Get Off the Internet: Real Life is………..OUT THERE >>>>>>>>


And yes, I mean this obscure little blog as well!

Over the course of my life I have learnt several things – and the most important thing of all is that PEOPLE matter – flesh and blood people – not bells and whistles – not how snazzy or high tech your toys are, or as Mama would say how high-falutin your plamais (bullshit) is  – and in her less kind moments –how you are nothing but one of  the “fur coat and no knickers brigade”.

Basically you can wrap a turd up in pretty paper and ribbons – organise a marching band and a travelling midget circus to accompany its presentation – but – it is still a turd – wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons.

I recently became aware of a series of videos, which consists of various females holding up hand written signs proclaiming why they “don’t need feminism”

Really? Is that so? So fucking what? The Men’s Human Rights Movement is NOT – I repeat not supposed to be about what YOU need – or about YOU – and by you, I mean over privileged, pampered young women who wouldn’t know injustice, pain, fear or real suffering if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

There is also another “trend” that seems to be developing – within the MHRM itself – the message is getting lost in the medium – the message is now secondary to the snazziness of the medium through which it is being disseminated.

Yep – I hold my hand up – I am a tech moron – totally – I could care less about twitter shit – facebook frolics or any other mindless activity – and to my mind – I could be wrong – most of it IS mindless that happens – on the internet. Not all – just most of it.

But it has become a God – the technology has replaced religion – as the Deity De Jour of human interactions – or rather has become a contest between competing parties for the title of tech king or queen of the MHRM.

All this bollox – all this “I’m putting in or I’ve got the latest super duper hi tech this and that” on my blog or site or facebook page or whatever– crap – in what way does this progress or advance the cause of Men’s Human Rights? – in what way does this change one single law – repeal one single policy – help one single man or boy – sitting alone in a room – with everything stripped from him – including his dignity and worth as a human being?

In what way does this improve the message?


I don’t give a flying rats arse about video’s, about twitter, about facebook or about having the latest high tech gizmo – I care that no-one cares about that man or boy – that no-one gives a shit if he lives or dies – I CARE – and I would trample all your hi tech crap into the ground if I thought for one minute that doing so would save that man or boys life.

And if you really give a shit – then all you who are having your hi tech pissing contests would do the same.

Jesus Christos – GET OFF YOUR BLOODY ARSES – get off the bloody internet – go talk to real people – put REAL people in your poxy video’s – put real boys and men’s voices on the fucking internet – shut the fuck up – with your smart alec diatribes, your clever little vignettes – yeah yeah yeah – we already know you’re as smart as a whip, and a clever clogs – how many bloody videos and articles does it take for you to say or show that? 10? 20? A 100?

How many snotty smug little twats prancing about in their bedrooms holding up signs and breathlessly exclaiming why they “don’t need feminism” does it take before you realise this?

So fucking what? Who gives a shit?

Sell your bloody webcam and donate the money to a homeless shelter for men and boys – use the money you spent on the new clothes and other crap you bought so you could “look your best” for your 15 minutes of fame on the bloody internet to ANY fathers rights organisation.

You want a round of applause for being a twat? For simpering and smirking your way through 15 mins of internet fame? Bite me!

That homeless man you stepped over on your way to buy your crap surely appreciates the “effort” you made to make HIS life absolutely no better by your actions.

The father who reeled out of the courthouse you passed by on your back with your shiny new webcam is overcome with gratitude that you “don’t need feminism

This is NOT about you – or what you feel – or what you think, or what you want the world to know about YOU.

THIS IS ABOUT WHAT ARE you going to do about THAT homeless man – THAT devastated father – TODAY?

Like I said – a tech moron – and you know what – I make absolutely no apology for that – so what if I don’t “make videos” that are such, like, high tech super cool, with super fabulous production values? So what if I don’t have all the latest bells and whistles and gizmos that apparently one simply cannot communicate with other human beings without?

I’m communicating now – all anyone needs to do to read what I’m communicating is to type anjaeriud or mensrightsarehumanrights or as recently someone did “mgtow selfish” to get here.

Is what I’m saying any less clear, any less unequivocal because I know fuck all about embedding videos or “media” into this post?

Is it?

Does any man or boy suffering right now as I type this on my shitty laptop, with my crappy broadband connection give one single flying fuck whether or not I “put a video up” on “the internet” with me holding a handwritten sign saying “I don’t need feminism because………..blah, blah blah”

No! He bloody doesn’t – and why the hell should he?

The message of thee of Men’s Human Rights Movement is simple:


If you can read that – that’s all you need to know – NOW – what are you going to do in real life that makes that message the one that informs laws, public policy, changes  hearts and minds – makes the life of one single man or boy a little less shit – TODAY?

You could start by going to your local church hall or community centre and start a men’s  support group – imagine that – a place for men to go to meet other human beings,  a cup of tea and a chat and be acknowledged AS a human being!

Doesn’t even have to be about men’s rights – talk about football, vegtable growing, just TALK – interact – as human beings. I don’t know, call it ManChat – call it whatever you like – just do it!

And by the way ladies, if one of you decides to do this – make the tea, make the sandwiches then piss off – leave them alone – resist the urge to “manage” these guys – fight the inclination to “organise” these guys – just piss off and leave them alone – ok?

Who are you going to vote for? Which MENS charities are you going to support, donate to?  Are you going say stop the next time you hear some whiny rancid trollop gloating about how she “took him to the cleaners” in court?

Who are you going to Vote for?

Well here’s a suggestion as who to vote for if you live in the UK – Mike Buchanan – Party leader of J4MB – Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) and as many of their candidates as they run in the 2015 General Election.

Read this:

Support this:

“National conference on father’s rights – London, November 2014

We’re planning to be the first British political party to host a national conference on fathers’ rights. It’s expected that it will be held in November, in central London, and we’ll have more to say in due course. Of course it’s not only fathers whose human rights are assaulted by legislation and the family courts system. So too are the rights of children, grandparents, and a small number of mothers. The conference will cover their rights too.”


Don’t just sneak into the ballot box with your head down hoping see’s you – walk in with your head held high – and for the love of God – tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, the lady you chatted to at the bus stop to do the same.


Are you going to step up and say – THIS IS WRONG – TODAY – in real life – to whoever will listen

© Anja Eriud 2014