I Have No Words……………….Canadian Feminism at its finest!


This comment (unapproved and not going to be*) appeared on the MRI (Men’s Rights Ireland) site – by one Sharon Parker – it was posted on the “About Men’s Rights Ireland MRI” page – I seriously have no words – I’ve read this about five times now and it ain’t getting any better.

If anyone wants to have a go at this – please be my guest.

*by the way could someone please explain something to me – is there something going on in the femosphere – because the level of insanity in the comments I’m getting from feminists is reaching stratospheric proportions – is their DNA breaking down or something?


 I give you Sharon Parker of Toronto, Canada.

“Incorrect. A feminist’s mental capacity and I.Q. exceed the I.Q. of men by far. The Canadian city of Toronto has all the pieces in place to become a major worldwide city such as Manhattan, London, Paris et cetera – the city of Toronto can now boast world class theater, a thriving real estate market and hot independent career women.

Toronto has no shortage of theme parks and attractions to spend summer … Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Zoo & more offer world-class fun in one of the best cities in the world. Toronto is the best city in the world because of the growing economy and demand for upscale housing by female professional class Torontonians.

Toronto has been named the best city in the world for young adults, according to an index from YouthfulCities. Toronto women between the ages of 18-30 are independent, and can live happily without a man. Independent young females are an indicator of Toronto as a city for equality.

Toronto has tripled its number of skyscrapers from 13 to 44 in the last 9 years, and more people move to Toronto because the job market and public schools are intellectually superior to the world. The average 18-30 year old independent female in Toronto earns on average $50,000 Canadian dollars a year because they are smart. The women in this career demographic are also physically fit, have purer blood, cleaner skin, less odorous farts, clean digestive systems, and tighter vaginas than oppressed women. The money earned by career women in Toronto is used to make herself more superior to the women of other nations, making 18-30 year old Caucasian Toronto women the master race of the world.

Those who detest Toronto are unfit for living in Toronto and they more than likely suffer from retardation. The idea that a Caucasian Toronto woman’s blood could be pure is genetically possible as men live fewer years than women.

Independent Toronto women would ideally be a pure race of white women who would be suited to rule the world, and men will lick their feet and eat their bodily waste as a means of survival. Feminism is the only choice for men in today’s society, and to criticize a white Toronto woman is racist, sexist and mental assault on innocent women. Men were responsible for oppressing millions of Caucasian women for thousands of years.

Independent Caucasian women in Toronto are the supreme beings of the world. In fact, compared to the independent Toronto Caucasian women, other men are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Male Toronto misogynists are considered donkeys and jackasses at best.

Toronto is a utopia which is the envy of the patriarchy. Caucasian women are the masters of this new society, and for that reason, men like Elliot Rodger will continue to victimize innocent women through their blatant misogyny. Tracking devices and in-eye cameras should be installed in every male in Toronto for the safety of our women.”


I do have one thing to say to men in Canada – for the love of God – flee – run for your lives – skedaddle – vamoose – there is a serious thread of pure insanity at work on Canada.


PS – is there ANY possibility that this is a joke????