A Just Cause.


Throughout history there have people who have spoken up, and spoken out about injustice, about mans capacity for inhumanity against their fellow men, and they often have put themselves in peril, run the risk of themselves being vilified, scorned and sometimes worse. But, in spite of this they have persevered, and eventually triumphed, or at least that which they sought to change has come to pass.

Another thing to bear in mind is that inevitably these have been, as we all are, imperfect and flawed human beings, but what marks the three I am going to talk about is that the Just Cause they all championed, in their individual ways was out of a desire to right a wrong, to benefit others, to put their talents, their energy, and sometimes their lives on the line FOR others.

These men, and yes they are three remarkable men, sought nothing for themselves, nothing but to aid, to defend, to protect and to stand up and speak FOR those who had no voice, had no means, had no power to speak for themselves.

William Wilberforce, Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr, and late Nelson Mandela (R.I.P) were such men, flawed human beings, but heroic none the less.

All sought to end something evil, something wrong, something unjust and inhumane, and ALL knew that doing so, was to be “unpopular” was to place themselves in harm’s way, to subject themselves to approbation and scorn and danger.

It is not courage to do something that one has no fear of doing, or to say something that will barely raise an eyebrow, it is courage to do something that carries risk, that places oneself in harm’s way FOR another human being, and I don’t mean someone one loves and cares about, but strangers, for those who do not even ask for aid. Because, for many, they are so inured, so numbed by their own unjust circumstances that they accept it, they fail to recognise their entrapment, they have lost the ability to articulate a vague sense of unease or wrongness that weighs like an invisible burden across their shoulders.

Now, ask yourselves, how does “speaking up” on behalf of so called “victims” that requires and demands acts of inhumanity , acts of injustice, acts of derision and scorn at the suffering of others constitute a just cause?

Of what do I speak? Well feminism of course.

There are those who laud the efforts of the pioneers, the proto feminists – suffragettes – as heroines, as noble selfless creatures engaged in a just cause.

I disagree, and I am also loath to count these proto feminists amongst the three genuinely noble humanists I mentioned above, for one reason.  They did NOT seek to alleviate the suffering of their fellow human beings, whether male or female, they did NOT seek to right a wrong, to campaign against an injustice, against acts of inhumanity.

They campaigned for the right to access POWER – political power – they agitated for self aggrandisement; they committed acts of illegality and to be blunt terrorism to advance the already privileged position of a small group of privileged WOMEN.

These are the toxic roots, the venal and self-serving motives of feminism, NOT noble, NOT engaged in acts of selflessness and altruism. A campaign for power, nothing more, nothing less.

Which brings us to the Men’s Human Rights Movement [MHRM].  Are we seeking power? No. Is this a campaign, a cause, peopled by elite privileged men seeking to increase their “privilege”? No, it is not.

It is peopled by men AND women of conscience, who see all around them the Human Rights of Men and Boys being trampled into the dirt, who see men and boys being abused, being derided, being accused, jailed and punished unjustly at the whim and on the perjury of vindictive, spiteful women.  It has one purpose, one message.

Men’s Rights are Human Rights – and THAT is a Just Cause.