Creating “Misogyny” out of Thin Air – in Canada – and Putting Children at Risk.


Woke up this morning – Happy New Year by the way to one and all – logged on and lo and behold a comment from Canada – not just from Canada but from a Canadian feminist. Sigh.

For some strange reason I appear to be some kind of magnet for Canadian feminists – every so often I get a comment from one of them – most are so bizarre or just downright moronic I scan them and hit delete. Once or twice I’ve either approved the comment or used it to illustrate the sheer depths of insanity that Canadian feminists swim in – again – sigh.

I’ve never been to Canada – have only actually known one Canadian personally, a feminist twat, so am at a bit of a loss as to why these particular feminists find their way here.

Anyhoo – this morning’s “Canadian” comment was waiting to be approved – on the surface it’s relatively benign – for a Canadian feminist – and it came with a link to a youtube video. Here is the text of the comment.


“Submitted on 2015/01/01 at 12:42 am

 Misogyny is a problem in Canada.

A female school administrator of the Toronto District School Board

was verbally harassed on the phone by one of the misogynist men.

Women should not be oppressed by such chauvinst men. Men must learn to respect women.”


Why this one caught my eye rather than any other one is down to two reasons – first the email address – Lisa Goldsberry

NB – for the benefit of feminists and in particular Canadian feminists – you have no expectation of privacy on this blog – so any caterwauling about me publishing your email addresses is – tough. Why are they always invariably called Lisa I wonder? Hmmmmm.


Second – I listened to the youtube video – it only contains sound – no images.

Finally – the caption;

“Published on Dec 25, 2014

A crazy misogynist dude called a school principal in the Toronto District School Board. The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal. The crazy dude raised his tone of voice later in the video.”

What I heard, and what any sane rational person would hear is a man attempting to get a clear answer to a straightforward question.

What procedures are in place in this particular school to protect children from teachers who behave or act inappropriately towards those children. I’m paraphrasing.

Not only did this man identify himself several times but he remained calm, rational and focused on the question(s) he wanted answered – by anybody’s standards – especially parents – an extremely important question.

How does this school protect children?

I’ll be honest – halfway through listening, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and a growing feeling of disquiet took over. The principal used this phrase;

We have policies and procedures” – repetitively

Yet, refused to actually outline these “policies and procedures” in fact, kept referring this man to the school superintendent – valiantly he pointed out that, as the principal, she was responsible for the safety of the children under her care – in essence – the buck stops here – and she ducked and dived, evaded and deflected, dodged and slithered away from the core issue.

How does this school protect the children in that school?

The coup de grace came at the end – When he asked if she was hiding something she said “I don’t know what you’re talking about and at this point I’m going to end the conversation” then she obviously hung up.

You will note that I have not referred to this latest “Lisa’s” comment so far – but now – let’s take a closer look.

Her intent is plain – use this recording as a tool to whip up some feminist hysteria and create a shitstorm in Canada about “misogyny” alas Lisa – like all feminists and it would seem Canadian feminists in particular – thinking things through is a skill none of you possess – if you had another brain cell my dear you would still only be a plant – perhaps a shrub.

Allow me to give you some advice Lisa – its good advice – “never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to”.

You see here’s the thing – unless you are 100% per cent sure of the consequences of opening a particular Pandora’s box – ie – what will emerge – you do so at not only your own risk – but at the risk of your “case” and more importantly your client.

Your client is feminism – your object was to “prove” the existence of “misogyny” and therefore the “innocence” of feminism – alas Lisa – you have failed miserably.

What has emerged from this particular Pandora’s Box you opened are legitimate concerns about the safety of the children in this school and the competence of this school principal to ensure that safety.

You referred to this man “Ethan” as “A crazy misogynist dude……” and his legitimate questions about the safety of children in that school as “The crazy misogynist made awful remarks to the principal.”

So, in your toxic little world, a person (such as this principal) who is tasked with ensuring the safety of children being asked to outline what exactly she does to do exactly that – ensure the safety of children – is a “crazy misogynist”??

Behold the true face of feminism – sacrifice children on the altar of a toxic ideology.

But – there is another facet to this that bears scrutiny.

So far I’ve taken this comment and the accompanying recording at face value – a leap of faith when it comes to feminists as we all know – except the very fact of this recording raises some questions in and of itself.

This is allegedly a recording of a telephone conversation between a school principal and a male caller to that school principal – querying the existence or lack thereof of a written Child Safety Policy in existence in that school.

Is it normal procedure for these conversations to be recorded? By school principals in Canada?

How did the moronic “Lisa” get hold of this recording?

The purpose of this recording – whether it is/was staged or not is patently clear – create another feminist shitstorm of hysteria around “misogyny” the mechanism – to portray a male caller as ”harassing” a female school principal on school policy.

Using Child Safety Issues in schools as the backdrop to this mendacious and vile “plan” has to be the dumbest, most moronic and cynical tactic I’ve seen in quite some time.

But then – it would require a level of self awareness, sentience and basic fundamental humanity that feminists are incapable of achieving as long as they are feminists to realise that.

Using the safety of children in schools to “make a feminist point” is about as low as you can get and still remain technically “human”

I also have a suggestion for the puppet mistresses of feminism – yep – you read that correctly – because the one thing that this “Lisa” shares with all the other “Lisa’s” who have contacted this blog is this – they are as thick as two short planks – you couldn’t get any dumber than these numbskulls – ergo this “plan” is literally beyond their limited capabilities – flawed and moronic as it is – so – someone is pulling her strings.

My guess is the coven of feminist harpies at the University of Toronto – that haven of Free Speech, civic responsibility and…………

The tide is turning against feminism – in all its manifestations – the comment from “Lisa” was posted to the Breaking Up is Hard to Do” article – my own little elegy to feminism 😉

There is not one single tenet of feminism that has not been discredited, debunked or exposed as a fraud – not one – and where does this nest of vipers lay its poisonous eggs?

In the education system – in the school system – incubating little baby feminists and demoralising little boys – take away that power and you starve feminism of its cannon fodder.

Expose feminist indoctrinated teachers as the vipers they are and…………………watch the toxic edifice crumble.

Anyhoo – that’s my own theory – but then I have a very suspicious mind when it comes to anything to do with feminism – especially the really dumb ones. 🙂

Call to Arms: Honey Badgers and Non Feminist Females….Step UP!


Not literally “to arms” but to touch base, connect and collaborate with one another, in order to oppose our common “enemy” in fact the common enemy of all decent, right-minded human beings who are sick to death of the lies, the bullying, the vicious hate campaigns of feminists and their enablers, against anyone who dares to challenge them, criticise them or my favourite – take the piss out of them – and you all know that there is a veritable goldmine of material to work with there.

First – let me just explain what inspired this. Two things.

First there is a blog called   that I follow – and this blogger just posted an article entitled “Some thoughts on feminists shutting down those who dare to disagree”

Take your time and have a read – take in the full impact of the content of this blog post – in particular how feminists like that wretch Caroline Criado – Perez like to roll – or as I prefer to characterise what they do – slime their way across the internet and social media.

I understand and fully appreciate why this blogger is scared – and she’s right to be – these are nasty people – nasty, corrupt, vicious and completely without conscience people.

Direct message to Caroline Criado – Perez.

First – you don’t scare me – you are nothing but a bully.  A nasty, underhanded, and dishonourable bully of the first order. Bite me.

In my opinion.

See those highlighted words – in my opinion – I stand by every single one – I claim the Right – to hold and express MY opinions of YOU. I will not retract, remove or modify one single letter, one word.

Feminists like Perez, like those of her ilk – Stephanie Guthrie, Jessica Valenti and the rancid covens of them over at jezebel and feministing, all rely on bullying tactics, on hysterics, on lies and on manufactured “threats” to coerce others to do their bidding.

In effect, they throw tantrums, they hurl themselves to the floor like spoilt obnoxious brats and scream and scream till they are sick – they kick and they work themselves up into paroxysms of rage.

Infantile, hysterical, ridiculous rage – well, do you know what sensible, mature grownups do when confronted with a tantrum throwing brat?

They ignore them, they walk away, they give them and their hysterical petulant demands absolutely no attention – AT ALL.

Then there is this.

Bullies are never satisfied, are they? For an example that perfectly illustrates the sheer nastiness of feminists, just take a look at this wretch – calling herself Miss Anne Dree, who started contributing to a twitter “thing” entitled #killmostmen – yep a true humanitarian. Apparently in honour of International Wretches Day – nope – NOT a typo.

Mike Buchanan of J4MB has helpfully supplied information on who this nasty bitch is associated with:

“I recommend you click on #killmostmen to see who Miss Anne Dree is associating with and supporting. This is what feminists look like. I imagine they’ll be interested in our public challenges of prominent feminists (and their male collaborators). They include Julie Bindel, Kat Banyard, Caroline Criado-Perez, Vince Cable MP…”

(emphasis added)

As long as people are prepared to give in to them, to be intimidated by them, to just give them what they demand, they will keep demanding more and more.

The originator of this, goes by the name Bet Lunch – and in the insane world that feminists inhabit gives us her “reason” why this is a “good thing”

“Bet Lunch@ArchedEyebrowBRNov 7

I’ve just coined a hashtag that I think will please everyone: #killmostmen “

“Please everyone”??? – Like sociopaths, psychopaths, nutjobs and feminists you mean, NOT decent human beings.

You know who this vile creature is talking about?  Your sons, your fathers, your brothers, your nephews, your uncles – in fact every single male person you know  or are related to and LOVE, care about – and would be devastated if this piece of barely human effluent had her way.

As long as WOMEN – think this is “funny” or “acceptable” or “not worth bothering about” – it will continue – they will preen, they will smugly and viciously claim to speak on behalf of ALL women – on behalf of YOU!

They are nasty, vicious, obnoxious and venal creatures, with no conscience’s, no integrity, no moral or ethical code – look at them – read the garbage they write – look at the underhanded and vile campaigns they launch against people who criticise them, who disagree with them. The lies, the falsehoods, the smears and innuendoes – the manufactured drama’s they create.

Are these not the most ridiculous creatures you have ever seen?

Do you think or believe for one minute that these vile creatures give one single solitary shit or rats arse about YOU – you as an individual, you as an individual woman?  As a human being? Don’t make me laugh – all this bullshit, all this vicious and hysterical tantrum throwing is for one purpose, and one purpose only – to line their own pockets – to keep them in the “positions of power” they believe they have.

The power to throw the wool over your eyes – to make you believe lies – to feed you a diet of bullshit, cant, drivel, and the spewing of their own dysfunctional and twisted perspectives.

But perhaps the greatest crime of all is to convince you that you are nothing but a perpetual victim, that you cannot do anything on your own, that, you are pathetic, weak-willed, spineless and useless!

Why else would they be constantly beating on the drum for more “special” allowances to be made for women, for “supports”, for standards in almost every area of endeavour to be lowered so that YOU can “do the same job as a man”

What these feminists are telling YOU is this.

You cannot do anything on your own – you’re weak, pathetic and useless. The only way to get anything you want is to whine for it, to throw a tantrum and coerce people into giving it to you – to shut you up – to lie and cheat and behave in the most underhanded way imaginable in order to obtain something under false pretences.

THAT is the message of feminism to WOMEN.

Now, I know that most women have a strong desire for men to “like them” to “appreciate them” most women want to “have a man in their lives” you know it and I know it – so let’s not kid ourselves.

Ladies, WAKE UP – open your eyes, open your ears and LISTEN – listen and read what men are saying about you – listen and hear the contempt, the derision and scorn that more and more men are beginning to hold YOU in.  Yes – YOU, and you, and you, and you.

Oh sure, and forgive the crudeness – they’ll fuck you – in a heartbeat – because basically you’ve been putting it out there for nigh on 50 years.

But, they DON’T like you, they DON’T think you are a goddess, they DON’T think that you are a vision of loveliness and perfection – you’re just a quick screw.

And YOU all heard these messages from feminists – and fell for this bullshit – hook, line and sinker – don’t believe me? Then go look at what MHRA’s write and say about you – what they think of you – what MEN think of you.

Feminists scream and rant about “misogyny” they have hysterics about men who hate women – has it never occurred to you – YOU don’t get to choose what other people think of you – YOU don’t get to demand that MEN love you, or adore you, or “respect” you, simply because you happen to born female.

You have to earn these things, YOU have to be worthy of these things, YOU have to be “Worth it” and to be blunt.

You’re NOT!

But, you could be.

So, I issue an invitation to all women who genuinely want to be Human Beings – first and foremost – who believe that ALL Human Beings have worth, that what you have between your legs is secondary to what you have in your heart, in your conscience, in your minds – that being a Human Being transcends ALL other considerations – to say hello, to get in touch – to connect.

I know you’re out there – I know that you are as fed up with feminism as both the blogger at and myself, and so many more women are.

Lass – I salute you – well done.

I want to hear your voices – I will do a follow up post with your messages (with your permission of course – so if you do get in touch – make that clear otherwise I’ll just assume I have your permission)

Just so it’s clear – any feminists who “get in touch” and spew out their usual bile and drivel – I WILL put your “messages” up there as well – after all – fair is fair 🙂

And yep – I know you pop in here from time to time – duh!

So, you already know I’m not as nice as the lassie over at, probably to do with my zero tolerance of bullshit, drivel, and feminist whining – I loathe feminism – and have never met a feminist I would piss on if she was on fire. Consider that your one and only warning, if you decide to crawl out from under your rocks.



Say hello at:   🙂


© Anja Eriud 2014


NB – A Honeybadger is a non or anti feminist female. Google it, or pop over to J4MB  – Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) where you will find a video that will literally make you pee your knickers laughing. Use this link:

Without knowing it – you might just BE a Honeybadger.

I Think I Might Be A………….Misogynist!


Apparently hating women “misogyny” is a baaaaaaad thing – thou shalt not hate women.  In fact according to feminists hating women – being a misogynist – is absolutely the worst possible thing you can be.

Must be why it is right up there in their top ten of the “worst things a man can be” Which actually creates a bit of a dilemma……..for me……a woman – when it comes to “hating women” that is.

Let me explain, to all intents and purposes when feminists use the word women, they are talking about ALL women, a collective, not individuals as such, I mean if I said I hated “Jane Doe” up the road because of, this and this and this, I might actually have legitimate grounds for my feelings of antipathy towards the wretch.

So, when feminists use the collective – “women” – one can only surmise that they mean women in general, therefore, one must base one’s own assessment of what women in general are like, to reach a conclusion as to whether one hates them as a collective or not.

Here is where myself and feminists diverge, because feminists start from the default position that ALL women are angelic and special creatures who are incapable of doing wrong, whereas MY experience, in the REAL WORLD, informs me that until proven otherwise MOST women are arseholes.

In fact MOST women are obnoxious, nasty, whiny pains in the arse, it is the exception rather than the rule, that one comes across a female person who does not set ones teeth on edge with her intense stupidity. Or makes one feel like sticking a fork in one’s eyeball to distract one from the pain of listening to her whine and whinge and complain about the most trivial things as if they were epic disasters.  Or brings one to the brink of literally starting to lose the will to live if trapped in “conversation” with one for any sustained length of time – 20 minutes is usually all I personally can endure – in the company of the “average woman” (I am a person of extremely limited patience for inane bullshit)

Ok – do I hate these women? Not really, to be honest couldn’t be bothered hating them AS individuals, but do I hate what they are? What they represent, how they all appear to be moulded from the same asinine material, how they invariably sound like clones of one another?

Oh God – yes!

The thing is when having to endure any 20 minute period of time trapped in “conversation” with one of these creatures I have kind of reached the point where, I can see their lips moving, I am conscious that they must actually be forming words and articulating them, but my brain has usually shut down, and my mind has wandered off somewhere more interesting, and all I actually hear is – blah blah blah blah.

What I actually hate is that I will never get those 20 minutes back – and objectively, that ire is directed at the vacuous fool who stole those minutes from me. I cannot really say that I hate this person as an individual, because first there is very little individuality manifested within that amorphous group known as “women” and secondly an individual human being generally has some features, some aspect of personality that distinguishes them from OTHER individuals – but with “women” there is this clone thing going on, they are interchangeable, can’t tell one from the other, close your eyes and every conversation is the same, every thought is the same, every topic is the same, the same words, the same phrases, the same whines, the same EVERYTHING.

Even when they are different, they are the same, the packaging might be varied, the externals might be slightly varied, but…………within their different “types” from the girly, giggly airheads, to the ranty shrieky in your face feminists, it’s the same song, just played with a different set of instruments and in a different tempo.

Which brings me finally to this, under the above criteria, I must admit, that with very very few exceptions I hate women – ergo I must be a misogynist! Crikey!

What will really piss feminists off is this – I am entitled to – how I feel, to what my opinion of “women” as a collective is, and how I choose to express that feeling or opinion – IS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

If you don’t like it? Tough.

If you want to get your knickers in a knot about it – go ahead, wear yourself out, and by the way, you should invest 50 cents in a phone call – to someone who gives a rat’s arse.

Here’s the thing – “women” are not exempt from being despised, loathed, disliked or even hated simply because they happen to BE women – and if someone has cast an eye over “women” and decided he/she doesn’t like what they see, not only is that none of your damn business, you DON’T get a say – you DON’T get to pitch a fit and assume that you as an individual have been egregiously insulted, have been somehow maligned unfairly, have cause to throw the mother of all tantrums because someone, who you don’t know, have never met, but happens to be also in possession of a uterus and ovaries has experienced some negative opinion or assessment. In essence, apparently if you insult one woman, you insult them all! Boo bloody hoo.

I should say something about misandry here, hatred of men – the difference between accusations of misogyny directed at men and misandry, also directed at men – is that very very few men actually hate women – they hate what women have become, they hate how women behave, they hate how women treat them, as men, but hate them? Nope.

Women and feminists on the other hand come right out and say – I/WE HATE MEN, as men. Not because of anything that men have done (except in their own fevered and over active imaginations) not because of what men are actually like, but simply because they are men.

The evidence for the vile, obnoxious and nasty behaviour of women on the other hand is overwhelming – it spews out of their mouths and from their keyboards in a constant stream, it manifests itself in courts every day in every Western state, it is codified in legislation, in public policy and it saturates our cultures and societies.

The misogyny that women/feminists accuse men of is mostly manufactured from thin air, the misandry is in the very air we breathe.

Odd, isn’t it, that both accusations of misogyny and manifestations of misandry are invariably directed AT men, with one being designed to shame men, and the other………………also being designed to shame men, AS men.


© Anja Eriud 2014

I Hate Brussels Sprouts.


Does that mean  I am a vegesoginyst?  That I hate ALL vegetables?  Perhaps even worse I just hate green vegetables? Which would make me a greenist as well.

There are about 7 billion people on this planet, give or take a few million, statistically females roughly outnumber males by about 53% – 47%.  So we’re talking about say 420 million (ish) more females than males. On to Misogyny so.

Now, when feminists talk about misogyny, which they hurl as the ultimate put down – of a man – they are saying he HATES ALL WOMEN.

All women? Everywhere? That’s 4 billion females you’ve got to hate. That’s a lot of hating going on.

The other thing to remember is this – hate is a powerful emotion – when I say I hate Brussels sprouts, this means I will NOT eat one. Ever. But, I don’t hunt them down, nor am I engaged in a campaign to have all Brussels sprouts destroyed, to put a stop to the growing of, and selling of Brussels Sprouts to anyone else. Nor do I have a hissy fit if I happen to be in the company of someone enjoying one of these awful vegetables.

How about misogyny? To be a real misogynist, one who really really hates women, all women, wouldn’t that mean you’d spend your entire life avoiding ANY contact, at all, WITH WOMEN – all women, bearing in mind your hatred of all things female.

So, when it comes to feminists and/or women in general, hurling this insult at men, it is an odd thing to say, because allied with the “you just hate women” you’re a misogynist thing – is usually and inevitably, the “you just can’t get laid”  insult.

Excuse me? If someone hates women, why on earth would he ever want to have sex with one? In fact why would this MISOGYIST want to have anything to do with females – AT ALL.

Now before you all start with the whole “but men who hate women rape them, ‘cos hatred, power, dominance….. get a grip – if all the men that all you screechy ranty feminists claim are misogynists AND rapists – which the rantiest, screechiest ones among you do claim– and were raping women right left and centre – wouldn’t it make sense that the world would be divided up into female places, males places, wouldn’t there be an ongoing constantly monitoring system in place preventing all this random raping and hating going on? In effect a society that kept men and women APART.

For an interesting and thought provoking analysis of this, go take a look at emma the emo’s blog post Why do rapists rape? For power or sex? Let’s ask a rapist! Posted on December 20, 2012, on this topic here.

Then when you’ve read that, pop over to AVfM and take a read of this powerful article How some feminist shaming tactics discredit feminist theory, January 20, 2014, By Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

Anyway, moving on, and the “every man on the planet is both a misogynist and a creep who can’t get laid”, thing.

Look around you, in places of work, stores, coffee shops, cinemas, bowling alleys, schools, parks, zoo’s, everywhere you look, men and women, just going about their own business, interacting, talking to one another, laughing together, eating and working together. One would think that none of this would be happening, and in fact, men and women generally just get on with it. Yes, tense situations arise, aggravation happens and unpleasant atmospheres get created, in all sort of situations.

But, the simple fact is, the only people who create any tension, any aggravation, any unpleasant atmosphere, any drama, in most places – the kinds that make most normal people uncomfortable, of the “I wish she would just shut the fuck up” kind, are WOMEN.

It is not an exaggeration to say, that a female entering any space, be it an elevator, or sitting in front of a couple of guys at a conference, immediately raises the social tension level to….”we have just passed uncomfortable, and are now entering the on tenterhooks” phase. Which, if you think about it, is very strange.

Women are obsessed with men, I’m not kidding, women ARE obsessed with men. Take a look at the millions of books, films and TV programmes, at the millions of women’s magazines, blogs and articles – there is one topic that exercises the minds of the vast majority of women. MEN.

Now, I’ve heard all the crap about how women are forced to dress in certain ways, apply make up, diet themselves into starvation, spend thousands of Dollars and Euros and whatever other currency you like, on shoes, as some kind of punishment inflicted upon them BY men.

So, let me see, in lonely one bed apartments and flats, in the privacy of their own homes, women everywhere all over this planet wake up every morning to a man – holding in one hand, the outfit HE demands SHE wear that day, and in the other the shoes SHE MUST  wear, that day – or else.

You are forced into the bathroom, pushed down onto a stool and commanded to slap all sorts of chemicals onto your face, into your hair and then weighed to make sure you have not gone over your allocated weight?

With regard to all this – shops and malls must either be bereft of women, or one only see’s women accompanied by a man who is pointing dictatorially at the items he wishes you to purchase? Hair salons and nail salons are teeming with men, standing over women instructing the hairdresser or nail person which way HE wishes HIS woman’s hair and nails to look?

Even without going and finding and linking to shed loads of references, citations and what not, you all know, in your heart and souls – that this –  “men force women what to wear, what weight to be, how to do their hair and exactly which pair of ridiculous ankle breaking torture devices known as shoes they MUST put on their feet, EVERY DAY”

Is without any qualification, the biggest crock of shit – EVER.

I was in hospital last year, went in as a kind of emergency – I’m grand – so was more or less admitted in the clothes I stood up in – or rather was laying down in.

I needed “stuff” so I asked a male friend to go get me some “stuff” to whit – knickers and pyjamas – he went white, at the thought of having to go into “that part” of the shop – would get me anything else – shampoo, a towel, socks, a good book, but anything with even the slightest girly element to it? Nope. To be fair to him, what he said was “I wouldn’t have a clue what to get, and I would be a bit embarrassed going up to pay for knickers – “women’s knickers” some bloody patriarchal sod he is, you’d think he would KNOW, seeing as how, MEN are the ones who dictate to WOMEN all of the stuff I outlined above?

My female friend, who arrived later on that day, had it all sorted – I had texted – “I need some “stuff” she texted back “no problem. End of text conversation.

Anyways – in relation to misogyny and men hating women – for being women – or alternatively men dictating TO women, how they MUST be, how they must present themselves to the world – I have a theory.

It’s to do with shoes. In my misspent youth, I admit I did wear the kinds of shoes that in no way shape or form were ever designed for actual WALKING. Over a relatively short period of time, I came to the conclusion – sod this – my feet are killing me – I’m bloody crippled – and walking a short distance from there to there is torture – so – I wear shoes that by anybody’s (women’s) standards are boring and unfashionable, and you’ll never guess what?

Never once, in about 25 – 30 years has any member of the patriarchy police hauled me into a cold and scary room, shone a single glaring light in my eyes and interrogated me as to why I am NOT obeying the rules of men, and wearing the “right kind of shoes”?

I haven’t stepped inside a hair salon, in about the same period of time, possibly longer – with one exception – for some reason, about 10 years ago, I decided to get my hair dyed a sort of reddish brown – needless to say it was a disaster. Same as above – no midnight banging on the door, no being hauled in by the patriarchy police.

Ok – this is just between me and thee – the last time I “got my hair done” was in the 1970’s, it was a “perm” – everybody had a “perm” – it WAS the ‘70’s – as my sods of brothers said – and when I say, “said” – I mean in between falling around the place laughing – “you look like one of the Hair Bear Bunch” it WAS the ‘70’s!

So anyways, I’m shocked I have to say – where are ALL these bad men?

The ones who feminists and women bewail and write endlessly, and it must be said boringly about? how society – meaning men – FORCE women to dress in certain ways, look certain ways? Where are they?

My theory? Only WOMEN who think shoes disguised as torture devices, hair crap, and farting about with different “styles” and obsessing about weight, can be called misogynists – because you must really hate women if you can spend so much time, energy and money promoting, gushing about, wittering on about, and dictating to OTHER women that they MUST, positively MUST have the latest, whatever.

You’re all also environmental shits, because by my estimation, it takes the equivalent of a small forest every day to produce all the crap, that women write, about all the crap, that women MUST have.

PS. Sigh – if you are female and you either like or want to dress in the equivalent of a hankie in minus 10 degree weather, wear shoes that are ridiculous, dye your hair in colours that defy genetics, whatever, FINE, do that, but for fucks sake, shut up about it.

NB. Adapted from a really REALLY long rant, (was up to about 6,000 words) about shoes, Brussels Sprouts, women magazines, hairdressers, the ‘70’s, brothers, feminists, Rom Com’s, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City, Fifty Shades of bullshit, was looooooooooooog.

© Anja Eriud 2014