White Knights and Acolytes


 Been meaning to do this for a while, and now the time is I believe, right. The Men’s Human Rights Movement [MHRM] is a spectrum, with feminists on one end – the nasty end – and Men’s Human Rights Activists on the other end – the good end. It is an eclectic mix of sites, blogs and youtube channels gradually coalescing around one single idea.


The reason I include feminism at the shitty end and include a shitty end, is because the MHRM is the answer to feminism, is the positive, and on the side of the angels Human Rights Movement, to feminisms negative and most definitely on the side of evil and hatred.

In between these two points is a mixed bag of first pseudo feminists also known as useful idiots, pawns of feminism, who spout meaningless “women’s rights” rubbish and “I only believe in equality” crap, aligned alongside them are the “White Knights” men who champion women, and not just demonstrably good women, but ALL women, because you see, ALL women are special, simply for being women.

These white knights have other names, mangina’s, male feminists, traditional men, but I prefer a simpler more descriptive word – fools.

There are some other types in this mixed bag that comprises the middle of this spectrum that bear closer scrutiny.  These are for example, the chameleons, the shapeshifters, the “whichever way the wind blows” types, one minute they’re for men’s rights, the next they’re talking about how women are actually “a bit discriminated against”  don’t ya know?

They pay lip service to Men’s Rights but really don’t want to get too mean about women.  Because after all they can PROVE that NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) because these are usually married men, or those in a long-term relationship  who have a “good woman” and while they might have experienced a quick blast of truly toxic femininity in their lives, it passed, and they dusted themselves off and viola, everything came up roses for them.

What they don’t actually get, or even comprehend is that their constant smug affirmation of how “happily married” or “happily coupled up” THEY are, is an insult, is a self absorption of such massive proportions, that it blinds them to two things.

The CORE mission of the MHRM, and the majority of experiences of MOST men and boys. It is a slap in the face, a calculated and blithely unaware insult to that core mission, and to the men and boys for whom the MHRM exists to support, to fight for, and to stand up for.

They are either incapable or unwilling to see beyond the end of their own experience, to step outside their own LIMITED perspective and SEE THE BIG PICTURE. All issues must be filtered through the rose coloured spectacles of their personal lives.

Oh yes, they’re “sympathetic” and have a superficial grasp of the issues. But the fact that it never occurs to them to shut the fuck up about what a great life/wife/girlfriend they have, and to continue to wave their smug little world in the faces of deeply hurt, devastated and angry men illustrates how clueless they are about what the MHRM is about.

These are the acolytes, if it’s got a vagina then they’re hooked, if it plays the “woman card” then you may kiss men’s rights goodbye, if it says “I’m just a girl” then it’s “gosh darn it and shucks, let’s just make a nice comfy place for this little gal to sit herself down” and of course “guys watch your tone, there’s laaaaaaaaaaaadies present – watch that mouth buster!”

Which leads me on to the next group in this mixed bag are perhaps the most devious, the most underhanded of all, the “I’m not a feminist but….” types, these are women who see the wind changing, who recognise that feminism is dying and realise that if feminism dies, if Men’s Rights become a viable and potent force in the cultural, social and political frame of reference then the “women are special” myth dies as well. 

This is EXACTLY what is starting to happen, feminism is dying, women are losing the shield of “perpetual victim and perpetually special” that has served them so well, to absolve them of accountability and personal responsibility for THEMSELVES.

So, they come, they come sniffing around men’s rights sites and blogs with a very specific agenda, to tame men’s rights activism, to give it a female twist, to bend it into a woman centred shape, that they can approve of.  After all, men don’t GET to have rights movements, men couldn’t possible know what the important issues are, nope, men need a certain type of female to come along and knock them back into shape.

They write articles about how “everybody just misunderstands feminism” and “women are still not equaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall” and “men are still being meeeeeeeean to women”, and on and on and on.

But, as with all things, women know that in order to get men to readjust their attitude, they need OTHER men to act as “enforcers” to prevail upon their “brothers in arms” to “see things from the woman’s perspective”. AGAIN. 

We are witnessing the birth of feminism 4.0, the man friendly feminism, the “here’s a few crumbs now shut up and let US take care of this whole men’s rights hoo ha”.  This is the feminism that is now evolving to take into account the growing voices of men, those voices that must NOT be allowed to get out of control, they must NOT be allowed to drown out women’s voices (as if that was even possible) therefore, some small concessions must be made, a few crumbs thrown men’s way, but the goal?

Feminism gets to remain in charge, feminism still gets to control the discourse, and that discourse will be, and always is from a WOMANS perspective.

But, of all these idiots’ worst of all are the fools, the ones who write articles about how big of a fool they are, who proudly announce their stupidity by declaring themselves to BE feminists, how they support “women’s rights” and how all you guys need to get back on your knees and start worshipping the golden vagina again.

Let me explain something for those of the hard of understanding mindset, feminism entrenches and translates gynocentrism into POLITICAL power, that  informs public policy, legislation and economic policy.  But it is WOMEN, feminists or not – it is irrelevant – who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of MEN into everyday life.

WOMEN who perpetuate, validate and insinuate the anti-male bias that exists into and at, every level of our cultures and societies. WOMEN who drive the engine of feminism, who feed this toxic vile ideology with the corrosive and putrid fuel it needs to keep going.

I’m female, and there is NOT one single Human Right that I do NOT have, and then some, there is absolutely no law, no piece of legislation in existence that violates ANY one of my universally recognised Human Rights. NOT ONE.

In order for me to obtain, or be endowed with any other rights I would have to become a feminist and find some pathetic meaningless pointless “issue” to have a whine about.

And HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before I would become a feminist, in fact, before I would give two flying fucks about “women’s rights”. Anyone, female or male who thinks or believes for one microsecond that “women’s rights” is a valid issue is a moron, is a snivelling weasel who wouldn’t know a Human Rights abuse if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

So, could all you fools, white knights, manginas and acolytes playing at being Men’s Rights activists kiss MY female Irish arse and grow a brain.  Thanks.




Feminists say the “funniest” things…Introduction.


I used to just skip over the comments sections in articles, especially if there were tons of comments.  Then I realised, if there are that many comments something sparked off the rush. Something in the article either resonated with, or grated with a lot of people.

Lately I’ve noticed that when an article appears by an avowed feminist, parroting some previously accepted bullshit, the comments show that people are not prepared to just shrug and let it pass unchallenged anymore. Nosireebob. Best part? The negative comments, the downvotes for feminist bullshit is growing, stuff that 10 even 5 years ago wouldn’t have raised a whisper of protest now gets challenged and challenged vigorously.

My own personal belief is that this is being caused by a combination of factors.

The spreading disenchantment with feminism overall, it’s like after 60 years of whining and bitching and complaining about “how bad women have it” compared with men in spite of the evidence in front of peoples own eyes, that this just simply isn’t true people are now reaching that “will you just SHUT UP!” point.

 It is now as simple as the click of a mouse to go check to see if what some feminist has said is true, 9 times out of 10 it isn’t, yet feminists keep saying this stupid provably WRONG stuff!  Almost like they think people are stupid, people will swallow any old rubbish, because…………duh! “I say so”

The hate, the bile, the bitterness, it just never stops, all directed at men being bastards and women being delicate fragile innocent snowflakes all the time. There are two things about this attitude that just pisses people off.  First, women who read this stuff are thinking, that’s my father, my brother, my son, my friend that bitch is dissing, and it’s (whatever crap the feminist is spouting) bullshit. Men are thinking – what complete and utter bollox.

Secondly, both men and women have eyes, have ears and again, not stupid, they can see the way some women behave, they can hear the crap that some women spout, and they can figure out for themselves that whatever it is – its UNNACCEPTABLE, its nasty, it’s horrible, women behaving like sluts, like skanky ho’s, women whining about stupid crap, women being total bitches and making life hell for the estranged fathers of their children?

 Then there are the feminists themselves, the ones who pontificate and blather on about “how bad life is for women” funny thing is, this lot are usually middle class, middle aged, white women who have never suffered (except in their own minds) one single day, one single minute of deprivation.  They take meaningless pathetic examples of “oppression” and – talk about making mountains out of molehills, making a song and dance about petty shit, about taking some minor thing and magnifying it out of all proportion.  Yep, that’s feminists for ya.

Now, some of them are copping on to this, the pettiness, the hysteria, and casting their beady eyes further afield, to see how they can extend the range of their influence as the oppression queens of humanity – to women in Africa, women in muslim countries, anywhere there are women who have real life problems that they can hi-jack and use as fodder for the feminist agenda. 

The fact that they didn’t gave a rats arse about these before is just……..details. the fact that the biggest item on the feminist agenda was……….I dunno, forcing people to say womyn instead of women, not important, the fact that at no time do they give a rats arse about the suffering of men and boys in these places – simply not relevant. The fact that they believe they have the right to speak from their ivory towers, for and behalf of these women – well duh, feminists are the spokepersons for all of humanity.  Did you not get the memo?

Anyhoo – this section is dedicated to those commentators on various articles etc who have said something in reaction to some feminist spouting claptrap and called – BULLSHIT!

Those people, you know, the ones that feminists condescend to, patronise and dismiss. Sometimes men, sometimes women, sometimes both.  The people that feminists assume THEY speak for, they represent. Those feminists who sit in their ivory towers and issue edicts, make pronouncements for and on behalf of everyone, who dictate how other people should live their lives!

Some Recent Examples.

Edit: I temporarily took this post off because I realised I hadn’t actually put any “examples” duh!

But, am now reinstating it because I’d like to invite anyone who wants to, to post the dumbest things you’ve seen a “feminist” post, ever!


Anja Eriud.


MRA’s are just Big Meanie’s

Yep, those among us who stand with the Men’s [Human] Rights Movement, an umbrella term that covers a multitude of online sites, bloggers, Men and Boys Rights organisations, MGTOW sites, in fact anyone either online or in real life who makes any statement that in way asserts that:

 Men have Rights – Human Rights.

 Are just big ole meanie’s who hate women, want women to “suffer” and believe that women should be, I guess, seen and not heard, the more vociferous, malign, and vituperative of those who object to the notion that Men Have Rights, will support their contention with outrageous statements that contrarily assert that men, all men, are bastards, rapists, inherently violent, want to dominate and oppress women, are evil, untrustworthy and in some cases a vile subhuman subset of the species Homo Sapiens who need to be culled.

But absent these obviously disturbed, seriously dysfunctional creatures, the general consensus seems to be, that the notion men have rights equable to women, is an affront, an insult, and just………..mean.

Because you see, ALL conversations, discussions and debates, whether in private conversations between individuals, or in the public domain, about Rights, about Human Rights abuses mean, that these conversations, discussions and debates and more importantly, attention and resources are, and should be about WOMENS ISSUES. Just take a look at the Directory of UN Resources on Gender and Women’s Issues.

If you put “mens issues” into the search box on the home page below is what you get:

A Blank Page

Go on, click on it and see for yourself.

Even if you click on their “suggested” search term this is what you get:

“Your search – “men”s issues” – did not match any documents. No pages were found containing “”men”s issues””. Suggestions:

  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

  • Try different keywords.

  • Try more general keywords. “

If one insists on shifting the emphasis to Men’s Rights, it means you are ignoring, sidelining, rendering unimportant, and devaluing women’s rights, in fact you are just being plain old rude, a horrible person, and MEAN!

Now, to be fair, as long as the main thrust of these exchanges is about, women’s rights, one is allowed to mention, in passing, the notion that men might have rights, that there might be some value in acknowledging that men and boys could have rights. In fact some daring souls have gotten away with suggesting that men and boys rights might be violated, ignored or abused they have either not been listened to or, in the case of the second example I use, Christina Hoff Sommers, cling onto a self-identification of themselves as feminist, for reasons that escape me, though I do have to say Sommers is one of the few voices raised in defence of boys, in particular.

But, to have a conversation, discussion or debate about Men’s Rights as a stand alone topic, as a subject apart from and separate from the topic of women’s rights? Big fat NO! NADA, Niet,

The reason? The people who are in charge of these discussions and debates on Human Rights, the people who have set the parameters, have dictated the agenda, and who have laid out the rules for discussing Human Rights? Women! Not just women full stop, feminists. Just go take a look at the UN site again. Because, if you look at the title it says”…….Gender and Women Issues” we all know what “women” means, so what does “gender” mean?

Not men, because there ARE no resources for men, so “gender” must mean “women” as well!

So, MRA’s are just big ole Meanie’s because they won’t follow the rules, they won’t stick to the agenda, and they DON’T want to talk about women’s rights. At all. And, perhaps because men are talking about Human Rights, and the Human Rights of only men, without getting permission from………women! Sometimes, they don’t even mention women at all, well, except to be mean and horrible about them.

MRA’s talking, discussing and debating men’s rights is just all, me, me, me, me, me, me!

So, Men suffer  and get shafted in family courts and lose their homes, their children, everything?  Ppppft.

Men have pain, anguish and feel isolated, depressed even suicidal? Ppppft.

Boys struggle in school and are discriminated against just for being boys? Ppppft.

 Men are beaten, are abused  and  are traumatised in relationships? Ppppft.

 Men and boys are raped, and boys used as cannon fodder and as child soldiers in ethnic conflicts all around the world? Ppppft.

You know what the usual response is to these issues, whether directly or indirectly, but mostly indifferently?

SO WHAT? What about the womeeeeeeeeeeeeeen? Women suffer sooooooooooo much more, we need to get back to “talking about the women”!

So, if you talk about, discuss or raise “men’s issues” you are just a big ole MRA meanie, and that’s ALL you are!

 I’m hoping that if you are reading this, if you are not preparing to pen a scathing and polemic diatribe to launch a counter attack to “put me in my place * you will at least give what I’ve written some thought, think about it at least, are men’s rights now being attacked, being ignored, becoming a distant cultural memory?

I hope that you at least clicked on some of the links, yes I know, there are quite a lot of them, but take your time.  In case you are thinking that what appears to be, superficially a rather light-hearted general rant on acknowledging and giving a platform to the discussion of Men’s Rights, it is and it isn’t.

The issue of Men’s Human Rights abuses is an urgent and necessary topic, that WE as a Human species need to start having. Not in the context of an addendum to women’s rights, not as an “add on” to the Human Rights agenda under “any other business” but up front and centre.

To continue to frame the Human Rights Agenda in the context of women’s rights, and women’s rights only is in and of itself, an abuse of Human Rights.

To continue to dismiss, diminish, render unimportant or even, irritating, annoying and rude, and yes, as mean the issue of Men’s Human Rights, is scandalous, is abhorrent, and is INHUMANE.

If you, for whatever reason believe or subscribe to the view, that talking about Men’s Human Rights, addressing Men’s Human Rights abuses will somehow cause the Human Rights of women to disappear overnight, to become obsolete, to be wiped from the statute books and canons of law in whatever country you happen to be in, then you are either a fool, an ignoramus, or blind to the reality around you, and if you self-identify as a feminist and are peddling this cant, this drivel, this outrageous calumny. Then:

You are a liar, a vindictive spiteful reprehensible liar and you need to shut up! NOW.

So that decent human beings can have these conversations, can address these issues.  So that policy makers, law makers and Human Rights organisations can start undoing the damage that feminism has done, and will continue to do to the Human Race.

You are either FOR or against Human Rights for ALL Human Beings.  Pick a side.

*For anyone who might read this, and I’m only hoping that someone will, not expecting, and it triggers a feminist, of which there are many varieties, from the relatively benign but misguided, to the all out rabid invective hurling, foaming at the mouth type, who decides to “respond” fine. Likewise anyone who stands in the “I’m not a feminist but……..” camp.

Go ahead, post, comment, review, misrepresent, misunderstand and/or totally and utterly miss the point, do that, after all, you also are entitled to hold whatever opinion or view you wish. But bear this mind, just like me, your opinion,  your view, is open to be challenged, to be shown as flawed, as misguided, and as just plain WRONG.

I won’t censor, block or prevent you from “expressing your opinion” subject to my commenting policy as outlined in Housekeeping. But, you better have some damn good evidence that Men’s Rights are not Human Rights – of the “tablets brought down from the mountain top by Moses” variety!


© Anja Eriud 2013

Till Death us Do Part.

I take the admittedly unscientific view that the more loudly and viciously and irrationally feminists protest about something, then that “something” is worth a closer look. No, not because I believe the “issue “ has any validity, but because feminists make a song and dance, create, or attempt to create a smokescreen of wailing to HIDE something less savoury. Like I said – unscientific.

The second thing, again not terribly scientific, is that if that “something” is being exclusively blamed on some negative trait inherent to men then there is something about women that feminists are seeking to obscure, seeking to camouflage.

Lastly, the object of the whining, complaining and attention is always something that benefits women at the expense of men or in some way advantages women and by default advantages the continuing funding of, and entrenchment of feminist ideologues in positions of power.

So, having taken the long way round, what am I talking about?

The notion of “commitment” the idea that “men are afraid to commit” to marriages, to relationships, to children, to adulthood (bearing in mind that adulthood definitions are the sole prerogative of women and feminists)

Bear with me for a moment – we all know that the rate of marriage is declining [1] – at a faster and faster pace, we all know that the phenomenon of MGTOW is spreading and becoming part of mainstream culture. Men are disengaging from, and declining to follow the “norms” of society, with marriage and 2.4 children and a lifetime of servitude to maintaining this “norm”

Of course the fault of all this disengagement is placed squarely at the feet of men. Yet, it is men who are ejected from their homes and families, women who initiate the majority of divorces [2] and perhaps more tellingly, men who doggedly, in the face of abuse, both physical and psychological stay committed to toxic marriages.

I’ve been reading the accounts from men posted as part of domestic violence month  presented by Dr. Palmatier on A Voice Form Men  [3] and the stories of men who stayed, in the face of abuse, both physical and emotional, who remained committed. This is a pattern consistently repeated, men stay, and men honour that initial commitment. For better or worse acquires a terrible poignancy, a terrible reality for those men who endure the “worse” and rarely enjoy the “better”.

So, what does this all mean, brushing aside the fog of whiny rhetoric from those females who ask “where have all the good men gone?” [4]  and ignoring the raucous chorus from feminists about how “men are afraid of commitment”  what are we left with?

Women are either incapable or unwilling to honour the most basic commitments, women seem prepared to abandon a commitment on a whim, while a man’s word is his bond, a woman’s word isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

The whining, the sneering, the vitriol around this, serves (in the eyes of feminists) as an attempt to maintain the fiction that women are the commitment queens of the human species, alas for them, that illusion has been shattered. It always was an illusion, a mirage created out of whole cloth to obscure the base nature embedded in quite a number of females. Feminism needs to maintain this illusion to justify its own existence as the “defenders of women” as the guardians of “women’s rights” – of course, for this one must substitute rights for privileges. Note, there is usually no mention of responsibilities on women’s part.

To be honest, I’m actually astonished that men still voluntarily enter into this toxic commitment, still willingly sign their lives away, still take on trust the word of any female that she will honour her part of this commitment.

Am I saying that ALL women cannot be trusted? Not necessarily, but, the legal, social and cultural framework within which modern marriages must be embedded and conducted, is designed and has been engineered by feminism as a cage, a prison, a deliberate mechanism to strip men of their autonomy, their dignity, their humanity and their value as human beings. Conversely it has been engineered to endorse, enhance and consolidate female privilege, female supremacy and female avarice.

To continue, in one way women and feminists are actually correct men are afraid “to commit” – but out of self-preservation, because what they are being shamed into committing to is toxic.  The females who must necessarily also be part of this commitment are……………….invariably vile, selfish, self-absorbed, untrustworthy and mercenary creatures with No Honour.

I realise that Honour is a rather old-fashioned concept, but without honour, how can one enter into and be trusted to fulfil the obligations of a commitment to “love, honour and cherish” (using the traditional terminology here) to stay the course “for better or worse” or “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”?

At the first hint of “boredom” at the first sign that a marriage requires some effort, at the first hurdle, obstacle or difficulty……………the vast majority of women bail out of their commitment, eject their men, make a grab for all the accumulated assets, and worst of all, hold their mutual children hostage for the ransom of “child support”. [5]

I’m not opposed to marriage per se, after all people are entitled to participate in either religious rituals or civil rituals which give them……….whatever they need them to give them.

But, women and to some extent feminists are to put it mildly obsessed with “marriage” the current rising attention being given to the falling rates of marriage attests to this. The problem is of course, that men are increasingly no longer willing to “fall into line” and do their duty (as prescribed by the current regime).

Historically marriage was instituted to protect property rights and succession rights and to some extent protect women. Women were quick to see the benefits that marriage offered them, and also quick to see that there were obligations attached. Problem is, women find fulfilling obligations…………………not really to their liking. So began the campaign to re-position women’s participation in marriage as “involuntary servitude”, turning the benefits into burdens, and the obligations into coercions. [6] Neat trick, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps they should focus their minds on the real meaning of commitment instead?

It is perhaps pointless to suggest that women take a long cold hard look at themselves as well, and ask Themselves this question.

All things being equal would I commit to me?  Would I honestly have no problem trusting this person? Unfortunately this would require a level of self-reflection and truthfulness about one’s less positive traits that females are not particularly noted for.

On a final note, I wonder if it will ever occur to women and feminists, that men’s refusal to “commit” to marry you lovely delectable creatures says more about you and what you have to offer than it does about them? Nope. Didn’t think so.

Things you might want to take a closer look at.

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*Trigger warning: this is a feminist site so guaranteed the writer is missing the point and misrepresenting the reasons – just so you know.

[5] Tales from the Dark side of Divorce.

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All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” Catherine MacKinnon”

Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Rape, originally defined as abduction, became marriage by capture. Marriage meant the taking was to extend in time, to be not only use of but possession of, or ownership.” — Andrea Dworkin.

From: Quotes from Radical Feminism http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread557984/pg1

What feminists have said about women.

Instead of getting hard ourselves and trying to compete, women should try and give their best qualities to men – bring them softness, teach them how to cry. ~Joan Baez, “Sexism Seen but not Heard,Los Angeles Times, 1974”

The implication being here of course that women are “soft” and men one presumes “hard”

Advertisers in general bear a large part of the responsibility for the deep feelings of inadequacy that drive women to psychiatrists, pills, or the bottle”. ~Marya Mannes, But Will It Sell?, 1964”

Oh dear, poor addled headed women – no minds of their own.

“The reason there are so few female politicians is that it is too much trouble to put makeup on two faces”. ~Maureen Murphy


Tut tut – bitchy bitchy bitcy.

© Anja Eriud 2013

Woman to Woman

So – this is for women, for females who go sniffing around this place, A Voice For Men  www.avoiceformen.forums.com or other Men’s Rights sites and blogs to “check out” the MHRM, and I know they do.  They can be broadly broken into four “types”

1. Your actual feminist who is looking for ammunition, known as “quote mining” to throw at M[H]RA’s, and the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and/or because she’s read/heard or been told of  something online that some MRA (s) has/have said (usually Paul Elam of  www.avoiceformen.com and usually this article [1] and IS she mad as hell? You betcha!

The nerve of some “man” (pronounced bastard) expressing an opinion that doesn’t start from the default position that all women are……………”special” in oooh so many ways. Her dander is up, it’s about time someone (a feminist) put those men back in their places, told them what’s what, and whipped them back into line – the line that no man gets to cross, EVER.  The line behind which all men stand and which is most definitely drawn by feminists. You gals make me laugh and make me sick in equal proportions.

2. Then there are the “I’m not “really a feminist but………” gals, these are the women who have lived with all the privileges, all the hidden advantages that come with being female in today’s modern society and culture but have never taken the time to wonder “do MEN get all these advantages?, do MEN get all these government funded opportunities to “fulfil their potential?”  They usually (but not always) have blogs and waffle on inanely about random crap, all the while doing the “I’m not a feminist but…” women ARE special and everything would be just peachy if men would just shut up about “men’s rights” and get onboard with the “women are special” thing. These are the “all this men’s rights stuff is/might/could harm women; think I’ll check it out”. You lot? Boring, boring, boring, and oh yeah boring.

3. Next are the college students who sit in Gender Studies classes and don’t notice the guys who sit there quietly and try to blend into the carpet, or when one of these guys opens his mouth to present an alternative point of view to the “feminist perspective” draws the contempt and condescension of, first the lecturer (I have seen this happen myself) and then  like a pack of tittering hyenas the female students will rip into this poor guy, for no other reason than to obtain the approval of the witch (spelt with a capital B) leading this pack. [2] These are the lassies that see and might even produce all the vicious and false feminist propaganda, the “men can stop rape” the  “walk a mile in her shoes” crap and never, in relation to this last one for example ever wonder.

Why is there NOT a “walk a mile in HIS shoes” campaign”? They’re on a mission; they’ve swallowed the feminist bullshit, hook, line and sinker and are imbued with the passion and fervour of a newly minted acolyte, and have come to convert/exhort/pressure/force The Truth back down the throats of these “unenlightened” men! You all go online to share ranty feminist bullshit and to bond with other baby feminists and have heard/are hearing about this MHRM and thought, “this sounds suspicious better check it out”. Chaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

You all think you’re in an institution of Higher Learning – and yep capitalised those words purposely, except newsflash gurls, you’re not – you’re in an indoctrination camp, a brain-washing facility, a government sponsored thought control unit. You’re not learning (definitely NOT higher learning) you’re not expanding your minds; you’re being spoon-fed drivel [3] and your minds?  Being turned into tiny rigid closed off receptacles designed to hold said drivel, being trained to eliminate any ability to question, to critique, to examine the premise upon which said drivel is grounded.

4. The last group is You – you found yourself on a Men’s Rights site or blog by accident, a random click, or a random series of clicks that led there. You’re not particularly interested in men’s rights OR feminism, you’re just living your life, doing the best you can. This next bit is for you.

So, ladies/girls/wimmin, what’s it to be? Are you going to wait till someone you love or care about, your father, your brother, your uncle, cousin or one of your friends gets shit all over by a 24 carat, grade A bitch [4], till someone male you like and care about, that you have possible known since you were kids together, gets his life ruined because some drunken slut falsely accuses of him of rape? [5]  When in your heart you know, you damn well know that this guy, in a million years would never do such a thing? Further, if you do happen to know the tramp who slings this vile accusation IS a drunken slut – You say nothing.

You close your eyes to the evidence; you stand by and let this evil unfold.  You parrot the party line “women don’t lie about rape” when you damn well bloody know – they DO, and even worse you know as well as I do that a woman will throw any man to the wolves to avoid being held responsible for her actions, to avoid being labelled a slut, to duck out of being unmasked as a two-timing skanky whore.

You know it, and I know you know it, so why are you keeping your mouth shut? Why? Let me guess – she’s a friend, or she’s a friend of a friend, in your circle she’s the one with the big mouth, she’s the one who everyone knows is a bit outrageous, a bit of a party gal, but – when all comes to all.  She is – One of the Girls! Let me tell you something you probably already know – she’s the one who comes onto your boyfriend/husband/partner at parties, at events, and if you or he protests you get “ah lighten up, it’s just a joke, I’m only messing, kidding around

Are you going to wait till another boy, a child, a happy, full of energy, beloved son takes his own life because some bastard wanted the approval of the femistasi? [6]  Till another father takes his life in despair over losing his kids, his home, his ability to feed and support himself on the pittance he has left after the bitch who caused all this has taken it all? [7]

What are you waiting for? What will it take for you see, to accept, to acknowledge that:

Men’s Rights ARE Human Rights.

Paraphrasing Edmund Burke’s classic wisdom: [8]

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing

You’re not personally evil, (ranty screechy feminists excepted) you may not have ever consciously done anything that directly harmed, hurt or caused pain to any man or boy, but you are standing by, you are watching from the sidelines, and by doing so, evil is being done, and done in your name – as a woman, men and boys are being harmed, hurt and caused enormous pain, in your name.

Because feminism claims to speak for and on behalf of all women – yep, you read that right – feminism is the voice of women – and if you’re a woman – that means You!

The question that you’re probably asking yourselves is “but what can I do?”

Open your eyes. Pay attention, look at how men are portrayed, are treated, look at how women expect unquestioning compliance/obedience/indulgence/devotion/consideration, from men, and would be shocked if not horrified at any expectation/suggestion/hint that they should reciprocate……….with anything. Can you see it now?

Open your ears.  All the subtle and not so subtle messages about men as violent, as dumb, as useless, as subhuman, as bastards and nothing else. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? Listen. Can you hear it now?

How hard is it, do you think, to say the words “that’s wrong” or “that’s not true”? yeah I know, some of your “friends” at least the ones who think of themselves as feminists will react, might even react badly, even hysterically, might even go on a big ole rant, might even attack you.

Because like you, I know that women can and will make your life hell if they can. Gossip, slander, whispers behind your back.  Here’s the thing, how do you know that they’re not doing this already? Because you don’t, and because, again, you know as well as I do that, that’s what women do anyway.

As my mother used to say “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

With friends like that, do you really need enemies?

Open your Mind. Feminism claims to act in your name, isn’t it about time you checked out just exactly WHAT is being done in YOUR name. Then, when you have, answer this question, are Men’s Rights Human Rights or not? [9] And if not: Why Not?

We’ll be right here. Thanks for stopping by.


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