A Radical Feminist (s) eeeeemmm Speaks!


I don’t usually bother reading, much less commenting on the avalanche of written diarrhoea that spews from the keyboards of numerous feminists. Because to be honest, the level of both the writing and the content of such screeds is so abysmally low it is tiresome, a bit like having a fly buzzing about one’s head.

This little gem though came to me via:

End Misandry and Toxic Feminism Now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/394293634027074/

It is the product of this delightful little coven of intellectually challenged feminist(s) (are there any other kind I wonder?) I digress.


Sigh.  To save you the bother of having to click on the link, here it is in its entirety.  It is a short but fairly typical example of the sheer lack of cognitive ability of many feminists.

“Let’s be honest for a moment here. If socially-constructed colonialist gender roles were reversed and women had historically joined the workforce and men stayed at home in the kitchen the world would be a much better place.

 For starters you wouldn’t have bankers pillaging the global economy to benefit their own self-interest – research indicates that women, unlike men who only think about themselves, think about how their actions affect others. No woman would take a multi-million dollar bonus while her fellow citizens were left drowning in poverty.

 Think about it. What is twenty-first century capitalism missing? Why are all these giant corporations exploiting the environment and the weak? It’s because corporate America is still an old boys club. Imagine a corporate world dominated by feminine energy. Imagine a world where corporations had compassion and empathy for their employees, a world where the collective interest is always held in higher regard than self-interest. Imagine a world where female leaders worked together to solve their disputes collaboratively as opposed to resorting to patriarchal expressions of masculine domination like war.

 Many of these age-old problems such as hunger, poverty, war and abuse would disappear, virtually overnight, if women were in charge of the world.

Have you read it? Excellent, shall we continue so?

The essence of this toxic little diatribe is – men suck, women don’t, men bad, women good.

But this is not why I’ve chosen this particular piece of drivel to comment on. It is these two little gems; the first is the blog owners About Us. (note the “Us”)

“Lisa Cox is a 34 year old graduate student in women’s studies at the University of California Berkeley. Miss Cox is an icon in radical feminist circles across the globe – actively promoting the progress of women in societies throughout the world.

 Feminist Waves aims to promote an end to the oppressive male patriarchy that continues to exploit, belittle and domineer women. We will actively fight for the dignity and respect that women deserve as equals in the modern 21st century.”

I admit it, this did make me laugh, it amused me, and was I of a mind to be indulgent of MISS Cox, which I am not, I might have just have taken a microsecond to laugh, move on and never have this inane rabid little person enter my consciousness again.

The “graduate of women’s studies” certainly explains the limited intellectual ability displayed by MISS Cox, though several things stand out, she/they (does MISS Cox suffer from multiple personality syndrome I find myself wondering, as she/they have named this section “About US”) describes herself/themselves as “an icon in radical feminist circles across the globe” seriously? An ICON! In “radical feminist circles” no less.  Pardon me while I go suppress an uncontrollable urge to fall around the place laughing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, back.

The use of the word MISS is intriguing, tut tut MISS Cox, Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem et al would be sooooooooo disappointed in you.

It is in this next section called “What is Feminism?” That bears rancid fruit.

“According to Webster’s dictionary, feminism is defined as the belief that men and women should have equal rights. Powerful women like those pictured above never stopped at simply being “equal,” and neither should any other woman. Feminism is NOT the the desire to be equal, our movement has never been about equality, it transcends that. Our movement is about pushing the limits of equality, past where men stand and onto new frontiers. We women should not have equal rights, but a new set of rights specific to us. This set of rights should clearly possess all of those that men possess, but also more. My version of feminism casts aside the boundaries placed upon us by the patriarchy and asserts itself ahead of the pack, above the cocks who try to control us.

 So what is feminism, then? Feminism is the uncanny and pervasive feeling that the rights of women are never sufficient, no matter the case.”

Above this paragraph MISS Cox has posted some photos of “powerful women” such as, (well the ones I recognise), Oprah Winfrey, Ellen De Generes, Queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Obama, Christine Legarde. I have no idea who the remaining four women are, and nope, didn’t click on the photos to find out.

Before we move onto these “powerful women” let’s just take a closer look at MISS Cox’s “definition” of feminism, we can of course immediately discard the Webster’s dictionary version.

Her/their own unique “definition” is much more revealing, such as for example this:

“……..Feminism is NOT the the desire to be equal, our movement has never been about equality, it transcends that. Our movement is about pushing the limits of equality, past where men stand and onto new frontiers. We women should not have equal rights, but a new set of rights specific to us. This set of rights should clearly possess all of those that men possess, but also more.”

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, or ass, whichever you prefer; feminism is about female supremacy, in fact in black and white, MISS Cox proudly declares that feminism has “never been about equality”


It is obvious that not only is MISS Cox utterly off her/their trolly, but she/they are so convinced of the rightness of her/their belief that she/they have put it into the public domain.

So, her/their “powerful women” that she/they used as examples? Where shall we being? Well, as MISS Cox’s contention is that if women were in charge, it would be rainbows and lollipops all round, so let us take a closer look at Ms. Christine Legarde, the head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), in May of this year Ms. Legarde narrowly escaped being charged with fraud and forced to resign as head of the IMF. Oops!


Michelle Obama is MARRIED to the most powerful man in the world, or so received wisdom would have it, in and of herself she holds no legitimate ELECTED power, though of course her influence on the President of the United States is unknown. For what it’s worth she appears to be quite fond of him.

Queen Elizabeth II is the hereditary head of state of a parliamentary democracy, her “power” is symbolic and she also wields no statutory or legislative “power”

Oprah Winfrey is just rich, stinking rich to be sure, and she does have enormous influence, but “power”? I’m not really familiar with Ellen De Generes, but isn’t she a talk show host?  Wasn’t she a comedian? What “power” does she wield? Other than an ability to make people laugh, a bit like yourself MISS Cox.


Edit: I took a closer look around MISS Cox’s blog and there are two possible conclusions, one she/they are in need of some serious “intervention” and a decade or two of heavy duty therapy, or alternatively she/they are taking the piss. Either way, it is a cesspool of stupidity, inanity and mindless witterings.

© Anja Eriud 2013