthinking and uncritical demeanour of the truly indoctrinated.

She waved this book around “Feminism is for Everyone” (and nope, even if I had a link to it I wouldn’t post it)  like an evangelical con artist exhorting the faithful to give their souls (and hard earned cash) into his/her grubby hands in order to be saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaved – hallelujah!

Reyeko’s comment makes an interesting point – that women are to all intents and purposes striving to exercise some measure of control over their lives, and it must be said, over everybody else’s life.

The question is – when and why did women allow themselves to become so dumb, and regardless of how dumb as a bag of hammers most women appear to be, they ARE sentient human beings – though sentience is in the eye of the beholder.  Ergo, on some level, they CHOSE to be the way they are.

Women CHOSE to exercise their autonomy, and to be that dumb.

How they are, is a herd, a mass of alleged individuals who move, think and act as one, like a shoal of fish that move as a mass, as one, through the oceans.

The difference being, that watching natural history programmes that show this, illustrates the beauty and complexity of life on this planet, whereas watching women or listening to women is……………akin to hearing nails being scraped down a blackboard – shudder, being made to eat Brussels sprouts, having a wisdom tooth removed (four) actually THAT was a piece of cake – anaesthetic rocks!

But there is no anaesthesia strong enough to numb one from suffering the pain of being either in the company of, or listening to the unutterable shoite that women say about “ being women”

I could only listen for a very short time to the witterings of the young woman on Victor’s video, if she was my daughter I’d be embarrassed, seriously, I would be hiding my head in shame, and wondering – “where did I go wrong?”

But, there is a point where one becomes an adult, and one takes responsibility for oneself – when there is no-one, other than you, who is accountable FOR you – for what you say, what you do, who you are.

Which actually answers the questions – why and when and how feminism has managed to pull off the brainwashing trick of the millennium – they had the perfect candidates to work with.

Women have made an art form out of being as thick as two short planks, while retaining a primitive core of nastiness, spitefulness and mendacity – feminism harnessed that, then sold it to both women and men wrapped up in pretty bows and ribbons, and embarked on a campaign to hollow out the humanity of women and leave this nasty shell behind.

None of which they could have done without the complicity of women themselves. NONE OF IT.

How they did it.

Ok – every now and again I get to catch a glimpse of TV – I find myself standing or sitting there in amazement at the sheer level of stupid one has to be, to believe some of the reasons given why women should buy or do or believe a particular thing.

There was a series of advertisements some time ago for matching underwear – women’s underwear, and the crisis of embarrassment that would ensue if one was caught not wearing said matching underwear. 

One scenario was of a female being wheeled into an emergency room and her horror and the medical’s staff’s mockery at her mis-matched knickers and bra!

Seriously? THAT’S what would be exercising your mind if you found yourself on gurney? Your knickers!

Of all the TV series, that I loathe above all others Sex in the city, takes the top spot, it is without doubt, almost a documentary on how to be the most annoying vacuous, shallow, vain and useless example of a human being one could possibly aspire to be, if one happened to be a female human being.

And apparently, this series “empowered” women? THIS total and utter crap represents laudable role models for women? This series is the benchmark for female behaviour, for female aspirations, and for BEING female?

Feminism might be the engine that drives and is driving this civilisation over the cliff, but media representations of “being female” is the PR campaign – and it has worked like a charm for nigh on 30, maybe 40 years.

Because there is one other series which I happened by chance to catch a few glimpses of – Bridezillas – aptly named, these females were…….there are no words……another example of “how women are” – and the thing that shocked me the most?

The usually shell shocked but compliant men who literally stood there and allowed these females to display all the charm and grace of rabid dogs – of  hyenas tearing a carcass apart –  then they married them!

My sympathy for these men it must be said, is stretched to its absolute limits, and only because of one thing – feminism has not only managed to convince women to abandon all semblance of humanity and civilised behaviour, but has also managed to convince men that this is NORMAL female behaviour.

For psychopaths, sociopaths and people with personality disorders its “normal” not I might add acceptable, but rather simply, expected.

So feminism has harnessed the raw material of all the worst possible personality traits inherent in women, written turgid and incomprehensible rubbish justifying it, and infected an entire culture with the notion that being a 24 caret, Grade A bitch is not only “Normal” but is something to aspire too?

And almost three generations of women, and now apparently a fourth, will quite happily and with a depth of smugness that defies reason and logic, endorse, applaud and justify this.


© Anja Eriud 2014